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who else isn't downbad here


this game is so cute and amazing, i'm melting rigth now, thank you so much I cried no sto


New version with bonus content?!?! I still have the free version, but one of these days when I’m not broke, I will be all over the new version…

This game is absolutely cute ! =^^=

Incredibly sappy romance?  Hold on, I gotta go check my couch cushions and see if I can find $3. >_>

Was a free-player... What's updated since then? Oh, I see. The updates log is updated... Maybe call it "updated updates" or something?

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Aw its paid now, But its okay it was a really good game! I played it when it was free


its paid now!!! 

I played this when it was free its a great game! I LOVE IT SM

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jokes aside, i really liked this when i played it in the mobile version (it wasn't in steam by that time) and i really recommend playing!  the relationship between space and Nill (and time) is thrilling, and i couldn't get the true ending and got stuck in the Nill ending TWICE because i couldn't leave the poor bean and when i actually got being the pain of Nill begging us to not reset I GOT THE FUCKING NILL ENDING AGAIN AND HAD TO GO TROUGH THAT PAIN AGAIN AAAAAAAAAA 

the worst part about this being payed is that i was thirsty af for content and now when there is new content its payed and my poor af ass died

this is how much the characters inmerse you in, who cares that this is sappy af

and now i want to steal spaces character design and make her my persona aghwaph-


Such a touching story without getting too far into the nitty gritty and risking spoilers. I feel so bad for Space.


space <33333


i loved this game so much! literally the story line is so in-depth and honestly made me sad at times... super cute graphics, honestly don't think there's anything i couldn't like about this game


nil absolutely solos


Nil >>>


AAAHHHHHHHHHHH not enough there is not enough of this game, oh my god this was better than any novel game I've ever played, AND THE KISS omg beautiful.  Made me cry, so beautiful, 10,000,000,000,000/10  the music the art the characters, I loved every second of it, we need more, I wish i could give you all my money 

Veramente bello. corto ma intenso credo che sia un gioco molto interattivo e storia molto bella anche perchè era anche in italiano. Ho bisogno di altri giochi cosi è meraviglioso lo adoro.

*loud sounds of heart melting*

i didnt even hope to find another game that can be so deep in intellectual aspect AND so emotional at the same time!


1000/10 made me cry a bit plus the mechanics are really amazing :DD

5 stars is not enough to rate it! I'd rate it all stars in the universe!

I really enjoyed this game.

I like this game,it is very emotional, cute and I like both Nil and Space)





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Space and Nil. Clearly ancestors of Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate!

the plot twist of nil !!

Nil solos

This is a very, very emotional game. It has a fantastic blend of all feelings that I wanted. Cuteness, gayness, sadness, happiness, anger, etc. Now I want a part 2 of this game! Yes, right now! I hope my wish will be granted. Thanks NomnomNami! I'll check out all of your games and give you a decent donation amount right now :-)

that game made me feel something, not a lot of games did that, even undertale had less effect

One of my first games by NomnomNami, I simply love it and is my favorite as well, I love the dynamics, characters and gameplay, everything about it is simply amazing


aahhhj  i love this gme so muchh 

Everyone is sighing at the beautiful story, and I want to praise it from another angle. Although this game is very short, the programming skills are very elegant. Many Renpy games are just PPT. 

At least in terms of multilingual support, this game is a very good example.

When you say PPT, do you mean PowerPoint Slideshow? Also, yes this is quite a beautiful story with admiration from every angle possible. Some of us want a part 2 of this beautiful game.

Ok so this actually a horror game and sometimes cute and pretty for me i liked space's design not only space but nil and time's style is soo adorable!

Sadly, Nil keeps appearring when i try to talk to space its just nil's takeover

This game was cute

I got the true ending!! I just had to unlock every memory. Also, I love both Nil and Space <3

This game is so lovely and sweet!!


i love this game! its so good but so sad, i really enjoyed playing it

OKAY NO BUT THIS GAME I SO COOL AND CUTE AND i played it a lot of time because you just can't get tired of this. the art style, story, just everything in this game is perfect. cheff kiss!

I already played this game on a mobile device, but wanted to support it here as well! The soundtrack on Bandcamp is "stellar" as well.


我到现在了还是这么喜欢玩这个游戏(I still love this game so much)

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