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his don't work  !!



I would love if this game was available for mac!


i need chpater 2,

i love this game 


i think i know why im apart of the lgbtq now


I never really play RPGs but this was really straightforward and so far, I really like the story! Can't wait to play the next part :)

When your fav game isnt avaibe on android :( i played it on my pc tho but my pc broke so now i cant play it :( could u make an android version?

sorry, rpgmaker vx ace doesn't work with android (though i've heard there are some alternatives?)

once the series is complete i'm hoping to rebuild the game in a more accessible engine, but that's a long way off. thank you for loving treat anyway!

I love yours games! 

i been gaming in the phone but now i got a notebook to play those here

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i'm trying to play this but i'm getting this error: "Unable to find VL Gothic font."

what do i do?? i haven't had any problems running vx ace games before, and i tried installing RTP but it still didn't work

Nossa, esse jogo tem só patada apesar de ser um jogo de lobo haha

Mas no final te dá um bom sentido que tudo deu certo xD

A tradução em português tá show, seria bom se os outros jogos também tivesse em português porque quero jogar todos da saga!

como você conseguiu jogar em português?

Nos download tem um arquivo chamado " (Português)"

Ele é o jogo traduzido :D

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I like it, it's cute. I'm going to upload my play-through to YouTube. I'll definitely be playing the next ones in the series.


holaaaaaaaaaaaaa,me lo descarge y no me deja jugar porque dice que me falta RT nose que cosa o algo asi .AYUDAAAAAAAAA QUIERO JUGAR :C

I really liked this game I felt related to Treat in so many ways. Great little special demo. Thanks for making it 

I remember spotting this one YEEEEEEEEARS ago on tumblr. It has a very charming art style, and I love the pastel colors. I have yet to play the sequels to this game, but for this first entry, the game is very heartwarming. Rather therapeutic too, I'd say. In real life, a lot of people think I look scary or intimidating. Like I'm some lumbering boogeyman or something. I can distinctly remember a teacher in college one year, sitting a new student next to me and introducing me as, "I know he looks like a bear, but he's really like a kitty cat!" It was really bad feeling. Seeing Treat go though this game, everyone afraid of her, and seeing someone make friends with her was very satisfying. I look forward to playing the rest of the games in this series! 

how do i change settings?

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What a lovely little ...treat of a story! Yes, very predictable but you can assume the player is looking for all this easy to obtain positivity, so it's fine! I liked the art and I noticed you color-coded the "animals" which is a detail I appreciate! The writing is very anime and never boring, it's clear where you took inspiration! I'm glad this spawn a little "franchise" (a little less glad for its NSFW entries but whatev)

Now, the ever unpleasant ***Constructive Criticism***:

  • This game does not need to be an RPG. It technically isn't but that's what people think when they associate to RPG maker. Have you consider turning it into a visual novel or an adventure (I mean, where you do more than simple fetch quest-ing?)
  • The very beginning needs a lead for the player. It doesn't take much, just a "I'm hungry, I need food!", or a "Damn alanche! I need shelter!" that would be sufficient to lead players to their first objective.
  • You should block better the paths where you can't go. Yes, it's a limitation of RPG Maker, but you can fix it by creating new tiles for all these "too narrow to pass yet wide" spots!
  • I know you are clearly designing a super-positive story and I liked that prey characters overcame stereotypes, the problem is they do it too fast. How could they have grown with fear of wolves if what it takes to pass it is to talk to a wolf for a couple of seconds?
  • You should warn the player IN GAME that there are sequels! Update the "to be continue" screen!

The series is a VN (Visual Novel) it just uses RPGmaker. There is no "player" you just direct the characters movements. Dev made this game not expecting a sequel to be made. TBH, most of your "Constructive Criticism" is less constructive and more criticism...


Sorry if I seemed rude, I was trying to give you some useful tips in a way that people on the internet usually doesn't. Perhaps I should reconsider to define them with the word "constructive".

I relate to Treat so much

It's amazing

I love it...

The only thing is that I was a bit stupid and I didn't realize it was in my language (Spanish), but I had fun translating what I could hahaha

And I also have a question, is that I don't know why I have the feeling but... Does Treat like Mochi?


yes she does :)

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Aww is so cute qwQ💖

When I posted that I had only played the 2 first games haha, then I played the 3rd and Moxie was like: I aprove this ship U-u👍, that was so funy hahaha

lovely game i  had a lot of fun playing it

Here's my video.

Beautiful. I HIGHLY recommend the entire Nami "Lonely Wolf Treat" series to EVERYBODY! Soulful, actually interesting and fun story games that get you into the atmosphere.

I cannot play this game anymore  (and this series) because my mom banned the player.exe used to run this game:(

Damn, that's rough buddy

So uh

anybody know where the face portraits are stored

Oh no, what do you need them for?

Discord emotes

Hmmm... alright, this checks out.

This game is like aggressively cute and I loved it!! I made a video about it too 

A really lovely game in many ways, but I can’t help asking . . . who are they eating? O.O x_x

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thank you so much for making this series. it has made me realize much about myself and i cannot thank you enough. it is incredibly cute and has found a perfect spot in my heart

good little game  :)

I really love the characters and their design. its very cute! A very excellent game :)

I've just recently discovered you and played through all of the LWT games and I am in love, thank you for making such excellent and adorable little games, Nami! <3 <3 <3


How to turn off sound please?

Usually the knob on your speakers will do.


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I demand more....


This game is simple, yet was entertaining to play! well worth the time

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Such a cute little game! I would love to play a continuation of this and spend more time with the characters. (And I've just seen that there are more to play!) Also, maybe I'm just a bit sensitive right now, but one part made me cry with it's sweetness. Good work with this! Thank you for including it in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. : )

(Also awesome that it's available in so many languages!)

How dare you do this to meh! I was so into the story and then it ended TwT Good job btw it was a good art style and storyline :P


I made fan art of Treat on my DevientArt! I hope you like it!

wow its so cute :DD  


whenever I try to buy something it doesn't work but I love it


I very much love this series, im waiting for more

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