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STARRY FLOWERS is a visual novel about two witch boys falling in love.

content advisory: recommended ages 16+ (contains sexual themes and strong language). screen shakes can be disabled by selecting "skip transitions" in the options menu.

main characters


  • an extremely sweet slow burn romance
  • 27k word count, estimated 2 hours to complete
  • dress up game! choose from 20 accessories to make periwinkle look extra cute for his dates!
  • bonus gallery including extra scenes upon clearing the main story


story + art + music - NomnomNami

ending theme - "Pretty in Pink" by Marlene Bellissimo


the soundtrack is available on bandcamp!

can't get enough peristille? enjoy my many drawings and animations ;)

LINE stickers: https://store.line.me/stickershop/product/16757712


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Starry Flowers Art Collection.pdf 85 MB
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Also available on

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I love everything about it: music, style, arts, extras, THE SONG OMG, this game made my week! Also characters are wonderful.
Highly recommend this game, totally showing it to friends!
Thank you for creating such a wonderful piece of art! <3

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not working on windows 11 from the middle

turn on windows compatibility mode set to 8.1 and make sure you have the dch GPU drivers for some reason this game hates running with studio/non dch drivers


mfw no cute witch bf to tease me until i can barely speak in life, why even bother

ive never cried from a game before, but golly this was great




THIS WAS SO WELL MADE, there is so much about it that's worth the entire ride. I couldn't put the game down because of how immersed I would find myself in the characters and world. It was a hilarious, cute, and heartwarming experience!!

this story is so cute and so incredibly horny at the same time and its giving me such whiplash,,,

Thx for russian language ^^ I know english, but reading on mother tongue more comfortable for me

And I love yaoi <3

Thank you for the game, it is incredibly cute and romantic


Will the game have russian language?

I would really like the game to have a Russian or even Ukrainian language


the russian translation is currently being playtested! it will be included in the next update :)

Thanks for the reply, I look forward to the update so I can focus on enjoying your game. You are wonderful <3

This game is super cute 😍😍😍

Pls make more stories about Periwinkle ❤


whatever happened to that version of starry flowers you had to pay for?

It's very addictive, I love to see cute games like this treating homosexuality as a normal subject, I really hope that this game gets more recognition and that it has a continuation of course 😄

THIS IS SO CUTE! I love this so much, and I'm so obsessed !


this was absolutely beautiful!! i'm so in love with both of these characters. i look forward to seeing more of them and everyone else <3


the cuteness WAAA


Overall I think that this game was great! I really liked the gradual buildup of Periwinkle and Pastille's relationship.

I haven't finished it yet, but loving it so far! Periwinkle and Pastille are extremely cute together and the general aesthetic of the game is adorable (and I'm not a big Visual Novel fan except for this one)! Stan polyamorous gay witches <3


I really like this game  It is excellent!! Please update sth more about PeriStille :)


BL isn't exactly my thing so I won't play it, but I'm glad super cute games like this that shed homosexuality in a positive light exist, this world is seriously a better place with it.

Anyone reading this! You love who you love! And that's okay! Have a blessed rest of your pride month! :D


So far this is a super cute game. I really like the art and character designs!


I Liked the game and all, but Periwinkle reminds me of a little girl😑 I think he could have been a better character if he had a more expanded closet and not just wear dresses all the time because it was starting to get boring, and it would have been better if his haired changed throughout the chapters because I feel like he would be the type of person that can never decide what they want to look like for the day.


Pretty sure Periwinkle stars in another game also why would clothing improve a character lol


Not what I was getting at


I mean yeah probably not but it looked like you were essentially saying their appearance not changing made them a worse character. A wardrobe expansion or hair feature would be cool in the future though.


Clothes are not gendered.


It's not the clothes

I couldn't agree more.

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I. LOVE. THEM. This and Bad End Theater are definetly my two favorites among all your games!

Did I mention I love them?

can you please post some of these games on ios if you get the chance <33

It really good game, also thank for the vietsub because i kind lazy to read english. I hope you will continue to make great game like this in the future <3

 (smh a 16 yr boy play a visual novel about 2 boy love each other, also i want buy it with money but dont have a paypal for myself im feel bad that i dont have money to support you)


i dunno man, seems kinda gay. (great game!)




unreal how cute this was to read through, I love it


I played this in google play before hehe its cute


i love this game

i love them. i love them so much.


if heartstopper were a game

Sooo cute! I'm in love with this game <3

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This game is very cute!  I played all of your games and for now, I think this one is the best ! <3 Keep it up!

me encanto el juego es hermoso y los personajes estan muy bien echo y la parejita es muy tierna :D

Could you put the OST on Spotify? Would love to listen to the songs on there


sure, i can try to do that! the only thing is the ending theme wouldn't be included since it isn't my song... that one is the most requested to be on spotify, so i'm sorry in advance!

Thank you!


yes i was able to add it recently!! so happy i could put the full soundtrack on <3 glad you found it hehe

I love this game TwT they're sooooo cuuuuute

I ’ve already played it in Chinese but I promise I will read it again in EN!!

thank u for creating this game  <3

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