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Hi! Is there only one ending? Besides the one where you leave.

WATGBS vibes

I loved the game too much so I made another drawing, I hope you like it <3

aww they're all so cute!! thank you for sharing!!!

The game was really short but it had a lot of impact, I am really happy with the ending and all the characters. It felt relatable :') Great work as always! <3


I just got finished playing through this, and all I have to say is it's absolutely wonderful!  I love the art style, and all the little details you included in the different locations you can go to (like Am's bed being messy, or Clio's diary just being a meal planner).  And the ending made me tear up a lot, because I could definitely feel the same sadness as Maia.

Solid game, 100/10, I would love to play another game that continues on with Maia's adventures underwater.

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Esse jogo aquece muito o coração, é uma daquelas histórias que você joga pra ficar feliz. Joguei e gostei demaaais! :D

absolutely loved this, the trench part felt so meaningful


It's 20 minutes of nice. Everything is just nice.

i love this game this need a wholesome secuel like a underwater stardew valley

deadass crying over the ending. i love it so much omg- the art style i very nice too!!

very very cute and i almost cried. love ur games a lot!! I played a couple of them on mobile like a year ago and was excited to find that you posted games here as well!!

Was really amazing! The art style is pleasing to look at, story was great and the little horror elemets worked really well! Highly reccoment you to play it, if you still haven't

This game was very enjoyable. As always your characters, art and music are awesome :)

Streamed myself and a friend playing it (^w^)!! It was a very enjoyable game with cute art and music. I love how there's room for interpretation on the meaning of the game and of the characters (and the trench //dundundunn)

Definitely a recommend to play >w< 👍!!

Such a cute pixeled game!

Kinda sad, but i still like it.

this game was so cute

This was super-lovely! Poking around the town and the party was so nice and rewarding, and the overall story was really touching.

💙💙 I Love Clio! Awesome game, as usual.

I love it so much! Everything about it is so cute and charming!! it made me really really happy to play, i'll definitely recommend it in the future!

Just beautiful game

Do you know if you will be able to make a version available for mac?

rpg maker vx ace can't export to mac unfortunately, but there's a program called wine that you can use to run the game anyway!

How do I get to wine

well, I dunno but... I hope this help you


super cute game :) made my morning a lot better! thank you!


This is such an adorablr game and all the art and music are so beautiful!!!




A cute little game with super charming music and art. I'm a sucker for aesthetic and this one nailed it for me. Always enjoy a well made short RPG maker experience :)


This is a great Narrative experience about overcoming social anxiety and the affects of bullying. Its a bit of a walking sim but it was enjoyable and stayed around just the right amount of time. I am really excited to see what this dev does in the future.

Really beautiful and ejoyable game.


i really really enjoyed this game.. i loved the slow pacing of finding shells accompanied with the relaxing tunes. i especially loved getting to know every character. they were all so kind and i really felt welcomed in their world. thank you for making this game :) 13/10

A beautiful game as always


I love this game. I made a drawing


omg thank you for the lovely fan art!! it's so wonderful! <3

Wow, such an amazing art style!

nice people being nice

hello, my name is Phillip, I was playing your game and I found it amazing and Saw that I'm not the only Brazilian who be playing your game, and I came to make a proposal, I want to help translate your game to Portuguese, what and gain from it?, nothing will only help you add another community to your game. 

any doubt this is my email philliphillips2

-Made a Video.

I like those screenshots and noticed this game by a user's comment, and the title sounding interesting. While I like the graphics and written text's font, looks cool in levels and your dev-log/files mention translations too (btw: in case you'd be open for english-to-german translation)?

I only play browser-games while I could refer to each lines in lets-plays and manually translate them. Cute animation and conversation, would be an honor, if you'd be okay with looking a dev who could assist in translating those texts.

Being exciting for more games like this one :-)

How adorable! What's the purpose of collecting the seashells? I think I managed to get all of them.

you can give them to dynamene in town :) she'll give you something later for it, but it's mostly just for fun

Oh! I wasn't able to find her in town. She was the only character in the party who was new to me.


this game looks so cute, can u please make it for Mac?

if not that's ok

I second the mac accessibility! I want to throw money at this game /and/ play it! it looks so cute!

If you really want to play, I found a tutorial to play RPG maker games on Mac:


I love it!!! plis do more games like that!! <3


This game was so wholesome and I liked how it explored the sense of belonging. You did a great job with the short amount of time making likable characters.

não estou conseguindo baixar :(

This was so adorable! Great message, honestly :)

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