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Where can I download '' Date moxie''?


it is included with the main download

Deleted 2 years ago

no, it should still have kept the data somewhere else on your computer so even if the game is uninstalled you'll be able to see the extra ending if you cleared syrup!

Deleted 2 years ago

the way it works (as far as i understand) is that you have a copy of the save data in the game folder (that goes away if you uninstall the game/delete that folder) and another copy in your program files somewhere with all the other renpy games you've played, if that makes sense. so uninstalling only gets rid of one copy of the save data.

Deleted 2 years ago

i beat satus {the game for one of the endings} just for this! took a hour and i had to look it up!


Wheres Mochi?

uh i was thinking about that too XD


is it just me or im too anxious to be flirty ( ; - ; ) 


what about mochi? 

Did Nami forget about something?


date trick was the final installment of this running gag. i have a full vn in the works that's focused around mochi (though i have no idea when i'll be able to finish it)

Ah, alright. I'll look forward to that!



Deleted post
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yessss trick!! I love them sm akjhfsjk thank you for adding them theyre beautiful


Treat lol

XD Treat


I loved playing this so much! I loved getting all the endings! My fav ending is the poly ending! :3

Also made a video for it:


holy sheet this is gud

This is just fantastic.

Will u please Make A Trick Shirt Please I would buy it


u make very good games my favorite is Date Trick your games are very good i try to make a game with my sister but it is to hard to make a game i am just thanking just to right a story instead i cannot use RPG Maker because i do not know how to do that i can watch a video on it but i don't have the time u have inspire my to right a story but keep making games This is DanielLeanderRayHarrell signing off and keep it up and please comment back please      

do you do commissions? cuz id love for you to start doing commissions

haha, i've wanted to for a while i just haven't gotten around to making the post. not enough time x_x

Just fantastic! I love the 3rd April fool's update you put out! Excellent game. It's so cute and adorable! Just keep making awesome games like this! 

Once again SUPER CUTE and SUPER ADORABLE. I love this cast of characters.

Your games always put a big goofy smile on my face <3

I could only imagine how a Date Toffee would go. Well next year it is!

Well guess I got TRICKED again ! (sorry for bad pun :D) but seriously is the True Ending really the True Ending ?

yep ;)


Guess Trick won't visit again :P

I'm so happy we actually get to date Trick in this one! I've always loved them! <3

you should update it every year

To get the secret ending with Treat, you have to finish Syrup and the ultimate sweet.

Do you have to finish every ending, or do you only have to get a specific one?

i think i made it so as long as you clear the game it counts! you don't have to get all the endings to unlock it.

Oh! Okay.

Thanks for answering!

is there an official mochi and moxie yuri?

i need this now

pls :(


not yet ;)

oml is the game supposed to only get the "mochi ending" in date treat???

yeah there are other endings, and multiple ways to get to some of them, which is probably why you keep getting mochi's haha

oh lmao

hope to see some new games :)


-a mac user who loves mochi

You know what's going to happen in 2018, don't you?


So cute! I loveee this series. Can you finish the series where it left off? I want to know who Treat ends up with!

Trick can be the next one? :3

Maybe Mochi?! :33

We all know it's gonna be Toffee!

IT Would be perfect too :333



Just to know, How did you make the toffee ending activate only if you finish syrup and the ultimate sweet?


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that's done with multi-persistent data! i set a flag at the end of syrup and as long as people use the same computer and have that data still, they'll be able to see that ending.

ok. :)

I got all the endings and can't wait for the next April's Fools :D

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Uh... the first ending i got was uh... a weird one i guess? 0-0

(the moxie ver.)

also to make it more clear, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


ok wut da heck is yuri and poly


yuri is relationships between two girls, and poly refers to polyamory, meaning multiple romantic partners!

Only the best from my bestest pal Nami!

nevermind i fixed it

It wont let me install and i have 2gb of space left

how do you date moxie


on the title screen theres a button to date treat, and a button to date moxie. the moxie one will take you to her scenes haha


Ack! Why can't I get the Moxie ending?

If you ever update this, can there be a screen that tells us when we've gotten all the endings? That's such a satisfying feature.


is there any other ending other than Mochi ending, bad ending, Moxie ending, and normal ending?


there is a toffee ending if you beat syrup and the ultimate sweet!

Oh I didn't beat that yet Dang!


I wish Treat, Mochi, Moxie, and Trick were in real life not in a weird way but Treat, Mochi, Moxie, and Trick are so Goddamn Cute

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