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Wait I just realized something, there seems to be a connection between this game and "Wandering Wolf Trick", Is Butterscotch the reason that Trick is Pink 🤔? Honestly I never thought there was a reason since it's never really talked about but it would make sense.


omg haha it's just a coincidence! light red is trick's natural color. the pink wolf will return in syrup 2, so you'll get to finally meet him ;)


There's Going to be a sequel?? I didn't think there was going to be a sequel. I'm excited for that to come out.

I just started playing.... what's Toffee's gender??? I thought at first they were a girl, then I started thinking they were a boy, and then I noticed that their pronouns are never mentioned.... are they nonbinary??


yep, they're nonbinary! it comes up in the toffee ending hehe



Absolutely adorable loved it <3


Congats on getting on the Siwitch


This so cute! Syrup looks just like that mink girl from BNA ngl


it's soooooo cuuuute!!!


Absolutely adorable. 10/10.


I played this on the Switch and I wanna say this game made me feel happy and cozy!


how did u play it on switch??


it's available for $5 on the nintendo eshop :)


Are any of your other games on Switch? I'd love to check them out, I feel like the Switch is perfect for these type of games.


not yet! planning for future releases though :)


Just played through Syrup this week and really enjoyed it. The story is fun and the characters are all so quirky and sweet. Loved the different endings, even if some were kind of downer endings. 

Very cute and super sweet!


 I have two more endings that I can't seem to get. A little help anyone? I have Syrup Ending, Gumdrop Ending, Pastille Ending, Cannibal End, Frozen End, Bad End 1, Bad End 2, and Worst End.


Butterscotch End and Toffee End

Is it okay if I dub your game? ^^ I really love this game and I've been planning to dub it for a while!

sure, have fun! :)

thank you so much!!! I'll be sure to post the final results here! <3


here stream of my playthrought hope you like it 

hey can have permission to use game to stream on twitch i could give link to after done if like i can take down i just wanted your permission about this  so can i ?

streaming is ok for all of my games :) enjoy!

Absolutely love this gem! Got 7 endings (3 bad lol) but I got my favourite first time.

I love Butterscotch so much!


ahhh i just finished getting every ending and i loved every second of it :>


The games you make are all way too cute I can't stand it!!!

I've been wanting to try this out, but I also have trouble reading the text in the screenshots. Does the game have a dyslexic font option available? I'd appreciate it if so! Thank you!


yes it does! you can change it in the options/language menu.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Very happy to hear and very excited to play it as soon as I get a chance!

and I’m a frog

ummm... Hi? I’m new here.


Not gonna lie, once I get out of college I'm gonna drop a few hundred on my friend Nami for all of the emotions I've gotten here



holy cow treats in this i didnt know (but she look angry)and i was surprised to see pastille was the witch who made gumdrop


this is the best game ever and you cannot tell me otherwise


cant figure out how to get image 27


Dont look into the crystal ball


i did that and got money end




i literally went through al the endings one after another somehow it's like the caracters became my friends like!;; i love you guys :'(  and damn i ship toffee and butterscotch  

you ship WHO?!

this was so amazing!! i spent many hours trying to get the endings.. gumdrop is so cute! i agree her hair is cuter shorter but i dont want her to go through those pains:(

esto es lo mejor que haya existidooooo este juego ademas de que tiene 10 finales es muy kawaii y tierno no tube ningun tipo de problemas para descargarlo ni para jugarlo es una maravillaaaaaaa y si estas indesiso de decargarlo NO DUDES EN DESCARGARLO ES LO MEJOR DE LA VIDAAAAAA CINCO ESTRELLASSSSSSS ahrre xd

When  i played the game, i coudn't do the time traveler easter egg and even get the Pastille end! Can someone help me???

the pastetille end: you have to say that you dont want gumdrop but after that go fo her and dont misbehave with no one

if i write something wrong sorry i talk spanis


When toffee asks you if you think they ARE a boy or a girl, you answer, then they'll say you something like "I'm neither!" So, you come back to the question and you'll get one more option, the "neither" one, so if you choose that one, they'll say -how did you know?? Are you a time traveler or something- 

Sorry for my bad english!!

 3 words: i love it.

the serries of the games you make are just, beautifull, we can see the work and love you put in them , love you and youre beautifull games.

PS: love all the characters to >w<

ok ok that the final thing i wrote , this is a question.

when the part 6 from Lonely Wolf will appear or be planed?

Candy Girls is there doing noting!

that is because i eat her in my first time playing(yes im a bad person)

Me too XD we are going to hell

I did too. It was the best thing I’ve ever done.

(1 edit) (+4)

I loved this game so much!!! Pastille was my favourite character.. so I had to make this...

Nonetheless, It was a really great game!! I loved all the cat puns Toffee made and the overall theme was so adorable! The characters were so great and the music too!! Thank you so much for making this!

It's wonderful

Wow. Just wow. Absolutely adored this experience. I saw good things about it prior to this but this just drips with heart. Loved every character, loved the humor, just... damn. So rad.

Toffee, the cat: "You should know I have a pawlicy of not asking too many questions. Curiosity only leads to trouble for folks like me. "

Gosh, loved this. The humor, the story, the cute drawings and the theme songs! Easily one of the best Visual Novels I've played!

All character are amazing too.


Heck yeah this fun thank you developer creating this game totally amazing experience for me.

Love this game now heard on console getting on Xbox One  PlayStation 4 playing on Latop PC.

Wow I still can't believe it this game is on consoles, the pity is that I don't have any of them. (I had already played it yet this news is amazing).

Congrats Nami!

This game is such a goodie, and now it's available for the Switch, PS4, XboxOne and even the Vita! Seriously y'all, check it out. 🍭



i have been eating gumdrop.........

lol no

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