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LONELY WOLF TREAT: THE COMPLETE SERIES is an RPG Maker game that combines the previously-episodic story of treat into one package! this project is still in development, so chapter 8 isn't finished yet--there are still two more major updates planned.

for new players: welcome! i don't have a plot synopsis for you this time, because the game isn't finished yet. you can check the original version's page for that, if you're curious.

for returning players: sorry to keep you waiting! a chapter select screen is included at the start, so you can jump right into the new content if you wish :)

many small changes have been made, including:

  • new characters and dialogue! all guests characters have been replaced with original characters (including many cameos from my other games)
  • better continuity! your actions in the earlier chapters now affect which scenes are available later on (this was impossible until now!)
  • cuter sprite art! some of the sprites and tiles have gotten touchups, especially in the early chapters
  • improved music! a few of the oldest tracks have been extended or remastered
  • sweeter UI! includes a dark window mode option for accessibility
  • quality of life improvements! you can SKIP TEXT by holding ctrl now! rush through cutscenes at lightspeed~!

you can check the game's homepage for the full list of changes, or have fun finding them all on your own :)

it currently takes 5-6 hours to play through the whole story. chapter 8 is the final chapter, and then there will be an epilogue at the end.

the finished version will be a paid game, so please enjoy this while it's free! if you'd like to support my work, you can subscribe to my patreon for weekly updates <3


(translations will be added only when the series is complete)

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Updated 9 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(279 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Made withFL Studio, RPG Maker, Clip Studio Paint
Tags2D, Anime, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Lesbian, LGBT, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Yuri
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


treatcomplete-v0.8.4.zip 288 MB

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Hi Nami, been enjoying the series so far and just recently found out about alternate endings

May i ask how to get the 2nd bad end?

I tried following the steps best i could but i couldnt spell B A D in the safe, am i missing something?

Anyways i love the first bad end, im guessing we'll see them again in the last half of chapter 8

Can't wait for the finished game, keep up the good work!

Hello Nami! I am excited to and elated to hear from you that Lonely Wolf Treat will soon be.. well.. finished. You are perhaps one of my earlier beloved creators, and I am happy to see this saga to the end. Thank you for this series, and I will likely thank you again when the credits roll and the ending sits with the idea that this is all over now.. again, thank you for this series. See you soon!

Hi, Nami! I've been a huge fan of this series for a few years now. ( Moxie beloved <3 )

Just wanted to ask, what chapter will this series end off on? Is 8 the last one, or are there chapters after this one planned?

chapter 8 is the last one! i'm working on the second half of it now. after that, there will be an epilogue, and then the game will be totally complete. so just two more public updates are planned at the moment :) thanks for playing my game!



may i ask, why do moxie's hair and tail changes throughout the season? when her friends were at the beach (also when trick found them) it stayed white

also, how much do you plan on charging for the game?

her friends moved back to Ginseng, while she camped out in the forest near the instarail station to mount sorbet


my heart hurts so bad for moxie  silly fooxx 😭😭

I absolutely adore this series with all my heart! I've been a fan ever since the second game came out for this series. I remember waiting for the new stories to come out, and being so excited when I saw another game of yours! I can't express enough how much I love this series!! You did an amazing job on this game series! One of my favorite games and my favorite game dev!! (◕♡◕)

huh new version huh? OKAY


Hey, can anyone help me get to netherworld in chapter 8?? I’ve interacted with every NPC and object, and done the only 2 quest things. I would really like some help, i have been trying for the past hour


Oh, you can't just do it in Chapter 8. Starting from Chapter 2, there's a quest. Here's some hints:

Eleni needs help in Chapter 2.

Safe in the back room.

Moxie's tent.

Anywhere pass.

Don't talk to Moxie in the hot springs.

Wait till Chapter 8.

Hope that helps! Sorry you had trouble.

Could you maybe elaborate slightly on “Anywhere Pass”? Im a bit stuck. If you don’t want to, thats fine!


If Moxie unlocked the safe in Clever Fox Moxie (with a code you can get from Friendly Bunny Mochi) in  Wandering Wolf Trick, you can find Moxie and get the Anywhere Pass.


just finished chapter 8 part 1 and im loving the complete depth to games, it’s so nice to see crossovers and references to other works (even… ehem mature ones O.O)

i can’t wait for chapter 8 part 2, thank you for making this wonderfully beautiful story (for free non-the-less OΔO)

(2 edits) (+1)

the dark endings~ aaaaah!!!! i can only get one but i think i've been traumatized...

edit: i made a save file 4 the other 1

Hey! Quick questions, I'm an rpg mv dev, what version of RPG Maker do you use? How are you able to change the text box color? Is there a plug in for that? Thank you!! Your games look absolutely adorable!

i use vx ace! you can change the ui colors with an event command--on page 3 under system settings there's a button called "change window color" :)


Hi! I have a question. I have the Devipuri, but how the heck do I get it to Moxie???

(2 edits) (+1)

i assumed there's a small path on the left side in frosting.

kinda a spoiler: but in date treat: april fools, this is where moxie lives

moxie will return you other things if you've controlled moxie in clever fox moxie (ch3) to get the anywhere pass, you'll get the anywhere pass. if you didn't...eh i won't spoil it then. :)

have fun with it.

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Deleted 6 days ago

i did not played yet but i sure will and i krown i will enjoy it so much because all you do is good NomnomNami well bye for now soon i add some rating in thesse

Czasami żeby znaleźć dobrą gre, trzeba zejść na samo dno. Królik chuj mu w dupe, tylko Moxie.

Też tak sądzę.

mais fé ainda

It's good to be back.

i got the bad ending ITS SO GOOOD nami please continue with this dark stuff I LOVE IT

I can't wait for part 2!

awesome storyline as always and I think it would be cool if Spice and Thyme comment more about the chapter storyline being different from what they remember when you active the bad ending route in each chapter (Technically Thyme did acknowledge the storyline change in chapter 3 bad ending route but she chose to not care about it)

this was an amazing game. Can't wait for part 2 happy early new year!

will there ever be a release for chromebook?

I suppose if it ever gets an android release it'll run on there.

If you want to play it now though you could try setting up a Linux environment and installing Wine then you might be able to launch the game. I've never done it on ChromeOS before so I'm not sure how well it'll work there but it is how I run the game on my main PC which uses linux.

thank you!!!! :)

Happy I could help. 

i asolutely loved the new chapter, its a nice setting for the trick's journey and i really enjoyed the narrative :) cant wait for part 2!! as always very fun to play, lovedd the new characters and enjoyed seeing some old faces <3

nami! i wonder how we can make (unofficial) translation for this game (just curious. if it's an easy task, i might really go for it lol)

aaaaaaaaaaaa trick i got ur message! cant wait to play it!

i havent played yet, but im so excited for this new  chapter!!! thanks nomnomnami, happy new year :)


when will there be a translation into portuguese???


how do you get the bad ending
me and my partner have been trying to find it for like 2 hours LMAO
we even decrypted the game files, that's how far we've gone


The quest to find them starts in chapter 2, and spans 4 chapters total. The important chapters are not necessarily consecutive, but will be chronological.

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hooray! new chapter) thanks!


I found this completely at random and while I am not supportive of anything it's supposedly "fighting" for, at it's core it's a cute little game.

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best  (almost) birthday gift

BoJack Horseman, Season 2, Episode 5


What exactly is required for the "alternate ending content" as specified in the patchlog? Is there an actual different route or is it just a few more lines of dialogue?

I discovered this game yesterday (from a SiIvaGunner rip, out of all things), and aside from a few personal nitpicks, I really like it so far! Free indie RPG Maker games have a special charm to them, excited for the full thing to come out now.

waited so long <3

(4 edits)

There's an update again, i'm so excited aaa!!! <3

But wait, how to replace the game file with this newest one? Should I uninstall the old files first? :")

Copy the "Save**.rvdata2" files from the old version to the new one, after which you can safely delete the old version

Oh ok thanks, I'll try! :)

*gently holds the new friend*


The bad end gonna haunt me this night

how do you even get it... i can't find the bad ending...


you must find how to get into the underworld in chapter 8

another happy day!!


Nami,Do you mind if someone else makes the versions in other languages chapter and shares it?


yeah i guess it's ok :) the main reason i am waiting to do translations is because it's hard to manage them on top of updating the game. i don't mind people sharing unofficial translations while the game is still free, as long as i don't need to manage it.


Thankyou!!And thank you for the story you told me for so long

(1 edit)


(PS: 我只是想知道做翻译的,英文好不好 x3)


(废话,你可以不回复了~ 我无聊而已)






omg i love basmati 


Basmati looks like they've been awake for 5 days straight and are on their 5th cup of coffee for the hour, and I am all for it

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