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I saw someone play this and fell in love. It is brilliant. I am doing a play through of the whole series!!!! 

Thank you so much for creating this game. It's putting me in such a great mood after being stuck in bed with the flu.

I remember playing this game when I was younger, and I'm so happy I found it! I'm downloading all the games in the series rn and I can't wait to play :)

so good

Happy birthday Treat! 

Sorry for not being able to be here sooner, some inconvenients didn't let me.

I would also like to use this chance to ask you, Nami, if you have a public discord server. You don't have to tell me or invite me if it's private, since i don't want to bother you in any way. 

That being said, have a nice day or night!

i'm sure treat would be happy you remembered :)

i don't have a public discord server unfortunately but maybe one day i'll open one up! thanks for your comment~


i dont understand.. it stayed in a small box and it wouldn't expand. the buttons wouldn't work either

The same thing happened to me too ;-;

(btw I love your username)

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lmao ty ^^

That game is so adorable, so cute! I'm really waiting for the rest of the history! It is very good!

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So cute story! :'3

I love it! It's really fun. I played it a lot. Can't wait for more :)

How do I download and play? I'm very confuzzled ;~;


Hey, I just played all 5 games in the series after finding this one by accident and I wanted to let you know that I really love this game so far. My life hasn't been the best, but playing through all these games has seriously made me happy and let me forget about things for a while. Never thought a grown-ass man like me would get a kick out of playing such a cutesy game, haha...  Anyways, I hope that everything is going well for you. I hope you keep making these games, and I hope that you have a good day tomorrow. :)


Nami, I don't understand two things ...

1.What was Treat eating for her first 2 months in the abandoned house?

2.If house is abandoned then why is fridge working? The owner needs to pay bills for electricity. Unless we assume that Treat has skills to steal electricity ...

Cant get past the bit where Treat is hungry....what do I do??

Publish your save file

can't save either


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Check out this walkthrough


I'm not allowed  to use YouTube or watch  any videos sorry


Then I guess your parents won't be happy if you will play this game about lesbian love story.

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Dear Nami, for the past couple of weeks, me and my friends have been making a discord for gaming.  That includes your game,  we feel like us as a community has grown. today I want to let you know that we really like your game, we will leave a link down below if you would like to join.

Dear your best friend, and the community. Mochi <3 do we play this? I downlowed it 0~0

What is the problem? Do you know how to launch it? Do you have problems with interface?


~Hello!~ My name is Willow and I may just be your biggest fan! I have played all the Lonley Wolf Treat games in the series, and I got my friends addicted to them as well! I'm on a mission to download and play all of yours games! I love you and I adore your games, your stories are the BEST! Having an awkward wolf and an energetic happy bunny get together is crazy, and amazing (hey that rhymed)! I hope one day you see this message, I want you to know how much I love you and your games. The main thing that brought to these games of yours is the fact that I'm a lesbian. Hopefully on day I can play your game on my YouTube channel (djbroomstick)! I'm a GachaTuber and I plan for sure to make a GachaLife Mini Movie (or series) of Treat and Mochi!  Once again, Nami, love you and your the best ever! From your biggest fan, Willow.M.

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Hi Nami!

Your games always put a smile on my face because of how cute they are and they are so wonderful! I also adore the music so I would really like to play the themes of Lonely Wolf Treat and Dreaming Treat on the piano. I'd like to play those tracks as I really like how they sound and they are just beautiful. I can't find any sheet music which has the full treble and bass notes for the tracks. If you could somehow send me them, by a link, the sheet music or any other way, I would be more than delighted! I find it hard to find the notes from listening to the music so I can't easily find out which notes are being played.

Thanks a million, I love your games,


For some reason when I downloaded them and played them... They don't have any audios. I don't know what's the problem though.

Um how do i put it in full screen????


alt+enter should work

Okay, thanks!! It works :))

It's a nice game with a nice life lesson.


Aaaaaaaaaah I love this! I'd definitely say it's better than Undertale, but I don't wanna get attacked. I'm so not kidding. This game is so cute!


I'm really sad there is no Mac ver. but still I've watched gameplays and it's looks really good! 


You can use Wine in order to run Windows games on Mac


good game, when will it be continued?


i'm working on the 6th game currently. it should be released this year :)


is there an estimated time when it could be released?


i'm not that far along in making it so it'll be a while before i can announce a release date


okay cant wait :D

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I predict it will be about Mochi's cousin and why she is so afraid of foxes and wolves...

It's just a guess!

Hey also if salt or pepper. didn't have hair covering her face what would she look like?

show us a drawing


Hi, I have not played yet, but could have in other languages, like Portuguese, which in this case is my language, but I will still play, it sounds like a great game.

I have seen Dreaming Treat



Dear Nami, I am on the front of my seat.  When is the next game for Lonley Wolf Treat coming out???? COME ON TELL ME!


Also My stuff that i orderd from redbubble is not here yet its been around 2 months now


i don't handle shipping out orders, you're going to have to contact redbubble about this one. i hope it didn't get lost in the mail!


Hey I am looking thro the sounds and i see the art styles and stuff, were you going to make a game that's a mmo?


as one person, it would be impossible for me to make an mmo lol

those are the assets that come by default with rpg maker, even Yume Nikki and Lisa: The Painful have those. 

 I had alot of fun recording this game on my YouTube channel! It's so cute, and the story is interesting. I can't wait to see how Treat's journey will continue in the other games. Thank you so much for creating this! Conitue the fantastic work! :3
PS I love the art~ <3
The video-
-Update sorry I also posted this in the rating sorry if u see double. (^-^;) hehe-


Here's my Mochi fanart, sorry if it's bad


I think you did a great job drawing fanart of Mochi. I love it! 



This was the first game of yours that I downloaded and the entire time I was squealing because of how ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE every character was (I'm probably going to make some fanart of Mochi or something) Also I've played all of your games and I can't wait for the 6th part of the Treat series!!!!! owo

I haven't played this game yet (becauseourwifiissoslowthaticantdownloadthegame..) , but it looks so freakin cute and fun! SUPER exited to play the game!!!! <3 <3 <3




how do i get water to boil?

I LOVE YOUUUUUU! I can't get over your games and I love everything about all of them ahhhhhhhhh!


This was such a cute little game! I'm definitely going to play the rest in this series. I'm new to RPG maker but this has given me lots of inspiration. Thank you! ^^

I LOVE THIS GAME! I have been obsessed with these characters for the past few weeks! 

This was a nice, casual game and I enjoyed playing through it. Thank you



Only made this account to tell you what a great job on this series. I found this game series last year cause I was bored and wanted to some dumb game I said. I found this site and then found this rpg. Once I started playing this, I wanted to continue the story. Wish this was made into a novel.

one question I hae is how do ya make this? What program do ya use? I do have RPG Maker XP, but if that's not the program, what is?


thanks so much! i used rpg maker vx ace to make this game.


hi! live the game

Hoiiii! I was just wondering if there were any plans to add more designs/merch for the series to redbubble in the run up to Christmas? ^v^


i've been too busy to plan stuff like that but it's a good idea... i think i'll try to make a new design before december, yeah!


thanks so much! I'll be sure to keep my eyes out for it ^_^ Of course take care of whatever you need to first, hope whatever you're busy with goes smoothly for you!

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