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I started playing this game right now ^^ and I'm quite liking it! I'm so curious what'll happen next! X3   

Just 2 years have passed?? I feel that this game is so old  :0


i love it

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*does trillions upon trillions of complicated math*

part 5 being a 5 star like all the rest of it - CONFIRMED SOMEHOW BY MATH.

did anyone notice that the tiny icon on the corner of the tabs actually have their corresponding characters  for all of them? 


*checks* ... oh. oh snap, how have i never seen that?

Out of all your games, so far, this one is my absolute fav! I love Treat, Mochi, Moxie, Trick! They're all so cute and adorable! I can't wait to play more of this game x3

Also made a video, but sorry for the loud sound, I figured out much later down the road, how to turn down the volume when recording...

Nice Game

This is a really good game. The graphics are on-point. I'd suggest increasing the resolution. Overall good story and game.

Wanted to plug my game but oh well.
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Wait! Sheit! Moxie turned 23 like, a fortnight ago! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY MOXIE!!!

I love this series, can't wait for part 5.

I really, really wish this was available for mac... I love your games (especially Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet!) and this looks amazing. I hope it comes out someday :(

I'm not Windows user myself (I'm a Linux user), I use Wine to run her games. For example, try this:

version of the game Russian

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Hello, I have a problem when starting your game, I got out an error rpgvxace rtp is resquired to run this game what to do

You need to install RTP.

Thank you so much

I found two places in Russian translation where there is no translation.  The first is the signpost near avalance and the second is where Treat unsuccessfully tries to go to the wilderness

This game was so cute my friend came over and liked it too!!! <3333

I love this game! I need to know when it continues it was just sooo adorable! ^w^

wish this game was available for mac, i recommended this to my friend who uses windows and so far she loves it :)

Perhaps this can help!

Hey!I loved playing the game, its really cutesy overall but i wanted to ask on what platform or software did you use to make the game.Thank you for making such an amazing game.

thank you! i made it with rpg maker vx ace.

Thank you! Keep up the amazing work!!!

This is the most adorable thing I have ever played


Very short but adorable!!! This game relaxes my  heart

I love the Character's haircut.


This is perfect!

I just get confused after playing this game and it's series... My question is Treat is male or female wolf?

sorry for asking this question. I can delete it if you want to.


treat is female

Hmm... I still confused

what's confusing about it?



Now I begin to understand the storyline...

when does the game have Vietnamese?

someone is working on the translation right now :D i don't know when it will be finished though.

I'm sorry if I didn't ask for your permission first, but I've already did a Vietnamese translation for your first part of the game (Lonely wolf treat). Would you like me to give you the file of the translated game?

oh! hmm i think i will use the other person's officially on the game page, but you're free to share yours as well.


It's just takes less than 2gb, Nice and cute pixels graphic, Satisfying and relaxing.

5 stars given.

love graphic!

can I ask you a question?
i draw a map with pain tool Sai,but when I try it inside the game it is all blurry ( full screen mode). Is it just like that at the moment or is there a way to fix it?, I use rpg maker vx ace
Sorry for my bad english ;___;

thanks! hmm yeah i think full screen is the problem. it stretches out the screen to fit so it gets messed up.

Greatest game I've ever played, characters are all really well thought-out and the whole game was just very well-delivered. Keep up the great work!


thank you! i hope you enjoy the sequels as well :)

Hello there! I really enjoyed your games, they are really cute ^^

I would like to make a Spanish translate! :p

thank you!

but one already exists on tumblr actually:

And Vietnamese?

oh, no one has made that yet. my email is on my profile page, if you wanna try it i can send the game files!

please send me the source code of game!!!

i can do that, i just need to know your email haha


Nami, I need to say, I love your game! Not only is the art style captivating, but you managed to subtly incorporate a lot of serious social commentary into the game (like racism, bullying, social stigmas, etc), even though it's only a short version compared to the other installments. I've already fallen for Treat, Mochi, and Moxie, and can't wait to meet more characters in your other games as well. The fact that each is getting progressively longer, too, shows your journey and confidence expanding as a game developer, too. To anyone reading, if you haven't played the game yourself, please download it and experience it, because you won't regret it! 10/10

Would there be some sort of way I can have contact with you outside of In order to go a bit more in-depth about the game, like an email?

Sorry if this is a bit prying.

sure! my email is listed on my itchio profile.


Your inbox is full. Or at least, that's what Gmail says whenever I try to send you an email.

woah i didn't know that could even happen...? i tried sending myself an email from another account and it worked just fine... i'll try deleting stuff anyway. all i can think of is try doublechecking that the address was right haha. or if you're attaching something to the email try hosting it on google drive instead and sending a link? (i don't know if that's what you were trying to do, if not i'm confused as you are lol)

Deleted 2 years ago

you can also use

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Dear Nami (Hopefully)

I recognize that you probably get a few thousand of these per day, but I was wondering if I might be able to create some sort of fan-game based off of your creations. I have found your work to be exceptionally well-done, and because of it, I have been able to daydream (I hope i'm using the right word) about a continuation of the game from the 4th installment.

If it is okay with you, I would like to discuss the possibility of you giving me the permission to create this game, as I know that this is your creation, and I wouldn't want to create something based almost completely off it, without the original creator's permission first



P.S. If you require any sort of extra communications outside of, I have a Discord, and an Email (multiple, actually).

sure, someone has made a fangame based on this series before so i don't mind :D as long as you credit me/link back to this page or something so people know what the original is, that'd be way cool. good luck, and i hope you have fun making it!

Thanks for the clearance. Hopefully, once I get the team together (We're coding and game creation enthusiasts, but haven't made one yet) things should go smoothly.

If you have any questions at any time, please, by all means, ask them.


I have also created a Discord channel dedicated towards the game.

If you would like to join it, you may do so:

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I know it takes time to make these games...


R&C translate: game=wait. me wait.

i'm grateful for your enthusiasm but... all i can say is i'm working on it. the next game is already halfway done, and i plan to release it this summer. i had to take a break after wandering wolf trick because i had been making these one after another and i was getting burnt out--i needed to work on other projects. please keep in mind i am only one person, and my fulltime job takes priority over personal projects like this.

summer. okay. everyone do need breaks once in while and shit like these can't be all they do. hey, at least now everyone knows about shen you'll be done so now I won't have to come back everyday just to check for a while. yay. one less thing for everyone to worry about.

I actually cried while playing this--twice!! I'm a sucker for this stuff, ahh,, :') I adored the art in this and it inspired me so much! I'm sure the other games in the series will be just as good <3

Hey, i wanted to ask you something, but i couldn't find a way to message you directly. I was wondering if i could add you character (Treat) in a game me and a friend are developing as a little easter egg. Please respond when you can!

aww that would be cute :D i don't mind as long as i'm credited somewhere. thanks!

No problem! :3

Hello there! I really enjoyed your games, they are really cute ^^

I would also like to know if you accept translations for them, i would like to make a Spanish translate! :D

thank you! although it isn't on this page, a spanish translation exists:


I need Vietnamese!!! :/



its so amazing that i even made a paper craft thingy of treat idk why i'm so obsessed with thIS GAME HELP-

Woah, thats impressive 0.0 


WOAH it's so cool!!!! thank you for sharing! i love this <3

Thanks so much!

Why? Because it's adorable!!

:ooo thanks ive never had this much support for one of my papercrafts

OMG That's perfect! We've been blessed!

One question tho, wasn't there a DEV Blog you could look in ? Or was it erased ?

it's here:

Ah alright, Thank youuuuuu


"when good shit exists, I play that shit... even if it's just an endless loop of opening and closing my hand, I would play myself by doing that shit." -myself.

so basically... me need new shit. even if the story may end as a cliffhanger, I want something to get it to that point. FEED ME MORE SHIT. I KNOW IT TAKES TIME BUT IT WOULD BE EPIC TO WAKE UP TOMORROW AND SEE THE FIFTH ON HERE.


I know exactly what you mean but relax grab a soda have passion and wait it out. I know its hard but trust me its worth it :P.

well in the meantime I might as well start slowly turning myself into a shut-in more and more. I mean i'm already halfway there anyway

It tells me RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this game. What is it ? :'(

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