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is fan art allowed for any of your games? I love them so much

of course! thank you!!

This game is so good o.o i wanted to show my appreciation to this game by telling a friend about it and they seem to enjoy it ^^ also thank you for making this creative game, its awesome~


could you add the soundtrack to the downloads i like some of it and it makes working on stuff very calming (and positive?!)


aw how sweet! it isn't my music to share so i can only link the bandcamp page:

thanks :)

How do i download the game???

I tried but couldn't work...

there's a separate file for windows, mac, and linux, choose the one that matches your OS. hope that helps!

Fantastic work! the characters are cute and endearing I enjoyed all the story paths especially syrup and the witch.

please make more Yuri games like this!!!! I love ❤️ it so much!!!!!!!! thanks for making it

It's so very, very cute! Love the characters, and Syrup is kind of sexy, haha <3

Yes, she is. I really love her hairstyle. Would like to see more graphics of her.

Played most of your games by now. They are all incredibly well made. They are well written and contain really cute high quality art. None of them are too long, or drag out to the point where it gets boring, like some visual novels tend to do. This one in particular contained quite a few references for your other games, which was very cool to see. It's a shame Romance Detective 2's art never got finished, since it has been my only issue with any of your games. Keep making amesome games, and we'll keep playing them! Cheers :)

I love your artwork!! I'm playing Romance Detective and I'm guaranteed to play this one after! Keep up the good work <3

Haiiiiiiiiii!! I waned to ask, what was this made with?

renpy! it's a free visual novel engine.

May I have permission to make OCs? (Original Characters?) Thank you so much for inspiration irregardless - I just will keep them to myself. Also, possibly some fan 8tracks? (Butterscotch, Syrup, Pastille and Gumdrop are so cute.)

oh my god i would love that!!! please do!!!!

I had this a long time ago

then my computer was reset, and now im downloading it again

May I have permission to make fanart

of course :)

what program did you use to make this game? if i wanted to make a visal novel like this or a dating sim would i be able to use the same programing you made this with?

yep! you can get it here

What did you use to draw the characters and backgrounds? Also the game is "sweet".

clip studio paint!

What an sweet looking game, and it's only 50 MB. Will DL, right away. These are my kind of games.

I love this game! I only got one of the endings so far(Which is the butterscotch ending) but I'm gonna try to get the rest of them now. I love the art style and the characters are awesome btw!

hi, i just wanted to drop by and say i really love your games! i think they're creative and adorable.

i want to make a game like syrup and the ultimate sweet, but i don't know what program you use. i want my game to have multiple endings and multiple choices that affect the ending. can you tell what program you used??


yes! i made it with renpy~ thanks!!

um so i downloaded renpy and extracted it, and i dont know what to do. is there supposed to be a pop up once i extracted all the files?

the launcher should be in the folder!

im sorry to keep bothering you, but in your opinion, from a scale of 1-20, how much work and how hard is it to code your games?

also, do you know any videos that can help me code with renpy? i was unprepared @.@

maybe 5 at most? it takes a bit to get going but once you know the basics everything else gets easier ^^ this is really good reference, you can pretty easily look up literally anything you could ever think of doing. i don't watch video tutorials so that's all i can offer haha.

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