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STARRY FLOWERS is a visual novel about two witch boys falling in love.

content advisory: recommended ages 16+ (contains sexual themes and strong language). screen shakes can be disabled by selecting "skip transitions" in the options menu.

main characters


  • an extremely sweet slow burn romance
  • 27k word count, estimated 2 hours to complete
  • dress up game! choose from 20 accessories to make periwinkle look extra cute for his dates!
  • bonus gallery including extra scenes upon clearing the main story


story + art + music - NomnomNami

ending theme - "Pretty in Pink" by Jake Bellissimo


translations in progress: 한국어, português, 简体中文, nederlands

the soundtrack is available on bandcamp!

can't get enough peristille? enjoy my many drawings and animations ;)

LINE stickers: https://store.line.me/stickershop/product/16757712


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Development log


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i loved this so much oh my god

thabk yuo i love gay boysd

watch my friend play it at 11 pm on discord, nearly cried cause the end visual and beautiful song caught me off guard 11/10 would play again



Loved it

i love it


my favorite shitting game of all time~~

so friggin cute and I- you- i love thi

(1 edit) (+3)

this has no right to be this cute !! the ending was so sweet and i loved seeing periwinkle trying to navigate his feelings.

i fear no man



Have played. Have cried. Am happy to be back at your page <3


this reminded me of how weak i am to romantic stories; skimmed through the art gallery while still in tears. thank you so, so much for making this game!<3


I love it.


10/10 I love this game so much!! I'm a massive fan of your work!!


Played it for around 2 and a half hours yesterday and got to chapter 7, just wow I love this game, it's so cute and great I'm absolutely enjoying the story too, once I get the time I'm most definitely continuing the playthrough, this is genuinely one of my favourite indie games so far


I love how cutesy yet mature you're games are they are the perfect balance of calming and thought-provoking in a subtle way. Not to mention the absolute cutest! You really inspire me and I love your work <3 Keep it up!


starting playing at around 11-12, its about 4am now. super long but was sooo worth it, i love the game this has got to be one of my favorites, i loved the little dress-up feature too it was super fun<33
if you're looking for a longer visual novel i highly recommend this one, i really like how it includes all the stress you go through figuring out if they really are the one you love or not instead of just meeting skipping right into being married or something. i love how it portrays some real-life events that may happen, the confusion, sorting things out, isolating yourself from everyone else honestly this made me tear up a bit i just love how it was made, i really like the bonus chapters
i love everything about this so much, thank you so much for making this you did an amazing job

I know I already commented here but I just finished the game and I'm CRYING this was so cute and sweet I can't praise it enough! I don't think I ever liked a game so much, I'm so so thankful for everyone who made this, seriously wow 

im so confused are they both boys or am i missing something


they are both boys.


Oh dear I expected this to be innocent but I'm definitely not complaining~ I haven't finished the game yet but I can already say I LOVE it so far- The art is literally so cute, my heart can't take this <333 T_T 

Nice game


Even though i’m Asexual this just looks to cute and cool to ignore, it just looks so darn cute

Also do you mind if I Chart Ost #8 - Pretty In Pink in Clone hero?

since it isn't my song, i don't feel comfortable giving permission--you can ask @dreamsoundsvid on twitter!

I don't have Twitter but I found their YouTube (from your video of the OST) when I can, I'll ask them there.

I’ve asked them and they gave me permission, expect a Download soon-ish (hopefully) I do have to chart it so it may take a lil’ bit

Nami I love your games and this is the saga that I like the most. The first one I played was a contract demon and then I played them from the beginning, I loved them, the colors you wear, the dialogues, the stories, and now I see two of my favorite characters together, one day I also want to be like you ^^!!!

(1 edit)

:O Pastille is getting a boyfriend!!

(1 edit)

Thanks for the game! I really liked the music, and characters!

peri was so easy to relate to... i felt a little bit of myself in his behavior and storyline, from refraining from romance to trying to come to terms with his affections. it just made the story so much more compelling and personal


i cannot sing the praises of this game enough!! it's your absolute best game so far by a milestone!!<3 i went into it expecting to feel warm and fuzzy but ended up teary eyed and squealing on the end song TvT amazing backgrounds, dialogue, storyline, pacing, everything took me by surprise... so happy to be a nami fan ^^


dsjhafoegfou No surprise here, Nami always makes the best games~ A  bit take aback from the "sexual content" warning, but really hyped to play the game!


I died. It absolutely killed me. The art is beautiful, the music is so pleasant and soothing, the accessorising game is cute, but the boys and the story? Oh god, my heart was not ready. I could play it ten times over and my heart would never be ready. I love them so much. This was just a delight from start to finish, so sweet and earnest and almost unfairly heartfelt and intense - never over-dramatic, just simple and clean and wholesome, but damn if it didn't bury itself deep in my heart and set up its own little nook in there

a friend showed me this one, i just finished it and i now know that its adorable!!! i've always seen your works from afar, but the boys plot this time absolutely got my attention this time, and im glad it did! pastille's so so adorable, and thats not just because the game says so either... i wasn't much of a fan of the suggestive text, but i definitely see how it serves to work for the narrative, so its ok!

to sum, i really liked this one!! i really wanna look for more works like this now :D



THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THIS it's so lovely!!!!!!!

Anytime pal, I'm so glad you like it :3


I did not expect the game with the 2 guys to be my favorite game lol. I always liked Pastelle from Syrup. I like all of Nomnomnami games, and played them all. My favorites are Starry Flowers, Her Tears were my light, and a tie between Kaima/Treat series. I really love the character design in the solo projects. Nami probably tied with Zun for my favorite indie developer. <3


I really loved the concept of "her tears were my light" and started following you on itch and twitter! After seeing one of my favourite indie game developers, Angela He, tweet about the game, "Starry Flowers," I just knew I had to play it! I was more than blown away by the lovable characters and cute art style :) Would recommend this to all people who love cute gay witch boys <3

(2 edits) (+1)

Hello! I fell inlove of playing games of yours from the day I downloaded "her tears were my light". I have played all of your games except for "Starry Flowers", "Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet", and the "Disaster log C". I am looking forward on playing those games and hopefully you release more but pleaseeee, please help me 'cause I can't open them, they always crash after it asks me what language should I play with. I hope it can get resolved soon. More power to youuuu, Love yah!

Edit:  I tried playing it in my tablet and it worked!


This has been one of THE nicest things I've experienced in a while now, i love it to pieces and have already finished it 3 times. It really is one of those special games you never forget. So, I wanted to ask, would you be interested in me translating the whole game in italian for you? I'd happily do it!


that'd be really cool! please send me an email and i can get the files to you :)


SO CUTE! I feel so wholesome and fulfilled-- even with all of Periwinkles suggestive remarks lol The flow and story line are just so great and I really enjoyed getting to know Periwinkle and Pastille little by little. Seeing them each going through their own journey to grow was also such a pleasure.  And the consent and boundaries! Like heck, that's what we need in a game! A healthy and respectful relationship! The art was also suuuuuuper adorable and it all just went so well together. I really could go on about the whole game really; I can't wait to play your other ones. Thank you so much for making such an incredible game. <3


This is so, so, SO adorable!!!! All of your content is always really cute and lovely, and I really loved seeing these characters come to life even more and spend time with one another, it was wonderful!!!!!!!


incredible ♥

(2 edits) (+1)(-1)

Hey Nami, 

I really like your games! I didn't play this one yet but I will eventually. That being said, surely you have an audience in the German speaking area, too, so I thought I'll ask if I could give you a hand with a German translation? I mean, it probably will take quite a while with the 27k words but still.. 

I'm not a professional, though, but I'm a German native and fluent in English. 

Kind regards, 



thank you so much for offering, but there's already someone i planned to hire for this! i'm just saving up a little money first.


Oh ok. Thanks for the quick reply.

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next project! 

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

I already play all your games

Starry flower, spooky soiree, syrup and the ultimate sweet, disaster Log c, etc

Im enjoying all of these, with those cute art ofc. Rate all your game 5 star. and i love how there is a connection between games.

Cant promise, but i hope i can support you as well

All the OST are amazing, almost make me cry.

Thanks for the game <3


me and my boyfriend just finished playing your game... wow. wow. wow. it's like you captured our whole experience, into one single game. it's absolutely incredible. i cried at quite a few scenes and so did my boyfriend. the stuff about gender... the intimacy stuff... the. entire chapter 7 really hit us both. this was incredible, very well-written, and i really love this. sorry if you've seen me mass reblogging all your starry flowers art haha... this is just. wow. an absolute masterpiece. i have loved every single one of your games, but this one is my top favorite, for sure. (and that's not just because im mlm!) thank you so much, for sharing this. <3


thank you for playing..! i'm so happy to read this ;o; aaa always very glad to hear this story resonated with people on such a deep level... (i also consider this to be my top favorite so you're more than valid!!! lol)

and yes please enjoy all my drawings on twitter, i will continue to make a billion <3 love these boys

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