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I found the second half of the code, is there a first half somewhere in this game? or is it the whole code the 3 letters on the sticky note

So I reached the part where Mochi lives with Treat, is the game done now? Pleaseee you have to make them longer :P

there are currently 4 games out, and more are in the works haha

do you know more games such as these, other then the ones you made? :3

i recommend this one!

This sounds so great! Please, you have to make like 50 more of these :D

Again, a very well-done little game. The chararcters are still memorable, and the story is nice. Though the creator is still not great at estimating the amount of time the game takes. I spent an hour playing.

I'm hooked. I'm loving this series of games, it's cute, it's funny and it tells an amazing story. I'm definitely going to keep playing up to the end of the latest one!

Also, I'm ashamed to say I think I've been pronouncing Mochi's name wrong this entire time...

This episode is so cute! I played it today! D: ah but i didn't know sidequest what? i'm gonna launch it again to see it D: lol!  Looking forward to playing the next two :P

Hey Nami! I'm really enjoying this series so far! I also played Lonely Wolf Treat and left my video in the game page's comments! Now i also played Friendly Bunny Mochi right here :

Enjoy! Bye!


Pardon, but where can I find the magic bulbs for the sidequest?


Tmw you found how to get them right after you commented-


Where is the secret code

eleni's house after you do the sidequest

wait there's a secret code .-.

I do like how there's a "pacifist route" in this.

Ummmmm........... I watched the trailer but I haven't got the game lol will I get it!? FUCK YEA


This is just wow. I love this series! Great games keep it up!


This is the second video of the series and I can not wait to play more. Just before recording I read most of it to my God daughter before bed and she fell in love with the world and the characters. Especially Salt.

Anyways. I hope I did the video justice. It made a two year old girl really happy and excited.

Kind regards,



oh my gosh that's so sweet!! thank you for sharing <3 i'm glad you're having a good time with my games!!

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I'm very excited to download this but, being a newbie at computers, I have a question.

EDIT : I did download the files, how do I do fullscreen?


alt+enter should work!

Thank you^^;;



how do i get the weak magic bulbs?


try checking the lights along the path to the hot springs!


thanks. it helped me out

this game was just an adorable sequel. i loved how you decided to explore more each character. i feel like mochi was such a well-developed character, though she seems just plain and always excited and just stupidly kind, as you play you see her differently anD AA OK THIS ONE WAS GOOD



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is there a way to play fullscreen?

edit: i figured it out!

(thank you for making this game, the music and art is nice and sweet. i love it!!)

What version of RPGMaker are you using to make this? I'm not that versed in them so I can't tell...

I really love these games? I'm currently marathoning them, but I'm going to go back through later and look at everything closer later. Everything is just so cute!! If nobody else is offering, I might at some point contact you about translating these games into Spanish or something....

oh thank you! i make them in vx ace. and they're already translated to spanish haha, those just aren't uploaded here.

Thought that might be the case, but figured I should offer anyways.

I'd love to play this game. I think things went a bit too fast in this game. The characters are perfect. I think things should be added in between parts where things happen, like for instance, you have to find Salt and Pepper before they eat up Juju, or something like that. This game has alot of potenial and i also think its Adorable!

I'd love to play this, but I currently have a mac laptop ;w;

I was hoping you could make this into a mac download too? Although that might be hard because I don't know how that technically works, but nothingles, this looks like a adorable game.

i'm planning on porting them in the future, i'm working on other projects so i dont have time right now but hopefully someday soon!

I'd love to play this, but I currently have a mac laptop ;w;

I was hoping you could make this into a mac download too? Although that might be hard because I don't know how that technically works, but nothingles, this looks like a adorable game.

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Is this kid friendly? It looks really cute!!!! But I'm a kid and I want to know. Thanks! :D (BTW I love your art!!)

yes it is kid friendly. and thank you!

YW! I might get this :D

I made an LP of the series that is family friendly! I feel like the representation of girls who like girls and girls who don't fit expected gender roles and expressions are important for everyone to see.

Forgot to post the link!


So I only recently discovered the Lonely Wolf Treat series but I have to say its one of my favorite RPG maker series. Much like the first one, the second installment continues the story of Mochi but this time, throws her in as the main character. I still love the custom sprites and the amount of extra work that has gone into these games. The writing is great and really brings out the characters, and I really love the main point of these games. To me, its to show that no matter what you look on the outside, you can still be friends with anyone. I also like how with each installment in the series, you get to play as a new character. And in doing that, you get to see a slightly different perspective on the main story. All in all another excellent game and I can't wait to check out the next game. I did a video on my experience with the game if anyone is interested.

I JUST WANT US ALL TO BE FRIENDS! | Friendly Bunny Mochi

Hey Nami can you make an RTP version of Clever Fox Moxie? Please because I can't download The RTP File.

Thanks Nami ;)

i uploaded it just now~ have fun!

Thanks Nami

hey Nami, I was wondering how you created the sounds and the game could you put something up for that I also developed a game in school with 2 bit race cars with 2 players or computer, but I was wondering what you did here. Thank you.

the sound effects are stock sounds that come with rpg maker but the music is done in fl studio 12!

k thanks :)

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Hey Nami I Loved Your Games, They Were AMAZING :3. I Am Just Wondering If You Are Going To Make A Sequel? Plz Plz Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz This Series So Far Is The Best RPG Games Ive Played So Far! I Hope You Can Make A Sequal (Maybe You Are Making One Whilst Ready My Comment ^_^). Thanks For Reading This Nami! <3

thank you! the sequel is coming in about 2 weeks :D


Thanks, I Just Can't Wait X3

HEy Nami What art style is this NV you made? i like these type of cute character and stuff like that. Please can you provide me the answer O Almighty Nami.

i don't know what to call my art style other than mine. i'm hugely influenced by disgaea though so maybe that's the answer you were looking for? also please don't call me almighty haha im just a person

LOl alright. Wait you play disgeae?? Awesome xD yo nami do the third part of the game in the series will be out? I really like treat she so cute.. Oh yeah took me like a day or two to figure out tlthat treat is a girl... Really.

part 3 is coming this month hopefully!

HEy Nami What art style is this NV you made? i like these type of cute character and stuff like that. Please can you provide me the answer O Almighty Nami.

I LOVE your games! Can I translate it? (Spanish,portuguese,germany)

hmm this series doesn't have a german translation yet... yeah, if you give me your email i can send you the files!

Deleted 1 year ago

here it is!!

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 3 years ago

the next part just dropped!!

hi Nami-san what your program for make a game "Friendly Bunny Mochi"


rpg maker vx ace!

thank you > <

It's so cute!!!


I love how you've made your own shared universe between this series and SUS I look forward to your new content for both very much. Also I can't wait for another Romance Detective to come out. All your games and art is amazing


This has gotten so amazingly good! I'm so excited for the next part! Keep doing your amazing work.

Here's my playthrough of part 2.

Keep up the good work! The art is very cute as always, and I was really excited to learn more about the other characters.

I LOVED IT!! I will wait for more amazing stuff! Also Mochi is kinda like me :D!

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I'll give my complete thoughts when I will have finished the game, but I can already say that you stepped up your humor game, even though Lonely Wolf Treat already had some good chuckles^^ So far the game is very entertaining^^
(And for those who are interested, you find a link to my LP at the end of the comment)

Edit: Ok, now that I finished the LP, I gotta say I liked the sequel better than the first game (how many sequels can claim that?) It developed the plot in a way that makes sense, it was, as mentioned before, so funny. I mean, lonely Wolf Treat had some giggles and chuckles for me, but this was just awesomely funny :D And I really like the dialogues they feel so natural. The art of a short game is to make the reader believe in the relationships he had no chance to see develop and in the case of Juju and Mochi I can totally see where both of them are coming from and how their relationship works. Now to be fair the story itself is not a complicated one, but I personally love me some good, straightforward storytelling. So two thumbs up for the sequel! Can't wait for spring, whenever this season may start! :D

Edit Edit: By the way, did I ever say I love the art? Only like a thousand times? For the next part I'll bring a dictionary because I know in german why I like it (or at least one aspect of why I like it) but I have a hard time explaining it in English :D

Edit Edit Edit: Spelling errors.

My Let's Play of Friendly Bunny Mochi :)

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