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1.I found minor bug:

In this position dialogue with Mochi is triggered, but game gets stuck

2.Minor bug #2. If I didn't even talk to Gumdrop at marketplace, but then visited Syrop's candy shop then dialog looks like Treat and Mochi helped Gumdrop already and Syrop saw them. It looks quite strange.


thank you for catching these, i'll look into it!

this is such a wonderful game and series! The story, gameplay and artwork was amazing, I can't wait till the next game!!!


Omgs I had so much fun playing and recording this game! So much feels and it's still only the beginning... I can't wait until the next one, keep up the good work cause I love all your games! :3

Here is my long let's play, I hope you enjoy me gushing over eveything xD :


aaaaa thank you so much for sharing! i love to hear fan reactions, and your LP was so sweet! i was so honored every time you remembered the names of characters from other games <3 thanks again!!

Does Nami have anything against LPing her content?  I wanted to do the whole treat series and a couple others that tie into this like Syrup and HTWML, but i'm kinda new to it(my channel is tiny) and wanted to be sure

i love seeing LPs! please go right ahead :D

Hooray! I'll post a link here once i finish em'.  It looks like it'll be 2 weeks from now cause i'm making a friend record it with me because she needs to see the series and i don't wanna do 97% female characters with my man voice. 50% i can live with, atleast i'll have tried.

Anyway thank you so much for part 5, and thank you for releasing part 6 relatively soon cause i know we're not just gonna leave that double-cliffhanger like that for another year~<3

"Does Nami have anything against LPing her content?" By the way, what does "LPing" mean?

LP is let's play, it's a type of video where someone records themself playing a game with their commentary included, and sometimes facecam.

This Is awesome!!! I played the entire series a year ago and i still thinking that this game Is getting better.

Treat, Mochi, Moxie, Salt, Pepper...

I really wanted to see them again ;3

My favourite RPGmaker series,

The wait was worth it

To be continued...

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OMG THIS WAS THE BEST ONE YET!!!!!! Great job on the game Nami i loved it all i especially loved how Danny is accepting wolves and foxes.  I love the girlfriend relationship between Treat Moxie and Mochi or soon to be.  and the cliff hanger with the garden made want more cause im so excited bout the next game but im also mad about the garden being destroyed and finally i love Moxie's new hair color. is the hair color change based of being in a warmer climate? if so that was great detail cant wait for the next game.

yay, so glad to read all of this! thanks for playing!! and yes, now that moxie is living in the witch town her hair changed color. it happened with nutmeg too :)

I DIED OF CUTE OVERLOAD! when is the next one planned to be released? I know this one just came out but my brain is too fried to care atm!

definitely not anytime soon! i usually announce when i'm working on things on my twitter so that's the best place to keep an eye on for updates. thanks for playing!

The Lonely Wolf Treat series has been so enjoyable and this new episode is no different. 

My heart has been cleansed... yet ripped apart at the same time. (And I'll happily come back for more.)

This make my heart warm.
Can't wait for next part


Tho I do have a question.

Where do you store the images? 

I searched the whole bunch of folders and they all seem to be unused things, I assume the default assets.

Anyways, realy enjoyed my time!

the images are archived in the public release. i leave them unarchived on patreon though!

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Man have I been waiting for this!

Congratulations on this new installment!

edit:I see you upped your game again, with all those cg's and that vn like dream section.

very nice now I really cant wait for part 6


i'm crying over the loss of the garden ;-;


I will tear whoever bully Mochi and Treat apart, WITH MY BARE HANDS! Wait, it might be Juju? ( ºΔº ) I'm sad. (´;ω;`) Thyme-sama! Help us! ヾ(;゚;Д;゚;)ノ゙

ahhh i love this game series so much it always leaves me waiting for the next one...!!! thank you so much for your hard work in making such an amazing game! your content always makes my heart warm..

Author-Sama! You have me dead when you left me a cliffhanger where Mochi and Treat's garden is sabotage. But still, it makes me excited for the next game to come! Keep up with the work!


HOW DARE YOU! My poor heart at the end... I wanna smack whoever was mean to them. But Moxie, Mochi and Treat are finally all together! They get along so well! I love it!! I absolutely adore the whole game. Wonderful visuals and such a cute story! I also loved seeing all those cameos from your other games, but now I'm mad and wanna kick whoever dared mess up the lovely garden! It's so absolutely gorgeous and adorable and I love it! I can't wait until the next one comes and this was just adorable!

Good Game Cute


PART 5?...



*Downloading intensefies*

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I'm just sitting here in awe and joy that there is a another part of the series available

thank you Nami for giving us another wonderful experience.


I waited so long for this and I'm so happy urghhhhhh <3 <3 <3


OMG this game is so beautifully crafted! Even more so than the previous games! Now I see why it took so long to create! Honestly, I highly recommend this game, but if you haven't played the first game, play it! You'll need it! Also the 18+ comic adds a little backstory to the events in this game, but you can get along without it too.

I'd like to thank Nami for not only releasing this game, but for making it so bloody great!

also can people plz stop posting spoilers they arent fun


I HAVE BEEN SO EXCITED FOR THIS. *hits the download button a billion times*

♥ OMG!!! New game from Nami. Arleady downloading. And can't wait to play it :) ♥


idk who did this to mochi but i will not hesitate to stab

one day I will be extremely rich and then I will come back here and give u money for all these games (but first I need to complete my transition, cover my body in tattoos and get away from my fascist home country....... be patient :v )

at least I hope so

So excited that part 5 came out! But I'm on Linux now, and can't play it. Is there any chance of getting a port?


i can't make a port but there's a program called wine that should help you run the game on linux (and mac!)

Alternatively, there's mkxp. mkxp is an open source RGSS player for Windows, OSX, and Linux (the main focus) for games built in RPG Maker XP, VX, and VX Ace. Games without extensive custom scripting such as the Treat series will work out of the box with the prebuilt binaries available for download.

wow, thank you for sharing this! i'll be sure to send it along to anyone else who asks.

You're very welcome! You could also probably just package the OSX and Linux versions into the main archive with a short readme on using them. To save hassle in answering everyone that asks and maybe to answer some folks that don't bother to ask.

who the HECK is doing to our garden!??!?!?!




That was definitely very cute! And incredibly tense in some parts. Seriously, after Treat came home, I thought the plot would kick into high gear right then and there.

Also, this might just be because I've been playing Noel The Mortal Fate, but right at the end I almost expected a sudden dramatic soundtrack and several close-up shots in quick succession. 

I mean, I don't think this will turn into an epic tale of revenge because of Mochi's destroyed garden, but... Well, I wouldn't complain. xD


Welp, time to murder whoever did that thing to Mochi. No one hurts our innocent bunbun!

Other than that.... I'm so happy for Moxie, Mochi, and Treat. I was already shipping them and by the end it's gotten worse XD


Okay, where is my M4?
Someone is bout to get capped

Nobody does this to Mochi.


I'm curious what you use to make your games? I want to make 2d bit games but not sure what to use. Plz help meh  T^T.


This game is made in the program RPG VX Ace!

thx 😊




When I saw the notification in my email, I almost couldn't believe it.  :')


It was great! I love this game serie! ^^

Thank you for your hard work!


this is SUCH a wonderful game!! i love seeing how all the characters and places have changed over time, and the summer palette is so pretty to look at it!

loved this game, thank you for all your hard work!!


Dreaming Treat just feels like such a good big game and feels so nice to play after most all of our main characters are introduced! It feels cool to see everyone and to have those relationships finally come to a head...! I LOVE IT.

All the art and assets are so immaculate and I'm still so honored to have Satine in this game!!! The beach scene is...perfect.




I love love love this series so much! I already played the patreon version and I just love it so much! And that ending aaaa! I'm already so excited to see what happens next! I love how much effort you put into your games and how you can find characters from your other games! <3

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