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DROWNING, DROWNING is the story of a young girl who dives into the sea. make your way through the kelp forests and meet the friendly residents of an underwater city... but were you really invited here just for fun? or was there some deeper reason...?

a full playthrough takes about an hour. there is one main ending.

this game is intended for all ages, but the ending does contain horror elements and may be stressful for some players. please take care of yourselves!

  • story + art - NomnomNami
  • music - Kamilla's Rainbow
  • translations:
    • 한국어 - KyleHeren
    • Español - Ayumi Espinoza
    • Français - Apolline Descy
    • Português (EU) - Raquel Espada
    • Português (BR) - MOON-XP
    • Русский - Shaula
    • Italiano - Martina Piras
    • Türkçe - wds / Yağmur ÖZTÜRK
    • 简体中文 - Polaris + Mimosa
    • ภาษาไทย - Whateverzone

the soundtrack is available on soundcloud and bandcamp!


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drowning, drowning - v1.1 200 MB
drowning, drowning - v1.1 (RTP not included) 11 MB
drowning, drowning (한국어) 12 MB
drowning, drowning (Español) 201 MB
drowning, drowning (Franç​ais) 11 MB
drowning, drowning (Português europeu) 11 MB
drowning, drowning (Português brasileiro) 12 MB
drowning, drowning (Русский) 11 MB
drowning, drowning (Italiano) 11 MB
drowning, drowning (Türkçe) 11 MB
drowning, drowning (简体中文) 13 MB
drowning, drowning (ภาษาไทย) 11 MB
drowning, drowning art collection + guide 4 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more
drowning drowning illustrations + guide (Franç​ais) 4 MB
if you pay $3 USD or more

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Muy tierno

:') god i wish that were me

Learning how to breathe underwater by passionatly making out with a sea creature

amazing but more gameplay would be great

hopefully you guys can make a mac version in the future, this game looks fun!


i was looking for cute games when i found this game first i found it just looked boring but i didnt want to jugde a book by its cover and it was so sad i shat a tear  i didnt even want it to end it has a mix of funny cute and heartfelt  1000000000000000 stars


"I'm walkin' here!" -crab

Finally got around to playing it, and... this doll wants to know more about Maia. There's some things that can be pretty easily inferred about her situation and mental health, but... some things still felt a little cryptic.


Very wholesome and precious game.

I dug the art, color, music and controls! =]

Also love any kinda game I can collect stuff.


this is a good game

Anyone able to get RPG Maker VX Ace games like this running in Parallels (ARM64 Windows virtualized) on an M1 Mac?

naww RPG maker????


me encanta <3

*drowning in tears*

god its so good!

Underwater city' s got some Wadanohara vibe to it.

HI there, would you like me to translate your game into Esperanto for free? I'm just looking to help the Esperanto community out by getting some more games into the language.


The ending was so sweet! Good job, dev team!

(2 edits) (+1)

I liked this game and its characters. 

Edit: The only thing I didn't like was that you have to press ALT+Enter to enter fullscreen wich isn't obvious

Edit2: I read readme.txt and the fullscreen thing is mentioned there 

This was so cute. It was fun to explore the story of the little girl. It was sad how she never felt like her real world was fit for her or she belonged there, maybe she never had friends. After being with the kind people down there in their world, she must have realized that she liked it better but still couldn't find a place to stay in. The feeling of belongingness and love is what she wanted all along for which she was ready to risk her life just to be accepted by others. Such a beautiful story also the fun elements were cute as well it made me enjoy it very much ^^

Não quando eu tento entrar em "Game.exe" aparece: "RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this game"

O que eu faço?

Olá!! Lendo um pouco sobre o assunto na internet, acho que a maneira de solucionar esse problema é só fazendo o download (e instalando) o primeiro arquivo desse site

Se chama RPG Maker VX Ace. É só instalar e daí você pode jogar.

Também tem a opção de você baixar o jogo de 200mb daqui da página, sabe? Daí você não precisaria ter que instalar esse RTP (só que eu acredito que não tenha a tradução pra português).

Enfim, espero ter te ajudado pelo menos um pouco!



This might be just me, but I didn't really get attatched to the characters here, especially in comparison to how endearing I found the characters in your other games. It sort of feels different from the rest of your works for some reason, but it's still nice. 


This game was pretty cute! I liked the art and the color palette. However, I felt the storyline was a bit lacking. There was potential in Maia's sorrow and her want to escape to another world, but I felt it wasn't executed to its full potential. The story would be a lot more heartwrenching if more details about Maia's living conditions were given, or a possible 'bad ending' where the underwater world is an escapism fantasy of hers, and not truly reality. A cute fantasy game for leisure, but potentially needs some work in the execution department.


esse jogo é TÃO FOFO me aquece o coração

a localização pra português esta supimpa :D

foi curtinho mas eu amei

This is cute and i like it, but it was too short.

Corto,pero definitivamente un juego que vale la pena guardarlo en tu pc o laptop para cuando estes depresivo,es una historia bonita,con personajes que pese al tiempo corto que nos hace jugar podemos ver sus personalidades con claridad,gracias por el juego <3


super cute story and characters

Thanks for making this game! Very charming, and heartwarming moments of self-reflection. I posted a YouTube playthrough, and made sure to add credit and links in the description!


This made me cry. great story, great design, great ending.

cute game!

fun game! touching story aswell

I cried at the end of this game but the game brought me joyful tears.  This short but well-written game is all about pulling at your heart-strings and the beauty of true friendships and the longings of a heart that has seen too much sorrow.  I highly recommend playing this game for something wholesome and something endearingly special.  

this was a pretty cool game


aww >//< i've got kiss from both. In my opinion this game teaching us about you can't breathe without love <3.

I really loved this game.

(3 edits) (+1)

Very short, but very touching! Strongly resonated with me and made us reflect on our relationship a bit.

Your games (particularly the “Lonely Wolf” series) tend to do that to me/us apparently. ☺️
So, thank you, your work is truely wonderful!

- Kiera

Also if you want us to do a German translation, please contact us with instructions!

I Loved The Game It Was Just That I Didn't Know The  Controls.
And I Came Back To This App To Check, But There Was No Instrutions About The Controls. (Sorry For The Long Re-view)

its the arrow keys and the enter button

Thanks, But I Finished The Game Before I Put The Comment.
But, Thanks For The Reminder! I Also Played This Game Many Times! I Just Loved The
Story So Much <3.
Ps, I Love Your Username AND For The Extra Reminder Again :)

aw thanks :>
and no problem, just trying to be helpful lol


Hi! Is there only one ending? Besides the one where you leave.

WATGBS vibes

I loved the game too much so I made another drawing, I hope you like it <3

aww they're all so cute!! thank you for sharing!!!

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