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Amazing Game

thnaks ,not interested in the translaltions though :)

I just played this game with the Space Ending and I continue to complete the other(s). This game is so adorable and I had a lot of fun playing it, I made a video and I'm going to upload it soon :)

I can't wait to check out more of your games, this was truly amazing. Please keep up the good work! <3

This game was freaking AWESOME! I loved almost every minute of it! I hope you don't mind but I did a lets play of it on my youtube channel

that's great! i love when people do let's plays :) always fun to hear reactions.

Really beautiful and sweet! I thought the use of the rewind button as a gameplay mechanic was really creative and very well implemented. Highly recommended.


This is one of the best and most creative visual novel games I've played. The art style is well done, the music is awesome, and the story and how it unfolds is fantastic. I love how this games story incorporates you using your save points. I for one always try and get the best possible outcome for a game I play. Which always requires me to load back or restart the game to change an outcome. And this game takes that ability but combines into the story. Your character remembers restarting her journey each time, so that in turns changes how she reacts to what is happening in the story. I have never seen something like this in a game and hope to see a sequel from Nami. I did a video on my experience with the game and I believe I was able to show every outcome including the best one if anyone is interested.

MEMORY IS KEY | Her Tears Were My Light

I loved the whole story and the gameplay in general was awesome! I wanted to ask you though if I may translate it into Italian?

thank you! that would be awesome!!

I loved this game! May I tranlate it to Chinese?

of course!!! <3

Hey Nami! I just wanted to thank you for ,,Her Tears were my light". Its such a beautiful little game, i loved it (did all da routes). Keep the great work up, your really making me happy ^^ PS: i hope well get another mac-game sonn cause i got one and can't play your other games D;

thank you!! i'll be porting the lonely wolf treat series to mac at some point. but for now, the rest of my visual novels are crossplatform too so at least you can still play those!

I seriously love your works already,even if I've only tried 2 by now. I do love them,and I really am happy to see someone making yuri (and I mean lots of it) like me,but this is about you!

And the characters of this one are hella cute,too!

Hey Nami! I'm a big fan of your work. But just wondering, If you are gonna make more games like this maybe like a game about every character in this story or even a visual novel of Lonely Wolf Treat. Kinda like a game about your characters past. Anyways, keep doing projects like this and good luck with your future projects

a game about moxie is coming out soon :) and visual novels could certainly happen in the future heheh.

Cool! You know another great idea? An RPG about Her Tears Were My Light.


just played this and it's adorable! i really loved the game and the graphics are perfect. i'm also in love with your character design and the actual story (^ ^)

and thank you for making it free to download/play! i'll try to support you on patreon when i have the chance <3

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I found this mentioned on TVTropes. It is one of the most adorable VNs I have played. A bit too brief, but it was very sweet.

Also, I'm totally pretending that Time is gonna go for a three-way romance in the True Ending. Hope you don't mind it, hahaha!

thank you! and don't worry that was completely the intention <3

I feel like some inspiration was taken from Madoka, from character designs to relationships. Whether that was intended or not, the fact that i drew that relation made me really enjoy this, as i enjoyed Madoka as well. I really hope i don't offend the creators by saying that, i loved this either way. <3


madoka is my favorite anime! so there's definitely some influence, though it wasn't something i was actively thinking about during development haha. i don't take offense to it at all, it's quite the compliment actually!

Well i'm glad you think so! Thanks for the response and most importantly, thank you for the amazing experience! I have a feeling that this game will be on my mind for quite some time haha. Anyway, have a good one and thank you for your time. ^^

Hm, I did sort of get a Madoka vibe from the characters when I was writing theme songs for them, but I didn't really think about it actively either. It is one of my favorite anime though, and I probably have been influenced by how Yuki Kajiura composes character themes! Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


this game was amazing! the art, music and storyline were all so beautiful ; u ;

this was honestly so creative and so cute!

Love your art style and love the content of the game as well. Really ingenious with the time rewind and fast forward. Don't see a lot of that in visual novel style games. Here's the first video of my playthrough.

Click Here

I really loved this game! I can translate it to french if you need :D

someone is already on it, thanks for offering though!

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This is such an interesting and unique concept! I don't think I've played anything like this before. Thank you for making this :)

I really LOVE this game n.n! Can I translate it? (Spanish, Portuguese)

thank you for offering but the spanish translation is actually finished, i just haven't uploaded it here yet. and i already have a portuguese translator :( sorry!

and germany(?)

oh yeah that'd be fine!!

such a beautiful game, i got all the memories! keep up the good work ^^

Beautiful story, thanks!

It is a great game! Idon't think that author copied any ideas, but some lines resembles I/O. And also I want to translate this game. May I do this. (Sorry for my English.)

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ooh into what language? you should email me and i can send you the files if you want!

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I'm going to translate to Russian.

The game was perfect! How do you get the inspiration to make the story? :)


i thought it'd be interesting to make a vn where you play as time, since the only "gameplay" is moving through scenes, having time powers is very fitting for that! plus i always wanted to do a go back in time to save your girlfriend kind of plot since i really enjoy them. and so this was born! haha

Absolutely beautiful I enjoyed every last bit of it, the graphics were adorable, the story was mesmerising, and it was a relatively simple game to play.

I played it another successful story, I must say. :D

This game is PERFECT. I didn't expected the gameplay, which is a little confusing. Hopefully people will understand it!

The story is heartwarming. Space is cute, but yeah. We all know she's not the ral one, but what Time did is wrong. It's not because Nill lost her beauty means that Time will hate her.


ANYWAY! I got all the memories. It's really nice. But! Forget my critique, this game is PERFECT!!!


This was amazing.

Everything about it was great, and I felt like the pacing was especially wonderful.

This is also going to be the vn i'm going to show to people go get them hooked from now on.

Thank you so much for making this, seriously.

I look forward to more awesome games, keep up the hard work & may you get many donation!

Whoa. This game is easily one of the most creative VNs I've played gameplay-wise. I am so glad I was not spoiled on how the mechanics work nor how to get what I assume is the best ending. This is way too brilliant for a free game. This is easily my favorite among your games, and that's saying a lot since I love all of them. Keep up the amazing work!

This is a very creative concept for a game, and it was executed perfectly with a heart wrenching story about two objects just trying to be together. You are clearly a very good storyteller and the art is just something I could gush over forever. I await your next game. 10/10 was okay.

It really felt like a lot of inspiration was taken from Undertale, this is not a bad thing however though. I really enjoyed it and just like in Undertale resetting made you feel bad but the one thing that was different from it and Undertale was it let you save everyone in the end which I've gotta hand it to the creators of this game because the ending was wonderful.

Go play this yourself if you haven't

I have a problem when extract files.

C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\ The archive is either in unknown format or damaged.

I tired to repair the files but it doesn't work.

hmm, try downloading the file again! if the dl was interrupted the first time things like that can happen


I can say how good the game was, but I rather say that you truly have a passion for making game.

Another fantastic game! I loved the storytelling in this one, the art (or for some reason I like calling it animation) was awesome, and the background music was pretty good as well, actually listened to it a bit after I was finished.

It might have been a short game, but wow was it good.

I adore this game so much! I love your art style, I love the creativity!

What font did you use for this game? Is it the same one used in the art collection PDF?

thank you! it's actually a korean font, the file was named 210Cherryblossom.

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Will you be doing a sequel at any point? Also, is there a way to save the backgrounds from the PDF as... well, actual full-size backgrounds?

no, i feel like the story is complete so it doesn't need a sequel. here's a zip of the backgrounds, they were drawn a little small but they'll probably still look okay stretched?

Where did you find the font, by the way? Googling the filename doesn't help... x.x

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Jesus, you pump these games out like it is nothing :D

So I read in your guide that it will be emberassing watching LPs ( a link of mine is in the end of the comment, for those who are interested) since this one was not about humor - tbh I don't know why; in my very personal opinion this is the best game you created I have played so far (Granted I have not played all of your games I still think it is worth being mentioned). Here is why:

- The art is awesome, espacially one characters design I really liked, but for spoilerific reasons I'll keep this out of here.

- The story was awesome (allthough a bit confusing, but that might have been on my part, since I misunderstood a few thinngs)

- Big compliments to the composer. I love the music you create yourself, but some tracks were so good I am sad they will only be used for such a short game^^

- And as always good writing style. Espacially in short games so much stuff feels often rushed and out of place, somehow in your games everything seems always organic. Or at least most of the time^^

- The Game got me thinking (sadly I did not mention that in the video so I do it here) I actually tried to stratigically figure out stuff and that is more than one can expect from a very short VN.

So all in all huge thumbs up. I hope you win that contest. And I hope you make a few more serious games in the future. I love your humor and all, but that was really well done!

My Let's Play:
Let's Play: her tears were my light (Visual Novel) - Time & Space In Love


Hi, I'm the composer! I'm a huge fan of Nami's games, and I'm open to collaborating with her again in the future, so hopefully you'll get to hear similar music in another game!

Oh cool, thank you for answering^^ I would love to see that.


I really loved your song for Nil by the way. It was the perfect mixture of creepyness and misteryousness.

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Ugggggh, this was so beautiful!!!

So so SO proud of you with this game and seeing everything all finished and put together is amazing...this game is incredibly polished and has such great atmosphere and designs and OOO NAMI YOU DID SO GOOD!

and again you kill me with a cute game nomi

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