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Finally finished the game ;3, can't wait for the next one!

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good game !!

So just something I was curious about... is "delicacy" canonical, and if so will it be alluded to by the characters in the next game? 

yes it is canon, and yes it will be alluded to.

Neat! I live for such minor interpersonal moments.

Well I am 16 years old and I wish I could buy it because I am really curious what is happening in Delicacy .

We'll... tell you when you're older   (<_< )   ( >_>)

Why not now (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)

well... the 4th part of the series is a bit different from the rest but it's great this way too. It's rather story about traveliing and looking for home. 

"TO BE CONTINUED" . So, I'm waiting for more :D


hurry up with the next one XD XD i love these games so much!

Just finished playing through the series and i have to say I'm utterly in love with all the characters /o\<3

Hey! I absolutely loved the games you created! I've played almost all of them, the four games of this saga, first kiss at a spooky soiree, date treat, romance detective, and i was wondering if you're continuing making them! They're all really great games, and I hope you can continue! But if you can't continue making them, I can totally understand. Keep up the good work!! <33


thank you so much! i'm working on the 5th game right now actually :D i don't have a release date yet but it's definitely coming soon~

No problem!! Good luck with the game <33

Really good ending it made me wanna cry but it was very well done like the whole series was and I just loved how everything was connected I think you should make another one where Frosting gets over the pred and prey thing so we can go back and have what I would think be a REALLY SUPER HAPPY ENDING

So, I' really having trouble wrapping my head around this. How do I actually make the pictures into a fully functioning sprite sheet? The online tutorials I have found so far just managed to confuse me even more. So if you got anything to make me not fail, please let me know. This stuff is HARD. I honestly appreciate the support you are lending me in this endeavor!

if you make the image the right size it can tell automatically how to break up the tiles and stuff--the default is like a 384x256 sheet, which would fit 8 32x32 characters. you get 4 rows per character: 1st is walking down, 2nd is left, then right, then up. you also get 3 columns: 1st is one foot forward (doesn't matter which), 2nd is them standing normally, and 3rd is the other foot forward. that way it can do a walking animation :D i hope that explained things?? to make 32x64 sprites i just made the whole image 384x512 and it just worked. also we could probably move this conversation to email so we don't clog the comments with all this general rpg maker talk... lol

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Ahh, umm... Yeah kinda didn't explain will cause it was late. I meant with using larger sprites. In the tutorial mentions the Sprite is 48 by 48 and how do you put that in a game. I heard it was different but could be wrong. Isn't the default 32 by 32. Hope I'm asking the right question. Something mentioned it interferes with the game if the sides are larger than 32. It's that true? I suppose what I'm really wondering is do the sprites have to be set on a square? Does it have to be 32 by 32 64 by 64 ect. or, can it be uneven like 32 by 60 or something. Sorry for being so clueless :P. 

Also, how do sprite sheets work, like how do I go about making a sheet? By this I am referring to I have some pixel art, but how do I make that into an actual game material? Do you have an example. If you choose not to answer it's fine. Just feeling a little over my head here :/. APPRECIATE YOU!!!

oh right yeah 32x32 is the default for vx ace-- i make my treat sprites 32x64 tho. you can find some base assets in the rpg maker files, i used those as a base especially for making the tilesets. i think there's a lot of tutorials out there specifically for making rpg maker stuff, good luck!!

Thank you so much! That was a bit of a block stopping me from continuing so thanks for the help. Internet is really hard to work with...

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I looked at the tutorial, and it was SUPER  helpful. 

 Thank you! One thing I am a bit unclear on is Transposing a Rpg maker game onto a different size scale. So how would you go about that. If you could give me an example from your game, or just point me in the right direction I would REALLY appreciate it: D. Hope I'm still making sense... It's late. Thank you again for taking time to help some me. I love your games Nami! I can be half as good as you ☺ 

Btw, Sorry!!! This one made a lot of sense in my head, but looking at it today... just no. 

uhh hm i make my games at the default size so i don't know if i can help you on that front D:

Just how.... how are you so good at pixel art!!! Sorry, for asking someone as busy as you for the info, but as far as I'm concerned, you are one of the best, so I ask because I feel I'm able to trust the advice. I've been working for a while and been trying to stylisticly draw, but after an hour I have the very basics!!! It's really difficult, and so I can really appreciate how much work those sprites must've taken. Have any tips 'cuz I'm low skill so I'm sure I'll get better with some practice, but ANY pointers you may have would be helpful. Anything like "Oh yeah, doing this saves you a lot of effort." Thank You SO much! Also, if these are ever annoying or you don't feel like answering, tell me! After all, maybe your style is something you want to keep to yourself. Never stop creating!!! :')

haha, thank you! i really like doing pixel art so i have a lot of experience with it. a while back i made a tutorial for how i do sprites, i hope it helps get you started! thanks for being so considerate too, i like responding to questions whenever i can, so don't be afraid of bothering me <3

Ay, umm so another question what are good programs for pixel art and the like, there are a lot of options out there, but I am really quite new to this so I was wondering what you think is a good one for me to look into, because you can  hardly look into a game without the understanding of the actual look. I truly am sorry for bothering you, and I know you probably are busy, but I'm asking you because you have good judgement. Rpg maker vx ace is working so well. Again thanks for everything (including the games)!!!

no worries, i use paint tool sai for pixel art but there's also aseprite, graphics gale, idk lots of programs are out there but even ms paint works just fine :D

I'm so glad i found this series. This chapter was sad and sweet at the same time it's bringing tears to my eyes. I love your works and hope you to continue making games. I'd love to help you but i don't own any credit cards..  I would love to see your games on steam if your'e interested. I'll surely buy all of them. :D also, cute girls loving cute girls FTW!! ^^

thank you so much for playing! a lot of people are asking for my games to be put on steam, i haven't done it yet because you have to pay to put them up but i plan on looking into it sometime soon <3

I have a question, I have been wanting to a make a  game for a long time, and you have inspired me, hopefully I won't give up ;D, so anyway I have been liking RPG maker because so many good games are made with it, some of which you made. The real point of this however, is that I need to know which Rpg maker you used, and which one you recommend. Thank you for reading, and I LOVE your games.  Keep on making them.


i use rpg maker vx ace, it's pretty easy to make something nice with :D good luck on your projects!!

One of the things I appreciate most is that you respond so quickly to any comment. Thank You!

Will any of the games in the series ever be available on Mac??

probably not--rpg maker is windows only so there's nothing i can really do about it :(

I have a very important question... HOW IS EVERYTHING YOU MAKE SO ADORABLE?!

here's my important answer: i just love cute things so i try my best to make more ;)

just wanted to thank you for making these games. i've gotten quite a few free kid-appropriate games from this website but these games are their favorites. i've had like five 7-10 year old girls obsessed with them, they literally take turns playing and watching each other play any of the four in this series each time i let them use my computer when i babysit. their favorite is clever fox moxie! one girl has tried to play syrup and the ultimate sweet but it was a bit too reading-heavy for her, though she wants to try it again lol. and i haven't been accused of having the gay agenda sooooo, success! :D

THAT'S SO SWEET!! thank you for sharing <3 love to hear when kids play this series haha

ETA on the next game jet?

sometime this year!

Thanks for the info.I'll keep an eye out for it.

Please make a fifth of the series!

So sad ending that Trick left after just one night!



no worries, i'm working on the next game right now :D thanks for playing!

I am so happy you answered thanks!

My favroute RPG make game and series.

Shows you don't need a game full of violence for it to be good!

What's your next idea for the game series?

Is there a reason Trick uses she/her pronouns in the Spanish version of the game? afaik the nonbinary spanish speaking community is using elle as an equivalent for they/them :0 I know the person who translated the game didn't mean wrong but it made feel a bit sad because i know that you feel umconfortable with people using she/her pronouns for Trick;; 

the translator contacted me about this and i told them it was okay--i think they mentioned the pronouns thing in the readme so people will know if they check that? it's tough with some languages, like from what i understand, with spanish they pretty much gender everything? so you're kind of forced to pick one or the other? in which case it's like... ok. i guess go with feminine then. thanks for letting me know about "elle" though, i didn't know that was a thing!

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Yeah Spanish is very gendered sadly - Using elle instead of él and ella and using -e instead of -o and -a for gendered words are kinda a recent thing, it's not accepted officialy yet in the language but a lot of Hispanic non-binary people go with that, especially online :0 Thank you for replying! <3


Just binged all of these games in a day, the end to this one actually got me teary-eyed. GG, can't wait for the next installment in this series!!

I just finished playing the last few games and finished this one and i love them! They are so amazing and lovely and I'll probably end up replaying them (especially when new ones come) I also plan on seeing your other works, very excited to see what happens! Keep up the amazing work! 


Unbelievably cute story,  really tugged my heart strings. good job!! i loved it!! ^-^

Trick be like 

NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! It's over? Will there be more?!?!?! Please tell me that there's going to more! Ugh! I'm so sad. Anyways, here's my video, again.

yes there will be more :) i've been taking a break to work on other things but the series isn't over yet <3


So I just finished this installment in the series! I've really been enjoying it :) keep up the good work & I am excited to see what will happen next <3 <3 

im really happy i was showd these games! nami yoy are amazing. keep up the good work.


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I Was Searching Through My Web Browser Until I Met "Lonely Wolf Treat" I Was Like"hmm Lets Give It A Try" I Go Download It And Play It The After That..."Hmm... Yeah Imma Be Playing This For a While" Not Only That, It Was The Day After Wandering Wolf Trick Came Out And Me Was Like,"Such Wow, Such Inconvenience" So That's Pretty Cool

omg i had create this account just to say this


i got sooo into these games and i love them so much! at the start i was so sad for treat and the last one ended in tears. i fell like im going to blow up just waiting for the next one! do you have a date or month or season that it might be out?

thanks, i'm glad you're enjoying the series! unfortunately i don't have a date for the next release but i am working on a visual novel about mochi next, that should be out before the end of the year! the next rpg is still quite a ways off since i'm trying to get other projects finished and out of the way. thanks for your patience!! ♡

can you go full screen in this game? 


i think it's alt+enter but your screen will stretch weird so it's not that great :(

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Thx! btw this series is awesome please continue them! Cant wait for next one, the hype is real!

I did not sign up for the feels this series has given me, but I am so glad I played them. Keep being absolutely amazing, Nami, because I haven't felt this attached to characters in months.

Thank you so much for making another entry into the series! I've really been enjoying your content a bunch Nami and look forward to the next entry in the series and anything else you make! ;w;/ Good luck creating even more awesome stuff!

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I've been playing these games and I absolutely love them! Wandering Wolf Trick left me in tears and Clever Fox Moxie gave me so many feels! Mochi and Treat's pov stories were also heartwarming but also heart breaking, making a great story line.  You really fall in love with all the main characters and the art, it's all such an awesome game. 

However, I know that Treat and Mochi are the main characters, but is Moxie and Trick going to show up in any of the games' continuation stories? They both seem to hold heavy hearts and sad memories from their backstories. But despite it all, Trick still stays optimistic and friendly, and Moxie stays determined and acts strong, making them both lovable characters. Not that Treat and Mochi aren't just as lovable, of course! They're the cutest couple around Frosting <3 Thank you for all the hard work you've been putting into these games and have a great day!! :)


heheh, thanks so much! yeah don't worry, moxie is here to stay. trick's place is elsewhere but they won't be gone forever <3 glad you're enjoying my games!!

So I've just finished playing the entire series up until this point, and while I wouldn't personally consider them "good", they are certainly interesting. The fact that I was engaged enough to keep playing must mean you were doing something right.
Complaints are mostly minor; things such as punctual errors, pacing and level design quirks that don't harm the experience too much. Larger issues, mainly do with the finer details of the writing are present, however, and do take me out of it sometimes.

like the central conflict. I get that this world is full of human-like animals, that some are predators (wolves, foxes, bears) and some are prey (rabbits, mice and cats, apparently), and how the predators eat the prey which causes them to hate each other's guts... but hang on a second!

When have we ever seen a predator kill and eat another character? Not to my knowledge they haven't. Treat is perfectly happy living off of pot noodles and curry, Moxie claims to like the taste of rabbit to scare people but has never actually eaten one, Trick flat out says she's a vegetarian, and everyone else sustains themselves on magic meat bought from witches. Sure, characters talk about it endlessly, they build walls and lock their doors more than once, but as far as I know, this whole thing's a sham. Some crazy rumour spread initially as a joke, only people were dumb enough to fall for it.

Does this world have the internet? All joking aside, this is so distracting!

As the series (at time of writing) isn't finished, this may be addressed at some point. You could also argue that as a series of mostly family-friendly slice-of-life stories with almost no violence (save a single, optional punch) it may catch people off guard, but you don't have to show it directly. The whole conspiracy aspect may also be, in fact, something you intended. In which case I just... ahh I don't know. Show don't tell, do don't show, I guess. I never figured I'd get so worked up over something like this, so let's go back to the positive.

Humans. Trick mentions she had a human master, and instantly my ears prick up. I start to pay attention and all sorts of intriguing questions spring to mind.

If there are humans around, where are they? Where'd they go? How come the animals all have towns and villages and yet there's not a single human settlement to be found? Can the humans see the animals the same way we see them, if at all? On and on and on.

I've always liked the idea of a fantasy world where humans, not orcs or elves, are the minority. The ancient ones spoken about in hushed tones in bars and around campfires. If I were to do a game in this series, it'd be one where you play from their perspective.

The art was sweet, one or two jokes made me smile, and I liked the bit in Clever Fox Moxie where you had to search the lodge for various knick-knacks to put on a show.

Though I must apologise, I never expected to write an essay on this (I have a habit of doing that), so I bid you good night and good luck. If not at the very least to allow other users some room. 

Keep up the good work!


Love the series! Just played them all in a row and nearly cried :3 

Cant wait for the next one!!!! <3

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as of now 12:02 7/15/2017 the dev has ben compleatly silent on tumblr for 2 days


...? but i posted on my dev blog just the other day?

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tumblr says 2 days and i wasent timeing it so.... well any way if you dont use tumblr mutch atleast update ur info i mean it says ur still working on the moxie game!


oops you're right, i keep forgetting about that page lol


Had to make an account just to tell that I love these little games that you make. Just marathoned through this series and I'm going to have a look at some of your other stuff too. Keep being awesome! ^_^

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