Spooky Soiree Mobile (3 new endings!)

it's october! which means, an excuse to release halloween content!!

3 new endings have been added, which feature chirval, periwinkle, and.... someone you'll recognize from another one of my visual novels! this update makes a grand total of 10 ENDINGS to collect!!

the new content is currently MOBILE EXCLUSIVE--but i'm planning on updating the game here on itchio later, so you'll be able to play them on pc/mac too. this release has english and korean only, but i'd like to add spanish, french, and german back in later!


download on google play:

thanks for reading!!

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Just finished playing the update! I was really excited to see that Olog was an option because he was my favorite supporting character in Contract Demon. It was a little disappointing the his ending was very corporate-feeling but it is nice to have your sexuality represented in a dating sim lol. Is Olog an aro/ace or is he just asexual? I think a little specification in the story would be nice as many asexuals experience romantic attraction and find kissing/hugging enjoyable. 


thanks for playing! hmm i hadn't thought of olog's romanticality before now to be honest. i would say he's probably aro too, but i'd like to leave it open to fan interpretation since it never officially comes up in either game haha

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But I only use appstore

I tried with the only mobile in my house that used Google play and it says "Your device is not compatible with this version."

I wanna cry.

Is it mobile only? Really? Really? Really?

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My last option, watch a freaking vidéo

All my options failed, now to succumb into a deep ocean of tears. And the tears would be from my eyes.

I'm not the only one who's that willing to see that end, am I? (No but the only one who's unable to see, hah!)

oh no, i'm sorry! i'll try to update the pc version before the end of the year. i have a lot of other work to do so i haven't been able to make time for this yet ;_;

Good Luck!👍🏻🍀 

I know it’s hard to make games and maybe trying to update some of them when you’re already busy (never made game before but I can imagine)

Also, I had another last option and it worked XD

I asked my sister’s phone and downloaded it. And I took lot a screen shot! >u<

Ya arts are great and story are great too! You’re characters are cute and cool! Keep up the good work! Really love it!