SYRUP AND THE ULTIMATE SWEET is a visual novel made for YuriJam 2015! it's about a candy alchemist, syrup, who one day finds a candy golem in her basement workshop. where did she come from?? who the heck made her????? GO FIND OUT!! did i mention there are 10 endings because. that's right. 10 endings.

content advisory: candy nudity. in some paths she gets eaten. in some paths characters die. there are a few quick screen shakes and flashes.

the soundtrack is available on bandcamp!



Español (ES) - Gabirel Fiallegas Medina (Basajaun Games), David Marí
Français - mapledinosaur, Yuri Akuto
Português - Fah Braccini
Deutsche - Marcel Weyers und Steven Korkowsky, Tolma4 Team
Italiano - Rypher
Polski - Nika Klag
Magyar - Diemond
Русский - Zweelee
Українська - Команда "У куточку в Таверні" Polina Ponomarenko, Yelyzaveta Maksimenko"
Türkçe - Naamk
ภาษาไทย - Azpect Translation
한국어 - KyleHeren
简体中文 - Yuriatelier
日本語 - Shigekazu Oda
Tiếng Việt - Bánh
עברית - Blawnode
Ελληνικά - Theangelknight


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i love this game


one time I played this and tried to make a candy golem myself /srs 😭😭😭

btw merry christmas


Excelente juego, excelentemente game, is a funny game, the game has a good sstory. 


This is such a great game! I didn't really expect anything starting this game because I never play visual novels (this counts as a visual novel, right??) but I was pleasantly surprised. The characters felt so real. I guess you could say that the game was... short and sweet 😉

you should check out Nami’s other VNs, they’re all really good :3


Definitely something I will consider!



Syrup: Pastille, we need to cook!


i love the lil time travelling easter egg


"Curiosity only leads to problems for people like me." Curiosity kills the cat... 



Cool attstyle


played this a while back, just as sweet as I remember lol


Oh my god... This game is amazing. I was trying to get the toffee ending and when they asked me if they are a boy or a girl I saved, and later I decided to see what their answer would be if I picked a different option. BUT THEN THERE WAS THE OPTION OF NEITHER AND I FREAKED OUT-

I’ll pick neither because I am-

I DIDN'T TRUST THIS GAME BUT............................................................................................................................................................................................................................... HOLY SHIT IT'S AMAZING!!




This game is so cool! the artstyle is really cute too...keep it up!!! :3


I just finished playing this. Got it from the play store. What a delightful game! Adorable art style, expressive character sprites, funny and heartfelt dialogue, and the power of friendship at every turn. Very well made and entertaining~ ^u^


oh my god just from the page this game has so many things i love HGGG

This game is wonderful, i played it for the first time last year and since then i have never stopped replaying it

(1 edit)

What gender is Syrup???? 


Syrup is a girl! Dw I was confused at first too

Huh? I thought Syrup was a boy!?

syrup is female and uses she/her pronouns!

is there any difference between the Google play version and the ITCH.IO version?

same game! the textbox is bigger or smaller depending on your device, but that's it :)

huh, usually Google play is pretty strict regarding their censorship. Dope. Imma go play this now, thanks!

(The reason I asked, is because I went on ebay and bought persona 5 classic, without realizing it was just a worse version of royal. So instead of just spending 20 bucks on royal edition I spent 50 on both. )(And yes, for some reason classic was more expensive)


Awesome page awesome game awesome everything.


i dont really like visual novels but this, this is a masterpice


I loved playing this on my phone, Pastille will forever be my favorite

one of my fav games


i love this game so much!! i just played starry blossoms and found this, absolutely beautiful!! im completed stuck on how to get the third ending though, but fun nonetheless!! Toffe4lyfe


ah yes.

my favorite NomNomNami game.

starry blossoms.

im stuipd okay :(( !! **starry flowers ::((((

Sorry, I was trying to be funny in a really stupid way.

dude.the starry flowers is unacceptable.The pink hair boy is so cute!!!but the MC is such a badass:((((that'sawful

but syrup and ultimate sweet is My favorite :P


gumdrop and butterscotch have my soul

10/10 smash like 4 butterscotch

toffee is cute too

Short but cute game.
The game works fine in german language with Debian Jessie 32bit on my AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+ from 2009.

so i wanted to download it but my windows10 said it might give my computer a risk of getting hacked, help??

Tell the computer to ignore it. That happens with a lot of games.


Maybe because half of is actual viruses though most of them are more of a shitpost then a harm and this game doesn't contain one but it still better to use emulator or sandboxes when downloading games from basically the twitter of game site same apply to the discord of game site


now i suddenly want candy



This game was great! Sweet, if you will.


Pastille my beloved.



Deleted 234 days ago



I loved it! You made many great stories.

I was trying to collect every ending, but some bad decisions (for example, eat the girl) were so hard to make.

I loved it! I think it would be better if there were romance paths though.


Neat little story. I'm new to visual novels but I enjoyed the little adventure. My only issue is that Syrup already kind of had a set personality, so when I made choices that went against said personality it kind of felt less like character growth and more like "Yeah, pretend that other stuff didn't happen". I guess my only real complaint is that it wasn't longer, heh. 

Good work on the visuals as well (I played the game muted since I'm I often only use in class, so I can't really comment on the audio). Other than Syrup's abrupt character shifts, I liked the characters and their interactions. They were kind of generic and I think Treat, and to an extent the Chocolate twins, were extremely under utilized (the main problem when implementing side characters in such a short story) but everyone fit the aesthetics and theme pretty well so I can't complain. I'd give this a decent 7.5/10. Good job.


I love the art, endings and characters!! Sryup is simply amazing and I love the characters dynamics, overall 10/10 game 

I like your pfp dude.sayori is besttt:)


Very beautiful. honestly that's said for all of your games, deep meaning, excellent art, and memorable characters.

I'm having a hard time trying to unlock illustration number 27 if anybody has any tips please I would be so grateful.

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