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Well, this game was something entirely different then what I expected. I kept relating the story with real life events such as segregation in America and how Mochi kept using certain words to refer to wolves as they if they were "out of this world beings from outer space". I enjoyed this and I hope you make more of these in the future

(P.S. This isn't a complaint, but I thought Treat was a boy. I was kinda upset she came out to be a girl. The shipping would have been so real with these two TT-TT)

Video Here

thank you for playing my game! there are two sequels out and more planned for next year, so i hope you enjoy those too!

also... please re-examine what you just said. why is it off limits to ship two female characters together? love is love <3

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Oh no, please don't think im one of those crazy overly sensitive religious nuts who hate seeing same sex relationships. I myself am into the same sex, but I just thought that Treat was a boy at the start.

And yes, I should apologize and I should have worded myself better. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Treat being either male or female because love is love regardless. I just hope I did not offend you in any way

it was just a little sad to hear :( thank you for clarifying though.

Hey! I wanted to know when the rest of your games will be released on Mac. I am really excited to play them cuz Ive enjoyed all of them so far.

someday!!! i have to port them to the newest rpg maker and i don't know when i'll have time or how long it will take. hopefully i can get to it soon!

Hopefully you can! I reallt really want to play the rest of your games soon

I am playing them in Wine in the meantime. It's not too bad!

I made a mistake. I played the second game before the first. Makes more sense now. I'm sorry for my stupitity.


Explains a lot :")

This was adorable....I can't wait for moreX3

This game sure was a...Treat...

Glad that pun wasn't... COLD! hehehe.

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Really adorable game! I just HAD to play it once I saw how cute the artstyle was c;

Could you make a download for mac please? I have a macbook air computer and I really wanna get this! Thanks! :D

rpg maker vx ace doesn't build to mac :( i'll be porting it at some point but until then you're out of luck.

Aww ok. Thanks though!

Play it in Wine! :)

CUTEST RPG MAKER GAME EVER. I absolutely loved it! I usually play horror games on my channel, but I wanted a small break with something more laid back and I'm so glad I found this game! The message behind it is great and I just really enjoyed it :D My playthrough:

I did a video on the game; it's easily one of my favorite indie games.

How can I get in touch with you for business?

i added my email to my profile page just now ^^

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This is an awesome and adorable RPG game. The art style is well done, the music is retro and cool, and the writing really brings out the characters. I've played a lot of RPG maker games but this one has to be one of my favorites. Not only is it different in the fact that its not simply about humans. But the fact that there is so much extra put into this games. My favorite part of this game is that it has it's own unique sprites for each character. Combine that with the occasional still images that are all well drawn, and this game is just a fun little game to play. I also really like the message this game has with it. A lot of games with the same message tend to move towards a darker side when it comes to the story. But this one makes it all cute and well pink but the message is still evident no matter what it may look like. "Don't judge others by the way they look, just because their different, doesn't mean there bad." All in all a well made RPG game and I can't wait to check out the sequel. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

STOP JUDGING HER! | Lonely Wolf Treat

Your game is very very veryyyy CUTE!! ♥ Love it XD

Mochi is lovely that I want to hug her tightly!

I am going to play another game, Friendly Bunny Mochi. Look interesting as well!

Sorry for my bad English but I want you to know that I'm enjoyed it so much XD

For your other game Nami, the one when you play as the rabbit..are their any endings where you can get a girlfriend/boyfriend/Husband/Wife?

I have rpg maker vx ace, and the sprites are different true? I rlly need to know how, im making a project for homework, and it has to be completely original, also one last question, do you have custom tilesets? I love ur game by the way! ^3^

thank you! and yes, i make all the pixel art in these. you can find tutorials for how to import custom stuff into rpg maker here!

thanks, this rlly helped :D

i love the music in this game and i wanted to use it in youtube videos plz

i don't mind as long as you credit me ^^

It keeps telling me the Folder is 'Invalid' What do I do? I cant wait to play it but it just wont open.

that's odd, maybe something went wrong with the download? try redownloading it i guess :( sorry that's the best i can say

Looks like a good game, but I can't play since I have an apple computor not a windows.

Thank you so much for making this game! It's so polished and cute, I'm very impressed! I made a play-through video of it. It's been a while since I've made anything so I'm a little rusty. I'll post the second video on the Friendly Bunny Mochi Page. :3

I Recorded This Game It Was Fun And Cute Felt Bad For The Wolf And I Loved It When They Buy CHICKEN I Love Chicken

Channel Link:

Video Link:

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Just wanted to share that I started a channel recently and I selected this game for my second video. I'm really enjoying it so far and love what you've created.

Here's a link to my video if you feel compelled to check it out. Don't mind the goofy thumbnail. (though I had oodles of fun making that).

Lonely Wolf Treat | Part 1

I have a list of people who, were I to somehow become incredibly rich, I would give one thousand dollars to just because I can. Welcome on that list, Nami.

In the meantime, have these ten dollars for all of your art collections.

Stay awesome!

how do i open it

This is so super cute! I love the chara designs and the background music a lot ;w;

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This game is soooo freakin cute! I had to play this for my channel. I can't wait to play part 2!

Here's my play through. Truly a beautiful game! I love your games.

This is a really adorable and amazing game!!! Are you gonna make more soon cause I love it!

you're in luck... i'm releasing part 2 tomorrow ;)

Can't wait!!

Me too!

...I literally was eating chicken curry when I played this o - o

what a random occurrence -3-


Another question aha ;]

At the end of the game, how did you create the scene where it was just artwork showing? (genius idea btw)


rpg maker lets you display pictures so i just turned the player invisible and had them dissolve over each other haha

Hey ;] What software did you use to create this? It's amazing!


it's made in rpg maker vx ace!

Thanks very much!


OK, first of all: I fell madly in love with your drawing style. Just because of that I think I'll have to give your VNs a shot in the future. It looks so cute^^

The game itself was good as well. Classic scenario (The scary person who is not actually scary and only a kid understands) and it worked fine here. The story has a lot of charme. Also I am really curious how befriending the foxes will work out, so that was a good cliffhanger. Overall thumbs up and thank you for creating this game^^

I have one question: Will Lonely Wolf Treat be extended or will the continuation be a new game?

P.S: And of course I have to do some shilling for my LP because I am a bad person:


thank you so much! i really enjoyed your LP, i'm always happy when someone sounds like theyre having so much fun playing my games ;o;

i'm working on the sequel right now, it's another short game. my plan is to keep doing small releases and eventually combine them into one full game!


Oh I had definetly fun^^

Ah ok, well then I look forward to the next little release^^

How nice. A spin-off story taking place in the same world as Syrup's tale. Guess the wolf needed her own story since she barely got to do anything last time.


This is so sweet and heartwarming! I was feeling so sad for the sweet shy little wolf! I love the message it sends, whatever that may be to an individual. To me, it's about not judging others just based on what they are, and always help others in need :)

The music was very nice as well and was peaceful and calming.



this game was really pleasant and I think it has a very nice message :D and sadly I felt like I could relate so much to that wolf :o


This is amazing! No enemys, just a beautiful little story. I wish i could make a anime out of it. Like lucky star or acchi kocchi. and i have a question. Will the story really be continued? Im really hyped for it! and sorry for bad english skills.


yes it will be continued! the next story will be more about mochi <3

Yay! Cant wait!

Yayyyy! I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet little game but can there be a bit more about Treat too?


of course! she's kind of on the sidelines for most of part 2 but she's definitely still an important character ;)

Okay good :P Btw this was honestly such an amazing little story! Especially with how long it took to make too!


gosh thank you so much!! i'm so glad people enjoy it as much as they do <3

Any chance of a Linux version?

no, sorry, but i'm told you can get it working through this!


The game is super cute, I really had a lot of fun playing it. The style is super cute & the characters are really adorable. I'm really excited to see your future projects! Keep up the good work!

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I really like this game, I will be keeping an eye out for what comes next

Also I played it on youtube:


thank you! i enjoyed listening to your LP a lot!! and i'm sorry that the game was too bright, i'll make the paths more visible next time haha

Na it's ok, it was so bright for me because I was playing with a lot of lights on, which is why I could bearly see


This is a really cute game! Poor treat :c looking forward to more :D

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Aww, this was really cute! I felt bad for Treat ;v; But I'm glad she managed to make a friend! I look forward to more games with these adorable charas!

My only "issue" with this was that I had to turn my brightness down quite a bit to play it xD''



i love that theres backstory for treat now, very cute game!!! i hope for more!

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