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Hmm is treat is a girl, sometimes misunderstand that shes a girl? :D

yes, treat is a girl.

Ok i LOVED this game...WAY TO SHORT. WAY WAY WAAAAAAY TO SHORT...Can you make another one...? Longer this time? :3

theres a sequel to this! it's called friendly bunny mochi

Haha! I found THAT sequel and the "Clever Fox Moxie" sequel too! Im downloading "Romance Detective 2" right now. After the first game i of yours a played i couldn't stop playing them ^^ I LOVE all of your games! I played almost all of them already ^^ Thanks for making these! Keep doing what you love the most. Thanks friend ^^ I hope tomorrow will go well for you ^^

aww wow thank you so much!! i hope you're enjoying everything!!!! have a lovely day~

Can't help but wonder if something is wrong, but I keep getting stuck at the stage where I need to buy chicken. I buy the chicken, back out of the menu, and Mochi asks me if I don't want to buy the chicken, reopens the shop, and I'm basically stuck in that loop.

Did something break?

hmm... all i can think is that youre not actually buying it? like, are you hitting z at the screen where you input the amount (x1, etc), then it makes a little cash register noise? if that still doesn't work for some reason, start the game over without putting your coat on in the beginning, that way you wont be carrying money to buy it in the first place and mochi will get it for you haha


Well, it's a bit sad that a game breaking bug like that seems so insignificant to you. :l

It's nice to know there's a workaround, but still, as a developer of games myself, I wouldn't be able to stand a bug like this not being fixed. X.X

it's never happened to anyone before and this game has been out for almost a year... i'm sorry that it gave you trouble though!

Just saying, to a developer, an unreproduceable bug usually isn't worth trying to fix.

Can u pls add a sprite download so i can add a easter egg of ur game?

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I'm making a game myself. Btw do u have youtube?

how I feel about the games... 100000/10 LOVE NEED WANT HAVE

How to make fullscreen and mute music?

p.s very nice game xd

alt+enter for fullscreen, there's no volume control in the game so youll just have to turn it down in your mixer or something, sorry! thanks!!

Ty! i totally forgot about the mixer lol

Where's the Spanish translation? It doesn't appear on the download list, and the translator's blog is currently unavailable. I want to introduce my mexican friend to your game hehe...

ah yeah i don't have it uploaded here. do the links in this post work?

Thanks! I just saw some random youtuber play this like 6 months ago, and since then i've been really attached to all of your games and posts! Keep up with the amazing work girl!

I have only one thing to say about this... AMAZING WORK OF ART I am new to all of this the RPG's and such but considering this is what I find first! I can't wait for more I just wish I had you amazing skills... oh well at least I get to find beauty like this!


Hi there, hope you're having a wonderful day :D

First of, I would like to say this is a truly masterpiece that you had created. You elaborated thoroughly a heartwarming story that touched me from the bottom of my heart. The simplicity of the characters and the story never fails to amuse me. I had never felt this ever since the release of Undertale and I truly appreciate this game.

I would just like to inquire 2 questions (hopefully you might answer them XD)

Maybe you can find someone who can translate this to Chinese (traditional)? My English isn't probably the strongest language I know if you ask me. I only can understand the story around 2/3 or so. I would really be grateful If you can ask someone to translate the game.

I don't mean to push any of your buttons or drive you nuts but... When will the 4th sequel be released (sorry if I'd made you mad)

Anyways, I would like to thank you for investing your precious time in reading this. As always, stay awesome!


wow, thanks so much for your kind message!!

to answer your questions: one of my visual novels got chinese translations (her tears were my light) so i'll talk to those people to see if they'd want to work on this one too!

and, the 4th game is coming next year! probably in february? i'm working on it right now :D


Oh wow, i didn't expect that you would reply to this message XD. Wow wow wow oh wow.

I just went through your profile page and you said that you are working with lab zero. Wow, even more a surprise XD.

Let me just tell you one thing, big fan of the game, Skullgirls. Absolutely beautiful. I had donate like $350 to that game as the frames per sec were just like orgasm to my eyes. The story is kinda like a paradox ( which I really adore & never expected) and the characters themselves were just as unique as their personality.

But alas, all good games will have to come to an end. The community's dead, the (game) lobbies are mostly filled with player that know their match / skilled, no more updates or new characters. It is really sad and what a waste to see how such as good game could just *poof* vanish and forgotten by others. I hope you and your games would not end up the same fate as skullgirls.

As Moxie would've said: "I'm rootin for ya!"

what program do you use to make the draws?

also, good game, i created this account just to follow you :D :3

wow thank you! i use clip studio paint.

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I'm not going to lie, but I made this account just to follow the creator because of this amazing game they created. Its heartwarming (as said in the description,) and beautiful. The colors are great in my opinion and the characters have individual personalities that make them special in their own way. I actually started writing a story based off of the topic in the first part, "Lonely Wolf Treat." I'm not the greatest writer and probably am bad at it, but it's fun to write for me and a friend is writing the story from a different perspective (which I find pretty cool.) But as I was saying, the game made me feels and not a lot of games do that. Keep up the hard work Nami!


I love all of these games since i saw mairisu play them.So hyped for part 4! :3

I hope you can release part 4 in next year or so,The hype is real! :3

That's the same way I found out about this game, funny XD

OMG. I realy enjoyed your game! it is so original and the last game i enjoyed this much was undertale, about two years ago... but its not in my first language, portuguese, so i want to know if you want me to translate it to you! if so, just a email to I will be very happy if you let me help you in this or other projects

i already have someone working on it actually! sorry!! thanks for offering tho~

I played and uploaded a video on this part on youtube.

Great game.. If I wasn't broke, I'd donate.

You don't have to watch the video if you don't want to.

Short, but to the point, I like games like this.

Also, I have downloaded pretty much all of your games and I plan to play and upload to my channel. (I link back to the game's page in the description)

I don;t know how you do it, but these are amazing games, especially for an RPG Maker game. (I have tried to make my own game in RPG Maker..I put about a day [total combined time, over 2 weeks] worth of work into it, but then I became bored of it, so kudos to you! :) )

Hi! do you need a spanish translator? Your game is pretty cute and relaxing

it's already been translated! thanks though~

no problem! Good luck

Oh. My. Lord. Your games are so AMAZING! The Dioulogue is so incredible and the conversations! I just got done playing Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet! It was so good! The choices you can make are incredible!! Now, I'm wondering, what will your next game be about? I am so curios and anxious.I love your games! I am looking forward to play more!!! Thank you for making these AWESOME and INCREDIBLE games!!! :) :) :)

Two Things


Second: How can i change the language cuz i am german and i would like play it in german but idk how i should do this

And btw i would REALLY give you a bit money but... I am no old enought for paypal or something like that ( and i dont fucking know where i should get bitcoins i germany) If i am old enought i`ll give you money for this great game

Hello Nami

Im from Poland and i love your games (Sorry for my English i cant spell very good but i can understand it very well) and im interested in translating the lonely wolf

Treat series for polish . I know (most) polish players dont interest in playing games that no one else plays (in poland of course) but i think i could make few of them to play it.Im not very expirenced in programming games still i could help you if you could explain how to translate the game.I can make it a game translation in a text and then send it to you.This comment will appear at every game so sorry for spam i just want you to notice.If not dont worry,I still will love your games and still recomend it to my friends just please give me a sign

My email (if you could please send me a message if you are interested)

Anyways have an great day or night


I LOVE YOUR GAmes ok so,,,, i loved the idea and i loved treat as a character. the designs were gorgeous, the characters were well developed and i think this was a gr8 start for the series. i have all your games downloaded omF OK THAT SOUNDS CREEPY UM,,,, SORRY YOUR GAMES ARE JUSTA DDICTIVE ALRIGH T

no omg i take it as a huge compliment, i'm so glad you're enjoying them!!! thank you!!!!!

oh my goodness. YOUR GAMES ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I've already played half of your games today, and they're all so amazing! <3

AHHH thank you omg! i'm glad you're enjoying them!!!

Hey, do you have any plans to release this for Macs? I love Treat so much <3

Your art style is really cute!

thank you! yes i hope to port it one day, i just have to find the time. you can use this to run it though!

Hello Nami! My name is Luiza, and i have a blog of translations of games for portuguese. I could translate your game? Thanks.


sure, of course! i'd love that!

Thank You! Mm.. This applies to your other games? `///´

yes <3 though someone is already working on a portuguese translation of syrup and the ultimate sweet so you can skip that one haha

OK! That's not a problem! Listen, Nami, I would like to be allowed to make this translated game available on my blog of... translated games, at Christmas. Do I have permission? I will only do it if you agree! I'm not a thief or anything, okay?

The link from my blog:

Thank you, and can I start translating? I have not started yet because I thought you had said no or something.


oh sure yeah that's totally okay! you have my permission <3

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Hey Nami! Figured I owed you a donation for all the fun I had with your games and I wanted to help out with your cutie pie cat! Looking forward to your next game for Yuri Jam!

wow thank you so much!!!! i really appreciate it ;o; aaaa i hope you really enjoy my next game even though it'll be short aaaaa <3

perfect for procrastinating!! plus all the characters are cuties! <3

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Hi, Nami.
Played almost all your games: Romance Detective, Her tears were my light, SYRUP AND THE ULTIMATE SWEET (by the way, all of them translated into Russian language).
And today played in two of the trilogy, LONELY WOLF TREAT. Would like a detailed discussion on this series and Syrup. I liked them the most. And if I can call Syrop very professionally done (perfectly done sprites and CG, the story and multiple endings), then Treat with the most welcoming atmosphere (amazing minimalist music in the style of Sega games of the 90s, an interesting story with a deep implication).
Innocent vanilla-caramel with a unique naive and childlike atmosphere. I would call the ideal of these games. But.
I was shocked when I decided to try other options in Syrup. Don't expect to be so straightforward to depart a mockery of the Gumdrop. I was sure that such a lovely game there are no bad endings per se, that the game will adjust the player's actions... Eaten little girl... Too cruel. Its not for the faint of heart.
Outrageous fan with her utterly insane antics and rituals. Absolutely unnecessary in the game. Ruin the pleasant atmosphere.
However, Thanks for your work! And good luck in everything.

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Well, this game was something entirely different then what I expected. I kept relating the story with real life events such as segregation in America and how Mochi kept using certain words to refer to wolves as they if they were "out of this world beings from outer space". I enjoyed this and I hope you make more of these in the future

(P.S. This isn't a complaint, but I thought Treat was a boy. I was kinda upset she came out to be a girl. The shipping would have been so real with these two TT-TT)

Video Here

thank you for playing my game! there are two sequels out and more planned for next year, so i hope you enjoy those too!

also... please re-examine what you just said. why is it off limits to ship two female characters together? love is love <3

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Oh no, please don't think im one of those crazy overly sensitive religious nuts who hate seeing same sex relationships. I myself am into the same sex, but I just thought that Treat was a boy at the start.

And yes, I should apologize and I should have worded myself better. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Treat being either male or female because love is love regardless. I just hope I did not offend you in any way

it was just a little sad to hear :( thank you for clarifying though.

Hey! I wanted to know when the rest of your games will be released on Mac. I am really excited to play them cuz Ive enjoyed all of them so far.

someday!!! i have to port them to the newest rpg maker and i don't know when i'll have time or how long it will take. hopefully i can get to it soon!

Hopefully you can! I reallt really want to play the rest of your games soon

I am playing them in Wine in the meantime. It's not too bad!

I made a mistake. I played the second game before the first. Makes more sense now. I'm sorry for my stupitity.


Explains a lot :")

This was adorable....I can't wait for moreX3

This game sure was a...Treat...

Glad that pun wasn't... COLD! hehehe.

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Really adorable game! I just HAD to play it once I saw how cute the artstyle was c;

Could you make a download for mac please? I have a macbook air computer and I really wanna get this! Thanks! :D

rpg maker vx ace doesn't build to mac :( i'll be porting it at some point but until then you're out of luck.

Aww ok. Thanks though!

Play it in Wine! :)

CUTEST RPG MAKER GAME EVER. I absolutely loved it! I usually play horror games on my channel, but I wanted a small break with something more laid back and I'm so glad I found this game! The message behind it is great and I just really enjoyed it :D My playthrough:

I did a video on the game; it's easily one of my favorite indie games.

How can I get in touch with you for business?

i added my email to my profile page just now ^^

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This is an awesome and adorable RPG game. The art style is well done, the music is retro and cool, and the writing really brings out the characters. I've played a lot of RPG maker games but this one has to be one of my favorites. Not only is it different in the fact that its not simply about humans. But the fact that there is so much extra put into this games. My favorite part of this game is that it has it's own unique sprites for each character. Combine that with the occasional still images that are all well drawn, and this game is just a fun little game to play. I also really like the message this game has with it. A lot of games with the same message tend to move towards a darker side when it comes to the story. But this one makes it all cute and well pink but the message is still evident no matter what it may look like. "Don't judge others by the way they look, just because their different, doesn't mean there bad." All in all a well made RPG game and I can't wait to check out the sequel. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

STOP JUDGING HER! | Lonely Wolf Treat

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