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this game is super wholesome and cute!! i wish i could play it forever :,)))


it was really cute like all of namis games!! i just wish there was more character building, and elaborate on why maia doesnt like it above water. but pretty good for a short game!! loved it!!

this was one of my first games here very cool

Oh wow the game even has an Italian translation..downloaded

I want to download this ssooooo baaaddd but it always says 'file not available on site' ☹️ is there anything I can do about this?

There is no android version of this game ...... I feel a little sad ……x_x

lovely game i love the ocean elements of it :)


Just finished this short but sweet story.  Thank you for making it!



Whoa, where is this art from?


Lonely wolf Treat, ch8.

How wholesome. This was exactly what I needed to warm my heart. Thank You!


bruh very short

Many of Nami's Games are on the shorter side, especially the earlier ones.


Un juego rápido, sencillo y bonito, 10/10, los personajes son un amor :]


Played this game on stream. Was really cute and fun, I liked the crab most of all. He's just walking there.

Streamed live @

Elaborate on the horror elements: like jumpscares?

there is a dark and oppressive atmosphere for one section of the game. no jumpscares, it's just a little foreboding.


cool fish


really liked this game! Just hoped there was another ending to it, and why does Maia not want to go to her home world? Is she an orphan? 


Well... It's a cute game with cute characters. But i wish it had a reason why Maia is so lonely. And more character development. It just felt really shallow the way that everybody just turned out as friends. And the trench could be a lot more deep.

At first Am is upset because I didn't visit her house. I went after her but can't so I returned to surface and it ended sour. But turned out I was an idiot. Good thing I didn't give up and replay the whole thing  XD


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,  WHY DOES IT HAS AN END?! I love it, and feel comfy with it, why it has to end, T.T I wish could be long and open world, and also... what was the bottom at the end, those dark creatures thought of her about what other people on earth told her?

gostei de maaaais, muito bonitinhoo❤

fiz um vídeo jogando ele, 

what's RTP? Why it's so huge?

runtime player!

basically its the default graphics, mewsic, and .dll files that come with rpgmaker! most (if not, all) rpgmaker games need it to run xP

what about the Steam games which were made with RPG maker?

each of those need the RPG maker in the first place or not?


Muy tierno


Learning how to breathe underwater by passionatly making out with a sea creature

amazing but more gameplay would be great

hopefully you guys can make a mac version in the future, this game looks fun!


i was looking for cute games when i found this game first i found it just looked boring but i didnt want to jugde a book by its cover and it was so sad i shat a tear  i didnt even want it to end it has a mix of funny cute and heartfelt  1000000000000000 stars


"I'm walkin' here!" -crab

Finally got around to playing it, and... this doll wants to know more about Maia. There's some things that can be pretty easily inferred about her situation and mental health, but... some things still felt a little cryptic.


Very wholesome and precious game.

I dug the art, color, music and controls! =]

Also love any kinda game I can collect stuff.

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naww RPG maker????


me encanta <3

*drowning in tears*

god its so good!

Underwater city' s got some Wadanohara vibe to it.


HI there, would you like me to translate your game into Esperanto for free? I'm just looking to help the Esperanto community out by getting some more games into the language.


The ending was so sweet! Good job, dev team!

This was so cute. It was fun to explore the story of the little girl. It was sad how she never felt like her real world was fit for her or she belonged there, maybe she never had friends. After being with the kind people down there in their world, she must have realized that she liked it better but still couldn't find a place to stay in. The feeling of belongingness and love is what she wanted all along for which she was ready to risk her life just to be accepted by others. Such a beautiful story also the fun elements were cute as well it made me enjoy it very much ^^

Não quando eu tento entrar em "Game.exe" aparece: "RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this game"

O que eu faço?

Olá!! Lendo um pouco sobre o assunto na internet, acho que a maneira de solucionar esse problema é só fazendo o download (e instalando) o primeiro arquivo desse site

Se chama RPG Maker VX Ace. É só instalar e daí você pode jogar.

Também tem a opção de você baixar o jogo de 200mb daqui da página, sabe? Daí você não precisaria ter que instalar esse RTP (só que eu acredito que não tenha a tradução pra português).

Enfim, espero ter te ajudado pelo menos um pouco!

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