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DREAMING TREAT is part 5 of the LONELY WOLF TREAT series. please play the others before this one! the story is best experienced in order. (you can find links to the other games further down!)

this is the story of a very eventful summer for treat, mochi, and moxie. mochi starts a garden! treat starts having strange dreams! and moxie starts working in the nearby witch town! things are peaceful on mount sorbet, but where will it all lead...?

it takes about an hour to play through from start to finish. there are some alternate paths you can take during the story, though the ending will always be the same. it took almost a year to make this game! sorry for the wait, everyone!

thanks as always! please enjoy <3333


translations: KyleHeren (korean), macafake (spanish)




you can own! a treat shirt!!! WOW!!!!!


  • 1/3/2019 - added spanish translation
  • 11/16/2018 - updated korean translation
  • 11/13/2018 - added korean translation! quite a few edits to list as well--fixed a couple typos, fixed a soft lock in the beginning of the game, fixed the postcards displaying correctly when you don't collect all of them in order, and fixed entering the candy shop after seeing moxie yet haven't done gumdrop's quest--i made it so you cannot complete her quest after entering, and gave pastille some new dialogue that makes sense under those conditions.



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OMG, when I played till the end part of Dreaming Treat, the end part made me stunned and broke my heart into pieces. When Treat and Mochi saw their little garden was destroyed somehow, I could imagine how astonished they were. So, the most crucial questions are: WHO destroyed Treat and Mochi's garden and WHY the destroyer destroyed the garden. But, with these questions and doubts, I'm more eager to play the 6th part of this series!

When I opened your game in RPG Maker I noticed that there is event that prevents Treat from leaving without talking to Mochi first. Out of curiosity I deleted this event, thus allowing Treat to continue game without greeting Mochi. After this point the game looked like Treat is walking alone and has Mochi as her imaginary friend whom she created because she was feeling lonely in environment of hostile bunnies. It looked like Treat was indeed dreaming, dreaming about not being alone. It was sad.

just a question and I really hate to ask because I know you are busy (And dealing with ants :P) but are you still working on the mochi VN? I looked around the old Dev blog and totally forgot that you were working sometimes on it. And thank you for these cute games I really adore them...A LOT. 


thanks! i started working on it recently, you can find updates in the tag #treatrpg6

Ah Perfect nice to hear :)


Aghh the ending was heartbreaking but these games are so good! I can't wait for part 6!

I adore these games so much, thank you for making them!!

why did it end when they came home and saw the garden!! noooooo ;w; i is now yearning for moar moxie, treat, and  mochi.... pl


My heart i literary played all these games back to back and the ending just fucking kills me like no the garden and then i was like no Mochi and Treat. I really can't wait for the next one. 


As the games get more and more complex, are they going to take longer to make? Honestly, I don't mind if it takes you a while to make the next game, but I would like to see it in my lifetime.


yeah that's been the pattern, but i also have more stuff going on in my life than i used to when i started the first one, so i have less dedicated time to buckle down and make them. having a bunch of other work to do has extended the dev time more than anything, honestly. i should be getting some time off in march/april so part 6 will probably be started by then!


Right! Being a wannabe game dev, I totally understand the struggles. You are doing great!


that ending... that ending... the ending I hate the most because it leaves my heart racing too much. just finally when Treat got what she wanted. don't do this to us Nami, you're not being very nice to us. please don't give Mochi another period of depression, can't watch Treat deal with it again. if you do it again, I'll find you, I break down your door, and poor my life savings on you to give me a better story where no one gets fucked up.

Is an spanish translation coming up?
My friends and i we have playing this series and we are completely in love with the characters and story, but they dont understand english except for me :( is sad that because of a language barrier they can't enjoy this beautifull story.
And if no one is working on a translation i would love to make that translation so this story get to more people <3

yes, a spanish translation is in the works! i'm excited for your friends to be able to play too :)

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don't read the stuff I wrote below... unless ya too curious and willing to risk having a "EXCUSE ME WTF?" moment

in case you're wondering what the story is about... definately not PG for sure(not PG as in pretty much everything, ranging from the mild psychopathic demi-human characters to pretty much anything that ya don't want to have happen to yourself.) I'll tell you this: the main character is a ninetails who starts of acting like a pyschopath but ends up into the most miserable fur ball you could get out of a hybrid(that's what I call the half animal, half human/human like people... because there are aliens who aparently are just humans from a different planet that look the same as us).  also she's immortal and I'll probably end the current line of the story I'm on with her being too depressed to do anything apart from sitting in the corner with her kids(yes she has kids... about 16 to be exact... why did I give her that much?) trying to get her to stop being somewhat suicidal... 

yeah... definately not PG and definately weirder than most stories where the main character is the only one who doesn't break as much as the others... it only started as a joke thing, now I hold the responsiblity for destroying the poor imaginery girl's life.

Honestly, You're one of the reasons i created an Itch.IO account. Your RPGs are well made and i played the whole series at least three times >< (they even inspirate me to create some damn original things tho--)

Your games are adorable! keep up the good work.

when will the next one be or will there be a big update on Dreaming Treat so there is a longer story


there will be a 6th game, i haven't started on it yet so i can't say when it will be released, but i can assure you that it will definitely be made!

Yay thank you. The Lonley Wolf Treat series has been my favorite.

Cant wait :3

I made this account to say that you will hopefully continue this game for a long time. I almost played them all in 1 night and i just haven't started this on but based on how long you said it takes i'll get through half and finish tomorrow! I love this series way too much and i'll be sad when it ends. Do you know how many more games there will be?


not sure at the moment, but the next one will not be the last!

make more till it eventually gets to the point Treat dies of natural causes... then continue it again with the most cliche but nonetheless enjoyable way by making "Treat #2" that features Treat's kid instead along with others... ya can't end something when you can't stop them from reproducing.

Well... I guess there is a witch town literally next door.
I'm sure they could find out something.

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I just played through your games and I have to say, they are very interesting. The characters are well made, and most are fleshed out well enough to stand on their own. I adore your artwork, it works perfectly here. AND most importantly, you got rid of that tree in front of the gate to Frosting that made you have to walk around it to continue straight across that map. 

Seriously, that tree was annoying. 

But seriously, looking forward to your next work! You gave me an idea for my next project so for that I must thank you. 


Okay, I played all the games in this seires, as well as all the April fool's games and Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet. I have a very strong opinion on your games. They. Are. ADORABLE! They're a nice, short playthrough to pass the time with amazing story and characters. I can't wait for the next installment, keep up the good work!

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Your games are precious. I wish you all the inspiration to keep up the great work!

Question comes a bit late but they refer to Trick as "they" does that mean the "Traveler Ending" in date Trick is cannon ? 


no, it's singular "they". trick is non-binary!

Ohhhh, alright now I get it

Enjoyed every moment. High hopes for the next game. I fear that you will run out of motivation to make these as valve did with the half life series. Still a great game.


thanks! considering i've made 5 now, i think it's safe to say i won't get tired of it before the story ends.

Is there a secret area in this onw as well? I haven't found one but thanks to the last three having them I keep feeling like I miss something.

going inside atelier sweets in the beginning of the game is optional but other than that there aren't really any extra areas this time

I love thisss >w<


This game series is literally one of the most wholesome experiences of my entire life and I love them so much. I am so excited for the next part, whenever it appears. Never stop being amazing Nami. Your art is adorable, and your writing is amazing.

Yay Finally! Can't wait to try it out!

The whole story is about love and it's longer and i like that. But the love parts made me cringe. But i like it!! Keep up the good work.

Ok. I finished it. :)

As always very good and cute artstyle. Interesting plot and a lot great characters. ♥

I'm arleady waiting for next part <3


Ah, this is amazing. Even though the cliff hanger got me up and screaming- I can't wait until what happens next.~

I Know Right.

Ahhhhh nuuuuu the ending is so gahhhh

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! yassssssssss

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Will there be another game in the series? Like a part 6?
I've been recording this game series and I want it to continue, im in love with it!!!

If so, do you have an EST on when it will come out?
If you want to keep it a surprise I understand!


thanks! haha for some reason everyone asks if there will be a sequel even when i put "to be continued" at the end... i don't have an estimated release date for it but i'm definitely planning on making it. thanks for playing my games!

Honestly I love this game!! Keep up the good work!


I... Really love your games and the comics you've made thank you so much for being an amazing person and keep doing what you do :)

oh man,, that ending

yes!!! you're back bb!!

Just a question, will you make the games again in the same order ? (By that I mean first a game from Treats perspective then again Mochi, Moxie, Trick ) or are random things planned ? (like for example Lazy fox Salt). Love the games but I can understand if you don't have a plan yet considering that you are moving from one apartment to the other and you need time to breathe, so I apologize for asking.


the next game you'll play as mochi! i'm not planning on introducing more playable characters at this point. depending on what i think of after part 6 it might follow the pattern or it might not. (thanks for being understanding about the moving thing also, i'm just now getting settled into the new place haha)


Ah ok thanks for the quick answer, wish you the best of luck for you and your girlfriend in the the new apartment :)

Is it only me but does the beach look like the one in the undertale credits. Is this by accident or a easter egg?

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It says in the dreaming treat art collection that you have charms and button versions of Treat, Moxie, Mochi, and Trick on page 16, but where do you buy them? I would love to buy buttons/pins or charms of them. :) I can't find them on Redbubble.

they're actually only sold at conventions right now--unfortunately i don't have a dedicated online store at the moment.

oh i see; thank you very much for your reply :)

Oh yeah!! The part 5 is here :D. Thank you :D

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i just learned summer frosting on the piano :D i love this song :) i also learned the original frosting song from the first game awhile ago :)


i love playing your games :) i'm really excited to play this game :D

Why do I feel like Mochi's cousin is the reason for the end?

That friggin jerk.

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