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imagine treat's parents destroyed the garden,i know it's sounds like a bad idea and  i know they don't hate treat or any bunnies but maybe they did that just so they will make treat think staying close to frosting is a bad idea so their one of the only options is to move back home 

i can wait the next chapte


And the next nsfw comic art I'm to poor to buy


I just played the whole saga... I LOVE THIS


I miss them

Will there be a Chinese translation of Part 6? Or have you given up?

Loved the ending of this part, sad but they are making it together :) Can't wait for the next part!


I was so nervous- I had seen this game when it came out/when I got my computer, but I couldn't download anything- so here I am 2 years late. I found this WIP and sighed in relief. Take your time and pace yourself :)

im almost done playing the game but am i the only who ships moxie and mochi even tho mochi is dating treat like im kinda heart broken but im still ok with mochi dating treat :)


mochi moxie and treat are a throuple! they are all dating each other haha

ohhh ok thank you for telling me :D

I love it! ❤️

bro you are breaking my heart and then warming it i really hate the racist that are so mean to moxie or treat its simple to much

I just played the series (till the point is now) and i really like it and also a person with such a great imagination and is making games will always make people happy, also when part 7 coming out?

and room 101 you should make a game showing that side of danny

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Mochi goofing around in the hot springs was super adorable. I'm glad this game ended on a somewhat high note.

And wow, I was really caught off guard when I looked inside room 101. I'm so happy for those two. <3

Edit: Found a possible inconsistency. In the previous game, the girls were going to have dinner at Treat's house, but according to this game, they all had dinner together before returning home?

Good to see this is still active. I am looking forward to this more than any other game they showed on E3. (not that it's hard, E3 sucks but still...)



I am Japanese. I have a request. Will you prepare a Japanese translation?
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It's pretty good. I'm liking the story to it, as well as the in game music.

Nami I'm going to put Treat in Miitopia and you can't stop me


oops i accidentally deleted your comment because i thought it was spam! you can go ahead and post the code again if you want haha

this game is so cute!!

i love this series :) you did a great job on all of them i hope to see the sequel of this soon :) or is it out already?


I don't think it's out yet.

i see  , thank you very much :)

You're welcome.


when is part 7?



No cap. The game series is soo freakin good, like, the artstyle, the story, the characters (not everybody, Juju, were keeping an eye on you), but fr, im waiting for the 7th game to came!!! i love it and keep going!! ^^


Theroy: Juju is homophobic-

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Juju isn't homophonic isn't she just really worried about mochi dating a wolf?


Theroy: Juju is racist


and a bitch but yes also racist

cant believe she's racist and homophobic *eye roll

I can't wait for the next game!! Mochi's cousin is kinda a douche

I finished all the games in 2 days, it was so good!! I can't wait for the next game

This is such a good game! My friend showed me it and the artstyle is so nice! I can't wait for the seventh game!

when 7 game comes ?

when the 7 g


When is the 7 game coming out?Also your game series is one of the cutest and coolest games I've ever played! I wish you luck , I LOVE your games! One last thing , I hope you share this comment of encouragement with your contributors!! 


thank you! i'll try to release part 7 this year, but i have other projects i'm juggling as well, so we'll see..!

when is part 8 going to come out?

wheres part 7?



i cant count

I love this game so much! Its so cute! But when are there coming new serie? I've been waiting so long!

i love these games so much. i don't even know how to put into words how beautiful they are. there's a sincerity in these characters than never fails to move me. 


I held back on playing these games despite loving the other games made by you because there aren't any branching lines, but I finally decided to play it and I'm so glad that I did.

I love the characters a lot, but something that really hit me deep was the way that you showed how discrimination can affect people. As a gay Jewish woman, so much of the stuff in these games resonated deeply within me. I really appreciate the way that you portray everything, and how you don't just force Mochi to forgive Juju. That sort of behavior hurts no matter how well-intentioned the person may be.

I also just wanted to thank you so much for the poly representation! I went into the series expecting Treat and Mochi to end up together, but then you also added in Moxie. In the previous game, you even had Treat talk about how society expects people to be monogamous and how she was worried about having more than one partner, and it's just really amazing to see.

I've always loved your games because there are barely any games like these for wlw, but your inclusion of trans people, nb people, asexual people, and so much more has just helped so much. I just wanted to thank you for the games that you make and I'm looking forward to more!


thank you so much for playing my games!

in this part in particular i wanted to communicate the feeling of dealing with family you loved but can't forgive... so i'm glad to hear that it resonated with you! i really like exploring intense/complicated emotions, so it feels extra rewarding when those parts stand out to people..!

and yes!! i'm poly myself so it was important to me too <3 the next game focuses on moxie's part in the relationship, i'm really excited for people to get to see it because there have been some people who somehow still think it's JUST treat and mochi that are gfs and not all 3... i must correct them hahaha

thanks again for this nice comment! it really made my night. i'll keep on making the type of games i want to see in the world!! <3


My full playthrough video on this game. Please share the video, give it a like, subscribe & follow my social medias. Thank you!

all games in the series need a translation into Brazilian Portuguese :)   

please :(

I got bored tonight and searched for a bunch of games on Then, I came across this series and pulled an all-nighter for it. I hope that shows my commitment and love for this game because I'm really excited for more! Please, take your time and don't overwork yourself on part 7! I hope everything goes smoothly. I think I'll play some of your other games in the meantime! Stay safe, Nami!

These games are really fun. I enjoyed all 6 of them.

i love these games but sadly they are not in one game- it would be helpful bc i would not mess up which one should i play but still 10/10.why i cant downloand the second and third ones?



i would play it 1000 times

this is too great


When's the next game gonna be released?


Hey Nami, I have a few questions about Treat:

What's her favorite color?

When's her birthday?

What's her actual job title?


I'm not Nami, but if you check the Lonely Wolf Treat game page, Treat's birthday is listed, along with Mochi & Moxie's birthdays too.

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