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HER TEARS WERE MY LIGHT is a visual novel created for NaNoRenO 2016. it's a short love story about time and space. as time, you can move forward, backward, or warp to any moment you create a save point for. can you use that power to save space from her feelings of loneliness?

content advisory: mild horror elements. incredibly sappy romance.

you can play a linear web version of this game HERE


translations: HunterTraducciones (spanish), tinenmi (Tuna Std.), River (russian), KyleHeren (korean), HomYvan (chinese), Lisa Petermann (german), LaChouette (french), minhvipkk (vietnamese)

get the soundtrack HERE!

you can find more of my work HERE and hey if you like my games maybe consider supporting me on patreon!

featuring all 3 characters! time is implied... heh.


  • 7/22/2018 - added vietnamese translation, and put in a language select screen at the start
  • 12/10/2017 - added french translation
  • 9/11/2017 - added german translation, and OpenDyslexic font option for dyslexic readers! the korean translation was also updated a little and the traditional chinese translation had a bug with one of the lines that i never noticed until now, so that's fixed.
  • 6/18/2016 - added chinese translation!
  • 6/3/2016  - updated russian translation a bit
  • 5/12/2016  - added korean translations too!
  • 5/7/2016  - version 1.1 is out, with added spanish and russian translations!


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Even though this game was released some time ago it still leaves such an impact! It's a really unique gameplay mechanic and the simple characters and 8bit music compliment it well. I really enjoyed the idea that nothingness and space were separate things, and the story was fun to replay. It's officially " a classic" !

aww gosh what a nice compliment! thank you so much!!

This was a great game, every ending was different, but none were really the end. I like how when you reset, it's not a new game, but a second chance to see what could happen. The characters are all really cute, but Nil always had a slightly ominous face... 


This. Is. Brilliant.

I've got all ending but haven't unlock all memories, so ... maybe I'll replay again. Hopefully this time, as a completionist, I can get everything!

Overall, I really like the character design (love the timeglass) and I had this need to hug every one of them. You have succeded. The switch from ADV to NVL style is brilliant. And somehow, renaming all option from its default names made it very special to me.

Great job!

thank you so much!! i'm glad you enjoyed it, hehe no one really points out the options screen so i appreciate the fun i had there not going unnoticed~

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I must admit, this is the best game I have ever played in my life. What makes this game really amazing is the story and simple but cute characters.

This comment contain some spoiler. Read at your own risk!!

I found "The True Beginning" at my first attempt, thanks to the creator for making good character introduction! At first time I saw Nil, I thought she was a bad guy. But at second time I saw her, she just repeated "Stay", "Stay" and "Stay". I wonder what  happened with her and why she has similar to Space. Does she need a help? Then at the third time I lost Space, I got an opportunity to ask Nil what's happened and why she just messing around. Then I realized that I'm the one who messing around and not Nil. Then I decided to reset the timeline again to make Space happy without hurting Nil (but make both of them happy).

What an amazing story!

Suggestions : It would be nice if you make a doll or something hug-able like dolls or anything. The character's simplicity of design (and cuteness) make them possible to be adapted into a doll.

thank you so much!! i'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the experience hehe. i'd love to make dolls of my characters, but unfortunately that's a very expensive thing to do x_x maybe one day!

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You really did a good job on this game. Honestly, I almost cried when I see that "true ending". I'm so grateful to you for such inspirations. Now I want to make my own visual novel with same engine as yours (Ren'Py) for my school project. Btw I'm a software engineer too. Once again, thanks for creating this game!

Okay. If dolls cost high then don't think too much about it. I hope your job and game development going smoothly.

Wait so why are they called Thyme and Spice? Or are they different characters? Is there a game I'm missing?

their witch versions are thyme and spice--time and space are the originals! it's like an alternate universe haha


You know with all these magic users you could make an entire RPG of just witches from your universe haha

Hello Nami, if you still updating this game can I help with Vietnamese translation?

yeah! my email is listed on my profile page, if you could send me a message i'll reply with a download link for the files~

Impeccable! Not only was the art great, the music suited everything so well, and the writing made me feel so connected with the story! I love how this really made me think about certain characters and their actions. So well thought out!

WOW this game. It screws with my head so much with the time stuff! Haven't seen a game that screws with resets like this since Undertale (though I'm pretty sure this came first).

Good job with this classic!

i loved the art, the story, the characters and everything about this. such an a amazing game! ♡

The moment I started her tears were my light, I knew this was going to speak to me in so many ways. The cute characters, floating particles in the background, and solemn music fit so well with each other. To my surprise, the cleverness of the game mechanics made this story so much more believable. 

This made me think about more than the game itself.

Holy hecckkkkk. I loved that so so much.

got all endings loved it even short ones are great f you just add a lot of choices and heart warming moments like this one

Even though it was short, it was a very enjoyable and interesting story.

I can't open the application on Windows

Wow. What a lovely story.

Veny nice art style + unique characters

And of course very deep story about love, lonelyness and memories. 

Plus amazing time-based mechanics :) 

This is without a doubt one of my favorite VNs. This needs more love and so do the creators.

This is one of the most heartwarming games I've played in a long time.  The art style was beautiful, the music was gorgeous, and the premise and execution were simply amazing.  This is the kind of stuff that sends me on a long journey to find something that gives me the feels as much is this did. Thank you for making this, I'm glad I found it!

1000/10 I'm too shy to say anything else but I'll just leave this here: IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

This game is super meta. Loved it. Very creative and the characters and art are super cute <3 Nice work!

I really enjoyed this, not only was the art style completely adorable, but the story was a great mix of sweet and deep. I am definitely going to recommend this to my friends, and I also made a video of my gameplay. Probably no one will see it, but I really enjoyed making it.

I made a second video because I absolutely loved playing the game, and I wanted to get more of the endings. I did get another ending, but on the way to the true ending... I ended up having to just stop playing the game. This is nothing aginst the creator, and just my personal opinion. I still love this game, and I plan to play more games by this creator in the developer in the furure, but sadly my time with this game has now come to an end. Either way, I hope anyone who decides to watch the video has a great time, and I hope that this game continues to be found by other people so that they can enjoy it as I have. Actually, hopefully more then I have.

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is that inspired on Madoka Magica? :v

a girl with time-control, dark-braided hair and glasses, doing everything she can to save the cute-pinkish girl who literally creates the universe, and the pinkish-girl always being erased from existence and stuff :v 

anyways, really good game.... actually, no

really GAY game :v 

being "gay" is way better than being "good" :v 

a 24/10 for ya 

24 is the number for gay people in my country, so dats why :v 

congratz!!!! :v  (yeh i love this little pacman, here have some of them :v :v :v :v :v :v)

for u girl :v


actually I'm agender, but it's okay :v 

woo boy, where can I start with this game? 

first of all, the soundtrack is frickin AMAZING. just, I love it.

second of all, I love the way you introduce space and nil and even time. and  how as the story continues, it makes the player realize that nil isn't the bad guy, like it seemed at the start, and that her dark color pallet doesn't mean she's bad.

third of all, the art work for this game is amazing. the characters look cute and complex, and the backgrounds are beautiful. 

fourth of all, the ends are so cool, and the way that if you get nil's ending or space's ending's, how they ask if you're really gonna reset and they say how they don't wanna loose you and time knows how something is missing (and nil's reaction is my constant mood tbh)

fifth of all, this game provokes so much emotion and can get you attached to the characters in seconds flat,,, it's amazing 

(I was gonna say "sixth of all its really gay and I love it" but I stopped myself lmao)

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The game was my tears. It happened to me.



It's such an adorable game and great story! It's very addicting and I love it so much. Me and my friends love to play this to get different depths. Love! xx


Awesome game. Loved how the story played with the usual save and reload VN mechanics.

This game is amazing loved the story behind it


great artwork loved the cute animations here is my playthrough  


I loved this game! All the various endings, the style, the characters... everything! I liked how you had to make determinate decisions to do something.


This game is so cute! I love it, it's so creative and has some depth to it.

This was one of the cutest games I played. I'm not gonna lie, the artstyle was the thing that made me play this game and I wasn't dissappointed :> As you can see in my video, I had so much fun playing it (please don't mind my "voice acting") :3

I AM DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH THIS TAHNK YOU SO MUCH! do you plan to make more merch of this?? <3 <3

aaa thank you! yeah i hope that i can, i kind of make things on a whim so we'll see haha


HOLY MOLY That was so creatively original! This was not only cute, but also really pretty deep which I found super intriguing

oh wow thank you! unrelated but i recognized your art from your avatar, i actually played "i woke up next to you again" the other day, it was really pretty! thanks for playing my game aaaa <3

omg bles s you Nami thank you, please keep lighting the world up w ur games <3


So I had a blast playing, got the perfect ending Im guessing on the first try,  the artstyle and deep meaning behind it, really is amazing, had me thinking I would have never guessed what any of it meant, the colors are vibrant and the game itself story was was AMAZING I have to rate 5 out of 5, on amazingness, did an amazing job :D Here is a gameplay on it! hope you can enjoy as well as serve for a review!

i loved this game and wanted to replay it, but unfortunately, it remembers my last game and i can't seem to reset all my progress. is there a way to do this that I'm just missing or is it yet to be implemented? thanks for reading, love your work <3

you can reset it by clicking "restart" on the title screen, or go into options>memories>next page>erase memories. sorry that it was unclear!

I can't seem to find the language options; are they available on the Linux version?

sorry for the confusion, they're in the version 1.14-all zip! the 1.0 builds are from when i originally uploaded the game, so maybe i should take them off the download list...

Ahh, so I guess it was the 1.0 version that got downloaded through the Itch app. Thanks; I'll get the newer version.

This was so beautiful. The story was well crafted, the music was amazing, and the art was breathtaking. I hope to see more amazing games from you in the future.

This was such a cute and sweet visual novel. The rewind aspect was a really cool mechanic, and the art was absolutely beautiful. The music was so calming and melancholic too - I quite loved it. The plot was bittersweet in a sense, and to me the dialogue and characters were really the main backbone of this. Overall, great job on making it! 

 ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \   

This is my new OTP now. I will protect it and love it.

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