ASTRA'S GARDEN is an idle game where you grow plants to make medicine for your customers. it takes under an hour to reach the ending, but you can keep growing plants forever if you like :)

content advisory: this story contains heavy topics such as chronic illness and death. please take care!

this game is a prequel to Starry Flowers and features 2 characters from First Kiss at a Spooky Soiree, but you can play these games in any order and still be able to understand the story. enjoy! <3


story + art + music - NomnomNami


  • Español  - José Jil Tudela
  • Français - Yuri Akuto
  • Deutsch - Antonio Moss
  • Italiano - Rypher
  • Polski - Nika Klag
  • Português - Fah Braccini
  • Русский - Zweelee
  • Türkçe - Ebru Nilay Vural
  • Українська - storyteller613
  • ภาษาไทย - Whateverzone
  • 简体中文 - Gu Lyencha
  • Magyar - Diemond
  • Tiếng Việt - Bánh 
  • Čeština - Ella
  • 한국어 - KyleHeren

warning: the comments section may contain spoilers!


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I have something very similar to undeath and you really handled the subject beautifully, thank you so much for this.


O jogo é lindo, a mini história deu vontade de chorar,mas sentir falta de mais mecânicas e o jogo é muito curto, poderia colocar mais personagens e mais história,add um mini game fazendo os remédios também mas eu amei ❤❤❤😭


such a great game! loved it very sad but glad her family is healing and getting closure! <3 


Such a beautiful little game, sad yet sweet.

I really enjoyed playing this game. It was so cute and the story was so touching! I am excited to play the other games that you made! 


im not crying YOUR CRYING

I AM :(


Beautiful game. I like to think Vinegar grows up to create a cure or a better treatment for her condition.


This is a really wonderful game. I played this after experiencing a loss in my family, and it definitely got the emotions going, but it felt very cathartic as well. I love all of the characters introduced, and especially the manic mom over the phone. Gameplay is simple, but I love that about this game. Super wonderful, I cried a bit, and the story is really sweet. 


просто изумительно...


The story develops slowly but the characters grow little by little, the designs are adorable and at least the translation into Spanish makes all the characters charismatic, although I was undoubtedly left wondering about the fate of the little witch who suffered from living dead disease. Without a doubt, the mother of the protagonist reminded me of my own mother since I have seen her many times prepare special food just to attract my brothers to spend more time with the family.

The part of waiting for customers to sell them things and being able to make more medicines was sometimes a little tiring, but I suppose it simulates well the experience of running a store with many moments occupying yourself with whatever you can (in this case the plants) and then seeing a large group of people entering, wishing it would continue like this and then no one arrives for a long period of time, it is a curious rhythm but the truth is sales has never been my thing but it did make me feel like the owner of a store waiting for customers .

A good and cosy game.


i usually dont like idle games, but this one was wonderful. i love all the art and the story!! (finding out that cass was dead had me BAWLING)

very cute game, love the story, and the art! :)


That was a sweet little game. It actually got me thinking about trying a lil more with family.... (I hope it passes lol) 

As someone who normally hates idle games, I loved this


What a wonderful experience this was! Someone below mentioned the word "cozy" and they're right-- this is such neat little cozy game to play with interesting characters and the minigame mechanic really keeps things moving as the story progresses. Top-tier stuff for sure!


tip for playing the epilogue: i've noticed customers show up more when you're not growing something. so try leaving your pots empty and hoarding some money, then work on growing what you need!

this is a really lovely game <3

incredible game absolutely loved it

(2 edits) (+1)

* ciao, ho appena fatto un account di solo per commentare su questo gioco!! mi ha attratto perché era anche in italiano (yaaaay!!!).. ho pianto tanto. ottimo lavoro. e i disegni sono così carini e pucciosi!!! ed è così rilassante coltivare le piante, specialmente quelle più lente...! ohh..... e il Narciso Mattutino che somiglia così tanto a Cass.., mentre scommetto che la Campanula Assonnata deve essere Astra! hehe! a proposito, adoro Astra come personaggio, specialmente a confronto con Cassava... ahh!! si merita tutti gli abbracci del mondo. e tremila sonnellini!!! 

* poi, pensavo che quando arrivavano i clienti speciali diminuiva il numero di piante (perché le avevano comprate) ma non è stato così, bho, potrebbe essere una cosa carina? ma leggendo i commenti ho visto gente che si lamentava che arrivare alla fine era lento quindi non saprei. personalmente per me è stata una passeggiata! è così rilassante vedere crescere le piantine... e i numeri che si alzano... e cliccare i clienti... ho già 100 di tutte!!! <3 buona serata

* SPOILER: ho appena ri-giocato alcune scene e. "SEMBRA CHE TU ABBIA VISTO UN FANTASMA". GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QwQ

this game was short but amazing, thanks !


Very sweet. As always, manages a completely cozy vibe with completely real and dark subjects. I've never seen anyone do this but you. You're a special gift to this world. Thank you for always making great games. I'll be honest, the garden gameplay balance felt too grindy, and the music could use some work, as some parts sounded a little dissonant. But as always, the story, art, ui, and character interactions are very well constructed. The art always amazes me. Some people are really good at character design OR color theory OR linework, etc etc... You're always good at all aspects of it.


LOVE this game!  I got so invested in the story!

(2 edits) (+1)

This game was so lovely to play!  Wonderful story and SUPER CUTE music, art, and overall characters! <3  

Big fans of NomnomNami!!! <3


this game is amazing and so is the story, and hit home for me on a lot of things. made me cry, and I love that.


I LOVED this. The music is very relaxing, the art is ADORABLE and the writing is very thoughtful. Please beware of the content advisory (chronic illness and death) but if you are in a place that you can face the topics you may find it done respectfully. My complete playtime was just shy of 1 hour.

very lovely if sad little story

but will agree, epilogues frustrate to grind. customers too cheap so all those narcissus really add time in un-fun way, if all x50 was not last goal would give up there (and already did consider that at x40)

this is too sad nooooooooooooo

Cute art style. Will you put on steam and will there be gamepad support for your other games?

This was a pretty cute game. Nice way to spend the afternoon just looking over to check on my plants and customers. The Undeath virus is handled very tastefully here, with how it affects both the people suffering from it, and the people around them. Periwinkle's side plot also made for a nice breather between the heavier conversations, and I look forward to playing Starry Flowers later to see what comes of Astra and her apothocary.


Pleasently surprised to see a planting game have really realistic / whimsical characters, felt like I was at home playing this game.

saw that coming from a mile away


loved this game! It was so cozy and the plot was so well-done: One of my favourites! 


sometimes i think the costumers are invisible? great game tho, very cozy


what do you use the herbs for, cause when customers pay you they dont take any herbs


If you click the “story” tab, you can see how many herbs are needed to continue to the next part of the story! I hope that helps


I loved this! The plot twist rlly got me, I love the characters vey much! Didn't know this was a prequel so I'm excited to play more of your games after this! :D


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its amazing i love it but pls do not pull a plot twist like that again nomnomnami pls


Excelentes de principio a fin 

Lo disfrute mucho 

Se agradece su esfuerzo y dedicacion 

Very lovely. The characters, and the story. :) Enjoyed every minutes.


the plot twist got to me! this game was so nice, i love the character designs


I just wanted to say this was an absolute joy to play! It was incredibly polished and well-done from the visuals to the story to the music :) I could gush about it in detail but it'd take forever and just boil down to "everything was very lovely", so in short thank you for making it! This was the first game from this "series/universe" I played and I look forward to the others.

(And as someone who lost a parent from illness, I'm very happy to see some of my experiences reflected, considered, and shown such value and care. Thank you.)

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