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HER TEARS WERE MY LIGHT is a visual novel created for NaNoRenO 2016. it's a short love story about time and space. as time, you can move forward, backward, or warp to any moment you create a save point for. can you use that power to save space from her feelings of loneliness?

content advisory: mild horror elements. incredibly sappy romance.

you can play a linear web version of this game HERE


~ translations ~

Español - HunterTraducciones
Français - LaChouette
Deutsch - Lisa Petermann
Português - Raquel Espada
Italiano - Gabriella Longobardi
Русский - tinenmi (Tuna Std.), River
한국어 - KyleHeren
简体中文 - HomYvan
繁體中文 - HomYvan, LydianChord
Tiếng Việt - minhvipkk
ภาษาไทย - ProtoFriend
日本語 - Yuki Yoshida

get the soundtrack HERE!

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featuring all 3 characters! time is implied... heh.


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her tears were my light art collection and guide.pdf 21 MB
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I just finished the game and I gotta say... AMAZING

Okay I'm being a bit extra, but it was pretty fun, and I really like how complicated yet easy to understand the story was, easily worth 5 stars.

Sidenote: I noticed that there are a lot of languages, and so I wanted to ask if I could help add Arabic to the list, I work as an English-Arabic translator and I would love to have a game like this on my resume.

Sidenote x2: I have a feeling you made this with renpy and if so... EVEN MORE AMAZING, I don't use renpy but I still know how easy to use yet simple it is, so how you managed to make the rewind feature is a bit baffling to me.

THIS GAME IS SO CUTE!! I love it so much, the story is amazing, and all of the endings were so lovely I feel like im going to cry 。゚( ゚இ‸இ゚)゚。

Gay sappy romance. yes

Wow. This game....I don't think anything can top this. 100/100.


Resetting always leaves a hole in my heart but overall great game


I love what you did with saving and rewinding. it made me so sad to reset! lovely game overall and highly recomend


Great Game

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Sweet game


BEAUTIFUL. played it on phone


The fact that someone took the time to pick the idea of reality, moe-fied it, added themes of love and existencial dread, made it into a game and used the nature of visual novels as a way to convey the narrative is kind of crazy, to be honest. Much love to this small gem


I loved this. This was so cute >.<

5 stars 100%


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Is there a Part 2 for this game

It was such a great game. Loved it alot!

A pesar de ser una novela visual tan corta, la historia es muy hermosa a tal punto que te atrapa y hace que quiera seguir! ❤

it just amazing game.I love the music and arts.Also I near get all endings.


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The game just amazing

*since this game is not on steam i just put it as a add non steam game but i feel like this should be a steam game even tho its short and simple i still think it should : )*

Edit* and yes i  am 1 of the characters in the game 

awesome game highly recommended 

Deep tearful story with cute arts and music:) I  just spent half an hour in this action-packed and vibrant meditation. This is a love story with the author's vision of love as a phenomenon. I also see here a kind of natural philosophy. Because it is about the love of transcendental girls, whose personalities reflect the essence of natural phenomena that these characters symbolize.  In short, it's awesome!


One of the most creative and interesting visual novels I have ever played. I highly recommend it. It's worth a short, especially since its pretty short.


this is such a precious game! I loved the rewinding concept too, it was super creative! Loved itttt <3


Bro i... this was so good idek how to explain it


This was... Amazing ! I didn't really understand all of it (I can't tell what without spoil so... I dunno how to have my answers lmao), but, it was really wonderfull and I love how we have to play with the time, I never saw something like this in a Visual novel :o ♥


 how do I reset it completley?


(spoiler for any lurkers) 

This was very lovely! I snapped a photo of Space and  Time kissing, I will forever cherish that photo.  Its too cute!!


Moving art, music and storytelling. I got all the endings pretty fast without having to jump through too many hoops to get the full story. Just,, aaaaa in a good way.

I think I last played it like two years ago. I still love it tho. Amazing story.  Moving and just beautiful.

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Amazing game! I love how it works.

I can't seem to get one of the endings, but I feel like I've tried everything!

Edit: nvm. I thought I'd gotten the Nil ending, but I actually hadn't.

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Me, looking back through the LWT games: oh? another game? hm, guess ill play
Havent played yet, but its opening



Really good game! got all the endings, would recommend


how many memories are there?


13, counting endings i believe


Aah, I heard her out and... I don't want to reset and leave her, but I want to know what else could happen and if there's a better solution... ;^;


10/10 an incredible story

i cant belive i found this game that late, i love youre work , love ya all >w<


This game is a treasure, and I can't belive it took me so long to play it! The delightful  use of Ren'Py saves is super clever!


thank you so much! glad you got around to it hehe <3

this is one of my all time favorite games, and i've played A LOT of games. so beautifully done.

Nami, did you give your characters here pointy elf-style ears to subtly emphasize their non-human nature?

i just think pointy ears are cute :) but yeah, that and their non-human skin tones haha

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