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MOCHI IN FROSTING is part 6 of the LONELY WOLF TREAT series. please play the others before this one! the story is best experienced in order.

last time, treat and mochi came home to see their garden destroyed... so now, mochi must return to frosting on her own to try to find the culprit. but that also means facing her cousin for the first time in half a year...


it takes under an hour to play through from start to finish.  this game is filled with negative emotions, but even so, i hope you'll enjoy it.


  • art+story+music - NomnomNami

~ translations ~
Español - macafake
Русский - Project Gardares
한국어 - KyleHeren
Tiếng Việt - minhvipkk
简体中文 - Polaris + Mimosa

full series collection  |  side stories and spinoffs


  • 1/27/2022 - added chinese translation (updated 6/29/22)
  • 8/1/2019 - added vietnamese translation
  • 7/4/2019 - added russian translation
  • 6/28/2019 - added spanish translation
  • 6/13/2019 - added korean translation


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treatrpg6.zip 204 MB
treatrpg6.zip (RTP not included) 14 MB
mochi in frosting soundtrack 10 MB
treatrpg6.rar (Español) 14 MB
Моти в Морозовске.7z (Русский) 13 MB
treatrpg6.zip (한국어) 16 MB
treatrpg6.zip (Tiếng Việt) 16 MB
treatrpg6.zip (简体中文) 23 MB
mochi in frosting art collection 9.7 MB
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How to made me became sadness(悲

So, it has nearly been the end of August. Any progress till the end? How much time do we have to wait, nami? :)

It's alright! Take all the time you want! I hope part 7 gets released this year. We are eagerly waiting for it <3

part 7 came out earlier this month actually! you can play it here: https://nomnomnami.itch.io/treat-complete


thanks for making this series. I adore her. good luck in everything.

I swear, this is going to be the next making a cat cry the adventure

Those books are building up to something, I can feel it...

(1 edit) (+1)

It feels a little silly to write this, but thank you for making this series. I haven't played the rest of your titles, though I do of course plan on doing that, but. I just really needed the relationships portrayed in these little stories.

It's probably a little silly as well for me to wonder if you've been writing Treat to be asexual, but regardless of specificities like that, I felt a really deep resonance and longing reading this story and had an extremely ooey-gooey happy super-fulfilled feeling reading indulgence after this story. It made me feel really happy, as somebody who currently identifies as ace and aro for one reason or another.

So!!! Silly little ramblings aside, thank you again. You've filled my little heart with a good bit of happiness and validity. Hopefully writing this shares some of those feelings with you, too!!! And if it doesn't then I'll try again when Part 7 comes out, hopefully before the heat death or whatever!!!!?


thank you so much, i was so happy to read this! and yes, treat is demisexual :) all my characters should be assumed to be somewhere on the ace spectrum by default hehe (moxie is a notable exception)

i've made a lot of progress on part 7 during the past week, so i can confirm i should be able to release it in august! i hope it will be worth the wait :)

I just stumbled upon your games two days ago, and now I'm planning to binge all your content! SatST really drew me in, it is so adorable, but THIS series is amazing! When they're happy, it makes me feel like Gumdrop: all gooey inside! When they're sad, it makes me want to cry.

Either way, it warms my agender heart that you include nyan-binary characters in your games, and even went so far as to address us when Treat and Mochi first visit the hot springs! 

I am curious, though, as to why the heck you have all those assets unrelated to the game in the download?


thank you, i'm so happy you're enjoying my games!

the extra assets are a consequence of it being made with rpgmaker. that's why there are two versions to download (with RTP and without). the RTP is required for the game to run, but you can download it separately from rpgmaker's website to save on filesize. sorry for the confusion haha


*waits for part seven*

Been waiting for almost two years now but also still waiting :')


has it really been two years? oh how time flys.

Prepare for pain.

(1 edit) (+1)

I was first really hesitant about the characters when I first started this series, and I think that might just be a me issue in some ways since I anyways find it quite hard to connect to many characters, but it seems as though with each new added release to this series, I keep coming to love and cherish these characters so much more. I've described the feeling to my friends as holding plushies of characters you love a lot and then shaking them about so vigorously that they make squeaky noises because of how excited and happy you are that those characters exist lol. And with each part, the characters grow progressively more fleshed out - I loved the emotional vulnerability between treat and mochi this part!!! Also, yo??? The next game's going to have more Moxie? Moxie is best girl and I absolutely adore her, so it's great that we might be getting to see more characterization for her in the next part!! This part was awesome and I most definitely bawled my eyes out and drank sad tea to this!!!

I can't wait for part 7 of this series.! I'm looking forward to the next game!


thank you so much, nami, for all the beautiful wlw stories you've blessed us with!♥ i just finished catching up on all of your games and i am SO in love with your world and characters that i couldn't help but buy all of the side stories and art collections for them for more content (and fanart reference lol). as a lesbian who has been very frustrated with heteronormativity dampening her enjoyment of 99% of media lately and has been struggling to create her own sapphic games (and has also been pining for her own romance with a cute girl haha), your games have come to mean the world to me and i've had an incredibly cathartic and heartwarming experience laughing, crying, and falling in love with all of your lovelies ;v; i can't tell you how much i appreciate your games being the inspiration i've needed as well as the change i want to see in the game scene and the world at large; i'm patiently waiting with bated breath for your next  endeavor, whatever it is<3






Great games. Great characters. For some completely subjective reason I really like Trick as a character. I don't know why. Hope she gets referenced more in the future.



Personally, I like their personality. They have such an addictive optimism. Their smile warms you up after a hard day. They're the kind of friend who would invite you over for a hot coco at the end of a long, cold day. Their smile brightens even the darkest rooms, they can make the saddest person happy, and make even the most hateful bunny love them. That is why they are such a great character.

(At least in my opinion)


你放弃中国玩家了吗?为什么没有中文了,Have you given up Chinese players? Why is there no Chinese?

chinese version is added, thank you for your patience!

Thank you so much.

I just finished playing and it's sooo good! I can't wait to play more!

I just finished the game and it's amazing, keep up the work!

this series is actually pretty good.

i loved playing the sequel! its so amazing.... but do you have an like in months time you think it'll be released? im just curious but take the time you need! it must be hard to do such amazing game, art and sounddtrack! 

kisses from Brazil, byebye


thanks for playing! i've been focused on other projects for a while so i don't have an estimate for when the next game will come out. i'm hoping to finish it during 2022 though!

im exited to the another projects too! love ur games... ur a big inspiration to me <3 xoxo

(1 edit)

imagine treat's parents destroyed the garden,i know it's sounds like a bad idea and  i know they don't hate treat or any bunnies but maybe they did that just so they will make treat think staying close to frosting is a bad idea so their one of the only options is to move back home 

nah i recon it was juju. The way she acted seemed really off. Plus they don't even know where treat is. 

i can wait the next chapte


And the next nsfw comic art I'm to poor to buy


I just played the whole saga... I LOVE THIS


I miss them

Will there be a Chinese translation of Part 6? Or have you given up?

Loved the ending of this part, sad but they are making it together :) Can't wait for the next part!


I was so nervous- I had seen this game when it came out/when I got my computer, but I couldn't download anything- so here I am 2 years late. I found this WIP and sighed in relief. Take your time and pace yourself :)

im almost done playing the game but am i the only who ships moxie and mochi even tho mochi is dating treat like im kinda heart broken but im still ok with mochi dating treat :)


mochi moxie and treat are a throuple! they are all dating each other haha

ohhh ok thank you for telling me :D

I love it! ❤️

bro you are breaking my heart and then warming it i really hate the racist that are so mean to moxie or treat its simple to much

I just played the series (till the point is now) and i really like it and also a person with such a great imagination and is making games will always make people happy, also when part 7 coming out?

and room 101 you should make a game showing that side of danny

(1 edit) (+1)

Mochi goofing around in the hot springs was super adorable. I'm glad this game ended on a somewhat high note.

And wow, I was really caught off guard when I looked inside room 101. I'm so happy for those two. <3

Edit: Found a possible inconsistency. In the previous game, the girls were going to have dinner at Treat's house, but according to this game, they all had dinner together before returning home?

Good to see this is still active. I am looking forward to this more than any other game they showed on E3. (not that it's hard, E3 sucks but still...)


I am Japanese. I have a request. Will you prepare a Japanese translation?

Nami I'm going to put Treat in Miitopia and you can't stop me


oops i accidentally deleted your comment because i thought it was spam! you can go ahead and post the code again if you want haha

this game is so cute!!

i love this series :) you did a great job on all of them i hope to see the sequel of this soon :) or is it out already?


I don't think it's out yet.

i see  , thank you very much :)

You're welcome.


when is part 7?

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