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Just binged all of these games in a day, the end to this one actually got me teary-eyed. GG, can't wait for the next installment in this series!!

I just finished playing the last few games and finished this one and i love them! They are so amazing and lovely and I'll probably end up replaying them (especially when new ones come) I also plan on seeing your other works, very excited to see what happens! Keep up the amazing work! 


Unbelievably cute story,  really tugged my heart strings. good job!! i loved it!! ^-^

Trick be like 

NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! It's over? Will there be more?!?!?! Please tell me that there's going to more! Ugh! I'm so sad. Anyways, here's my video, again.

yes there will be more :) i've been taking a break to work on other things but the series isn't over yet <3


So I just finished this installment in the series! I've really been enjoying it :) keep up the good work & I am excited to see what will happen next <3 <3 

im really happy i was showd these games! nami yoy are amazing. keep up the good work.


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I Was Searching Through My Web Browser Until I Met "Lonely Wolf Treat" I Was Like"hmm Lets Give It A Try" I Go Download It And Play It The After That..."Hmm... Yeah Imma Be Playing This For a While" Not Only That, It Was The Day After Wandering Wolf Trick Came Out And Me Was Like,"Such Wow, Such Inconvenience" So That's Pretty Cool

omg i had create this account just to say this


i got sooo into these games and i love them so much! at the start i was so sad for treat and the last one ended in tears. i fell like im going to blow up just waiting for the next one! do you have a date or month or season that it might be out?

thanks, i'm glad you're enjoying the series! unfortunately i don't have a date for the next release but i am working on a visual novel about mochi next, that should be out before the end of the year! the next rpg is still quite a ways off since i'm trying to get other projects finished and out of the way. thanks for your patience!! β™‘

can you go full screen in this game? 


i think it's alt+enter but your screen will stretch weird so it's not that great :(

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Thx! btw this series is awesome please continue them! Cant wait for next one, the hype is real!

I did not sign up for the feels this series has given me, but I am so glad I played them. Keep being absolutely amazing, Nami, because I haven't felt this attached to characters in months.

Thank you so much for making another entry into the series! I've really been enjoying your content a bunch Nami and look forward to the next entry in the series and anything else you make! ;w;/ Good luck creating even more awesome stuff!

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I've been playing these games and I absolutely love them! Wandering Wolf Trick left me in tears and Clever Fox Moxie gave me so many feels! Mochi and Treat's pov stories were also heartwarming but also heart breaking, making a great story line.  You really fall in love with all the main characters and the art, it's all such an awesome game. 

However, I know that Treat and Mochi are the main characters, but is Moxie and Trick going to show up in any of the games' continuation stories? They both seem to hold heavy hearts and sad memories from their backstories. But despite it all, Trick still stays optimistic and friendly, and Moxie stays determined and acts strong, making them both lovable characters. Not that Treat and Mochi aren't just as lovable, of course! They're the cutest couple around Frosting <3 Thank you for all the hard work you've been putting into these games and have a great day!! :)


heheh, thanks so much! yeah don't worry, moxie is here to stay. trick's place is elsewhere but they won't be gone forever <3 glad you're enjoying my games!!

So I've just finished playing the entire series up until this point, and while I wouldn't personally consider them "good", they are certainly interesting. The fact that I was engaged enough to keep playing must mean you were doing something right.
Complaints are mostly minor; things such as punctual errors, pacing and level design quirks that don't harm the experience too much. Larger issues, mainly do with the finer details of the writing are present, however, and do take me out of it sometimes.

like the central conflict. I get that this world is full of human-like animals, that some are predators (wolves, foxes, bears) and some are prey (rabbits, mice and cats, apparently), and how the predators eat the prey which causes them to hate each other's guts... but hang on a second!

When have we ever seen a predator kill and eat another character? Not to my knowledge they haven't. Treat is perfectly happy living off of pot noodles and curry, Moxie claims to like the taste of rabbit to scare people but has never actually eaten one, Trick flat out says she's a vegetarian, and everyone else sustains themselves on magic meat bought from witches. Sure, characters talk about it endlessly, they build walls and lock their doors more than once, but as far as I know, this whole thing's a sham. Some crazy rumour spread initially as a joke, only people were dumb enough to fall for it.

Does this world have the internet? All joking aside, this is so distracting!

As the series (at time of writing) isn't finished, this may be addressed at some point. You could also argue that as a series of mostly family-friendly slice-of-life stories with almost no violence (save a single, optional punch) it may catch people off guard, but you don't have to show it directly. The whole conspiracy aspect may also be, in fact, something you intended. In which case I just... ahh I don't know. Show don't tell, do don't show, I guess. I never figured I'd get so worked up over something like this, so let's go back to the positive.

Humans. Trick mentions she had a human master, and instantly my ears prick up. I start to pay attention and all sorts of intriguing questions spring to mind.

If there are humans around, where are they? Where'd they go? How come the animals all have towns and villages and yet there's not a single human settlement to be found? Can the humans see the animals the same way we see them, if at all? On and on and on.

I've always liked the idea of a fantasy world where humans, not orcs or elves, are the minority. The ancient ones spoken about in hushed tones in bars and around campfires. If I were to do a game in this series, it'd be one where you play from their perspective.

The art was sweet, one or two jokes made me smile, and I liked the bit in Clever Fox Moxie where you had to search the lodge for various knick-knacks to put on a show.

Though I must apologise, I never expected to write an essay on this (I have a habit of doing that), so I bid you good night and good luck. If not at the very least to allow other users some room. 

Keep up the good work!


Love the series! Just played them all in a row and nearly cried :3 

Cant wait for the next one!!!! <3

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as of now 12:02 7/15/2017 the dev has ben compleatly silent on tumblr for 2 days


...? but i posted on my dev blog just the other day?

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tumblr says 2 days and i wasent timeing it so.... well any way if you dont use tumblr mutch atleast update ur info i mean it says ur still working on the moxie game!


oops you're right, i keep forgetting about that page lol


Had to make an account just to tell that I love these little games that you make. Just marathoned through this series and I'm going to have a look at some of your other stuff too. Keep being awesome! ^_^

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dev just leaveing my my thoghts for a 5th game.

i wud love the relationship of mochi and treat expaned on. cuz frome what i can tell thay have dreprssion [tell me if im wrong]

mabe a bit more as far as normal life go's for the main careters [like how dose treat get food? can mochi just walk thro the gate or sumthn?]

mainly just more treat and mochi i find them to be the most intristing and thar games wer the best

[side note. longer game plz the games are so short!]


heheh, i'm writing a visual novel at the moment that's all about this stuff. lucky you <3 dunno when i'll be able to finish it but this comment certainly gives me motivation to!

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just a qwstion but are thay depressed? [just asking cuz all the signs are thare]


if that's what they come off as, then they are.  probably not something that would be named in the series itself (like a lot of other things) but if people relate to it that way i encourage them wholeheartedly!


I don't want to put any pressure on you, but do you already have a deadline for the new game?


Still love your games


not yet, i'm taking a break from the series to work on other things but i'll get back to it for sure <3


ok, take care!


AAAAAAA I just finished it and I am already so excited for the next one. I've been looking for exactly this kind of game since finishing the LiEat games and feeling kinda empty inside ): 

Also whats the mountains name? I forgot what it was called


the name of the mountain is mt. sorbet

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(I guess you're not a big fan of top 10'sπŸ˜…. Oh well I guess I strucked a nerveπŸ˜…)

Anyway final set of questions (maybe?):

1) What are the stats of the main cast? (HP,ATK,MP,etc)

2) Can animal folk learn magic under certain circumstances?

3) How buff/fit is Treat? (Just curious)

4) Does humanity (witches and non-magical) even care about the animal-folk? (Other than what was stated in "those" books. All I can say about "those" books is that they do fit the atmosphere of "her" house.😨)

5) In fact ( can't believe I'm saying this πŸ˜‚)do humans even matter to the candy universe ( basically what role does humanity play in this  universe)

2 and 5 (Or some of the other 16 questions from the past 2-3 days can be answered in the next book of lore.)

6) What type spinoff series are you planning on? (Dating Trick would be quite interesting)

Hoped you enjoyed answering my 2-3 day barrage of questions.

I know this has probably already been asked and I don't wanna sound dumb or something but will there ever be any Coupling of Treat and Mochi? I know this has probably been asked considering it was hinted in Clever Fox Moxie but I just wanna know for sure cause I really enjoy this series 

yes ;)

cool thank you for letting me know


Got more questions.

1) Do prey and smaller predators (foxes, cats, etc) have a beast/animal form? Or is it only available for apex (top of the food chain) predators?

2) Does Treat and/or Trick know how go into their beast/animal state?

3) Is there going to be information about the history between humanity(non-magical humans included) and the animal-folk?

4) List the top 10 strongest/most successful creatures. (Not including witches, demons, angels,gods, or any other mythological creatures)

(I'm also guessing that Treat is around 24-26 years old)

1+2. yeah all animal folk can do it whenever they feel like it really, it's just inconvenient more often than not so they generally don't.

3. probably, but it's not the focus of the story

4. i'm cutting you off NO MORE QUESTIONS hahaha

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Back for another set of questions:

1) What is the name of this world? (Or is it a weird magical version of our world?)

2) Are we going to see more of Treat's pack? (especially her parents)

3) Are we going to meet Trick's master?

4) Are you going to give us an idea of what's happening in Frosting?

5)How long is Moxie going stay in that tent?

6) Will there be any given information about the first pack?

7) Have you came up with the title of the next game? If so, what is it? (I do take "no"or "it's a secret" as an answer)

8) How many games do you think that this series will have? (Give an estimate)

( This is a great series and thanks for the previous reply. πŸ˜€πŸ‘ŒπŸ»)

1. i don't have a name for it, i've just been calling it candy universe

2. yes  3. probably not?  4. yes  5. until someone forces her out lol  6. probably!  7. no

and 8. i don't have an estimate sorry! but i have a lot of things planned so there will be at least a few, and probably a lot of spinoff games involving this cast.

I have 4 questions to ask about this series:

1) Will we ever be able to play as Powder and/or Fennel? (Love those two).

2) Are we going to know about Treat's childhood and why she left?

3)Are there going to be more secrets/ hidden lore?

4)What inspired you to create the lonely wolf treat series?

(Answer these questions in any way you would like and take your time :)πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»)

1. no they're not planned to be playable sorry

2. yes ;) and yes to 3 as well.

4. i've had some of these characters for quite a while as something i drew for fun, and i always wanted to make an rpg maker game so one day i saw that a game jam was happening and decided to go for it! treat is my fave so i made up a story about her. then everyone liked the game so much it really motivated me to keep making more haha

thanks for the questions!

One random question. Will any characters in this series die (major or minor) like in Atelier Sweets and Kaima?

as of right now i'm not planning on it no

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cool thanks for reply. Although I'm pretty sure other fans will be glaring at me for that question XD 

By far my favorite, and the best if you ask me.  I love Trick so much!  I hope we get to see lots more of them in the future.  I want to know everything that they do.  What will happen with Trick and Treat (ha, I just got the pun)?   Is Trick non-binary?  I love Trick so so so much oh my god


thank you! yes!! trick is non-binary and will return in the future of course~ glad you love them!!!



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Nami, I have a question about 'delicacy'.

Just How NSFW-ish is it?

hm well it's not super visually explicit but the characters have sex, so however nsfw that is to you haha



This game series, so far i think it is the best game i have ever played in my entire life, some of them has connection between other nami games and it adds more element into the game, also the art, music and other stuff is perfect too! I would love to see more of this game Keep up the good work nami!, btw will you make another game to this series? and there will be a game that you can visit clemintine from the first game and have a tea when i played that they promised a tea also that owl next to the border checkpoint promised a execption for treat too i would love to see that too, and the wilderness, hot springs' first opening and other moments also wanted to give a tip but i couldnt :(

thanks so much for the feedback!! i'll make a note of those things, they'd totally be fun to have~ and yes there will be more games in this series whenever i'm able to work on it! i'm taking a break right now to do other games but i won't forget this series ;)



Hey Nami! I just finished this series, at least for now! If you missed my videos on the other games, make sure to check them out!

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

What game are you working on currently or is it a secret?

i've actually been posting about a mermaid vn i've been working on since march! should be finished soon!!

i love this game i seen Mairusu  play it and it was amazing i hope this never dies btw are you making another one or is this the last one


thanks, i will indeed be making another one! and more games in general with these characters. i won't be able to work on them for a while because i'm busy with other projects but i assure you they're coming~ <3

Hi.. may I know what game engine you used. Is it RPG Maker Mv..?

vx ace actually!

You use RPGMaker to make your game, right? I've been thinking of making a game of some sort and I really enjoy this series of games. Also, do you know when the next game will come out? I just want a rough time for when it'll be released, but take your time, I can be patience.

yep, rpg maker vx ace! i can't start working on part 5 until next year, that's the best estimate i can give atm :(

That's ok! I'll wait as long as it takes.


wait a minute.....trick and treat......trick or you punster

You know Treat's parents are named "Cotton" and "Candy"?
Pretty sure it's sort of the theme for names.


Hey Nami! I really am in love with this series, thank you so much for your efforts, it's really appreciated. Take all the time you need in the next one, I'm really looking forward to it!

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