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really good!


this is the best lesbian game i've ever played!! the soundtrack, the art and the backstory were so good!! recommended for y'all! gonna donate for the devs soon<3


Muito fofo :)


This was way more than I expected :0 When I realised we gotta go back in time and get different endings I was SO amazed- This is really really cool! The art and music is super cute as well.. Thank you for making this game!! 

Really cute and beautiful!

The true beginning end is my absolute favorite. I mean, Nil and I are a couple. and its sort of like space is our daughter... or sister. Something like that. Absolutely love it <3

This is amazing VN.  It was short but really worth the time playing it. The arts are really cute and the storyline is kinda sad yet wholesome. I gonna be so upset if  I actually need to pick only one of them. Totally recommend it.

Now me in pain because finished the game already :(

this is so beautiful. it's short, but its very creative. i really love this!

i love the game!

At first I thought this is some cutesy VNs but no I'm wrong this VN leave a deep impact in my life that going through things in a VN has an impact and damn I literally cried at the endings


This game is so amazing, I don't even think I can fully describe how beautiful it is! I just downloaded and played through all of it. This game literally feels like it was made for me (I don't mean that in a weird way, I just love it so much), I just absolutely love time related stories, and having wlw personifications of Space and Time literally filled my heart with so much joy!!! Thank you so much!

This game is so beautiful! It's a very original idea, the art is cute and it's in line with our current understanding of cosmology

In awe with how this game was executed, loved everything about it and the various endings! Art style is perfection, would recommend to all!


I downloaded this game 3 times. Today I was bored and was searching for games. I saw it and couldn't help but downloaded again.  This time I won't delete it haha:)

It doesn't support my language but I'm still so happy to play it. 

It's emotional and I'm so happy to see different sides of a story.  I can empathize with each character and it is hard to make choices.  It makes me sad to play it.

I hope I can see my own language in the game in near future and I wish to see more games developed by you. 

These games are absolutely cute and sad. I use all your games to gain motivation and it works! Whenever I'm having a sad time these stories help me. 

There are people I know who cannot come out to their parents and use your games as a relief from stress and a help to motivate themselves with the fact there are more people like them. 

Thank you for these amazing games. Have the best day, and remember you make a lot of people's days and I hope you have something that makes your day.

Best wishes<3


Finally tried this out (played the mobile version) and it's wonderful! I love games that play with the format and this did but it's also cute as heck.

There's still one memory I need to find but I really enjoyed this.


... Looks sad and cute... Hmmm OK? 

one of the best games i played so far


i recently replayed this game after finding it a few years ago and 
all i can say is it hits different now

such a good game, thank you so much for sharing with us <3


The game is so cute and the gameplay is pretty creative. Manage to unlock all ending and memories except one. I just couldn't find it for some reason.


Hi, I'm Brazilian and I played :) I thought it was a perfect game, I'm a big fan of your games but the ending was to stay with A nada? I was left with nothing because I didn't want her to be alone and go after me again but I was in doubt ... Is this the only ending or several and can I prevent the space from being swallowed by nothing?> :( more games I wanted to know what the ideal endings would be like, but anyway I have to discover the endings I am very much a fan of you and I love your games :) Well, then I'll try a new ending

Im crying, I cant-

It's too heartwarming and beautiful. 1000/10

I LOVE it, also the whole idea of the universe metaphor is just so amazing


the most precious game i've ever played

I really love this game and how beautifully written and drawn it is! I would really love to cosplay as space! :3


i cried from playing this due to the fact i had just got broken up with after being with someone for over half a year....this game was a powerful experience and i really liked it

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I really like this game! It's pretty unique and it's really sweet, the graphics and artwork are also really nice and I already got all the endings. Overall a 9.9/10, wish it was longer :]

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The artwork is amazing. idk how many different endings are in this game but, I got the nill ending:) the amazing game though!

Edit: I just got the true beginning end:)

Edit2: I got the space end too

the art is really beautiful :) story  and music is good too , im not sure how many endings there is or if i got the best ? i got Nil ending


made me smile :)

I spedran this. 

the true begining is AWESOME


This game was wonderful.

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Hi so I'm currently dubbing one of your games (you gave permission about a year ago). I was curious if I could get permission to dub all of them? I really enjoy the content you put out!

yeah, please go right ahead!! thanks for asking, have fun~ <3


beyond space

beyond time

(my heart will go on plays)

como lo puedo descargar en al version de español?

the game will ask to select your language at the beginning :)

I love this game a lot.

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