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for ages 18+!

SEX ADVICE SUCCUBUS is a cozy mature chat simulator! you play as Qmin, a succubus who works for a company that provides advice to paying clients, with the goal of improving their sex life.

features: ~8k words, 4-5 endings per session. ingame music player with unlockable bonus tracks.

client list:

  • GhostlyChloe is planning a visit with her online girlfriend soon, but she's worried she won't be able to show her affection physically (being a ghost and all). it's up to Qmin to give the right responses and find a solution together :)
  • [ NEW! ] MajikoFan is an incubus who's anxious about having sex for the first time... what can Qmin do for someone who'd rather not have sex at all?

content advisory:

strong language and sexual themes. there are no explicit images.
although the game isn't meant to be erotic, i'd still like to request that minors DO NOT play this considering the sexual nature of the dialogue.

everyone else, please enjoy!


  • story + art by NomnomNami
  • original soundtrack by Jaelights (listen on youtube)
  • bonus tracks by NomnomNami and chunderfins

originally made for Strawberry Jam 7!
special thanks to eevee for giving me the excuse to make this game <3


  • Español (ES) - Gabriel Fiallegas Medina (Basajaun Games)
  • Español (LATAM) - José Jil Tudela, Gabriel Fiallegas Medina
  • Français - Yuri Akuto
  • Deutsch - Antonio Moss
  • Português - Fah Braccini
  • Italiano - Rypher
  • Polski - Nika Klag
  • Türkçe - Naamk
  • 简体中文 - 1145
  • 日本語 - Sachico Miura, Proofreader: Nana Itoh
  • Tiếng Việt - Bánh
  • Українська - storyteller613
  • Pусский - Project Gardares
  • Pусский (alternate) - Zweelee
  • ภาษาไทย - Whateverzone


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sexadvicesuccubus-2.0.0-pc.zip 143 MB
sexadvicesuccubus-2.0.0-mac.zip 137 MB
com.nomnomnami.sexadvicesuccubus-release.apk 147 MB
sexadvicesuccubus-1.0.0-pc.zip (jam version, english only) 95 MB
sexadvicesuccubus-1.0.0-mac.zip (jam version, english only) 81 MB

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This game was not at all what I expected! It was so much better. I found it very fun and well written. I even played the Spanish version just to see how some puns were translated, and I found the translation to be top notch too. Great game!!

Such a sweet an helpful game!! I reccomended 2 my friends since most of us r 16-18 yrs, and those of us who r 15 might need it early or can use it later. It actually helped me overcome my fears a lot, something im still struggling 2 do. Play dis game, it might be helpful, and if it isnt den its still nice and wholesome for a r18+ game lol ^_^

I forgot 2 mention, in my country the age of consent is 16+, so thats why us 16 year olds find it helpful and dont mind the sexual nature of the game


Replayed the game yesterday and just discovered the path where Qmin plans a murder. This game still manages to make me laugh ten months later. 10/10


also is it with chloe? Cause i still havent got all her endings yet


THIS GAME ITS JUST SOO GOOD AND WELL DONE!! i recomend especially if you're on the aro/ace spectrum! it helped me a lot to understand myself and how the society puts pressure about having intimate relationships


i loved so much the asexual representation, the characters are super cute!! the universe is super well explored, the musics are perfect :0 im in love with the characters


i love this game so much. the writing, music, art. i love the asexual representation!

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Just finished the Second Session update, after meaning to get to it for a while! Got all the endings, too. Just like the OG release, I love the continued chill vibes. And, of course, the new character design is lovely, as per usual!

What I didn't expect going into this was all the FEELINGS! Without giving spoilers, I really related to Blue a lot. Not just in The Obvious Way, but also how he talks about his favorite fictional character.

I've always loved the concept of using succubus and incubus society in order to explore the ways that society puts pressure on people to be intimate. Including (and sometimes, especially) when you're someone who isn't interested in it! My face lit up with excitement when I found out that's more or less what this new route was exploring. It's very well-done, too! The issue is exasperated due to incubi/succubi (in theory...) being literally All About Sex, which is what makes it such great commentary on our real world.

I'm so happy that this game received this update! No pressure, obviously, but if you ever wanted to update and add even more stories, I would play every single one with great joy and fervour! <3

I need an update now. I loved the stories and the style of the characters.

Better than I ever hoped. It's not just a dirty talk game, but rather very well thought out. Your clients have very fun issues you help them solve in imaginative ways. I love helping people, and helping them with romance and relationships is just a pure bonus. Multiple endings are also very welcome.

I would absolutely love more content for this game!


I was so happy to see another session was added, and boy howdy did I enjoy it! Thanks so much for updating, Nami! I hope you're able to add more soon~ I enjoy your work so much. : )


es bastante bonito te ayuda pensar las cosas :3 me encanto


I was really hoping there would be more clients eventually!! Love this game

Qmin is hot.

I need more Qmin in my life.


tiny bit of spoilers:

didnt expect that baezel's there


Just played the new update and damn… this is just way to realistic! I mean, I’ve had actual clients like that! 😁

(Not clients in Sex Advice specifically though, in case you’re wondering, but some of them do arrive being pretty desperate when we meet up the first couple of times.)

… Mini-Spoiler follows …





Also very happy with the great ace presentation! As a fellow ace it felt extremely obvious what he was struggling with, but the way the “not good enough for not liking sex“ was presented felt extremely relatable to what I felt (mostly past-tense) myself.

- Curio


The demon shrink we all wish we had.


Thanks for adding the Japanese translation!

I used to play with Google Translate, but more often than not it didn't translate very well... LOL!


Aaaaaaaah I saw Trick's email (gosh I love those they're so cute!), and when I found out another session is available I got so excited!! 

Can't wait to play, thanks Nami!


Is the new session on android now?

yes, all versions have been updated!

I have it tested!


i love this game sm!!!! it's so fun and relatable, i actually felt so anxious when majikofan was gonna leave, i really didn't want him to leave feeling bad .... i didn't want to press the uncomfortable topics he wished he didn't have to think about either!!!! ah!!!!!!!! it's ok to just be you..... you're a person with feelings before anything else..... thank you for making such relatable and sweet games they're very relaxing i legit cannot get enough, i'm rly super looking forward to the next treat installment!!!!! thank you for your games!! thank you!

oh wow. Didn't expect an update

(1 edit)

i fell in love with the game, the character design, the vibe, the chat itself feels like a real discord log. 

also sad that there's no more characters but still 5/5 


This was sooo nice but it hurt when there wasn't more than 1 client, I really hope you might expand on this one day!!!

Só fiz o final feitichista por enquanto, mas curti demais o dialogo e o respeito que as personagens tem entre si. Além disso desbloqueou um feitiche em mim também, pena que não conheço nenhuma fantasma. Kkkkkkkkkkkk


Пожалуйста, добавьте русский язык как можно скорее:(

Russian has just been added!


This Is a Great Start I think. 

Got the Normal ending Myself.

But I would very much love to see More of this.

More clients if possible. maybe even some results!

maybe the clients come back and have more things to ask,

I love this!! keep up the good work ^^

(1 edit)

very cute game! (the french translation was done very well too c:) though i feel like the comfort meter was a bit superfluous and not really needed. maybe just keeping it as a background thing to check for the bad end? i say all that but its really just a nitpick, it didnt detract from the overrall experience at all, i throughly enjoyed getting all 5 endings! and also thinking about ghost sex toys.. 😳


Sério mano o jogo é incrível como todos os seus outros jogos, recomendo para quem queira jogar 😁


Hi, will there be a Russian translation?


sorry for the late reply--yes, russian will be added sometime this year!

Thanks for answer!

Replying just in case you haven't seen it, but russian was added some days ago


Does anyone know how to get the second ending? It's probably really obvious but I can't figure it out

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The game is well written, but I found the rating system unnerving. Many of the options that result in your character telling jokes or talking about herself result in worse final scores compared to the more "customer-servicey" options. A run where my character expressed self-doubt and sadness about being discriminated against for being a succubus had a 40% lower score than a run where I just clicked the obvious try-to-seem-helpful options.

In this way, the game reproduces capitalism's logic of domination of service workers.


I can understand your concerns. Capitalism does indeed treat ordinary workers cruelly and callously, only showing interest in them as tools to help make profits for greedy rich people, and not as living, feeling people with needs and dreams. This is an awful, unjust way of doing things.
However, I'm not sure if it's really fair to suggest such treatment in this game. Qmin gets rated by her customer, Chloe, based on what Chloe personally felt about Qmin's service. What you have to remember about Chloe is that she is quite shy and nervous and inexperienced when it comes to sexual matters. So, Qmin has to be careful to put her at ease and make her feel comfortable, otherwise Chloe won't get what she wants out of the session. It's understandable that Qmin talking about sad parts of her life would make Chloe uneasy, because people generally feel bad when people talk to them about bad things that happen in their life. Also, that sort of talk might make Chloe doubt Qmin's professionalism, and make her feel less confident about Qmin's advice.
I don't think this is a case of 'This sex advice worker expressed personal feelings and vulnerabilities! Workers aren't supposed to act like real people, they're only supposed to be mindless, efficient machines to make money!' I think it's more a case of 'This sex advice worker acted too casually and thoughtlessly, and didn't consider her client's feelings enough, and that meant that the client didn't get as much out of the session as she could have.'
When a client is recieving some kind of service, I don't think it's unreasonable for that client to expect some level of professionalism, or some level of cheerfulness, if that's what would make the client feel at ease. Even in a fairer, kinder, non-capitalist system, I expect people recieving this kind of service would still want to be treated like that.
Of course, this could also be because Qmin only serves ONE client in this game. If she served several different clients, with different needs and different personalities, then maybe they woud rate her differently - maybe they would like it if she was more jokey or expressed more of her vulnerabilities.


yeah, i agree, its about being a bit professional, and having boundaries


Huh, that's interesting. What sounded like customer-service language to you sounded just like therapy language to me.


yeah, me too


Please do the russian translation, I want to play but can't 😔

This was my second time playying a nomnomnami game, this was actually super wholesome because I didnt know what to expect when i saw it was an 18+ game

(1 edit)

amei esse jogo,ele é muito fofo,bem ambientado e com otimos diálogos, todos são tão parecidos com a vida real que até me fez achar que era eu mesma falando kkkkk(gírias e a forma casual). As artes e design do jogo são perfeitas. Sempre gostei muito dos seus jogos,obrigada por mais esse projeto incrível e a tradução impecável(ainda não consegui pegar o final do meio 😭😭😭).💖🇧🇷


Absolutely loved this game! The dialogue and their way of talking felt so lifelike, and the visuals and the way you can see both girls as they chat gave it a very special touch. If someday you decide to make a longer version with more clients I'd really love to play it.


This game is so nice, I love the mechanics of exchanging messages, like "Emily is Away", it brought me that nostalgia. I loved the connection that the two characters generate through a 2 hour conversation, even though they are completely different from each other...

I even identify myself with Qmin, I'm always the person in the group that is always trying to teach, listen and be welcome in sexual matters, not that I'm some kind of professional LOL anyway, the game is perfect and the ending that took me the longest was the 3rd one, but other than that it was a piece of cake.

I Really love this game!^^ can you please add more costumers? :D btw i love the personality of chloe<3

Honestly so cute, I love the topics that were touched and given tehir respect as well as acknwoledging the different types of people er, demons I guess? Not only that but that was such a cute story and depending on the ending, great as well! I got the last two ones and I dunno about the first three but I don't wanna hurt our lil Ghosty!!

It was really cute!

so far i got 3 endings. second nomnomnami game, great stuff!

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