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You play as Syrup, the green haired... alchemist?

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I loved this game!! thank you so much for creating syrup and the ultimate sweet!

será que tem legenda em portugues pela cara o jogo e bem fofo

yes it does! :) enjoy~

I have been playing this game non stop!! i have all the endings and i LOVE gumdrop she is so cute! i really recommend this game!

Great game I really recommend it!

I got to play a bit of the Switch port, super cute!

What a lovely town


I am living for the Toffee&Butterscotch theme music. Trap remix when? (only half joking, actually; that song is fire)  

Not gonna lie, I kinda love the Syrup ending where she gets that paper and invents capitalism #girlboss

Also, I love Toffee’s design and that ze is non-binary. As a non-binary person, let me tell you, the good intentions are appreciated, but the non-binary options in these types of games are often done badly.

Purchased this on my Xbox previously and I'm so glad that I bought it! I absolutely loved the art style and the amount of depth and dedication that went into the story!


Getting all 10 endings is a very emotionally taxing experience. Gumdrops continual desire for syrup to eat her seemed so funny the first time. But now . . . 

but now . . . 

dear god . . . 

Out of curiosity, what gender is Milk Chocolate supposed to be? they sort of look like they're wearing a dress, but i think the two are called the chocolate brothers at some point? Are they just a man who likes dresses? Are they Also nonbinary and feel like Brother works as a descriptor?

I love it!!!! Gumdrop is the est game character to ever EXIST

It was surprisingly enjoyable, even more than First Kiss. The art are nice and the story was fun to read. But 10 ending? Oh wow that's a lot.

Finished playing it! Very enjoyable and I think the story can be explored even more! Unlocked Gumdrop ending, but I won't unlock the others since it will take a while!

By the way Pink Wolf

The game's great, I'm trying to work on getting all the endings, at least most of them. Wish me luck!

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What does "candy nudity" mean?

You can just give an explanation, but I'd prefer a screenshot, I need to make sure this game is clean enough.


At the beginning of the game, the Candy girl appears "naked" but there is nothing outrageous (you don't see her intimate parts at all and it's not in a sexual context or anything)
This video shows it:

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Thank you for the help! I've been waiting for more than a week for a reply :')


You're welcome! Nami is probably busy and it's easy to miss comments on, especially since she has a lot of games + her social medias and emails to manage as well :)

You're probably right. I was kinda just hoping for anyone to answer me, to be honest, though.

Well, I answered as soon as I saw your comment :P

I am glad I got the good cute ending. Prefer good over dark ending where GumDrop would run out of mana and die.... (if there is I don't wanna se it) or something like that. Love your work <3 :3 :)

i was trying to figure out what emoji <3: was for a bit there

Cute :3

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Does Butterscotch own Toffee? Can Butterscotch sell them? Is Toffee a slave? Or was Toffee hired at some point?


oh god no they're like roommates!! familiars are equal partners to witches.

Hi i would like to know why all of the downloads are becoming forbidden on pc. it has happened  since yesterday 

i haven't done any changes to the files, so i think it must be itchio or your internet browser blocking the download for some reason... sorry! i don't know how to solve the issue.

Oh its ok thank you. you are a good game designer keep up the good work. still trying to play wandering wolf treat. are there anty walk throughs (( you dont have to tell me tho) also keep up the good work

Wait I just realized something, there seems to be a connection between this game and "Wandering Wolf Trick", Is Butterscotch the reason that Trick is Pink 🤔? Honestly I never thought there was a reason since it's never really talked about but it would make sense.


omg haha it's just a coincidence! light red is trick's natural color. the pink wolf will return in syrup 2, so you'll get to finally meet him ;)


There's Going to be a sequel?? I didn't think there was going to be a sequel. I'm excited for that to come out.

I just started playing.... what's Toffee's gender??? I thought at first they were a girl, then I started thinking they were a boy, and then I noticed that their pronouns are never mentioned.... are they nonbinary??


yep, they're nonbinary! it comes up in the toffee ending hehe



Absolutely adorable loved it <3


Congats on getting on the Siwitch


This so cute! Syrup looks just like that mink girl from BNA ngl


it's soooooo cuuuute!!!


Absolutely adorable. 10/10.


I played this on the Switch and I wanna say this game made me feel happy and cozy!


how did u play it on switch??


it's available for $5 on the nintendo eshop :)


Are any of your other games on Switch? I'd love to check them out, I feel like the Switch is perfect for these type of games.


not yet! planning for future releases though :)


Just played through Syrup this week and really enjoyed it. The story is fun and the characters are all so quirky and sweet. Loved the different endings, even if some were kind of downer endings. 

Very cute and super sweet!


 I have two more endings that I can't seem to get. A little help anyone? I have Syrup Ending, Gumdrop Ending, Pastille Ending, Cannibal End, Frozen End, Bad End 1, Bad End 2, and Worst End.


Butterscotch End and Toffee End

Is it okay if I dub your game? ^^ I really love this game and I've been planning to dub it for a while!

sure, have fun! :)

thank you so much!!! I'll be sure to post the final results here! <3


here stream of my playthrought hope you like it 

hey can have permission to use game to stream on twitch i could give link to after done if like i can take down i just wanted your permission about this  so can i ?

streaming is ok for all of my games :) enjoy!

Absolutely love this gem! Got 7 endings (3 bad lol) but I got my favourite first time.

I love Butterscotch so much!


ahhh i just finished getting every ending and i loved every second of it :>


The games you make are all way too cute I can't stand it!!!

I've been wanting to try this out, but I also have trouble reading the text in the screenshots. Does the game have a dyslexic font option available? I'd appreciate it if so! Thank you!


yes it does! you can change it in the options/language menu.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Very happy to hear and very excited to play it as soon as I get a chance!

and I’m a frog

ummm... Hi? I’m new here.


Not gonna lie, once I get out of college I'm gonna drop a few hundred on my friend Nami for all of the emotions I've gotten here

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