A downloadable game for Windows

LONELY WOLF TREAT: THE COMPLETE SERIES is an RPG Maker game that combines the previously-episodic story of treat into one package! this project is still in development, so you can only play 7 of the 8 chapters.

for new players: welcome! i don't have a plot synopsis for you this time, because the game isn't finished yet. you can check the original version's page for that, if you're curious.

for returning players: sorry to keep you waiting! a chapter select screen is included at the start, so you can jump right into the new content if you wish :)

many small changes have been made, including:

  • new characters and dialogue! all guests characters have been replaced with original characters (including many cameos from my other games)
  • better continuity! your actions in the earlier chapters now affect which scenes are available later on (this was impossible until now!)
  • cuter sprite art! some of the sprites and tiles have gotten touchups, especially in the early chapters
  • improved music! a few of the oldest tracks have been extended or remastered
  • sweeter UI! includes a dark window mode option for accessibility

you can check the game's homepage for the full list of changes, or have fun finding them all on your own :)

it currently takes around 5 hours to play through the whole story. chapter 8 will be the final chapter, with an epilogue at the end (so 2 more major updates after this!)

the finished version will be a paid game, so please enjoy this while it's free! if you'd like to support my work, you can subscribe to my patreon for weekly updates <3


(translations will be added only when the series is complete)

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(147 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withFL Studio, RPG Maker, Clip Studio Paint
Tags2D, Anime, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, LGBT, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Yuri
Average sessionAbout an hour


treatcomplete-v0.7.6.zip 266 MB

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Chapter 6


:( I don't want the story to end it's so great, tysm for making this and can't wait for the next chapter!


Remember me?

I'm going to play this right away!

loved the game(up to now) i really like all the games from NomnomNami cant wait for the next update!

i played through this entire game in a day and bought and read the two nsfw comics about treat and her girlfriends and good god my heart has never been so melted, my soul has left my body at how cute treat is in any situation

Chapter 5

i somehow managed to reverse the sizes of f5 when i pressed f5 in magnifier mode so now fullscreen is small and original size is screen height, and it stays like this on restarting.. not a huge deal bc i was just keeping it small for screenshots but ?? how technology work

very cute and heartwarming as always bless

hiii idk why but whenever i open the game the character automatically goes to the left and i cant control it and im unable to play the game :(

this error has happened with a friend's computer before actually--for them, it was an issue with their keyboard for some reason! so if you try playing on another computer, or if you're able to try a different keyboard that might solve it? that's the only advice i have... sorry, i hope it works!!

hiii!!, i fixed the problem by just watching my partner play it but yeah!!! i did changed my keyboard and now it works fine!!!

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best game ever 10/10 please make more

I'm on windows but i can open it but i can't full size it so it covers my whole screen (i dont know the name of the full size thing) is it something with my computer or with the game????????????

You should be able to press alt + enter to enable full screen


here's my video


i need more mochi content MORE


Be sure to put it on steam. Many China players like it.

LGBT in China? for real?


Press X to doubt.


Even though I'm on Chromebook, I have been fighting tooth and nail to find a way to play this game myself...

one day, maybe.



moxie is so stupid i love her



Thank you, thank you! Glad that this is compatible with Joiplay. I can play the whole series whenever and wherever from now on.


Hi,Nami.Will you release the game on Steam in the future?


yes! my plan is to finish the rest of the series first, and then release the paid version on steam.

part 8 will be released sometime in 2023. the epilogue will come after that, so my current estimate for the steam release is 2024.

thanks for playing treat!



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Hey, does anyone know if there's a subreddit or a discord for Lonely Wolf Treat?


There’s a nomnomnami subreddit, but it’s kind of a dumpster fire, and I avoid it. There needs to be a Discord…






By the time I saw this the link was expired. 😥


The old r/nomnomnami subreddit is locked for some reason, but a new one called r/nomnomnamifans was started just a few days ago.


Oh! I was the person who started it!


Oh? Dang, I didn't recognize you. Small world, eh?


Atleast for us NomNomNami fans!

But yes, I am knnoq.

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Its truly amazing to see this story playing out so well over all these years

It really is lovely coming back to something so cute and nostalgic to find out that it is still in development, I wish I had known sooner.

Thank you so much for this lovely and adorable series.


i love this story 10/10


Hey, I remember asking for this like 2 years ago. Nice to see it happen after all this time.


just found your comics, i absolutely love them

i'd give my life savings for more but haha god knows how i'll do without money

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hmm, chapter 8 in 2023, and translations are also obtained... for a long time


Expect to wait for an update(Why not put it on the steam)


Any progress updates? :eyes:


What about the russian translation? The original version has one.


dude, she also wrote that the translations will be after the end of the development of all chapters.

(1 edit) (+3)

I almost thought chapter 7 was about to be a horror game, when moxie saw the first y'know, I got the worst chills of my life and I was so scared of leaving Mochi behind

Don't leave Moxie behind! xD

That part was nice to show what Moxie was dealing with pretty accurately. =3

Though I'm wondering if her mom is really that bad to be having PTSD over her. Maybe we can get more clarification on that later.


amazing game!

So i saved the file and left for a break, but the next time i came back my safe file was gone, ive had the same thing with Omori. can someone help please






I think I've been playing these games since 2018 and now knowing that the game series is about to end it makes me feel happy and sad at the same time :') Thank you Nami. Thank you so much for creating all these amazing games


same but not the 2018 part,these games sure are cool 

*Sad linux sounds*


It works in wine

Necesito una versión en español. :c

will there ever be a mac verison avaliable?

likely not unless nami remakes it in a dif version of RPG maker afaik this is in VX Ace Which has no MacOS support someone may have made a MacOS RTP which would let Mac Players play it

if you have a newer mac you could try using wine (compatibility layer to run windows stuff on Linux and unix OSes like MacOS or BSD) it should work decently well since MacOS is in the BSD family and I played it on another BSD family OS using wine

oh my  god !its very good  


Omg!! How can I start? I love every NomNomNami work since I've played Syrup in 2020 (or it was 2019??).

My favorites are Starry Flowers and Bad End Theater, even so, I love this game so much and it's so cute, and actually melts my heart <3

Even so I'm not english, I can't wait for the next chapter to release so I can see what happens to this cute trio's adventures ^^

(and I want Juju to change so badly ugh, even so I understand her pain)

Everytime I play Nami's games is so cute that I wish it never ends XD

Keep up with the good job! I'm looking foward for the next chapter to release!!

Also, do you plan on translate the game once is finished? .w.




I've played through all 7 currently available chapters 5 times in 2 days. Very eager for chapter 8.

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i played the lonely wolf treat series first in 2021 and i was so happy to see this! i absolutely love these series!

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