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I made it to the true beginning i love this game!!!

i just bawled my eyes out over literally all of Space and Time . This game is beautiful, thank you  

i love this game. what a unique experience. Absolutely Amazing!

I wish I could hide the text like on mobile, but I still love this game. It's super cute and short.

thanks! there's no onscreen button but if you press "h" the text will be hidden until you click or press h again :)

I made an account just to say this. I found your games like 20 minutes ago, and downloaded EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. I absolutely love them!  I was looking around for Momodora, and found your games as well. I started downloading the treat series and realized you made this game! I have this on my phone but I haven't played it yet. I can't wait to!


I LOVE this game! Honestly, I was surprised to see it here, because I thought it was one of those games that somebody had made that wasn't really popular, but well liked by people who had played it. When I downloaded it on my phone, I loved it!


ah yes, the polyamori space gays


indeed it is, my friend.

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I couldn't put down this cute game until I got the True Beginning. <3

So incredibly cute, I love the art and the story <3 

Such a clean presentation. Love the art style and story. The ability to change outcomes with the rewind button is really cool, especially with the characters acknowledging what happened.

Ok so I got the nil ending and true beggining but how do you get the space ending


Short, sweet and so cute! Like Time I just kept thinking 'there's got to be a way to make it better!" and... well, without spoilers, it was worth getting all the endings!

finished the nil ending and now i dont wanna get any other ending since itd be like betraying nil.


almost a full day of thinking and i started praying for there to be a ending where both nil and space are happy because if there wasnt then i would truly be betraying nil.

there is such an ending, i am fulfilled, all of the cute girls are happy, i have reached enlightenment.

There is, I'm not sure if there's another way to do this, but if you, AFTER getting the nil ending, go to "Memories" and go to the last page. Once you do this, select "Partially erase memories". This unlocks new dialogue. Pick all the bottom options until you're at scenes you haven't seen any version of, like Time and Space staring at each other lovingly, with Space's hands on Time's shoulders. At this point, just do what you want, leaning toward a good ending of course. I might be missing some things or mixing up some things so go ahead and experiment with details I haven't covered.

Hey Nami. I absolutely loved "Her Tears Were My Light" and how it combines girl romance with the story of the creation of the universe.

The artwork is really sweet and beautiful :3

I would love to see a second part about the ending of the universe, regarding the different ways a relationship can end.

Have a nice day :)

Got all endings and memories, this was truly an awesome story and game :3 

Just oh my god I playing through and got True Beginning after a little bit I NEED MORE PLEASE i understand its alot of work but if you have a chance to i hope you might make a second one! ^^

i want a "her tears were my light 2"! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL PLEASE DO A SECONG ONE PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is sweet, lovely, interesting, and frightfully creative.  spectacular work, easily one of the best visual novels ever made!!!


I played the space ending first and was like "oh how cute!" then i went wth nils ending aND MY HEART BROKE OMG




I love the concept of this game, but kind of screwed myself over. I got the true ending in one go, and can't bring myself to restart everything to see the other endings. I think DDLC and it's Purist Mod left a mark on me with messing with save files and data, so I'm stuck with myself. ;__;


I'm still playing DDLC, and I fell like I'll regret it 0.0

One of the best games i've ever played! +1 for everything in this game!
I'm the type who isn't ignoring, hurting any type of girl to girl or boy to boy romance! This was a really enjoyable game!



Um, how to get all of the endings? So far I only got "Space Ending" and "True Ending" yet there are 3 endings!!!! Please help me ;-;

You have to listen to nil's side of the story. Then you have to like accept her, and stay. But after that that's it. Those are the 3 endings.


I played this some months ago ;; I really loved it, its just too cute orz

Great replay-ability and beautifully designed characters! Loved it 


the arts and graphics are awesome!!! and the concepts and storyline is spectacular!!
i just wish for more... wish it was longer, but i luv it.. nice game <3

Oh my god!!! I just love is to death! this is very, very awesome! I am in shock on how amazing this is!


Awesome, if there is a DVD version I would certainly buy it.

nice good but nil not scary


Loved it! I also posted a lets play :) 

Took me 1 hour to find the best ending...and I like that

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thank you for playing my game! i'm glad you enjoyed it. however it's very sad for me to hear you're not a fan of "girl to girl romance" considering... that's what the whole game is about. i've gotten a lot of comments like this over the years from well-meaning people, but it always feels bad, because to me, when someone feels the need to include that, it implies that enjoying gay media is somehow shameful, and they want to distance themselves from it. i know you didn't mean any harm by it, i just wanted to express my feelings, especially since more people might listen and be able to go forward and not continue the same behavior. thanks again!

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Actually quite sweet story (with some horror element), but its name sounds so sadistic xD

Like Time and Space are a BDSM couple and Time is a dom xD

I love this game so much, it's absolutely adorable

I really enjoyed this. I really like games that make reseting a key feature of the story.

Big fan of this type of story so I am glad I slent all the time I could with it.

I thought iv'e played lovely games but i came across this and i was mistaken my whole life! I'd recommend this to everyone staring at this game and i will recommend this to my friends anf family!

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