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add portuguese translation please!!!!!!!

hey nami! i recently finished most of your games and i have to say that i absolutely love them! i'm glad that it was created as the 'norm' for same sex relationships AND polyamorous relationships in your game's universe. this is something i greatly value and appreciate as it is still seen as typically 'uncommon' today...

anyway, i just wanted to say that i love your works! please keep up the hard work, as i'm sure that me and many others would appreciate. thank you again <3

Is there any way you can make this series available on Linux?
They all look so cute!!!

i think you can play them through a program called WineHQ! hope that helps~

I tried, and it almost worked, but, I can't click anything on the title page, and it crashes (page fault) if I use the keyboard :(


darn :( there's nothing i can do... rpg maker is pc only so i can't port them.

I heard RPG Maker MV has Linux support, but I guess you are using a different version.

yeah i use vx ace--i can't easily port these games to mv because the tile sizes are different (among many other issues haha)

Update: I have windows too now! I can't wait to play these!!!

Super cute game. I was a calming experience. I think there's potential here for sure, especially with the messages given about prejudice. It coud be a cute kids game. :D


I really have to say even if its not the longest story (at the moment) its the cutest story I have ever played. You NAILED the art style its so cuuuuute x3I really looking forward to play the rest of the games you made. Love it keep the work up, you are really doing a good Job man and I hope you know how many appreciate you're work. (Sorry for typos I am from germany :P)

I freaking love that little series. Went sleep 2am yesterday just to finish all the 4 games, and I had to wake up 6am today.

Also, I have a little question. I'm a (aspirant) writter, currently I'm writting a book where the protagonist is a young gay girl who loves cute and gay stuff, like cute yuri games and animes, and this game is exactly the kind of game she would enjoy playing. Do you mind if I mention your game in my story, as something she plays? I was thinking even in making that her favorite game, that's how much it suits her. Also, can you tell me when the first game of your series was first published? 

Sorry for the bad English, I'm not a native anglophone speaker.

thank you for playing! sorry to deprive you of sleep ;)

yeah i don't mind if you mention it in your story! and the first game came out january 2016 (but treat's first appearance was in syrup and the ultimate sweet which came out halloween 2015)

oh dont worry, I have 3 cats, wich means I can hardly sleep anyways :v


A nice short game with good music and cute characters.

I have a question about the series that has been on my mind for a time now, if you dont mind answering.

Is the delicacy comic a spinoff?, or does treat have a thing for moxie?

Because in the third game it did look like treat liked mochi, so im a bit confused lol. thks anyway, i love the games!

thanks! the three of them are intended to be a polyamorous triad in the end. so, no, delicacy is not a spinoff--treat likes them both!

I love your games! One thing is still not clear to me (stupid question i know xD) but is Treat a boy or a girl?

treat is a girl

I'm so stupid but I can't figure out  how to make it fullscreen

it's alt+enter!

OOOh, thanks so much, sorry if it was a dumb question

Nice idea for game ! :)


You should correct the description of Treat from Loves meat to Loves to apologize. :P

I love your games, keep going in this way.

I'm enjoying the story so far.  Misunderstood Treat all she wants is friends and, food.

Can't wait to see how this all plays out. Will the town accept treat? Will they still shun her? I'll have to find out!

This...was...FANTASTIC! I'm definitely going to play more! I loved the art style, I loved the story. What more could I ask for? Wait, there is more? Next stop, Friendly Bunny Mochi! If your still not convinced, watch me play Lonely Wolf Treat below! I swear, when I made the thumbnail, I didn't realize there was a sequel called Friendly Bunny Mochi. Lol!

Yooo, really loved your game! It was adorably fun!

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What kind of rpg maker do you use?

vx ace!

thanks and great work on all  of the games!!!!

this is the most cutest and wonderful rpg game

Do you plan to release a Linux version of this?

sorry, rpg maker exports to windows only :( but i think theres a program for running games like this on mac/linux, it's called wine? that may be worth looking into!

Ohhh, it's RPG Maker. That explains it. I stopped using WINE a while ago when more games I cared about got Linux releases, but I may have to bite the bullet.

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah I just played these games on my Mac with Wine and it worked, virtually flawlessly. Which is actually really surprising, because wine almost never works. Great games btw

I just got one of your games. How many do you have exactly? I'd love to play them all :P

if you go to my page there's a big list of all of them! hope you enjoy~

You must make more like lonely wolf treat

Honestly, I got into your games pretty recently and I see that I was missing out on some really fantastic stuff. It started with Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet ( which I loved so much !! ), and now here I am. I'm in love with the characters and the art and music makes everything all the better. Bless Mochi and her warm curry flavored heart. This is such a fantastic series! I can't wait to see even more of your work!

warm curry-flavored heart...! this is so sweet, thanks for taking the time to comment! glad you're enjoying my stuff~

This is really cool and creative. I really want to see the sequel! Keep on hopping!

I really love all of your games! I've played all 4 of these and Syrup And The Ultimate Sweet, and story, music and artwork is outstanding. Because of these amazing games i've started to do fanart of the characters and i'll be doing a Moxie cosplay next year. I hope i can show you when it's done and maybe a few pieces of fanart once they're complete.

Keep up the hard work Nami!

aw wow thank you so much! yeah if you finish that cosplay i'd love to see it!! always happy to see moxie fans <3

Yeah, sure. No problem ^-^

Moxie is my favorite character because she kind of resembles me in personality: Lazy, not good with money and a bit paranoid... if that makes any sense.

I uploaded this onto Youtube and wanted you to see it ^^

I'm still new to this type of thing but I hope you like it. I also did Moxie's theme as well

aww these are so sweet!!! thank you for sharing aaa

Thank you so much!

Ive seen this game on youtube and I really liked it. I wanted to play it myself but when I go to the store at Frosting, i can buy a cup of noodles but i cant press cancel after Im done. What button am I missing?

x is cancel. i'm sorry the menu trapped you ;o; hope you're enjoying it anyway~

ah, thank you. And  I am enjoying it. Good job on this game!!

Just a simple question; are the main 4 games in this series safe for my 9 year old sister to play? I have played a little bit of some of your games and I love how cute and simple they are. I especially like how the characters are interesting even in the simple story telling style. :)  I just wanted to know which of your games are safe for her to play. (I know about 'Delicacy' being 18+) Thanks for your games. 

yep yep, the main series is intended for pretty much all ages! there's little to no swearing (a character might say "damn" at some point? that's the only instance i can think of), no explicit nudity, very few instances of suggestive dialogue (you'd have to go out of your way to find it and kids would probably not understand anyway), and of course no on-screen character death or over-the-top violence. there's one battle in the second game but there's no blood and you can choose not to fight. i think that's all as far as possible concerns go?

thank you for asking, i hope she enjoys them if she can play!!

Thanks so much! The games are favorites in the whole family now with everybody taking turns playing each one and looking for all the endings. :)

aww i'm so happy to hear that!! glad everyone's having a good time :D

What did you use to make the music for this game? :3

fl studio 12!

oh I use that too! What plugins did you get/make the sounds from?

for this one it was all 3x osc since it was the only one i knew how to use haha, i started using fruity dx10 later on though.

Okay cool! Thanks!

I Made An Account Just To Tell You That This Game Is Amazing And You Did Such A Great Job On It, I Love It  :3 I Played All 4 And So It Was Really Inspiring For Me To Make My Own RP Game But... I Don't Even Know Where To Start XD Any Ways This Is Better Than Any Other RP Games I've Seen!!! :3

I played all these four games and finished with my heart melting on sighs and inspiring hapiness. I really want to contribute but i cant. I would pay you 100 if i could  ; = ;. I just created a account here to say the how much i love your games.

thank you! there's no need to contribute <3 i appreciate the thought though! the next game is on its way ;)

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! thx!!! I love yooou :333333! You are the best!!!

Hello tiny plant eaters, I really enjoyed playing this game Lonely Wolf Treat. A very cleverly disguised name and thoughtful story

I had a much longer comment planned, but then I accidently clicked your Patreon link in the same tab and lost it. I don't want to repeat myself too much, so...

Something something nice art, something something negative possibility space, something something Wolf Weekly.

I think that was the gist of it, anyway.

Have a nice day!

This was absolutely terrific. Very simple, but the characters are memorable, and the story is very relevant. The creator may not be the best at estimating time the game will take however. The game took me about 40 minutes to complete.


spanish please


i was expecting a furry fan service but this is above that this is a good rpg? if you call it that this the frst game ive been "emersed" in for years now this was amazeing and im hopeing for more stuff frome this dev brillant game keep it up!

The game is able to convey a very heartwarming story about acceptance, and understanding one another that I've yet to see anywhere else. 

I enjoyed every moment of the game as I got to learn more about the town and some of the characters that inhabit it. The game is definitely nice to look at, and the characters are designed really well. The music is very well done and suits the game quite nicely.

Overall the game is quite enjoyable, it tells a meaningful story that I've really yet to see anywhere else, and introduces us to a cute cast of characters.

I hope you don't mind but I recorded a let's play of the game.

Cheers, and I look forward to playing the other three games as soon as I can!

really cute game, i enjoyed it, look forward to playing the other three :D 

Hey) Lonely Wolf Treat translation to Ukrainian is ready. I send him to you email)

I was wondering if I could make an animation based on your game Lonely Wolf Treat? It would be an animated version of the story and have voice actors for the characters.

that'd be really cool! i'd love to see it!!

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Wait a minute... Trick... And Treat... Trick... And Treat... Trick and Treat- God damn it that was a nice pun!

Edit: I was meant to post this on the Trick game, not here. Welp, too late now!

Nami what game creation software do you recommend for people who want to create games like this.

I have so many ideas for a game I want to create. I cant find any good software to use


i used rpg maker vx ace for this one! renpy is an easier place to start but it really depends on the style of game you wanna make. good luck!


First time making a game on rpgmaker, creates a  fandom.


First time making a game on rpgmaker, overwhelmed by interface, never did anything.

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