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STARRY FLOWERS is a visual novel about two witch boys falling in love.

content advisory: recommended ages 16+ (contains sexual themes and strong language). screen shakes can be disabled by selecting "skip transitions" in the options menu.

main characters


  • an extremely sweet slow burn romance
  • 27k word count, estimated 2 hours to complete
  • dress up game! choose from 20 accessories to make periwinkle look extra cute for his dates!
  • bonus gallery including extra scenes upon clearing the main story


story + art + music - NomnomNami

ending theme - "Pretty in Pink" by Marlene Bellissimo


  • Español - rinphonny
  • Português - Fah Braccini
  • Français - Yuri Akuto
  • Deutsch - Antonio Moss
  • Italiano -  Rypher
  • Polski - Nika Klag
  • Русский - Zweelee
  • Tiếng Việt - Bánh
  • 简体中文 - Gu Lyencha
  • 한국어 - KyleHeren
  • Türkçe - Naamk
  • Українська - storyteller613

can't get enough peristille? enjoy my many drawings and animations ;)

LINE stickers: https://store.line.me/stickershop/product/16757712


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com.nomnomnami.starryflowers-release.apk 107 MB
Starry Flowers sticker+emoji pack 532 kB
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Starry Flowers Art Collection.pdf 85 MB
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A really cute game


Why is this game so CUTE though!?!

This game is too twinky

Show post...

I liked the game, I play with pleasure


Simplemente, preciosa historia. Llena de personajes encantadores y un muy buen desarrollo entre los principales. Sé que es de las que más se me van a quedar de este género :´) Venía de Contract Demon así que me esperaba un juego más corto y no creí que se enredara tanto en su argumento jaja Pero mejor, valió totalmente la pena

Con este título ya me declaro fan de NomNomNami, y veo que me voy a dar gusto con sus otros títulos que expanden este universo

wait is this another one of that one candy girl? syrup


about 2 hours playtime, artwork and dialogue is cute, i liked pastille. im sorry but plot reminds me of about 90% of the yaoi i've read (guy likes guy, catches feelings but is afraid of rejection so stays as fuck buddies) but in this case the story and reasoning is more fleshed out than others (+good and more realistic/relatable backstory) so we're good.  nice game cute couple but probably wouldn't replay anytime soon unless if im really bored.


Personally, I think this is a very cute and healthy game! (aside from the 18+ related content) This game had me play it over and over again, with the cute graphics and plot. The backround music is also very soothing, it reminds me of my childhood

Still i do have a question with made me wonder

Who is the top role?

-To what i saw on chapter 1 seems like Periwinkle was the one topping. But then soon on to the other chapters he seems to be the bottom. please someone tell me, i cant keep this clogging my mind (because of how addicted ive been to this game)

Thank you author for such a master piece!


I think they might both be switch! Some people enjoy being in both roles from time to me :3 

Hope this helps!

(1 edit) (-2)



thank you so much for making this game ^^


The sweetest and cutest game I've ever played about a couple, I found the story and characters very cute. Its design and everything else, a 10/10


Ya jugue este juego <3 esta muy bonito

my pc doesn't run it because its 64 bits, and mine is 32 😭

(1 edit) (+5)(-1)

short, sweet, wholesome, this is what i was looking for, im tired of the sex, just give me wholesome gay stuff. 

The characters and artwork is so perfect, it all created a perfect environment for the entire story to melt not only my heart but my entire body and soul away as the overwhelming emotions that presented itself in this story unfolded with each spacebar press, in fact i am no longer human, i am a ghost who has possessed this keyboard to type this in my mortal absence. 

I am in no way a fan of visual novels, but this right here, platinum metal, round of applause, GOTY for me rn.

 legit cried :( left me in so much tears i flooded not only my house but my local neighborhood.

This is a game you can only play once, and never again because i basically shortcircuited my computer and all power sources in the local vicinity. and also i died. Highly Recommend. I'm probably going to play this again... and again... and again. until i die 69420 times.


I've played this repeatedly off and on for nearly 2 weeks now, I've been awestrucked, Very well written characters, I see myself in both of them in some regards, but overall the story is very romantic and I'm a sucker for such things and I have cried like 3 times now

This is a VN I will come back too repeatedly for awhile I think, its very queer and a guilty pleasure, great VN, but I'm off to go listen to pinkerton by weezer while playing this for the 13th time now, ciao


I loved this game SO MUCH! It's adorable and i really enjoyed the storyline, along with Periwinkle and Pastille's different lifestyles. Definitely recommend!


I want world to look like in this game I am obsesed !


beautiful heartwarming amazing :,)


I found this because I've been listening to the song 'pretty in pink' for a bit and noticed it was from a game AND not just from any game! a nomnomNami one! I love you're art style and game's alot! <3


Okay, I let it sit a bit more I'm gonna say some more in depth thoughts on this game.

First of all: thank you, thank you, thank you for telling me I exist to people. That boys like me are seen, and that we deserve our stories to be told. You really should make more stories like this.

I love certain aspects of Periwinkle's character and how they relate to me. I really connected to how he loves fashion, was forced to conform to other people's image as a fashion model, avoids committed romance because of how it went badly for him -- while still wanting to fulfill his sexual needs. Those are all very very real things.

And Pastille's character too. I relate so much to hiding things, and people placing expectations on you, and people thinking you're a gender you're not.

It also goes without saying I love how refreshing it felt for aromantic, polyamory, intersex, etc to be mentioned so casually without reservations.

I'm so glad Periwinkle and Pastille found each other. I'm so glad you wrote this story. You wrote this so well. I hope you make more games about queer boys in the future.


I'm gonna cry, this hit in all the right spots. It's amazing.

I hope they release this for Browser!

I LOVE PERIWINKLE SO MUCH!! this was awesome, i'll never get tired of it


omg that was amazing


i LOVE IT! it is so heartwarming that i want to read it again and again and again! just today i just started to read my 3rd time! i need a second volume or im going to explode



almost sent my friend starry femboys instead of starry flowers.... THIS IS A SIGN (other than that this has filled my cravings thank u so much)


I love this game like never before, it's so beautiful, I've already completed the game 10 times and I'm still crying at the end, seriously, this game is beautiful✨✨✨✨


Definitivamente um dos melhores Visual Novel que já joguei! eu AMO Starry Flowers!! eu AMO Periwinkle!!!


Do you have any plans for a next starry flowers game?




This is one of the BEST visual novel i've ever played, we need the sequel.



This has to be one of the best visual novels I've ever seen and played, not to mention you get to dress up Periwinkle, it's game is just fantastic; And the boys are literally so cute



ok... ok... gay panic over. Now onto the actual review lol.

The story in itself was really relatable to me from both Pastille and Periwinkle's side and I really like the way you wrote they way they explore their issues, I especially love how you portrayed Peri's nature and expressed his, I guess for the lack of a better word, horniness, in a really casual and wholesome way. You tackled the mature themes of the story with Peri and Pastille's pasts in a really good way too. The artstyle is extreeemely cute as usual. And I can never get over how good you are at drawing adorable outfits and character designs. (I wanna cosplay every outfit in this game so bad aaaa).


As many others have spoken before and will speak after me, this is an amazing game.


this was such a good game !!! the characters were written beautifully and the story was so fluffy in general. it was genuinely so heartwarming to read pastille and periwinkle's love story <33 although the game was short, it has definitely left an impact on my heart T-T


after this game it's hard for me to trust games without reading the description... thank you I'm 11 and I thought it was a nice and normal game

thank you so much... I THOUGHT THEY'RE (periwinkle and pastel) 16 HELP PLS

Why are the random creators i check out at 3 am make such good games? Not complaining about it but i want to know why this happens why when i find  1 random game, i check out the creator now im up at 5. 


periwinkle being flustered over his feelings is really cute

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