SAS mobile version is up!

Sex Advice Succubus is now playable on android devices!

this game wasn't designed for touchscreens since i can't put it on google play anyway, so the current build has a few issues:

  • some buttons are kinda small and hard to press
  • there is notable lag as the game goes on, because rendering all the previous text is hard on your phone
  • the skip function slows down a lot as you reach the end (for the same reason as above)

i will try to optimize the game in future updates. sorry for the inconvenience, i hope it works better on tablets than it did on my dinky little phone!

thanks for playing~

<3 nami


com.nomnomnami.sexadvicesuccubus-release.apk 99 MB
Feb 25, 2023

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It's plenty playable on my phone! Of course, it helps that the Cosmo Communicator has a physical keyboard so I can use all the familiar Ren'Py controls 😅


wow, i've never heard of this device and now i want one!!! glad the game works well for you haha

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Yeahhh the keyboard is really killer tbh. The company selling them is a bit of a mixed bag though, they're shipping their newest device (the "Astro Slide" lol) to crowdfunding backers now, but it got delayed a whole bunch and they were not great at communicating the whole thing. And the devices inevitably have some rough edges, the software's kinda half-baked, etc. That's what happens when you're a tiny UK electronics company trying to scrape by, I guess. But hey, what device doesn't require adopting some kind of maladaptive behavior to use regularly these days 🙃

Seriously though, having a mobile device with a keyboard I can thumb-type or touch-type on has completely spoiled me for everything else. This is going to cause me problems at some point lmao

[/phone rant]

(I've only gotten a couple endings in the game so far but the writing is very fun and sweet c: )


wow, that was fast! thanks make the android version!