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Your games are precious. I wish you all the inspiration to keep up the great work!

Question comes a bit late but they refer to Trick as "they" does that mean the "Traveler Ending" in date Trick is cannon ? 


no, it's singular "they". trick is non-binary!

Ohhhh, alright now I get it

Enjoyed every moment. High hopes for the next game. I fear that you will run out of motivation to make these as valve did with the half life series. Still a great game.


thanks! considering i've made 5 now, i think it's safe to say i won't get tired of it before the story ends.

Is there a secret area in this onw as well? I haven't found one but thanks to the last three having them I keep feeling like I miss something.

going inside atelier sweets in the beginning of the game is optional but other than that there aren't really any extra areas this time


i was looking for them

and i was confused why there weren't any

I love thisss >w<


This game series is literally one of the most wholesome experiences of my entire life and I love them so much. I am so excited for the next part, whenever it appears. Never stop being amazing Nami. Your art is adorable, and your writing is amazing.

Yay Finally! Can't wait to try it out!

The whole story is about love and it's longer and i like that. But the love parts made me cringe. But i like it!! Keep up the good work.

Ok. I finished it. :)

As always very good and cute artstyle. Interesting plot and a lot great characters. ♥

I'm arleady waiting for next part <3


Ah, this is amazing. Even though the cliff hanger got me up and screaming- I can't wait until what happens next.~

I Know Right.

Ahhhhh nuuuuu the ending is so gahhhh

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! yassssssssss

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Will there be another game in the series? Like a part 6?
I've been recording this game series and I want it to continue, im in love with it!!!

If so, do you have an EST on when it will come out?
If you want to keep it a surprise I understand!


thanks! haha for some reason everyone asks if there will be a sequel even when i put "to be continued" at the end... i don't have an estimated release date for it but i'm definitely planning on making it. thanks for playing my games!

Honestly I love this game!! Keep up the good work!


I... Really love your games and the comics you've made thank you so much for being an amazing person and keep doing what you do :)

oh man,, that ending

yes!!! you're back bb!!

Just a question, will you make the games again in the same order ? (By that I mean first a game from Treats perspective then again Mochi, Moxie, Trick ) or are random things planned ? (like for example Lazy fox Salt). Love the games but I can understand if you don't have a plan yet considering that you are moving from one apartment to the other and you need time to breathe, so I apologize for asking.


the next game you'll play as mochi! i'm not planning on introducing more playable characters at this point. depending on what i think of after part 6 it might follow the pattern or it might not. (thanks for being understanding about the moving thing also, i'm just now getting settled into the new place haha)


Ah ok thanks for the quick answer, wish you the best of luck for you and your girlfriend in the the new apartment :)

Is it only me but does the beach look like the one in the undertale credits. Is this by accident or a easter egg?

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It says in the dreaming treat art collection that you have charms and button versions of Treat, Moxie, Mochi, and Trick on page 16, but where do you buy them? I would love to buy buttons/pins or charms of them. :) I can't find them on Redbubble.

they're actually only sold at conventions right now--unfortunately i don't have a dedicated online store at the moment.

oh i see; thank you very much for your reply :)

Oh yeah!! The part 5 is here :D. Thank you :D

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i just learned summer frosting on the piano :D i love this song :) i also learned the original frosting song from the first game awhile ago :)


i love playing your games :) i'm really excited to play this game :D

Why do I feel like Mochi's cousin is the reason for the end?

That friggin jerk.

Eeee I wasn't even sure we were getting a sequel, what a wonderful surprise! But waiting for the next one is gonna be so hard now after... well, no spoilers! Also every time I see a cute new side character I'm always like "I wish they had their own spinoff, I wanna know their story!" 

I don't mean to sound so greedy, just to say I'm a fan haha. Huge thanks to Nami for sharing all your hard work and your unique and beautiful vision.

Still haven't played the game, but over the updates you gave on twitter I believe it's gonna be a good one. Thanks for all the work you put on this one~


This was not as good as the previous 4 games i think it ended too early without really achieving anything.

This was the best game so far.
But the ending... i don't know what to say about it...
The ending was just terrible...
But i'm waiting for the next game to come out.
I really love this game series!


the perfect sequel doesn't exi-


thank you for creating this.

german language?


What do you mean ? Translation ?

of course i mean translation. 


Well, there isn't one but if you want you can translate it, just ask nami about it.

nah, i'm not good at translating...
I can play the games in english too.
But playing games in your native language is better...


I really love this game! Especially that part when appears  Dango seen that could be friends with Chai was perfect and I didn't expect that. I have some questions with some characters relationship, for example Salt and Pepper and especially Annie and May (friends). I done a fanart of Moxie because I find her so funny:


thank you for the fan art, she's so cute!!! salt and pepper and annie and may have ambiguous relationships but it's safe to assume theyre couples haha

Love these games! Treat and Mochi and Moxie are all so awesome and as always I cant wait to see where the story goes next!! Thank you for all your hard work as always!!


Why is there a speedrun for Dreaming Treat ? :D  

I am confused xD, but it was the cutest game I've ever played, thanks Nami now I can't live without this cute overload :)
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1.I found minor bug:

In this position dialogue with Mochi is triggered, but game gets stuck

2.Minor bug #2. If I didn't even talk to Gumdrop at marketplace, but then visited Syrop's candy shop then dialog looks like Treat and Mochi helped Gumdrop already and Syrop saw them. It looks quite strange.


thank you for catching these, i'll look into it!

this is such a wonderful game and series! The story, gameplay and artwork was amazing, I can't wait till the next game!!!


Omgs I had so much fun playing and recording this game! So much feels and it's still only the beginning... I can't wait until the next one, keep up the good work cause I love all your games! :3

Here is my long let's play, I hope you enjoy me gushing over eveything xD :


aaaaa thank you so much for sharing! i love to hear fan reactions, and your LP was so sweet! i was so honored every time you remembered the names of characters from other games <3 thanks again!!

Does Nami have anything against LPing her content?  I wanted to do the whole treat series and a couple others that tie into this like Syrup and HTWML, but i'm kinda new to it(my channel is tiny) and wanted to be sure

i love seeing LPs! please go right ahead :D

Hooray! I'll post a link here once i finish em'.  It looks like it'll be 2 weeks from now cause i'm making a friend record it with me because she needs to see the series and i don't wanna do 97% female characters with my man voice. 50% i can live with, atleast i'll have tried.

Anyway thank you so much for part 5, and thank you for releasing part 6 relatively soon cause i know we're not just gonna leave that double-cliffhanger like that for another year~<3

"Does Nami have anything against LPing her content?" By the way, what does "LPing" mean?

LP is let's play, it's a type of video where someone records themself playing a game with their commentary included, and sometimes facecam.

This Is awesome!!! I played the entire series a year ago and i still thinking that this game Is getting better.

Treat, Mochi, Moxie, Salt, Pepper...

I really wanted to see them again ;3

My favourite RPGmaker series,

The wait was worth it

To be continued...

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OMG THIS WAS THE BEST ONE YET!!!!!! Great job on the game Nami i loved it all i especially loved how Danny is accepting wolves and foxes.  I love the girlfriend relationship between Treat Moxie and Mochi or soon to be.  and the cliff hanger with the garden made want more cause im so excited bout the next game but im also mad about the garden being destroyed and finally i love Moxie's new hair color. is the hair color change based of being in a warmer climate? if so that was great detail cant wait for the next game.

yay, so glad to read all of this! thanks for playing!! and yes, now that moxie is living in the witch town her hair changed color. it happened with nutmeg too :)

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