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I really love this game series, you can tell there's a lot of thought and care put into them, and it's awesome getting to follow along with these characters! Here is my playthrough of this episode :)


Absolutely adorable! Treat, Mochi, and Moxie are precious

I really liked the side quest with Eleni as well ;p


downloaded, then when I tired to open realised that, I'm on a Mac and this is a windows game, very sad.

the summoning demon quest wont work. i could get the flute and pudding to work, but the magic bulbs wont :(


You have to go to where you first meet moxie and then interact with the dead lamposts.


treat is a mood. tired, and done with everyon

ai agora eu fiquei triste achei o jogo perfeito que retrata como eu sou na vida rea "solitaria" mas não tem traducão para português estou triste ; ( 

 quando lança uma versão brasileira


I am brazilian and i  would like to know when the game will be translated to portuguese!

Woah !!

My let's play of episode two in your awesome series. Thank you for creating such a profoundly cute game. I hope there will be a million episodes in the series.

i want a dress mochi

Looks interesting and it has custom graphics. I'll download and try it.


I absolutely LOVE your art style and the cute characters as well as issues and topics that you put in your games! I've started playing through all of your games on my channel in hopes to spread word of your amazing work! This is the third game of yours that I've played through so far! I can't wait to play the rest of them!! Thank's for all of your hard work on these lovely pieces of paradise Nami!

Olá eu gostaria que você adicionasse a tradução para o protuguês

This game looks really good, and is named after one of my favourite candy ice cream things, but I can't find a way to play it. :c


I like the game picture and am waiting to play it

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i'm so confused right now. I was watching a youtube video about unreal engine 4, tabbed out for a moment, and when I tabbed back in I was on this page... how did I get on this site?

maybe this is a sign I should check out this game...


there's no back button. my browsing history shows no trace of how I was directed to this page. i'm so confused right now.


no entendi

i just got it but it looks sooooo AMAZING

not bad

Does anyone know where the sidequest is? Also, where is the code for the are in the 3rd game?

SoOoOoOooO where is part two?


this game IS part 2 in the series--you can find the sequel, clever fox moxie, here. the games are also listed in order with links on each of the game pages :) have fun!

This game won't install for me, My downloader says it's forbidden, help??

I had the same problem. I had to try about 5 times before it worked. On the fifth one, I pressed the x as well so I couldn't see the download without opening up my downloads (if that makes any sense). Hope this helps


German language when?


Out of all your games, so far, this one is my absolute fav! I love Treat, Mochi, Moxie, Trick! They're all so cute and adorable! I can't wait to play more of this game x3

Also made a video, but sorry for the loud sound, I figured out much later down the road, how to turn down the volume when recording...


Wondering if you make a settings window so I can turn off the music, prefer to have my own music


и я дам советы по украинскому не обязательно переводить украинцам хорошо, 89% говорят Руска

I have a question, I understand that you translate the nuu there for example on the Russian you need to hold your project nooooo, you have already done 2 more parts and it's difficult to translate a 15-20 minute game ????????????????

She doesn't know Russian, all translations are made by volunteers. If you want to see Russian translation - offer her your help and translate it into Russian.

I squealed SO badly when Treat cuddled Mochi to comfort her >< This is a really nicely made game!

Mochi is seriously adorable! Moxie and Treat too! This little series is undeniably cute


These games are so adorable!! I really wish I could help contribute to you, because these are so cute and well made, with excellent sound tracks. Please keep making more of these!

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cant download games past treat why itch fixed

Just like Lonely Wolf Treat, Friendly Bunny Mochi is an adorable sequel to this series that I had a blast playing, and know you will, too. I loved that in this installment there was more story, you got to see more of the characters' personalities and the people's prejudices in the town, and that there was even a little side story with witchcraft and magic (which of course I had to do ^w^)! It made me more invested in what was happening in this universe and what will happen next in the other sequential games. If you haven't played the first game yet, I highly recommend it, but if you have, and you're deciding on whether or not to continue this series, then please, KEEP PLAYING!!! It's cute, deeper than you think, and a good time overall. 10/10

how do you make these games??  pls tell me i really wanna make them as well

i make them using rpg maker vx ace!

I enjoy your games so much:3 Heres my second episode :D

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Loved loved LOVED this sequel! This game has such an adorable style and a crazy relatable story to accompany it, the friendships and dynamics are seriously a treat! If you haven't had a chance to play this game for yourself, please do! It was fun to beat the game and play the side quest too! 

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