v0.8.5 patch notes

today is treat’s birthday. happy birthday, treat! i have an update for you guys!!

here are the changes in version 0.8.5:

  • there is no new main story content. chapter 8 still ends at part 1. a work-in-progress build is available to patrons where you can play the next bit of chapter 8, but rest assured i should be able to fully release part 2 by the end of this year.
  • there is new alternate ending content. it’s not a FULL ending, but it is a long one, and there is a save point at the end so you will be able to load easily for the next update. it leaves off at a satisfying place! i’m really excited about this one, so i hope you find it…! if you don’t know anything about the alternate endings, i suggest exploring the treat website for secrets <3
  • the alternate endings are now easier to access. previously, reaching them required skipping through half of the game. i was able to add a global save script that a commenter linked me to, so now once you fulfill the right conditions you can access the ingame instructions even from a fresh save file! the online instructions (which you can find via the treat website) have been updated to explain this in more detail. but this feature was the main reason i wanted to make a new public update available ^^
  • added item icons. this is a minor thing, but i drew sprites for all the items in the game… they’re very cute and make checking your inventory easier to parse at a glance. i’m glad i added them!

aaaa i worked really hard to make this build happen before i go on a long vacation… i feel more energized about finishing this game than i have in a long time, so it’s a shame i won’t be able to work on it for a bit—but i’m really excited to jump back in once i’m back from my trip!!!

please enjoy the new stuff if you’re interested in the alternate endings…! i had a blast writing it all!! thanks for reading~

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Could you maybe add an "are you ready to leave?" when exiting the Warren so you don't accidentally lock yourself out?

Thanks Nami! Hope your trip is going well!


thanks for making and sharng :)


i hope i can have a treat plush one day..............


I find it kinda compelling that i bought "Bad End Theater" on treat's birthday :>
that is to say i really love it and eagerly look forward to playing more of your games <3