moving the updates from the main page to be archived here!

  • [ NEW! ] 10/1/2019 - MOBILE VERSION is now available on google play! this one includes 3 new endings. pc/mac versions will be updated later, but right now the new content is mobile exclusive.
  • 1/21/2019 - added spanish and french translations (spanish updated 2/15)
  • 8/19/2017 - i messed up putting in the german font, now the game is no longer missing characters lol
  • 8/16/2017 - added german translation, and a button to change the font to make things easier for dyslexic readers! i updated the gui a bit too--now when you get one of the main endings, a little picture from it will show up on the main menu :D
  • 2/14/2017 - valentine's day update! added 3 endings.
  • 10/31/2016 - added korean download!

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