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I love your artwork!! I'm playing Romance Detective and I'm guaranteed to play this one after! Keep up the good work <3

Haiiiiiiiiii!! I waned to ask, what was this made with?

renpy! it's a free visual novel engine.

May I have permission to make OCs? (Original Characters?) Thank you so much for inspiration irregardless - I just will keep them to myself. Also, possibly some fan 8tracks? (Butterscotch, Syrup, Pastille and Gumdrop are so cute.)

oh my god i would love that!!! please do!!!!

May I have permission to make fanart

of course :)

what program did you use to make this game? if i wanted to make a visal novel like this or a dating sim would i be able to use the same programing you made this with?

yep! you can get it here

What did you use to draw the characters and backgrounds? Also the game is "sweet".

clip studio paint!

I love this game! I only got one of the endings so far(Which is the butterscotch ending) but I'm gonna try to get the rest of them now. I love the art style and the characters are awesome btw!

hi, i just wanted to drop by and say i really love your games! i think they're creative and adorable.

i want to make a game like syrup and the ultimate sweet, but i don't know what program you use. i want my game to have multiple endings and multiple choices that affect the ending. can you tell what program you used??


yes! i made it with renpy~ thanks!!

um so i downloaded renpy and extracted it, and i dont know what to do. is there supposed to be a pop up once i extracted all the files?

the launcher should be in the folder!

im sorry to keep bothering you, but in your opinion, from a scale of 1-20, how much work and how hard is it to code your games?

also, do you know any videos that can help me code with renpy? i was unprepared @.@

maybe 5 at most? it takes a bit to get going but once you know the basics everything else gets easier ^^ this is really good reference, you can pretty easily look up literally anything you could ever think of doing. i don't watch video tutorials so that's all i can offer haha.

Stupid Question: Do you need to pay for the full game? I played the web version,and it required me to donate money to proceed. I was wondering if it was a demo kind of thing.

oh no, this game is totally free! sorry for the confusion.

oh,it's okay! I finished it,it was really cute :D

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This is so adorable I absolutely love your games they are exactly the type of games I love keep up the good work and also I love the cameo of treat from the other games.

Is this kid friendly too?

yes. the candy girl doesn't wear clothes in the opening scene but you don't see anything so i'd call it safe.

Ok! Thanks :D


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what does candy nudity mean?


the candy girl has no clothes on in the opening scene

Me and my friends played your game and thought it was very cute. We hope you more more like it in the future!


We recorded ourselves playing this game on Youtube, so if you want to check it out, you can find it here. This was super fun to play; the animations and the writing were really cute and funny! Thanks for uploading this <3

Such a cute game. The art's just sooooo adorable you'll wish you could eat their arm.

if you didn't have one before, this game will DEFINITELY give you a sweet tooth!!


obsessed make a sequel! make a sequel!


OMGOMG THIS IS SO ADORABLE!! Well drawn and super cute design! Also, I FREAKED OUT when I saw TREAT!!! That little sweetheart omg

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Deleted 2 years ago

Wowowow this is super amazing! I was a little surprised/afraid at first because I have the same hair as Syrup and was wearing almost identical clothes, but once I got over the weird doppelganger-ing going on I really really liked the story! I guess I know what my next cosplay is going to be!


I don't like VNs.

I really disapprove of punny character names.

I CANNOT STAND characters that add "nya" to their speech for no reason.


I got all ten endings and am trying to figure out what part of the art collection to make a desktop background.

I think you broke me.


this is my favorite comment

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Cute little story ♥, I like musics and drawings.

Please don't stop making games (especially this IP).

Also, Pastille is the first dude I've thought gay thoughts about. Man, how are you doing this?

adooorable game <3 been playing all day, gotten every one but pastille uou


Watched this game on Dodger's channel.

Loved the art and characters they where so cute :D


nice vn mom


thank u son

Aaa, this was so adorable!!! >//////< All the characters are so precious!!

I can't seem to figure out the last ending, but oh well, I'm sure I'll stumble upon it if I play it enough times!


nevermiiiiiind I got all 10 endings WHOOHOO!!!!!!! LOVED IT hahahahaha XD

p.s. I downloaded the ost album and used Delight as my ringtone ahihihihi thank you so much this vn really made my day :)))

Omg can you help me?? I'm have 8 endings and I think the one's I'm missing are Toffee's and Pastille's and I want them so bad but I just can't seem to get them...

for toffee's try getting butterscotch's again <3 you'll have a chance to branch off. and for $2 you can get the guide so if you're really stuck with pastille... ;)

Thank youu C:

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this was really good!! had a lot of fun playing :)) I just noticed that there was an endings list in the menu hahahahaha almost got all of the endings except for pastille's (I think urgh I wanted to get his right from the very start!!!) and the last ??? on the list XDD

EDIT: Nevermind I got pastille's WHOOHOO!!!! ok! one last ending remaining!!!! XDDD

Great game! Had lots of fun :D

This game is so cute and perfect in virtually every way!

nice game :D i love it very much >w<


I'm only halfway through and I LOVE it! The soundtrack is amazing, the characters are funny and cute, the art is fantastic and the story is so simple that it works. Couldn't have been done better.


This is so cute! Of course, I ate the candy golem first playthrough :P


Hey we played your game and it was really fun. We played through the candible (sp?) ending and the gumdrop ending, and both stories (though the first was short) were charming. The characters were well written, easily relatable, and definitely grew on you by the time you finish a route. The character art is on point and the music was catchy and fit the game very well. I think our favorite track was probably Toffee's theme. The backgrounds, while simple, were still more than enough to set the scene. We thought the game was a very coherent and well-put together experience, and a lot of fun to play through!

If you want you should check out our game too and let us know what you think.

This looks to be very funny and I will spend many time in this game~

If I like it I'll pay for it, and think I will like it. >w<

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