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hey can i get delicacy (R18-treatxmoxie comic)yes or no?


you'll have to buy it from its page my dude

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From what i watched, it is absolute perfect.Now then, you download first 2 right?

Was this made in RPG Maker VX Ace? Or RPG Maker MV?


vx ace!

Well have you ever wanted it to come to MacOS or mobile? IF you'd like to I can help with that. I have experience with RPG Maker MV and I helped with the development of New Home + which is on my page. So if you'd like to discuss this more we can by facebook or any other IM? For privacy you know?

thanks but porting to mv would require me to redraw all the tiles, which is more effort than i'm willing to put forth at this time. i'd rather make the rest of the series before worrying about porting it and keeping all the versions current.

We can still give it a try at least. A little test really. Besides, I would handle putting it all together and making sure it works. So if all that needs to be done is redrawn tile sets, that might not be much of a problem. But if the next entry was made in MV, and used the same tile sets as the others, that would makes things go by faster.

But still, it can't hurt to at least test out an MV port now can it? I'd handle putting it together, so you won't need to worry about that. And if you would want me to help with bringing the series to MV, I'd gladly do so. And even mobile!

So go on and think about trying a test run to see how it works out. To make sure that it's playable at least.

i've looked into this stuff a bit myself, and if i upres the tiles i'd have to redo all the character sprites as well... it's just not something i'm interested in doing. i'd rather remake the whole thing from the ground up in gamemaker since i've wanted to learn how to use that program anyway. thanks again for offering though, it's very kind of you.

realy good


Getting ready to play Wandering Wolf Trick! :D SO excited you released a new game! <3

Hi Nami. This is the first game of yours iv'e played. and it was really good. I found myself smiling at the end which in all honesty is something i don't do as much of lately. It may sound silly, but i just wanted to say thank you for that, and that i'm looking forward to the rest of your games.

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rpg maker vx ace has a set of default assets that games made with it won't run without, but since it's quite a bit of data and there's an option to download the rtp once separately, i always put up a download of the game without the rtp included so that it takes up less space/is quicker to DL.

Deleted post

Awww i didn't know this series of yours! I downloaded the whole 4 games, i'm sure they'll be good!!!

Hi Nami. It seems like can't run any of the games in this series on my computer, even on the itch installer. Do you know what the problem could be?

hmm... it could be a couple things. what kind of error are you getting?

When I try running it in the itch launcher, it just says the game couldn't be started. When I ran it manualy, it said that I don't have enought permissions to run it (or something in this direction).

If you want the error report from the itch launcher, just tell me where to send it.

oh hmm, i don't know anything about itch launcher stuff, maybe it has a problem with rpg maker games in general? is there a way to find the game folder on your computer and open it from that??

Yes, and I tried to run that, too, without success. It's showing me the same error message.

Update: Solved the problem! I had to install the RTP for RPG Maker VX Ace. After a restart, everything worked fine.

hey nami, so i have a youtube channel called foxythesnowman, and since i love treat so much i used the dress treat game and took a screenshot of her face and edited the colors a lil, my bad for not asking your permission yet, are you ok with that? if not, totally fine with it...


yeah that's fine! lots of people make edits for their thumbnails, i don't mind at all.

oh yay! thank you so much!

hey when do you think that the new game will be out? also is Treat and Mochi finally gonna be in a relationship????

the end of this month i hope! and you'll see ;)


This was so cool, thank you so much. I really like the story you have set up here.

um nami I need help like help help help help ahhhh

i am stuck after buying food in the store for the first time

try going to where the foxes live!

its almost time for the 4th one! I'm so excited!!!

Pls...can you add Russian translation?

the translations for my games depend on volunteers. hopefully someone can do this one for me in the future!

I can translate it into Russian and Ukrainian... how would I go about it? I never did game translation before.

oh that would be really cool! can i have your email? i'll send the files.

It is ab2akiba at


I got the game to run on my MacBook and i was wondering, is the game naturally stuck to windowed/small-screen mode, or is it something to do with it not running on windows? Either way it's great.

thanks! alt+enter is the fullscreen shortcut so if that doesn't work idk what to tell you... rpg maker is a little limited in this area, if it counts for anything fullscreen stretches everything so it's probably not the best experience anyway haha

i do apologize, but how do i play it after i downloaded it, its my first time downloading something ^w^'

right click and unzip the folder, then inside somewhere there should be a "Game.exe" you can double click to play!

MORE!! >:C

Uhmm I Played all of the games.....and i was wondering are there anymore games like this >w< i like this one soo much i just had to ask i already play

Sooo someone pleaaaseee sugggest me one game like this >w<

Maybe the other games made by Nami?

Hey there! this game was super fun I played it on my channel!
loved the chracters and the story <3 super cute

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As promised here is the link to the first video!

I have to say I adore these games. I hope I did it justice!


when will episode 4 be done?


aiming for february!

nami you can also make a version for mac? please

it'll be a while before i can do that, but you can try playing through this instead:

i'm surprise this has such good language support.

i'm surprised too, people just keep wanting to translate it! it's awesome haha

you make sooooooo many good games! i love everyone, (even the ones that dont make sense) thank you! also, there is this app called amino, and well, i have been writing stories on it (i am i great story teller) and part of it is in frosting! here is a link to the first> Frox and blubird. Pt 1 | Lonely Wolf Treat Amino thank you for noticing! ~<3

Hmm is treat is a girl, sometimes misunderstand that shes a girl? :D

yes, treat is a girl.

Ok i LOVED this game...WAY TO SHORT. WAY WAY WAAAAAAY TO SHORT...Can you make another one...? Longer this time? :3

theres a sequel to this! it's called friendly bunny mochi

Haha! I found THAT sequel and the "Clever Fox Moxie" sequel too! Im downloading "Romance Detective 2" right now. After the first game i of yours a played i couldn't stop playing them ^^ I LOVE all of your games! I played almost all of them already ^^ Thanks for making these! Keep doing what you love the most. Thanks friend ^^ I hope tomorrow will go well for you ^^

aww wow thank you so much!! i hope you're enjoying everything!!!! have a lovely day~

Can't help but wonder if something is wrong, but I keep getting stuck at the stage where I need to buy chicken. I buy the chicken, back out of the menu, and Mochi asks me if I don't want to buy the chicken, reopens the shop, and I'm basically stuck in that loop.

Did something break?

hmm... all i can think is that youre not actually buying it? like, are you hitting z at the screen where you input the amount (x1, etc), then it makes a little cash register noise? if that still doesn't work for some reason, start the game over without putting your coat on in the beginning, that way you wont be carrying money to buy it in the first place and mochi will get it for you haha


Well, it's a bit sad that a game breaking bug like that seems so insignificant to you. :l

It's nice to know there's a workaround, but still, as a developer of games myself, I wouldn't be able to stand a bug like this not being fixed. X.X

it's never happened to anyone before and this game has been out for almost a year... i'm sorry that it gave you trouble though!

Just saying, to a developer, an unreproduceable bug usually isn't worth trying to fix.

Can u pls add a sprite download so i can add a easter egg of ur game?

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I'm making a game myself. Btw do u have youtube?

how I feel about the games... 100000/10 LOVE NEED WANT HAVE

How to make fullscreen and mute music?

p.s very nice game xd

alt+enter for fullscreen, there's no volume control in the game so youll just have to turn it down in your mixer or something, sorry! thanks!!

Ty! i totally forgot about the mixer lol

Where's the Spanish translation? It doesn't appear on the download list, and the translator's blog is currently unavailable. I want to introduce my mexican friend to your game hehe...

ah yeah i don't have it uploaded here. do the links in this post work?

Thanks! I just saw some random youtuber play this like 6 months ago, and since then i've been really attached to all of your games and posts! Keep up with the amazing work girl!

I have only one thing to say about this... AMAZING WORK OF ART I am new to all of this the RPG's and such but considering this is what I find first! I can't wait for more I just wish I had you amazing skills... oh well at least I get to find beauty like this!


Hi there, hope you're having a wonderful day :D

First of, I would like to say this is a truly masterpiece that you had created. You elaborated thoroughly a heartwarming story that touched me from the bottom of my heart. The simplicity of the characters and the story never fails to amuse me. I had never felt this ever since the release of Undertale and I truly appreciate this game.

I would just like to inquire 2 questions (hopefully you might answer them XD)

Maybe you can find someone who can translate this to Chinese (traditional)? My English isn't probably the strongest language I know if you ask me. I only can understand the story around 2/3 or so. I would really be grateful If you can ask someone to translate the game.

I don't mean to push any of your buttons or drive you nuts but... When will the 4th sequel be released (sorry if I'd made you mad)

Anyways, I would like to thank you for investing your precious time in reading this. As always, stay awesome!


wow, thanks so much for your kind message!!

to answer your questions: one of my visual novels got chinese translations (her tears were my light) so i'll talk to those people to see if they'd want to work on this one too!

and, the 4th game is coming next year! probably in february? i'm working on it right now :D


Oh wow, i didn't expect that you would reply to this message XD. Wow wow wow oh wow.

I just went through your profile page and you said that you are working with lab zero. Wow, even more a surprise XD.

Let me just tell you one thing, big fan of the game, Skullgirls. Absolutely beautiful. I had donate like $350 to that game as the frames per sec were just like orgasm to my eyes. The story is kinda like a paradox ( which I really adore & never expected) and the characters themselves were just as unique as their personality.

But alas, all good games will have to come to an end. The community's dead, the (game) lobbies are mostly filled with player that know their match / skilled, no more updates or new characters. It is really sad and what a waste to see how such as good game could just *poof* vanish and forgotten by others. I hope you and your games would not end up the same fate as skullgirls.

As Moxie would've said: "I'm rootin for ya!"

what program do you use to make the draws?

also, good game, i created this account just to follow you :D :3

wow thank you! i use clip studio paint.

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I'm not going to lie, but I made this account just to follow the creator because of this amazing game they created. Its heartwarming (as said in the description,) and beautiful. The colors are great in my opinion and the characters have individual personalities that make them special in their own way. I actually started writing a story based off of the topic in the first part, "Lonely Wolf Treat." I'm not the greatest writer and probably am bad at it, but it's fun to write for me and a friend is writing the story from a different perspective (which I find pretty cool.) But as I was saying, the game made me feels and not a lot of games do that. Keep up the hard work Nami!


I love all of these games since i saw mairisu play them.So hyped for part 4! :3

I hope you can release part 4 in next year or so,The hype is real! :3

That's the same way I found out about this game, funny XD

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