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i want a "her tears were my light 2"! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL PLEASE DO A SECONG ONE PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is sweet, lovely, interesting, and frightfully creative.  spectacular work, easily one of the best visual novels ever made!!!

I played the space ending first and was like "oh how cute!" then i went wth nils ending aND MY HEART BROKE OMG



I love the concept of this game, but kind of screwed myself over. I got the true ending in one go, and can't bring myself to restart everything to see the other endings. I think DDLC and it's Purist Mod left a mark on me with messing with save files and data, so I'm stuck with myself. ;__;


I'm still playing DDLC, and I fell like I'll regret it 0.0

One of the best games i've ever played! +1 for everything in this game!
I'm the type who isn't ignoring, hurting any type of girl to girl or boy to boy romance! This was a really enjoyable game!



Um, how to get all of the endings? So far I only got "Space Ending" and "True Ending" yet there are 3 endings!!!! Please help me ;-;


I played this some months ago ;; I really loved it, its just too cute orz

Great replay-ability and beautifully designed characters! Loved it 


the arts and graphics are awesome!!! and the concepts and storyline is spectacular!!
i just wish for more... wish it was longer, but i luv it.. nice game <3

Oh my god!!! I just love is to death! this is very, very awesome! I am in shock on how amazing this is!


Awesome, if there is a DVD version I would certainly buy it.

nice good but nil not scary


Loved it! I also posted a lets play :) 

Took me 1 hour to find the best ending...and I like that

Very amazing game! I love it so much <3 Even though I'm not a fan of this girl to girl romance, this is super cute!! Amazing game 10/10!


thank you for playing my game! i'm glad you enjoyed it. however it's very sad for me to hear you're not a fan of "girl to girl romance" considering... that's what the whole game is about. i've gotten a lot of comments like this over the years from well-meaning people, but it always feels bad, because to me, when someone feels the need to include that, it implies that enjoying gay media is somehow shameful, and they want to distance themselves from it. i know you didn't mean any harm by it, i just wanted to express my feelings, especially since more people might listen and be able to go forward and not continue the same behavior. thanks again!

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Actually quite sweet story (with some horror element), but its name sounds so sadistic xD

Like Time and Space are a BDSM couple and Time is a dom xD

I love this game so much, it's absolutely adorable

I really enjoyed this. I really like games that make reseting a key feature of the story.

Big fan of this type of story so I am glad I slent all the time I could with it.

I thought iv'e played lovely games but i came across this and i was mistaken my whole life! I'd recommend this to everyone staring at this game and i will recommend this to my friends anf family!

wowee the ending stopped me from ever replaying this game again /_\ <3


This was such a sweet game! I just feel like it was forcing the whole Nil thing, and it gave more time for the player to connect with Space instead. It adds more development and character to Space, and opts out to give Nil a sad backstory we're supposed to pity and fall in love with. I really did love this visual novel though, it had a great art style and story!

The cheesy things you would just fall in love with ❤️


very cute!!! I really enjoyed getting to know the characters even though it was a short game. the art was great and I loved all the little design details, like Space crying stars and them having cut out symbols for their respective ideas. adorable little wlw game, great job!!


I enjoyed this visual novel so much! I really enjoyed the rewind feature a first of it's kind for visual novels to use it as, a mechanic I think! I also enjoyed the start overs but, with memories made along the way to enhance the story. I knew I was in for a  treat anyways as, I've played your RPG game Lonely Wolf Treat on my main channel. Wish I had the money to buy a her tears were my light shirt i'd totally rock it! Keep doing what you do!


i love this game so much!!

Truly an amazing game 

The art style is cute and simple, which I think fits this VN very nicely!

Thank you for creating this VN. I don't easily feel emotions people say I'm dead inside but this story touched something inside me and brought tears to my eyes 

I'm gettin some real Madoka Magca vibes from this, especially considering the ending. love this game, lovin that yuri shit

10/10 Game 

omg!!!!! i loved this game so much and it made me cry at the end once i got to the true ending i refused to play it again and i still do like wow its so emotional. thank you for making this game its greatly appreciated!

I loved this game so much! x3 I had so much fun finding all the endings, I even made a video for it:

Holy fucking shit. This game is hands down the best visual novel i have played in my life, and it was also the most emotional. Fuck Undertale and DDLC, this game should have been the popular one!

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