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your stories are so good the really need to get these stories on steam I did not use to read well but your stories helped made me know the wonders of reading

 I don't know how to mark this comment as a spoiler or if it is even considered a spoiler... So I will just be vague, I love the art and the progression of the story so far, nearly teared up :'D Enjoying this series a lot so far :)

Damn... thought it was  a new game...


É a continuação do lonely wolf treat que infelizmente não tem em português, então tive que ir de inglês mesmo.

Apesar disso achei a história em interessante, ensina a não jogar pelas aparências.

I love a nice wolf called treat (muito forte ela :v)

this game is so fun i like it

Here's my video.

omg this is so cute and beautiful i'm criyng--

Mochi is the name of my character too hahaha

She's beautiful too


RPGVXAce RTP is required to run  this game :(

no entiendo ayuda D':

Só ir no link acima e baixar a primeira opção da esquerda pra direita.

F jsjjs xD

hay una traducción al español

i like this treat series :)

Hello. Can you say how to save the game? After closing the game, I always losing all my progress.

click escape to see the menu and save :)



I enjoyed this game after playing lonely wolf treat. The artstyle is cute as always. Will continue playin the sequel. Really love the story

Hello, is there a French translation planned?




Hi!I found a bug in the version of Chinese ,emmm , when  I sent Moxie to home, Juju comes and the boss of shop wont come out sometimes, and the game wont go on~ thx!

Nami adoro tus juegos, la verdad es que son increibles, sobre todo el enfoque que le das a la comunidad LGBTQIII+. Me he sentido muy identificada con tus juegos principalmente con esta saga y el juego de spokie kiss. Hermoso, simplemente hermoso.

My full playthrough YouTube video on the game. Please subscribe, give it a like & a share too.


Hey Nami, I'd like to thank you for making this. My friend group; my closest friend group of 2 years, was brought together by this game as we played it together for the first time. As such, we've made a pact to play through the series every new years. Thank you for giving us this game, and thank you for giving me friends.

Omg, this was so good!

Btw, I like the references to Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet & Contract Demon (I haven't played them but I'm planning to, later)

It's a great game

It's a beautiful game !!! i really like it , they are so cute♥ even the story TTvTT


I am not furry but this is cute

kemonomimi isn't exclusively a furry interest, it's perfectly normal to like this and not be a furry.

Definitely, I'm not big on furries but I really liked the first game and I'm about to download this one.

If it's anything like the first, it'll be adorable!

waiit there are six games?


this games are everything


its cute i love it ,but wish we could fullscreen :(


Alt+Enter will make it fullscreen.

im getting a error when i run it labelled "system\RGSS301.dll could not be found." how do i fix????

Nevermind, i figured it out. the system file didnt carry over lol

My playthrough for this game ( Side-Quest Not Completed )


what a very lesbian game

Very. 😉

y aura il une traduction en français un jour ?


cute wittle game and fantastic :]

played it 2 times XD

this game looks like so much fun! will it ever come out in MacOS?

I really love this game series, you can tell there's a lot of thought and care put into them, and it's awesome getting to follow along with these characters! Here is my playthrough of this episode :)


Absolutely adorable! Treat, Mochi, and Moxie are precious

I really liked the side quest with Eleni as well ;p


downloaded, then when I tired to open realised that, I'm on a Mac and this is a windows game, very sad.

the summoning demon quest wont work. i could get the flute and pudding to work, but the magic bulbs wont :(


You have to go to where you first meet moxie and then interact with the dead lamposts.


treat is a mood. tired, and done with everyon

ai agora eu fiquei triste achei o jogo perfeito que retrata como eu sou na vida rea "solitaria" mas não tem traducão para português estou triste ; ( 

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