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I loved this game so much that I bought it on the switch just to play it anywhere!

There is russian translation online but nothing here, did you know? the game is good but playing it in english hurts.. It could be very good if you add it here please


I am planning to play all your games in order of release dates and this game is honestly so cute yet discusses important topics, I got all the endings! I love the character development and art :) Excited to play Lone Wolf next! <3

im dying- just finished starry flowers and there is another game~~ I love this^^

ya conseguí todos los finales! Nuevo juego terminado <3

This was adorable!

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tengo el juego el juego en nintendp switch, pero no esta en español  ; /

Wow, I just finished getting all the endings and I love this story!

I'm wondering, are there any hints as to Syrup's orientation?  I kept expecting to hear it hinted at, but if it was then I missed it (possibly by accidentally skipping  a scene.)  

i think the only direct reference to it in the script is her saying that (spoilers!!) pastille made gumdrop to be her type haha

thanks for playing my game!!

It seems that you have to escape from the ice cave with Butterscotch to reach Toffee's ending, but that ending assumes you got rescued from the ice cave. Is this an inconsistency, or am I missing something?


it's an inconsistency that i left in to make the toffee ending easier to reach. you're actually the first person to point it out... lol

Yay, I'm special! Your games are super adorable and I look forward to the next one.

The game is so beautiful that I can't find anything to say.


 I don't even know if I could describe how much I love your games! Your games opened my eyes to the universe of visual novels!

 Your line is one of the cutest I've ever had the pleasure to meet, your characters are charismatic, cute (in appearance and personalities), and not shallow, like others that are just for fan service. I like how you portray the different sexualities, and I also love how, despite being visual novels, your games are not limited to romance. And more than passion, your games bring love! There are couples, friends, families, and there are also problems, which are solved by the love your characters have for each other, by how much they really care about each other! Your work is perfect, at least in my eyes. I can see the effort and care you put into your games, and I can't even tell you which is my favorite game or couple, because they are all so adorable and wonderful! The reason I commented in Syrup and the ultimate sweet is because it was the first game of yours I met, but if it wasn't for that I don't even know which one I could comment on, I love them all.

 I grew up watching my peers of the same age discovering themselves sexually, while for me these things were always so ... strange ... not be gay or lesbian, but be sexually attracted to someone, whatever the sex. And although I am still young, I think maybe I am just asexual, or semi-sexual, and your games, besides amusing me and making me think about so many things, help me to feel better about myself, whatever my sexuality is! Your games help me a lot, in many ways, and help even more many other people as well! I hope your works continue to be as amazing as they are, that they reach other people who need them, and that you shine more and more with your creations! Thank you for everything you do! <33333

(If you really read this, sorry for writing so much, and sorry if there are any typos, I speak Portuguese! Hahaha.)


wow, thank you for this comment! i'm so happy to read it!!

i've had many people tell me my games have helped them become more comfortable with their gender/sexuality, and it warms my heart every time <3 i mostly make games for my own entertainment, so it's a really nice bonus that they end up helping others this way too.

thank you for playing my games! i'll be sure to keep making lots more <3 (also your english was just fine! no worries~)


Hi, the  version of this game on the Google Play Store doesn't work on my new phone which uses Andriod 11. From what another dev has said this is because Google changed the way file permissions work. But from what I noticed from another game it should work with Android 11 if recompiled with the new version of RenPy.


thanks for letting me know--there are multiple new translations in progress right now so i'm expecting to update the game soon! sorry for the wait in the meantime.

daww i love this universe and all its characters sm!!



This was such a fun and cute game!!! I am still stuck trying to get one of the endings, but I was able to (somehow) find the rest! I love how each scenario is slightly different and there is different dialogue if you did something different in the beginning, and it really makes each character seem so real and unique!

This was an AMAZING game! Incredibly nuanced and fascinating, each option counts, introducing new dialogues and interactions you wouldn't see otherwise! The art is adorably amazing and by the time you've finished one ending, you have a certain fondness for everyone, which only increases as you collect all the endings.

This was the first time I never felt bored while going back to choose other options. In fact, I had trouble forcing myself to continue on one playthrough without continuously going back! Definitely my favorite game of the series so far!

Holy shit I remember playing this a couple weeks after it came out-

I’m having trouble downloading I’ve been trying for a week I’ve read this on my friends tho but I want to download it I hope I can love ya nam nam nami

If you haven't already you could try downloading the app. I had a similar problem when i was using the web version. It kept telling me i had 'No Permissions.' If you're going through the same thing it should solve the problem.


You play as Syrup, the green haired... alchemist?

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I loved this game!! thank you so much for creating syrup and the ultimate sweet!

this looks so cute!!<3 :3

será que tem legenda em portugues pela cara o jogo e bem fofo

yes it does! :) enjoy~

I have been playing this game non stop!! i have all the endings and i LOVE gumdrop she is so cute! i really recommend this game!

Great game I really recommend it!

I got to play a bit of the Switch port, super cute!

What a lovely town


I am living for the Toffee&Butterscotch theme music. Trap remix when? (only half joking, actually; that song is fire)  

Not gonna lie, I kinda love the Syrup ending where she gets that paper and invents capitalism #girlboss

Also, I love Toffee’s design and that ze is non-binary. As a non-binary person, let me tell you, the good intentions are appreciated, but the non-binary options in these types of games are often done badly.

Purchased this on my Xbox previously and I'm so glad that I bought it! I absolutely loved the art style and the amount of depth and dedication that went into the story!


Getting all 10 endings is a very emotionally taxing experience. Gumdrops continual desire for syrup to eat her seemed so funny the first time. But now . . . 

but now . . . 

dear god . . . 

Out of curiosity, what gender is Milk Chocolate supposed to be? they sort of look like they're wearing a dress, but i think the two are called the chocolate brothers at some point? Are they just a man who likes dresses? Are they Also nonbinary and feel like Brother works as a descriptor?

I love it!!!! Gumdrop is the est game character to ever EXIST

It was surprisingly enjoyable, even more than First Kiss. The art are nice and the story was fun to read. But 10 ending? Oh wow that's a lot.

Finished playing it! Very enjoyable and I think the story can be explored even more! Unlocked Gumdrop ending, but I won't unlock the others since it will take a while!

By the way Pink Wolf

The game's great, I'm trying to work on getting all the endings, at least most of them. Wish me luck!

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What does "candy nudity" mean?

You can just give an explanation, but I'd prefer a screenshot, I need to make sure this game is clean enough.


At the beginning of the game, the Candy girl appears "naked" but there is nothing outrageous (you don't see her intimate parts at all and it's not in a sexual context or anything)
This video shows it:

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Thank you for the help! I've been waiting for more than a week for a reply :')


You're welcome! Nami is probably busy and it's easy to miss comments on, especially since she has a lot of games + her social medias and emails to manage as well :)

You're probably right. I was kinda just hoping for anyone to answer me, to be honest, though.

Well, I answered as soon as I saw your comment :P

I am glad I got the good cute ending. Prefer good over dark ending where GumDrop would run out of mana and die.... (if there is I don't wanna se it) or something like that. Love your work <3 :3 :)

i was trying to figure out what emoji <3: was for a bit there

Cute :3

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Does Butterscotch own Toffee? Can Butterscotch sell them? Is Toffee a slave? Or was Toffee hired at some point?


oh god no they're like roommates!! familiars are equal partners to witches.

Hi i would like to know why all of the downloads are becoming forbidden on pc. it has happened  since yesterday 

i haven't done any changes to the files, so i think it must be itchio or your internet browser blocking the download for some reason... sorry! i don't know how to solve the issue.

Oh its ok thank you. you are a good game designer keep up the good work. still trying to play wandering wolf treat. are there anty walk throughs (( you dont have to tell me tho) also keep up the good work

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