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bit emoish for me, but still cute overall, gg :)

Lonely Wolf Treat Collection when?

when all of the games are finished ;)



I'm playing the Lonely Wolf Treat Series right now and although I don't think I'm the target audience for these kinds of games, I really like them. I mostly like the way the characters are designed and the many custom assets and artwork that were used to make this cute little games. Well done.

This is one Precious,Wholesome,Lgbt+ game, i just love the 2 Lesbeaaaaaans, am now gonna wait for the next game ahhh--



how can i play this game in spanish? i cant open it. can you tell me how, please?

Hola! Chequeaste si tienes descargado el rtp? Quizás el problema pueda ser eso


donde descargo el rtp??

Puedes descargar el rtp aquí. Extraes el archivo y creo que ya puedes comenzar a jugar.  El rtp es el mismo para todos los juegos de la saga ;)

I am playing on the itch app and when I come to the shop part (2 months after arrival) everything just freezes? I am not able to exit the shop inventory list for some reason..

Hi hi! I've had the same problem, just press the X letter button on your keyboard, and it will allow you to "cancel", Or press the X button two times to exit out of the shop fully ^^

But if you mean it's glitching like the whole window isn't responding, I can't help, sorry!

It might look like it's freezing because you can't see how the outlines mmove a bit  :<

Oh, that makes a lot of sense actually! Thank you so much for the help :)


hey, am i the only one having trouble when opening the game, i downloaded everything i needed and then the game just disappeared from my laptop and im kinda confused

pls help

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check the download location. make sure that you dont save to the wrong or undesired ones

but if youre reminding about the database or the startup sources, try download the game again and recur the method above

Ah okay thanks


10/10, not just for lesbians, it is very heart-warming


this was too wholesome for my heart. i loved it!

This is an amazing game and soooo cute, I recommend this and the other games in the series, trust me its worth it.

looks cute! too bad its for windows only :(

Deleted 328 days ago

lo ame we es hermsho

very short but I enjoyed it. It has cute art and a nice message. I actually really liked the music, especially when the bunny bursts in the house. Great job since its your first time doing music. 

Please make an apk version!

this is precious I love it


Running on linux log (wine-4.0):

On trying to run, the game asked for something called an "RPGVXAce RTP".  This could be downloaded from the RPG Maker website and installed on Wine without further issue. The game then ran ok, as far as I can tell, with graphics, sound and controls all seemingly working.  The only issue is that the window is really tiny in hDPI, and I couldn't find a way to fullscreen; workaround was to lower the screen resolution to a very low setting (using xrandr) so that the text was legible.


I ended up blasting through all these games last night and absolutely love them! The characters are so good and each game expands upon them in a fantastic way!

I finally got around to playing thisand I'm so glad I did!! It's so cute!!! I love the art style! (Another random little bit I like a lot is how Mochi's sprite bounces as she walks - it fits her really well!)

This game is very cute and very sweet, i'd love to see where it goes in terms of story!

this game is so cute uwu

this game is adorable, I found it off the bundle and I love it, the art style is so cute and I like the story!

I can't play the game for some reason. I downloaded all of it. Everytime I try to start the game it crashes. Can someone help me?

Is there like a Mac version? I really want to play this!! it seems so cool!


I really want to play but I can't it's only on Windows :(

You could use a virtual machine and run it there.

and install windows there

(this is a old an outdated windows version, and most modern programs don't run well with it, but it's fine working with games made with RPG Maker VX Ace. Though I advice using something newer for other things and You're gonna have to reinstall every 30 days if you don't wanna pay anything to Mircosoft.)

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Something a lot easier to do than faffing around with Virtual Machines is to install Winebottler and install and run Lonely Wolf Treat using that.

Winebottler is an easy to use interface for a program called WINE (that it includes) that emulates the way Windows works. There are a couple other OSX apps that do similar things, but I dont recall their  names.

EDIT If you are  on Linux there are several very easy to use and slick looking interfaces to run Windows games via WINE, like Lutris

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Wonderful memories

And i finally get to play

I played 6 of them does anyone know if there is a seventh?

Not yet


but nami released a new game!

I know drowning, drowning


It's so cute! took me a minute to figure it out, but I did it eventually! It is just so fricking cute! I really love the characters though, they all look so adorable!

why does a cute little game like this have to cut right to the heart of emotional turmoil i'm in the middle of? thank you for making this.

i love the soundtrack- i play it when relaxing or studying! (^w^)

I love this game, i think is a demo or something?

I just love this game!

not a demo, there are 6 other games in the series :p


i cant play the game :/ i downloaded the biggest file (, but when i open it, just shows a small window of the game and i cant do nothing (the buttons dont work)

i downloaded the portugues file too, but when i open it it says that i need RPGVXAce RTP to run the game, and i dont know what should i do 

can anybody help me pls


thx 💖


I saw one of your games on Play Store but this is the first I played. I just like characters that people are scared of but in reality they've got nothing to be scared of, so that description caught my attention when I saw it on Recommended. It was shorter than I thought. I kinda would have liked to see Mochi and Treat's relationship develop some more, so I'm glad this is a series with several games in it. I think the beginning was really wel-done to establish the mood, but just in this game alone, I felt the interaction was a bit lacking. Maybe it'll be expanded upon in future games? I guess I'll find out. Overall, I enjoyed this short little story. Good to see you released the OST too, valuing the music you made on their own.

not sure if you found them yet or not, but there are other games in this series that expand on their relationship and some characters from other games make cameos as well! 

i saw them yeah, haven't gotten around to them yet though.

NOW THIS IS THE RELATIONSHIP I WANT DAMMIT! I just wanna live in a cabin in Canada with a cute gf is that too much to ask?


same bro, same *cry*

i was very disappointed there wasnt more to this but there's a whole series so i wont have to worry


god damn it i played all of the games of this series now ther is non other cool role-playing game ,-, and now that i read  the ages.... how the heck mochi that tiny rabbit is 19 years old.... i thought she was 8!

wait how many games are there? Bc I can only find 6, up to Mochi in Frosting.

Haha thank god she isn't 8, look at the Delicay comic :)

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Hello, is there any chance that you will publish it for Google Play? I really want to play it and I don't have a computer. Thank you. <33


thanks, unfortunately rpgmaker vx ace does not export to mobile. i'd have to remake the game in another engine to do a mobile version ;_;

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