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SYRUP AND THE ULTIMATE SWEET is a visual novel made for YuriJam 2015! it's about a candy alchemist, syrup, who one day finds a candy golem in her basement workshop. where did she come from?? who the heck made her????? GO FIND OUT!! did i mention there are 10 endings because. that's right. 10 endings.

content advisory: candy nudity. in some paths she gets eaten. in some paths characters die. there are a few quick screen shakes and flashes.


translations: KyleHeren (korean),  David Marí (spanish), mapledinosaur (french),  Fah Braccini (portuguese)

get the soundtrack HERE!!

you can find more of my work HERE and hey if you like this stuff maybe consider supporting me on patreon????

there's a poster! and a gumdrop shirt! and more in the future...!


  • 1/28/2018 - version 1.2 is up! the game is now in portuguese!! also added a language select screen when the game starts, and put in the korean translation as well.
  • 9/15/2017 - VERSION 1.1 IS OUT! includes french translation and OpenDyslexic font option for dyslexic readers. i had to change the game menu buttons to work with the translations, and i added a help screen and a mute button, and i changed the credits to be handwritten (again to work with translations.) a certain scene with butterscotch  was slightly altered to be more clear (no change in the text, i just hid the textbox for a bit and added a longer flash of light). i also added some new flavor text on the title screen. AND the game exe actually has its custom icon this time, and i finally changed the window title to not say "candyvn" anymore LOL. all other changes are minor on the coding end so, that's about it! planning to add the other languages back into the new build soon.
  • 8/3/2016 - korean version still had save files in it. oops. those have been removed now
  • 6/23/2016 - spanish translation is up!
  • 3/21/2016 - edited the korean version a bit. also gonna use this space to say HEY have you played LONELY WOLF TREAT? it takes place in the same universe ;)
  • 2/20/2016 - a korean translation has been added as a separate download
  • 2/7/2016 - there's now a web version of the game!


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candyvn-1.0-win.zip (spanish) 50 MB
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So adorable. Everything is sweet and cute! 

Is there an ending guide to this game?  I hate having to keep guessing.

in the art collection pdf it gives away what choices you should make for all the endings, yes :)


Well, I just guessed each time, so I got it all in about 5 hours.

Good game, though.

if only it were available on my device ;-;

I REALLY loved the game and ended up recording a couple videos of it for my channel! The first one went up just a few minutes ago so I thought that it was the perfect time to leave a comment! I loved the story and the different endings! I enjoyed that it wasn't over complex to get to the different endings and the art style is phenomenally adorable and very pleasing to the eye! Will definitely be a game I'll remember playing!

Not just that the art is super cute, the characters and the whole story are sweet as well! :) Each character had their own adorable oddness, and all the sugar-and-sweet puns are pretty funny in my opinion. <3 Gladly I recommended this visual novel in a short article on our blog and also uploaded a quick gameplay video. Hopefully some players found their way to your game via that. :)

Best wishes,

I've been  looking all over and I can't find the soundtrack to this game. Was it ever released? And if not are you planning or doing so?

there's a link on the page, sorry if it didn't stand out very well haha: https://mockoff.bandcamp.com/album/syrup-and-the-ultimate-sweet-ost

Aaaah this was really cute~ So far I already know 2 endings. Can't wait to find out about the other routes! Giving lots of kudos for this lovely game! <3


i called a particular twist of the gumdrop ending BEFORE the gumdrop ending he was just a bit too stressed to see me think it wasn't her rival

This was so good!!!!

such a cuuute game >wwwww< I just finished all the endings Toffee's ending was kinda difficult. thank you for making this game <3 

such a cute game . it just made my day. really cute.. <3

oh gosh LOL sorry for mic loud XD but very sweet game :3

Wow. It's a great game.

Lovely artstyle with cute and adorable and sweet characters. And Gumdrop is sweet... so sweet... the sweetest. If I were you I'd name here Sweet :D

And 10 endings. Wow! It's a lot as for vn. :) Gumdrops' is my favourite. But to be honest I tough it'll end with something more like a confession...   But this way is great too.  Very every-age-friendly :3

Hello? Can you please make an andoid/ ios version? I've been looking around all the internet and I couldn't find one...but since you're the creator, might as well ask you!

sure! i've actually really wanted to do mobile ports for my VNs, i just keep being busy with other things. nice to know people are interested though, it really makes the work feel worth doing haha

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Hi Nami i have a Theory the all of the series lonely wolf treat and syrup and the ultimate sweet are link up i am playing the game never mind the games are link up i just got to the part where it shows treat and please comment back 


Hah, it's no roblem being busy, it's just that I would like to read this visual novel on my phone!plus I really like your art style, it makes the download go up in the sky!

P.S. sorry for not responding, I haven't really checked if you responded since most of the developers don't anyway ^^''

wow, i just saw this and thinking to download it! ^^ it looks super cute, i love your art style!

thanks so much! hope you enjoy~

(wow you replied fast xD) i will!

really enjoyed this game great art and lovely characters well done here is my playthrough 


add portuguese translation please!!!

it's being worked on currently! sorry to keep you waiting~

Hello Nomnomnami!

A great game you made here.  I made a review of Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet in my tumblr blog here. Also I made a post- playing review here. I hope this will give you my support in creating games!

-yummycake was here-

This is super cute! I love it 5/5

I was compelled suddenly to look for visual novels and i have to say that i am not disappointed with this game one bit! It was extremely quirky and cute not to mention great design, visuals, dialogue, etc

so um

i really super love your games, and this one in particular

i have played all of them, and have just finished the final ending on mermaid splash

your stories are so nice and your art is adorable and i have actually played this one about 5 times

im super excited for the 5th installment in the lonely wolf treat series

your games have actually inspired me to start trying to make visual novels of my own

i dont really have a game idea yet but i do have renpy so thats a start

all of your characters and games are great and i hope you continue making games in the future

do you have any tips for coming up with VN ideas or just making VN's in general?

anyways, i'm gonna go play romance detective again

and maybe this one after that

thanks for reading



aww thank you so much!! the best advice i can offer to new vn developers is to start with something small that you'll be able to finish easily. good luck with your games! i'm cheering you on~

would it be okay if i cosplayed one of your characters??????

of course! feel free~

(Edited 2 times) (-1)

Toffee is such a precious babbyyyyyyy!!! I need plushies of him right away. ♥♥♥♥♥

toffee's pronouns are actually them/their! but yes i agree heheh

(Edited 1 time)

Funny how "neither" becomes available at a certain point. Love the little easter egg :P

Hiya, I downloaded the game, opened the zip file, and try and open the game, however I get this error:  Know of any fix?

hmm... i've never seen this before. generally my advice is to just try re-downloading it in case something went wrong? sorry that i can't be of more assistance!

Yeah, I've been having the same problem too... I extracted the zip file, opened the game, and got the same message. Happens every time I re-download. I think it's something about my anti-virus/software deleting "syrup.exe" because it identified it as a possible security threat. 



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Great VN, I think you should add this to the spinoffs in the Lonely Wolf Treat series, due to Treat's cameo and the fact that said cameo was acknowledged in Friendly Bunny Mochi. Also, how come you added the webcomic to the spinoffs but not the VN?

Apart from that, it's great! 

oh! i actually made syrup and the ultimate sweet first, so it's strange to call this a spinoff of the treat series... first kiss at a spooky soiree is in the same universe too and that's not listed either. looks like i need a wiki page or something lol

Wow, I didn't know Syrup came first, so you decided to make an entire game series based around a minor character? That's awesome!

haha yeah i think treat mochi and moxie actually existed before i finished syrup, then i ended up putting treat in this game since i needed an extra character for the snowy mountain and she fit really well. i'd planned all along to make a game/series actually starring treat, it was lucky that everyone was so in love with her instantly anyway hahaha


This game made me gayer.


thank you



cuuuute loved the nonbinary cat


im gay and so is this game 10/10.

Deleted post

Cute cute cute! I love your art style, and I thought this game was thoroughly charming! I thought the characters were perfect too. I'll be playing more of your work!


Hey Nami, me again. Is it ok if i get permission from you to make a fan comic for this and send it to you when it's done?

of course! i'd love to see~


Thanks! I also did some Syrup digital art on MS Paint. I hope it's ok. Sorry if it looks rushed, but i tried my best ^^'

aww, cute!! thank you for sharing :D

Aww, thanks ^-^

I was worried it would have come out bad

I thought the graphics were incredibly "sweet" so I downloaded the game.
But I did not expect so much fun and such a charming story!
Every single character is so lovable. I really enjoyed this experience.
Thank you for making this! It's really amazing!

thank you for playing! i'm glad it didn't disappoint <3

I get all the endings less the worst ending. Wow... I never thought on that. By the way i loved this game. Its really great and cute! :333333 S2

This game is soooo charming and I love it so very very much !!!

This was such a cute game and a nice story, made us laugh! We would've liked to see more expressions and poses from the characters, and maybe more detail in the backgrounds, but overall, it was such a kawaii narrative and characters! We're excited to play more games by you!

Me and Connor of D&C dating really loved the game!! ^u^


Is there a way to get an alternative ending to Gumdrop's route with her short hair?

nope sorry, you can't get her ending if you give her to butterscotch

Ah damn! It would have been interesting to see how the scenario played out between her and Syrup if done differently with a change of hair style. :(

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