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Ahhhhhh!!!!! I'm so happy that Moxie is included in the relationship. Also this series is just so good at warming my heart  and making me feel butterflies in my stomach.

Just created this account just for follow you and comment this game, this games are amazing! please do more for this series.


I still can't believe i just realized this came out now! I'm really loving the series so far, and this one specially made me cry! i was trying to hold my tears back but i guess it was just impossible, hehe. 

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you for making such fantastic and beautiful games, i which you were more known in the indie games maker community. I really hope you have a nice day or night, depends on when you read this. I will be patiently waiting for the next of your releases!

ahhhhh my heart is filled with emotions haha i started to cry at the begining of the game it was so. These games always make my day!! and the art oh my it is amazing! Thank you for making these games!!!


I'm so excited for the next game!!!!! :DD

I love games like these so much! You're awesome at them!!

Keep up the great work! <3



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i loved this game alot like the other ones!, and i know im not someone to tell you this but i have some ideas for the next game, like juju's point of view and then she tries to go to mochi's house to apologize but finds treat there, idk searching for something,cuz maybe she's gonna take her things to meet with her parents, but this is just and idea for the next game so it's ok if it isn't like this :D 

also sorry if my english is bad KJDFHGKLSDFGB


Nami, you are very talented!


Hi! I'm in love with the Treat saga and I've made gameplay of all the games. Hope you like it <3


So worth the wait. I can't explain how much i love these games and how much I love to replay every single one again and again.


oh i get u, literally this day was all boring and when i saw this, i just danced. like a total idiot 





Was finally able to finish editing my let's play of this new part to the lonely wolf treat series!

I really enjoyed it even if it was much shorter than I expected! Can't wait to see more of everyone in the next part!

Link to Let's Play:


i love this series ive been a huge fan of your games and you are the only game creator i check up on regular basis your games never fail to impress me aAA sorry if my English is bad its not my first language I just want to say i love your games RSEDTFGYUH  


aww wow, thank you so much! (and your english was perfect, no worries!)

Why do you use word "witch" to refer to a male wizard? As far as I know, "witch" isn't a unisex word.


it's unisex in this universe.


So, If you haven't played this game yet, STOP READING THIS AND PLAY IT DAMNIT!!! The comments are full of spoilers and this is something that shouldn't be spoiled for you. All I'm going to say is that this instalment is great and worth the time it takes to play.



or else...


THis game was sad and emotinaly happy at the same time

Can't wait for the next one

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Add the spanish plsss


added today :)


I played every game of the LONELY WOLF TREAT series,and in my opinion,this was the one that had more sadness in it,the other games where a lot more about focusing on the world and the characters to see how it worked,but Mochi in Frosting makes you feel bad for the characters having such a nice day and then almost everything getting destroyed by some jerk...But i must say,thinking about (Spoiler ahead.) Mochi and Moxie getting to know Treat's parents,makes you really want to wait for the next game of the series.

*Loads Shotgun Maliciously.*
I guess it's time to Bunny Hunting!(Except for the good Bunnies,of course.)

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I'm not crying... (Puts hands over face and sobs)


Hi. Just found the next chapter. I have had one quesiotn that has been bugging me. What is the "No RTP" version in this download section you have? Is it a different type or missing something?


 rpg maker games can be built as a standalone game with the runtime package (rtp) included, OR the rtp can be downloaded separately from the rpg maker site, allowing any rpg maker game (of the vx ace version, in this case) to be run just by downloading the unique files for that project. the download size is significantly smaller in the no rtp version, and considering this game has 6 parts now, you don't really need so many repeat files, that's why i offer it, haha. (...though it seems like most people just grab the standalone version and don't really care!)

i hope i explained that in a way that is easy to understand lol

I don't know much of rpgmaker, but it makes some sense. Thanks. I can't wait to see how chapter 6 is like.

This was super-good and lovely, thanks!!


This series sounds very interesting and I can imagine I'd enjoy it very much :D Unfortunately I have a Mac so I can't play it, do you think there will be a version for Mac at some point? :)

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


unfortunately rpg maker doesn't export to mac or linux, but a lot of people have gotten around that through a program called wine. i hope that helps!

Okay, thank you! I'll try it :D


So I assume the next game will be about those two carrying out the investigation?

I loved it!!!! It was a little short, but I still loved it. 2 days ago I got the email notification that this was out and I was FREAKING OUT. But I was at my grandma's house so I couldn't download it until I got home. Anyways, I. LOVED. IT. Seriously, I loved it.


gives me all teh feels ;-;


good game


*Unintelligible crying*


How did I miss this

but I'm gonna play now


this is gong to hit me

hit me in the feels really hard


aaaaah the feels


2 minute garbage


Pure and adorable.


Been hyped to play this since last night. Mochiiii T_T


I almost didn't realize the game was out until i was checking twitter for DayZ updates and saw someone was talking about it! funny how DayZ has helped me do a lot and find a lot XD

I can't play the game, tried launching it, but it says "Unable to find Graphics/System/Window", can someone help me, I really like this story and I want to see what happens in this part. Please help me


oh no, okay i have two solutions for you:

if you download the rpg maker vx ace rtp from here, you should be able to run the game.

otherwise you can download the first "" since it's the standalone version--i'm assuming you downloaded the smaller one by mistake, which is causing your error.

hope that helps!

It works! Thank you!


Damn, I don't know what to say you really nailed it and almost made me tear up a bit. It's an emotional rollercoaster (well for me anyways) and I really can't wait to see how it will all conclude. Thanks Nami for giving us this Yuri gift and for all games you ever made you really know how to play with the hearts of your audience :D hehe



Really emotional,  the feels were so real! (I'm  on tears)

Thanks for doing these games! I'm excited for seen part 7!

My heart can't take it. But that's not stopping me!

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Yess, finally part 6 !

Thank you so much for all these awesome games !

EDIT : awwn, just finished it, it was so cute and heart breaking ! Can't wait for part 7 :)


Awesome, and heart breaking-- all in one! We're in the thick of it now and it's super duper exciting to see where everything is going and to imagine what the climax might be like! WONDERFUL WORK, AS ALWAYS!

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