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DROWNING, DROWNING is the story of a young girl who dives into the sea. make your way through the kelp forests and meet the friendly residents of an underwater city... but were you really invited here just for fun? or was there some deeper reason...?

a full playthrough takes about an hour. there is one main ending.

this game is intended for all ages, but the ending does contain horror elements and may be stressful for some players. please take care of yourselves!

the soundtrack is available on soundcloud and bandcamp!

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  • 5/16/2020 (v1.1) - fixed ONE typo... wow. sorry about that.
Updated 21 days ago
Published 22 days ago
GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker, Aseprite, Paint Tool SAI, Clip Studio Paint
Tags2D, Anime, Cute, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, LGBT, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, underwater, Walking simulator
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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So cute!  Thank you so much for making these amazing games free!  Also, the sardines were adorable XD

in french please T^T i like your games but i'm not good at english so i can't play it ^^'

This game is so so so ADORABLE!!!
I really love it <3<3<3
Thank you for the masterpiece ^^

Hello Nami, how can I help to translate your game in Russian?

if you email me i can send the files :) my email is listed on my profile.

Deleted 6 days ago

Such an adorable story!! I need to stop myself from making fanart for your characters-  😅 anyways great story and I'm so happy to have played this new game :3


I havent even downloaded it yet and it looks so CUUUUUUTE AAAAA


youre game always make me put a smile on my face its just ;) i love them, i wish you the power to make more of them , till next i will try to help you how much i can , luv ya all ;3


Thank you so much for your work, this game is beautiful.


Thank you so much for creating this :) I really enjoyed playing it & like how you left the circumstances surrounding Maia open to the player's interpretation. I think you managed the  "show, don't tell" aspect well!

Also,  thank you for sharing about the development process of this game - I can see you put a lot of effort into your games and your story about burnout/feeling guilty resonated with me. Hope you're feeling much better now and looking forward to your future games (no stress tho & take care!) ^^

can i run it on linux? or will it olny run on windows


it's windows only but you can use a program called wine to play on linux and mac!


Big, big YES

This is so sweet

Bruh dis low-key EPIC and I haven't even played it, that's how ya make a truly good game.

I really enjoyed this game! all of your games deal with some issues like in this one, and I find it kinda comforting :) I hope you continue to make more games like these!

Very cute game, liked it so much

This game is beautiful, just like all the rest that you've made. I always really enjoy the game that you create, and the symbolizim behind them. I hope you keep going with this, and that you have a great day. :)

It's a great game as well

You've got a knack for making really loveable characters without telling us too much about them. You showed us just enough of Maia's feelings about her life in the human world (or above water anyway, not sure if this takes place in the same world as your other games so maybe I can't call it the human world), that we can easily fill in the blanks as to what she's been through - it hits close to home without getting dark (though the subtext is pretty dark), which is a tough balance to hit, and I think you nailed it.

I totally understand all the people saying they want more of this. These characters are good, but I think it also stands on its own. Good stuff. Really enjoyed it.

This game was absolutely adorable~! I love it so much. I was crying and laughing and yelling...you sent me on a emotional mini-coaster. Thank you so much for making this game, and I look forward to more of your works! 

I Watched This From a YouTube Channel (Its BakuWashu, Shout out To Him)  and Immediately Check if its out. This Is Pretty Good! Oh and I heard you're continuing the series! Goodluck!


I downloaded as soon as I found out there was a new game and that was so cute!!

I liked getting to do the little side interactions like scavenging for the seashells, seeing the sardine wear the tiara i gave her was the best thing!!

And I was wondering if there's any chance we'll get more backstory for Maia someday? but honestly, if it's a oneshot i still think this was really worth the playthrough ^^


yeah it's just a oneshot! but if people are interested i might do a short comic about that :) thanks for playing!

I loved it so much that I had to feature it as the first ever game on my youtube channel. Enjoy!


This game was so wholesome and pleasant!!! Thank you for making this, Nami. The ending really cheered me up, which has become more and more unusual lately. So thank you. :)


This was super duper cute, I'll be looking at your other games to try out here soon! It did feel a bit too short, I really wanted to see more of these characters.


As a person who both experiences and fears rejection in a pretty extreme way, I felt the trench section/ending represented what it really feels like when those things come to a head. Good job. :)

This was adorable! I want friends under the sea... :(

One thing I really appreciate in this game is the small details that bring the world and characters more into life. An example of this would be examining objects Cilo's home and Am's home shows a bit more detail about what their habits and personalities are like, which helps flesh them out more as characters! There's a couple more examples of this but I won't spoil for those who want to see for themselves. :) 

I made a video with my commentary and experiences. Keep up the great work!


I really love your games, Nami. I will say though this one left me wanting for a bit more, and not really in an entirely positive way. 

Spoilers ahead in case you haven't played the game:

I felt like Maia's conflict was under-explored and felt like it came suddenly. Her earlier actions (or possible inaction's) being accompanied with relatively little dialogue, and not much facial expression. Even something like allowing her to ignore Am when she's stuck or lie to Am and Melite, led me to think she didn't really care actually. I thought she was just going with the flow. Even her simple "Okay" response to Clio felt very curt. So when she leaves the sea for the first time and starts breaking up over leaving her new friends, I was a bit, confused. 

Regardless I was excited for the development since it potentially gave a new depth to her character. It seemed serious too, so I was curious to learn more about Maia and her problems! Maia really looks like a character with a history based on the hints she gives to Am when she leaves the first time. Her comment about "surviving up here," is just, very implicative. Then I felt like that never really happened, we find out a bit more of her doubts in the deep sea, but we don't find out why she has them, and considering she was potentially willing to throw her own life away in the depths, I thought that was important.

I feel it may have helped to see a bit more of her internal thoughts, or to explore her feelings and past a bit more through the other characters, who she doesn't really ever open up to? Even when Clio confronts her about the party Maia doesn't talk about herself much.

Finally, I felt there could've been a bit more development between the core 3 characters. Maia and Am never really interact outside Am leading her around a bit, and while Clio does have a couple moments with Maia I didn't feel their relationship really developed. I would've liked to really just see more of them together, maybe another day even. One where they actually just hang out, talk a bit more, maybe they play hide and seek for real in the kelp. I think that alone would've made the payoff a bit weightier.

I hope this isn't too negative, I just genuinely like your work a lot, and even if these were very personal thoughts and not objective facts, I figured I'd share. Looking forward to whatever you make next. 


thank you for the honest feedback! i think you're right in that i left too much up to the imagination... specifically with the reason maia wants to stay underwater--i decided not to specify the details because i thought the exact reasons aren't necessarily what matters? just her feelings about it. i left it up to people to fill in the blanks with whatever made sense to them based on what was presented (like in the trench) BUT it seems like that approach doesn't work for everyone...

the response i hear over and over with my games is that people want to see more, so i think i just need to work harder to make sure i put in enough by the end. i'll definitely keep this stuff in mind for the next one. thank you for playing, and for taking the time to write all this!


Oh this looks a lot like WATGBS


This game is very adorable I am so happy you released another you made my feel a lot better


this was such a lovely and sweet game to play through, I adored it as I always do your work <3


a new nami game!!! i got so excited when i saw the email. can't wait to play it!

Im always happy when a new game comes out from you! I hope there are easter eggs from ur other games! (Cus i played all of em but the NSFW ones)


Congrats on another awesome release, Nami! So glad to see this come out and so glad everyone gets to see how awesome and polished your sprite work has become! This game looks SO GOOD!

(1 edit)

When I entered the main area, I was instantly reminded of the setup of Frosting. Maia reminds me of Treat as well. 

I wanted to ask, are there multiple endings? I could only get one ending, which seemed relatively good. If there are multiple, how many are there, and could I get a bit of help as to how to get them?

When you said in the description "there is one main ending" it made me think that there is one main ending and a few other, less important endings or something like that

there's one alternate ending, but it basically just cuts the story short. i'll leave it up to you to find because i don't want to post spoilers in the comments so soon hehe. thanks for playing!

Okay. Thank you! I can't wait to see more of your games (specifically more Lonely Wolf Treat hehe). I'll go hunting for that other ending, now. Thanks for this new amazing game!

I think I found it. I assume it's the one that ends with "THE END..?"

yep that's the one! haha

I've already played the game and found it very adorable. 

Thanks for making it Nami!

This looks awesome! Time to use Wine to play through it again. It's both adorable, and yet compared to your Treat games it feels a little eerie too. I'm really excited to play it.


*gets the email that Nami has released a new game*

It already looks amazing, and I haven't even started playing it yet! I can't wait to see what your newest game holds!