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for ages 18+!

SEX ADVICE SUCCUBUS is a cozy mature chat simulator! you play as Qmin, a succubus who works for a company that provides advice to paying clients, with the goal of improving their sex life.

today's client is Chloe, a ghost girl! she's planning a visit with her online girlfriend soon, but she's worried she won't be able to show her affection physically (being a ghost and all). so it's up to Qmin to give the right responses and find a solution together :)

features: 5k words, 5 endings. ingame music player with unlockable bonus tracks.

content advisory:

strong language and sexual themes. there are no explicit images.
although the game isn't meant to be erotic, i'd still like to request that minors DO NOT play this considering the sexual nature of the dialogue.

everyone else, please enjoy!


  • story + art by NomnomNami
  • original soundtrack by Jaelights (get it on BANDCAMP!)
  • bonus tracks by NomnomNami and chunderfins

made for Strawberry Jam 7!
special thanks to eevee for giving me the excuse to make this game <3


  • Español (ES) - Gabriel Fiallegas Medina (Basajaun Games)
  • Español (LATAM) - José Jil Tudela, Gabriel Fiallegas Medina
  • Français - Yuri Akuto
  • Português - Fah Braccini
  • Italiano - Rypher
  • Türkçe - Naamk
  • 简体中文 - 1145


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sexadvicesuccubus-1.1.5-pc.zip 107 MB
sexadvicesuccubus-1.1.5-mac.zip 93 MB
sexadvicesuccubus-1.0.0-pc.zip (jam version, english only) 95 MB
sexadvicesuccubus-1.0.0-mac.zip (jam version, english only) 81 MB
com.nomnomnami.sexadvicesuccubus-release.apk 111 MB

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Hört sich schon sehr cool an!

Was ist eigentlich mit deutscher Sprachversion?


wait a minute why the Chinese translator is 1145???

1145 in China means smelly,AHHHHHHH

ahh, this was adorable! i'm really struggling to get the 3rd ending ;-;  i'll get it someday. . .


I found the game really fun! I got all four endings fairly easily(back to back, 5,3,4,2) then I had a hard time with the first one(I figured getting her super uncomfortable would do the trick) turned out I was right and was just missing a few options, But I didn't wanna make her sad, maybe I'm just bad at making people sad lol. Either way, good job I'll check some of your other games now!

I have gotten exactly one ending, and once again, nami, you never disapoint, I almost died from the cuteness.

I loved this game omg

aaaaa this is such a neat game!! :D i rlly love the dialogue & theme in general . would love to see more ^_^

im wondering how youre supposed get the 2nd and 3rd ending tho , any help is appreciated ;0

(1 edit)

How do I get the third ending tho.. (other than that great game!❤)

czekam na PL!!!! :)

It was a really cute and kinky game i got the 5 endings and it was fun :D

hii i wanted to ask how you got the third ending?

Surprisingly cozy despite the slightly lewd subject ^^ But  the writing is just
so good it really makes you feel as if you're reading a discord log.

this game is ADORABLE i like everything about it I really hope this is not just gonna be for game jam but I can see it being  as an amazing project 


Sadly I didn't have the cash to support, but TBH I would play a like full release of this it's so cute. Even if I have a bad feeling I'd only get like 1-2 endings out of fear of screwing it up down other paths. but this is so adorable and I love it and AAAAAAAAAA

I loved this game's idea, the character design is so cute and the chat was so fun and creative! I wish more characters were available!!

Very cool concept. +I love the chara design, the ryhtm in the writing, the puns and the music. Everything's neat  (^o^)/~*~*~


I loved this game so much,the art style was so adorable including the little ghost girl,I loved the music that played as well I liked how you could switch to different songs absolutely enjoyed it 10/10.


Soooo cute!! I had the hardest time trying to get the bad endings, but i got there eventually. I hope this gets expanded on more or the concept is at least explored. Much Love!

LOVED THIS GAME !! i just cant figure out how to get my last ending



why only one client? This is great!

A good game!But the laws of China didn’t let me record this game and update the video…(Bilibili)

Hope the newer version!!!




Help I can't gey the last ending ;-;



Really love the artstyle and the game <3


Anyone knows how to get first in a list ending??? I got only 4 of them:((

You have to make Chloe as uncomfortable as possible in order to get the first ending. The least obvious part is that you have to make sure to choose to talk about RP when prompted, and then bring up ABO!


ABO? Is that Omegaverse related? Can see how that could make someone who doesnt like that reaally uncomfortable


Honestly, this was an adorable game. I played it on my channel. And I saw what you did with that bonus song at the end. I love it so much, thank you!


this game is incredibly sweet! i absolutely adored the vibes and it was so fun getting to see a vn in this kind of format ^w^


Love the art! It took me a bit, but was able to get all 5 endings Tho I did feel a bit guilty when getting the uncomfortable ending. The format of the game being a chatroom was super cool.


neeedd spanish version😍

The Spanish version is out now!

thank you!!!


delightful. the conversation is soft and friendly, i really like this depiction of sex advice

i'm also a huge sucker for subtle variations in dialogue and endings, it makes them feel so natural and alive!! like "even though i may have gotten the same ending, the vibes are a little different" you know

(light spoilers)

i love that you can get a nice ending even if Chloe is uncomfortable sometimes, and that they step away peacefully from each other even in the worst ending. sometimes you just don't vibe with someone and you can just step away, and that's okay


That was, honestly, a really cute game. I was expecting like video sex and stuff. but this was some really good wholesome fluff about trying to help someone with their sexlife.

(1 edit) (+3)

Super adorable and chill, dialog feels natural, and the soundtrack is amazing. Really hope this idea gets expanded, so much potential for more stories!


Can't wait to get it in spanish!!

It's finally available in Spanish!!


THIS GAME IS SO SWEEEEET i'm in love with your work!!! your art is very lovely and this game is as well ;_; it's so sex positive and made me so comfortable even if this theme is a tough spot for me, love it very much!


This was such a cute little game! Healthy sex-positive vibes are far too rare in games, let alone movies, books, etc... The only downside is the short length; I want more! Absolutely fantastic, GAY/10 and I envy Qmin's choice of career!

How do I get the second ending? This is such a cute game though I'm digging it a lot :D

love it <3


Will there be a Spanish version


yes, i will be sending the files out to translators today :) so far spanish, french, and brazilian portuguese are confirmed!


yall i got all the endings except for the one on the very top someone send help !!! pls!

(1 edit) (+2)

Yeah, if someone's able to unlock it, a playthrough might be really helpful!!! I'm excited to find out how to get the ending though TvT


The very top one is the roughest ending - you get it if she has so little confidence in you that you skip right past the first choice of recommendations, and then make an overfamiliar joke. 

It's pretty specific! Qmin is too good at her job to mess up like this unless you reeeaaally lean into it, bless her.


Thank you!! I hope I'm able to unlock that one soon :") <33


thanks! hopefully i can get it 


i got it! thanks man!!! 


"demons don't really do romans"

Kamilla : wait what ?

Kamilla: I am contractually cursed by a client 

Eleni: I proved this wrong!


Wow.I don't know how to express my opinion for a moment


do you feel kinda confused too?..


 Yes, it feels a little strange. But it's still lovely

Me too, started with controller, then tried arrow button on keyboard to no avail 

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