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... Looks sad and cute... Hmmm OK? 

one of the best games i played so far

i recently replayed this game after finding it a few years ago and 
all i can say is it hits different now

such a good game, thank you so much for sharing with us <3


The game is so cute and the gameplay is pretty creative. Manage to unlock all ending and memories except one. I just couldn't find it for some reason.

Hi, I'm Brazilian and I played :) I thought it was a perfect game, I'm a big fan of your games but the ending was to stay with A nada? I was left with nothing because I didn't want her to be alone and go after me again but I was in doubt ... Is this the only ending or several and can I prevent the space from being swallowed by nothing?> :( more games I wanted to know what the ideal endings would be like, but anyway I have to discover the endings I am very much a fan of you and I love your games :) Well, then I'll try a new ending

Im crying, I cant-

It's too heartwarming and beautiful. 1000/10

I LOVE it, also the whole idea of the universe metaphor is just so amazing


the most precious game i've ever played

I really love this game and how beautifully written and drawn it is! I would really love to cosplay as space! :3


i cried from playing this due to the fact i had just got broken up with after being with someone for over half a year....this game was a powerful experience and i really liked it

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I really like this game! It's pretty unique and it's really sweet, the graphics and artwork are also really nice and I already got all the endings. Overall a 9.9/10, wish it was longer :]

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The artwork is amazing. idk how many different endings are in this game but, I got the nill ending:) the amazing game though!

Edit: I just got the true beginning end:)

Edit2: I got the space end too

the art is really beautiful :) story  and music is good too , im not sure how many endings there is or if i got the best ? i got Nil ending


made me smile :)

I spedran this. 

the true begining is AWESOME


This game was wonderful.

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Hi so I'm currently dubbing one of your games (you gave permission about a year ago). I was curious if I could get permission to dub all of them? I really enjoy the content you put out!

yeah, please go right ahead!! thanks for asking, have fun~ <3


beyond space

beyond time

(my heart will go on plays)

como lo puedo descargar en al version de español?

the game will ask to select your language at the beginning :)

I love this game a lot.

the link to the spanish translation does not work...

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IITTTT!!!!!!, it was so good, the art, the storyline, EVERYTHING! 10/10

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I just finished the game and I gotta say... AMAZING

Okay I'm being a bit extra, but it was pretty fun, and I really like how complicated yet easy to understand the story was, easily worth 5 stars.

Sidenote: I noticed that there are a lot of languages, and so I wanted to ask if I could help add Arabic to the list, I work as an English-Arabic translator and I would love to have a game like this on my resume.

Sidenote x2: I have a feeling you made this with renpy and if so... EVEN MORE AMAZING, I don't use renpy but I still know how easy to use yet simple it is, so how you managed to make the rewind feature is a bit baffling to me.

THIS GAME IS SO CUTE!! I love it so much, the story is amazing, and all of the endings were so lovely I feel like im going to cry 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。

Gay sappy romance. yes

Wow. This game....I don't think anything can top this. 100/100.


Resetting always leaves a hole in my heart but overall great game


I love what you did with saving and rewinding. it made me so sad to reset! lovely game overall and highly recomend


Great Game

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Sweet game


BEAUTIFUL. played it on phone


The fact that someone took the time to pick the idea of reality, moe-fied it, added themes of love and existencial dread, made it into a game and used the nature of visual novels as a way to convey the narrative is kind of crazy, to be honest. Much love to this small gem


I loved this. This was so cute >.<

5 stars 100%


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Is there a Part 2 for this game

It was such a great game. Loved it alot!

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