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MOCHI IN FROSTING is part 6 of the LONELY WOLF TREAT series. please play the others before this one! the story is best experienced in order.

last time, treat and mochi came home to see their garden destroyed... so now, mochi must return to frosting on her own to try to find the culprit. but that also means facing her cousin for the first time in half a year...

it takes under an hour to play through from start to finish.  this game is filled with negative emotions, but even so, i hope you'll enjoy it.


~ translations ~
Español - macafake
Русский - Project Gardares
한국어 - KyleHeren
Tiếng Việt - minhvipkk

full series collection  |  side stories and spinoffs


  • 8/1/2019 - added vietnamese translation
  • 7/4/2019 - added russian translation
  • 6/28/2019 - added spanish translation
  • 6/13/2019 - added korean translation


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treatrpg6.rar (Español) 14 MB
Моти в Морозовске.7z (Русский) 13 MB
treatrpg6.zip (한국어) 16 MB
treatrpg6.zip (Tiếng Việt) 16 MB
mochi in frosting art collection 9 MB
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I love this game! but can i ask for the ability to put the music down?

I love all your games, I think I have play all of them. I really like your styles and story and music. My favorite is her tear were my light, hope you release more soon.

I played all 6 parts of "Lonely Wolf Treat" and "Clever Fox Moxie" is my fav! A question:

When will Part 7 of Lonely Wolf Treat be released? Because we're so eager to see Mochi's reaction when she sees Treat's parents

And another question:

What did you use to make the game and draw the characters?

(Sorry we're total idiots)

thanks! i'm working on the next game so i can hopefully release it this year

the game is made in rpg maker vx ace, and i draw in paint tool sai and clip studio paint :)

I need the next game to come out! :3 I love these games and the storylines and how "Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet" is kind of put in there along with "Contract Demon". :3

...poor Mochi....

These games hit me in the heart a lot closer to home than I was expecting them to, but this one especially really got me. These games are really great, such a wonderful mix of sweet and cute characters in an interesting and magical world that's still got a lot of unfair reality in it. I think the balance of it all is really good, and playing these games was very cathartic in a way I wasn't anticipating. I'm really looking forward to the next part in the series whenever it comes out <3

does anyone know if the series will ever come out for mac?? I played the old games on my computer and want to replay them

you can run it on Mac using Wine

These games are surprisingly bittersweet, but in a good way.

Are there multiple endings? I got one where they know nothing and want to leave. Can't think of what to do different?

i don't think that this series has multiple endings like "Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet". It will quite possibly be revealed in the next game tho.

I really loved these games when I could play on a different computer, but I have a chromebook now and ChromeOS doesn't support it...Can you help me with this issue?


I know you are making a seventh game in the series, but how many do you think you'll make, or at least an estimate?

I understand if you don't want to/ can't respond.

Thank You!


currently planning for 8 or 9! the 9th game would be an epilogue.

hopefully i can finish the series in the next 2 years :) thanks for playing!

Thank you for making this lovely Game for us! I really love the story :).

(1 edit)

Seeing Mochi vent her emotions out really shows how much she's gone through ;n; poor bby. Sometimes family is just not right...and it's hard to come to terms with that. I hope she can find peace with her lovers soon <3

Any plans on porting the games to Mac OS? I'd really love to play them!


rpg maker unfortunately doesn't export to mac, and with the latest version requiring games to be notarized to be used (which would cost me like $100/year as far as I know?) it's just not feasible to pursue.

BUT there's a program called wine you can use to play windows games on your mac. I hope that's good enough!


Yeah, Wine seems to work for me on my macOS and Linux systems in terms of playing cute RPG Maker games ^o^

This series was so adorable, i love it!! Could you maybe make one on Trick? I wanna see auntie Castella again ;w;


This game series is honestly one of my favorite things to come from itch.io. i remember finding Lonely wolf Treat and thinking the art style was cute, so i ended up trying it out. at the time only the first three were out im pretty sure, and i remember being so excited when Wandering wolf Trick came out too! I just found the series again, i had forgotten about it for a while and i couldn't be happier to play them again. Can't wait for the next one(s)! keep up the amazing work!

are you me?

Hey Nami, Can you make a ship for Moxie? I really wanna see which girl she will be with~~ ^^ I t would be amazing. That could be the plot of....Helpful Moxie? She will find a girlfriend!!!!! Can u make that please? u  w  u


moxie mochi and treat are actually in a 3-way relationship! this was established in dreaming treat, but i'll be exploring the dynamic more in the next game :D

Thanks! I really didnt know that.....ofc i realized that moxie is always a little hot headed, but I never knew it was a 3 way relationship! Thanks for notifying me!!! ^^

hey nami. When would you make 7 lonely wolf treat series games. first play treat, second play mochi, third play moxie, fourth play trick, then rewind play as treat, and then play mochi. who is the part 7. should be play as moxic. who konw. 

the next game is starring moxie again, yes :)

(3 edits) (+3)

I've really enjoyed these games and I've gotten so attached to these characters, I've just had a splendid time with every second of this game. Not to put pressure on you or anything but, when do you think part 7 will come out? ( I understand that its not a set time and that you're using your own time) <3


thanks so much! i've just barely started on the next game so all i can say right now is sometime in 2020. i want to take my time to make sure it comes out as good as possible :)

This year? That's a relief :)

waiting it~~~

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey Nami i really like listening to the music in your games and it inspires me to fire up fl studio and make something myself from time to time.  I was wondering if you would consider it inappropriate to send you a personal track loosely inspired by the music in your games via your dev email.


oh that's so cool, go right ahead! (thanks for asking!)


^^ thanks and you are most welcome~


a bit short, and slightly disappointing since it didn't accomplish the goal this part had. still more enjoyable than the previous game as i recall.
nothing was really accomplished here. makes me a bit sad.
this and the previous game can basically be skipped.


who will part 7 be focused on?


moxie! :) i'm looking forward to making it.


do u have any estimated time of completion? year? month?


sometime next year for sure. i haven't started on it and i estimate it will take a few months to finish. sorry for the wait!

this was a really nice game, even though only being 30ish minutes long i still really enjoyed every second of it

the whole series itself brings back memories from when i first saw this when i was 9

ill try to play part 7 whenever it released to the public

This was a nice installment. I think what you're doing here with this series is super unique and I hope it continues. I have some questions that I'd be glad if you could answer:

  1. I found a rabbit in the Brick Witch's house that was around twice the size of Mochi, who wondered what it was like to be "stuck in animal form all the time". Can you elaborate on this?
  2. Will you release a map of the world at some point? I vaguely remember the names of places, but it's sometimes hard to understand where they are in relation to one another.
  3. Would you permit the creation of derivative works based on, or inspired by this series?

Thanks for reading. I'll be sure to play part 7 the second it releases.


thank you so much! i'm happy to answer:

  1. there are some bookshelves in that room that explain a little--but some animals prefer to stay in animal form all the time, and brickzo's wife is one of them. most consider the human form to be more convenient, which is why that's what we've seen up til now!
  2. hmm i might release a world map at some point, but it's vague even in my head. sorry if that was distracting while you played!
  3. yes, i love fan works! i just ask that you link back to my page somewhere. since i'm a pretty small creator, anything helps.

i should be able to release part 7 sometime next year :) looking forward to making it!

huh... that animal form thing is pretty much how the ones in my story works. thought of it like 2-3 years ago so it's weird to see how the one thing that caused me to write it also has similar animals...

right now it's personal(well if I do decide to release it to the public, I gotta go through like 5 books or almost 1000 pages to check and edit all my shitty grammar from 2 years ago.). I'll just tell you that instead of switching between forms and still being called animals, my version of them are refered to as "hybrids", who are all born as hybrids between humans and animals(and that's how they're able to eat all kinds of raw meat without consequences).


this game is wonderful and i hope to go back and try to see more soon :)

I love this game so much. I just found your account today and I will for sure be donating once i get my paycheck!!!! keep up the good work!!!!

I hope after you finish this whole series it would be available on Mac! (I love this I love this!!!!) 

part 7 PLEASE


waiting for part 7



can i translite this to indonesian

(2 edits)

I think you can since all the translation was community made, just sent her the translated version.

oww thankyou to tell me that



hello I played all parts of the game I hope you continue with part 7

no lie, playing through this series inspired me to pursue making games of my own, something i've been thinking about for a long time... thank you!


How dare I miss this game's release. And how dare you play my heart like a goddamn fiddle and make it go from broken to melted so quickly.

Please make more parts, this series is absolutely divine and I cannot wait to see more misadventures between my favorite half-beast lesbian cuties ever.


This looks like a horror game


It kinda is.

If flagrant racism against a cutie wolf who did nothing wrong counts as horror. And it does.

(1 edit) (+2)

May i have a part 7? UwU

Le edit: Sniff sniff that was so heartwarming


Just got done recording this episode! I'm a bit sad it was only like 35 minutes like and not like 45 minutes long, but it was a really great episode! I can't wait till episode 7 comes out!

By the was do you have any clue on how long this series would go for? I would love it to go on for like atleast 30 parts lol

Thanks Nami for bringing both of my babies Mochi and Treat back to life in this episode! I wasn't able to play it when I first got it due to pc issues and internet issues and life issues. But when I did I was so happy on how it turned out and it makes me sit here and wonder... Should I create my own RPG Maker Games? I made sprites of mine and my boyfriends original character like 10 months ago (they are long lost now) and I think I improved in doing sprite art.

Sorry for the ramble! Anyways. Great game. I love this series and I hope you will be continuing for as long as you can!


thank you so much, i'm glad you finally got to play! the full series is planned to have 8 or 9 parts but i love making spinoff games and comics so treat is potentially endless.

games are really fun and rewarding to make so i hope you do decide to make your own! thanks again <3


Will there be a part 7? I'm super into the characters and story and I hope it continues for many more! Please continue the amazing work!


thanks! yes, moxie will be returning as the main character for the next part :)

NOOOOO, Mochi In Frosting left at a cliffhanger


Hello Nami ! Your soundtrack is amazing! Would you mind if i use it in my game ?


thanks! and hmm i think i would rather you didn't since the songs feel so attached to my games, but if you really want to then go ahead as long as you link back to me somewhere ^^


I will. Thank you!


this is beautuful

Do you have a twitter


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