ASTRA'S GARDEN is an idle game where you grow plants to make medicine for your customers. it takes under an hour to reach the ending, but you can keep growing plants forever if you like :)

content advisory: this story contains heavy topics such as chronic illness and death. please take care!

this game is a prequel to Starry Flowers and features 2 characters from First Kiss at a Spooky Soiree, but you can play these games in any order and still be able to understand the story. enjoy! <3


story + art + music - NomnomNami


  • Español  - José Jil Tudela
  • Français - Yuri Akuto
  • Deutsch - Antonio Moss
  • Italiano - Rypher
  • Polski - Nika Klag
  • Português - Fah Braccini
  • Русский - Zweelee
  • Türkçe - Ebru Nilay Vural
  • Українська - storyteller613
  • ภาษาไทย - Whateverzone
  • 简体中文 - Gu Lyencha
  • Magyar - Diemond
  • Tiếng Việt - Bánh 
  • Čeština - Ella
  • 한국어 - KyleHeren

warning: the comments section may contain spoilers!


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this game is amazing and so is the story, and hit home for me on a lot of things. made me cry, and I love that.


I LOVED this. The music is very relaxing, the art is ADORABLE and the writing is very thoughtful. Please beware of the content advisory (chronic illness and death) but if you are in a place that you can face the topics you may find it done respectfully. My complete playtime was just shy of 1 hour.

very lovely if sad little story

but will agree, epilogues frustrate to grind. customers too cheap so all those narcissus really add time in un-fun way, if all x50 was not last goal would give up there (and already did consider that at x40)

this is too sad nooooooooooooo

Cute art style. Will you put on steam and will there be gamepad support for your other games?

This was a pretty cute game. Nice way to spend the afternoon just looking over to check on my plants and customers. The Undeath virus is handled very tastefully here, with how it affects both the people suffering from it, and the people around them. Periwinkle's side plot also made for a nice breather between the heavier conversations, and I look forward to playing Starry Flowers later to see what comes of Astra and her apothocary.

Pleasently surprised to see a planting game have really realistic / whimsical characters, felt like I was at home playing this game.

saw that coming from a mile away

loved this game! It was so cozy and the plot was so well-done: One of my favourites! 

sometimes i think the costumers are invisible? great game tho, very cozy


what do you use the herbs for, cause when customers pay you they dont take any herbs


If you click the “story” tab, you can see how many herbs are needed to continue to the next part of the story! I hope that helps


I loved this! The plot twist rlly got me, I love the characters vey much! Didn't know this was a prequel so I'm excited to play more of your games after this! :D


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its amazing i love it but pls do not pull a plot twist like that again nomnomnami pls


Excelentes de principio a fin 

Lo disfrute mucho 

Se agradece su esfuerzo y dedicacion 

Very lovely. The characters, and the story. :) Enjoyed every minutes.


the plot twist got to me! this game was so nice, i love the character designs


I just wanted to say this was an absolute joy to play! It was incredibly polished and well-done from the visuals to the story to the music :) I could gush about it in detail but it'd take forever and just boil down to "everything was very lovely", so in short thank you for making it! This was the first game from this "series/universe" I played and I look forward to the others.

(And as someone who lost a parent from illness, I'm very happy to see some of my experiences reflected, considered, and shown such value and care. Thank you.)

Can I switch languages for this game? If so, what should I do?


The gameplay is relaxing which works out well for the idea, though it gets pretty grindy with how many flowers you need to grow to reach the next part of the story getting progressively more lengthy as the flowers take longer to grow (Starts' reasonable, but ends at 50 of each?). So I think it could be re-balanced pacing-wise. I also noticed that money from customers is more sparse when you are growing something. Which is odd since that leads to odd lengthy time spans of inactivity.

But the story is fantastic! I was always wondering what would happen next with all of the characters and that kept me going. While a lot of the ires that took place were fantasy-based, it was the symbolism of what they represented that hit home. They all had some sort of relatable trait or scenario that you could empathize with and parts got me a bit teary-eyed. There was also a bunch of good advice sprinkled throughout to boot.


Amazing story that makes you think about chronic or acute illnesses and how they affect the person and their loved ones both in similar and different ways. I only wish we had more closure with Vinegar's story.


AAAAAAAAAAA, I played it on Google Play when it came out but I am 100% downloading it on my work laptop as a fun little thing to play during my pomodoro breaks, Nami is one of my favorite creators/developers out there and this is absolutely stunning. I love this so much, tysm for your creations.


Seeing how Periwinkle and Astra became friends is such a fun thing after playing Peri's story game(s?), and the way in which this universe is built through little bits of conversation is beautiful. Thank you so much for putting your creations out there and I cannot wait to see more! 




I'm not usually a fan of idle games or plants stuff, but nomnomnami's never led me astray so I played it. I love this game, and will be replaying it for years. I've been on the fence for a while about joining nonnomnami's patreon, but this game pushed and I don't regret it! I seriously recommend this for anyone that likes:
- Wonderfully soothing music
- Fun, diverse, and interesting characters
- Nuanced and realistic(but still stylized and fun) storylines
- Aesthetically pleasing art and ui
- Plants!

I'm recommending this game to my grandmama(plantaholic), and my mom(who Astragalus reminds me of).

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That was so cute, so far I haven't finished the game yet but I just couldn't help but comment in haste! I adore the stories and how prickly yet caring our MC is. I'm looking forward to see the ending of the story yet I truly adore the stories that we read through and I love how you depict these heavy scenarios with a bit of mystery that leaves the player curious for more. The art is wonderful and I love how unique yet cohesive all of them are.

EDIT: I was bamboozled, god am I sobbing. I reached the ending of the game and am now in the process of collecting the epilogues but holy hell the resolution to both Cass and Astra's stories is heartbreaking. Vinegar's story makes sense now in the Spooky Soiree and am just glad that Periwinkle was able to get that happy ending he needed. Wonderful work!

This was literally so beautiful holy shit I think I just got a free sample of crying :,) <3

I just completed the main story and it was so beautiful! I am looking forward to growing more plants and exploring more in the epilogues.. thank you so much again for a stunning and heartfelt game. 



I enjoyed this little story and the art was perfectly suited to the vibe and the themes. The story considers four characters besides the protagonist, and there are four growable plants that are thematically associated with those characters and are unlocked as the characters are developed. The story parts of the game are advanced through 1:1 dialogues between the protagonist and these characters, and you learn about those characters' needs and personalities as they develop. Only two of these are customers - the other two are family.

Based on the humanity of the characters and the way the author didn't shy from presenting flawed characters as being likeable, I'm looking forward to trying more of their games. Particularly the ones with more branching stories or more complex gameplay. The gameplay elements here felt unfinished: I assumed that you had to grow plants in order to satisfy customer requirements in order to draw income, but that's not what happens. Instead, you just build up stocks of plants forever, and customers just arrive and give you money when you click on them. There's no connection between the two except that customers fund your plant-growing operation.

This doesn't mean you can entirely ignore plants and customers, which is a little unfortunate as the clicky bits of the game end up being a bit tiresome because of the lack of strategy. You still need to grow a certain number of each plant to unlock the four epilogues at the end. It was worth it because the story was very nice, but it would have been nicer still if the gameplay was more engaging along the way. For example, it would be nice if different customers bought different flowers if available, encouraging you to invest in the more time-consuming but more expensive plants while maintaining stocks of the fast-growing ones that sell faster. Or, if flowers were 'spent' to complete story events such as supplying your named customers' needs.


Aww this was adorable and sooo heartwarming!! It also teaches you a lesson about the thin difference between helping people and stressing them out. The characters, the art and the music are simply amazing- I especially love the color palettes used. I'm trying to grow enough plants to reach the epilogue and I may give Starry Flowers a go!! Thank you for this game <3


I've played nearly all of your games and can say that you have such a gift for storytelling!!


OH MY GOSHHHSHBSDIFUE This was beautiful!!! I loved the animations for all the characters, and the character design is just *chef's kiss* I also loved the soundtrack my favorite song was probably "Sprouting Odor" also the storyline was really cool too! I liked how based on how many flowers you grow that's when you can unlock more of the stories, and it's like each flower represents a different character or their dilemma. (At least I think that's how it was meant to go lol) Oh, another thing, the colors used are so nice together as well! Awesome color palette, awesome music, awesome storyline, awesome character design, awesome EVERYTHING! 


playing an idle game is its own kind of ritual isn't it? repeat a prescribed series of instructions until you unlock the results you're looking for. magic appears in the world in many forms.

I hope all these witches have a good life.

OMG okay first off this is the first game to ever make me cry omg i love this game so much. the music, art style, gameplay, story, literally everything about this game is amazing i love it so much. dncbbdc hbce knswndd cjejc jedndjnjdjdjned ahhhhhhhhhh such a great game i cannot stress that enough 


I had that vibe to it and AWWWWWW

<3 Thank you for melting my heart in the best way


Finished the game on call! Absolutely adorable,,, Cried!


Just finished it, and wow, I was not expecting that twist reveal.  

10/10 this game made me cry on the inside but overall its a great game

Been replaying this game (almost nearing a third full epilogue completion) and god it's truly a very wonderful experience. Very pleasant to open up on mobile and just spend time with plant-growing therapy, alongside super pleasant art, a very soothing soundtrack, and extremely strong dialogue/characterization...

Top-tier experience....!!! All around!!!

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It very good. I enjoy it very much.  But it hasn't Chinese translation.  I can speak Chinese very well. And I want to translation it to Chinese. What can I do for it?




Thanks for the information.


yes, we are in the proofreading stage now! it has been a few weeks, so i imagine it will be finished soon.

i will update the game as soon as it's ready :) i hope you will enjoy it!



Customers appear much faster when you're not growing plants. Why?

I believe it's the property of osmosis at work

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