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i was very disappointed there wasnt more to this but there's a whole series so i wont have to worry

god damn it i played all of the games of this series now ther is non other cool role-playing game ,-, and now that i read  the ages.... how the heck mochi that tiny rabbit is 19 years old.... i thought she was 8!

wait how many games are there? Bc I can only find 6, up to Mochi in Frosting.
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Hello, is there any chance that you will publish it for Google Play? I really want to play it and I don't have a computer. Thank you. <33


thanks, unfortunately rpgmaker vx ace does not export to mobile. i'd have to remake the game in another engine to do a mobile version ;_;

cute girls. YES

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I love this series of games :)

This looks like an interesting game! Would you be okay with me recording this as gameplay for youtube? I'll definitely send the video link when it's edited and posted!


of course, i'm always happy when people do let's plays :D have fun!

Thanks! I'll send you the video link as soon as its done!

Hey! Sorry it took a little bit, but the video just came out today! I hope you enjoy the video, and it is blowing up a ton! I really enjoy the game, and so do my subs! Part 2 should be coming tomorrow!

Video Link:

I noticed one of the residents of Frosting was Eleni... is that a nod to Contract Demon???

yep! their stories take place over the same time period. eleni and kamilla show up in friendly bunny mochi as well!

that is epic.

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The game looks very cute and cuddly, but I have a question. How do I put it in Spanish? I'm not very good at English so I need to put it in Spanish. If you reply my comment would be a great help <3 ~

in the downloads list, look for treatrpg.rar (spanish)


Loved your game! I was doing a 3 Funny Games series when I discovered your game here on but now I want to support the series by buying each game cause I want to do a stand alone series on it on my YouTube channel. If you want to check out how I played your game here is a link ( and just skip to 27:00, hope my Let's Play was not that offensive, lolz!

Looks so cute!

Eu realmente gostei do jogo e to louco pra ver mais uma vez. Amei esse game

Such a cute game, I love it and I really hoped it'd be a bit longer ^^ I'm going to play the other ones immediatly. I also love your art style. Oh, and I thought, maybe I could make a german translation if you want?



is there gonna be more?


There already are more games

how wed create game

uh how do you save the game ?

Привет , как установить перевод ?

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is there more to the story or was this a one time thing or u still working on 

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Its going so well! But i bought 8 cup noodles and now i can't leave the store..

nvm i pressed esc.


hey i was looking in the game files and i am finding a lot of stuff not in the game, like weapons and sound effects 

this game was made in rpg maker vx ace, so there are a lot of stock assets included in the project that go unused

makes sense

super well-made, interesting characters, and fantastic art design! i loved playing this game, and i edited together my gameplay to post on here 

Really well made game. Very elegant  art and story-telling.

How du i get tu de game from here

This game is awsome!

esta re buenisimo we


need installation instructions

Quick question:
Did anyone else have an issue that said "Failed to initialize DirectX audio"? Because I can't seem to fix that, and can't play it otherwise.


how do I change the resolution on this? I'd like to play it without it being on just a 5th of my screen


press alt + enter at the same time

a todo esto tengo que descargar si o si el  RPG maker vx ace RT

no entiendo nada y no se como instalarlo 

I could provide Indonesian translation if you need it.


new game' doesnt work.

Я прошел серию LONELY WOLF TREAT и с нетерпением жду продолжения, ведь всё получилось просто прекрасно и мне очень интересно, как будет развиваться сюжет в следующих играх.  Даже пришлось зарегистрироваться, чтобы и дальше следить за новостями о вас и ваших историях) 

hi! it's my first time playing this and I want to ask how can I cancel the part where treat buys food?

i needed this too! apparently you can just press esc and you'll be out!

I belive you have to click "C" or "X" to go back.

can someone please send me the links for all the other parts cuz i'am interested

here's the full list :)

i will complete the last part tomorrow or later and NEVER press f11 or f12 i pressed 1 of them and it kinda earsed my data on the part

OK i completed every part now i wait for the next one to come

Love the story and the adventure


This game is such a "treat" ;D to play and honestly the series as a whole is an amazing adventure, not only that but you got me some cool clothing swag to show off now. Thank you thank you THANK YOU Nami for this beautiful story that you've given everyone a chance to experience❤


i had alot of fun recording this game i loved it might record more of the series

Any plans to release your game on Steam?

no, to be honest it's too expensive and not worth the trouble haha


Is there a way to put the game into fulscreen?


alt+enter should work :)


First of all, thanks! Second, OMG NAMI REPLIED TO MY COMMENT XD

this game is actually really cool.

i think u can go places with this kinda style.

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