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WANDERING WOLF TRICK is the fourth installment of the LONELY WOLF TREAT series. please play the others before this one! the story is best experienced in order.

in this game, you play as a wolf named trick, searching all over the place for your friend who went missing after an avalanche.


this one was made over the span of 3-4 months, so it's quite long! estimated playtime is about an hour if you're trying to see everything.


  • art+story+music - NomnomNami
  • special thanks to cosmicApproach, DarkChibiShadow, Pivi, and tryph for letting me borrow their OCs!

~ translations ~
Español - macafake
Русский - Project Gardares
한국어 - KyleHeren
日本語 - npckc
Tiếng Việt - Nam Hoàng
简体中文 - Polaris + Mimosa

full series collection  |  side stories and spinoffs


  • 7/10/2020 - added chinese translation (updated 7/23/2022)
  • 12/1/2018 - added russian translation
  • 11/16/2018 - added spanish translation (it was hosted on tumblr until now)
  • 11/13/2018 - fixed a small plot discrepancy concerning the sidequest in the beginning of the game... oops.
  • 9/4/2018 - added vietnamese translation
  • 4/10/2017 - added japanese translation
  • 3/21/2017 - typo and bug fix
  • 3/12/2017 - fixed typos, added korean translation (updated 11/13/2018)


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treatrpg4.zip 217 MB
treatrpg4.zip (RTP not included) 28 MB
wandering wolf trick soundtrack 25 MB
treatrpg4.rar (Español) 28 MB
Путешествие Шутки.7z (Русский) 27 MB
treatrpg4.zip (한국어) 29 MB
treatrpg4.zip (日本語) 28 MB
treatrpg4.zip (Tiếng Việt) 219 MB
treatrpg4.zip (简体中文) 36 MB
wandering wolf trick art collection 19 MB
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Trick please travel to Brazil


This game feels a lot sweeter and heartfelt than the rest.


I love this game and it kinda almost made me cry a bit but over all this game is amazing 10/10

Waw I loved this! I loved seeing the guest appearances too TT^TT great game as usual <3

(1 edit) (+4)

I can't stop thinking about Trick. I think they've become my comfort character or something. They're happy just being who they are and doing what they like, and I love them so much for it.

Also, this game is what made me start learning about nonbinary genders, so thanks for that.

Edit: By the way, I just noticed that if you stand above Boreas while talking to him, Trick will walk straight through him...


Personally, I like their personality. They have such an addictive optimism. Their smile warms you up after a hard day. They're the kind of friend who would invite you over for a hot coco at the end of a long, cold day. Their smile brightens even the darkest rooms, they can make the saddest person happy, and make even the most hateful bunny love them. That is why they are such a great character.

(At least in my opinion)

Sorry for saying this word for word verbatim of myself


Trick's smile must be protected at all costs.


I love the art style of this series, how did you learn to make something so cute?!??!

I love all of them!

Lovely like the others

i loved this so muc



Y los míos :'3


i really love this series so far :) you doing a good job making them :)


i hope trick is happy with what she's doing :)


trick is actually nonbinary! their pronouns are they/them :)

thanks for playing my game!

I've played this game at least three times now.

If feels like do much must have been happening internally during that last night in the end. They arrived anxious about what how Treat would react, and by the end, they saw felt that their wasn’t room for them in Treat’s life anymore. Did that hurt? Had it occurred to them that it might end up this way? I am dying to know.

I want another game with trick so bad, I want to really dig deep into how they feel, how their emotions changed over time. I want to feel how Trick went from searching for the person who had been their home to realizing that they they love traveling.


dont worry, from what ive seen on the save file icon they're going to be in the 8th (maybe final) game in the series

The ending always makes me feel a little sad. Treat wanted Trick to stay. 
Also the line that Trick says about it hurting when people disappear unexpectedly makes me feel like Treat u and vanishing must have hurt more than they let on. 

i keep hearing that these games have secrets but i can never find them. 


What's RTP?


run time package


thank you

I met some troubles when playing the Chinese version of the game~

When Trick prepares to seek for Treat in her house, I cant choose the hand lantern or the basket with food inside. It comes out "Script 'Window Message' line 347: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'upcase' for nil:NilClass "

That ending made me wanna cry, but it was so sweet. 


My full playthrough on this game. Please subscribe, share the video & give it a like, thank you.




what do I do with the devipuri? I assume it's for the secret area but I really have no idea what to do


you can give it to moxie :)


I found it with your hint, thanks a lot, I love all of your games by the way


thank you! happy to help <3


where did you find the devipuri i've been looking all over for it. 

i didnt have sounds on buty i could hear stuff so affctive story and the characters are so cute! 10/10


When they said

"Have a good day tomorrow!" "I already have a good day every day. So you don't have to worry." "Get plenty of rest! And don't forget to eat, okay?"

I literally cried. What a touching story.

(1 edit) (+1)

I've noticed that "background music" folder contains "ritual.ogg" but it never been used in the game. Is there a secret or it's been leftover by mistake?

Also...when you go near cliff 2nd time Mochi say "You're giving me deja vu..." is it becouse i did same thing in "Lonely Wolf Treat" or it was scripted that way?


it's been a while but if i remember right, i used that song for the secret little area you can reach at the end of the game.

and yeah that line is a callback to the first game :) good catch haha

Deleted 2 years ago

ou gostaria de traduzir esta série em português, principalmente este jogo

wow i liked this one really much, it would be great see more adventures of trick,


im busy downloading this one right now  but unfortunately i have something to say about the games


such cute designs for the characters

the story is awesome

i fell in love with this series from the first minute of lonely wolf treat

but here comes the cons


jk there are none

keep making games dude you have talent ; )

I love this cute adventuring game! It was emotional at the end but still it's great!!

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I Love This Game A lot :D Cuz Its Pixel kind of game

How do you make your games ?, someone tell me what engine you use

Deleted 75 days ago

I think that's RPG Maker VX Ace or something like that

yep its rpg maker. really love that app. it is available for free but just the light version

I love these games and I'm here now. I wanted to know, what RPG Maker are you using?  I really would like to do a game like yours!


i use vx ace :) thanks!


I love all these games, and I especially love discovering all their little secret references to your other games. :)

I'm curious though: Are the Wishing Coin and Lantern just there for effect, or did I miss a secret? Because it it's the latter, I'm willing to search every nook and cranny of the game to squeeze out every last bit of content!

having the coin gives a bit of extra dialogue in ginseng, but the lantern doesn't do anything. thanks for playing! love your dedication :)


fcv bhjn n

sad  ima sad

(1 edit)

do you got an estimated time the next one will come out


I get it, Trick or Treat. The two best friends.


Honestly, if i could i would give this game a 10 star rating. This game in the series is by far my favorite, I just love everything about it, the storyline, the character developement, and just the passion it has with the series and everything. This game is truly amazing and i really hope you keep making them, I have played every one except for the next two but you can guarantee i will play them. This series is so great and i have not played anything like it in awhile. So PLEASE keep making games like this one and thank you for these games I love them all. Keep it up! Much love <3

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