click for content warning (contains spoilers)
date mochi contains dark themes and violence. click again for specifics (mega spoilers) the player is murdered by stabbing. there’s no graphic imagery, and it’s possible to click through quickly. don’t worry, it’s not canon!!!!

in 2016, you could date treat. in the following years, you could date moxie and trick... now, in 2023, you can date mochi. but are you sure this is what you wanted?

this is a spinoff game for Lonely Wolf Treat. please play through at least chapter 6 before going through this one.

if this is your first time playing, i recommend going through the stories in order! in the updated version of the game, endings for the later characters are locked behind earlier ones. try to collect them all!

**note for download version only: loading saves from the previous versions may cause the game to crash

game by NomnomNami

~translations ~
Español - Gabriel Fiallegas Medina (Basajaun Games)
Français - Yuri Akuto
Português - Fah Braccini
Türkçe - wds / Yağmur ÖZTÜRK
简体中文 - polaris, Mimosa
한국어 - KyleHeren
Українська, Pусский - storyteller613


  • [ NEW ] 10/11/2023 - added web version
  • 7/18/2023 - ukrainian and russian translations added, small bugfix
  • 4/21/2023 - turkish translation added
  • 4/1/2023 - DATE MOCHI added (huge UI update + 3 new translations)
  • 10/23/2018 - spanish translation added
  • 4/1/2018 - DATE TRICK added +korean translations are in!
  • 4/3/2017 - korean translation added for treat+moxie
  • 4/1/2017 - DATE MOXIE added


Download 58 MB
Download 52 MB


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All clear!!

Loved the game!
Mochi > Secret is the best ending :P

Also loved Moxie > Yuri tho

Date Mochi > April Fools Ending = Best Ending of the entire Game!


I hope we get Toffee next year

(1 edit) (+1)

does anybody know how to get the 3rd ending of ''date mochi''? i've tried (almost) everything and i still can't get anything other than ''revenge ending '' or  ''darkest ending''

(1 edit) (+1)

Me too I don't know the ending of 3 date mochi, I looked at the dialogue the same, I saw in the game files it should be ⚠️spolier?⚠️ ending of 3 date mochi in the hot spring the lights are on

thank you for answering!


i found a way to get the third ending, i don't know which option triggers it but i picked these:


>It's too dark to see here...

>(struggle against your restraints)

>(keep crying out)

>No, it wasn't me!!!

>Wh-what are you gonna do with that knife?!

>I thought this was supposed to be a dating game!!!


Thank you Very much Finally I have finished all the endings!

you're welcome! :)


Please Android version and German translation!

Use joiplay

Don't have it. Where I get it?🤔

I'd recommend in they're Patreon because they don't update enough in play store


please port it to android...

You can literally use joiplay to use the game

thanks for letting me know!!


No problem but also be warned that it take another app to run it, like a upgrade pack

one last question, you really cant save the game, or is that a joiplay thing?

You can save because joiplay has the escape button and the joystick to just select save but also I recommend the Patreon version because he won't update the play store or app store version 


play it like horror game but i think got mixed up my other games 

wowowowow,It actually came back and updated the Chinese language.I've been waiting for this for a long time.Thanks,Nami





This is beautiful! I wanna contribute by translating this wonderful game into my language - Bengali!

Can you add Indonesian? My friends don't understand but only I understand the language

Please translate into Russian so I can play the game! Please...

(1 edit)

There is machine translation plugin for anything there is for unity ren'py tyrano rpgmaker... Also if you slightly understand English or one of the available language nothing is preventing you from playing in an other language personally I prefer to play in the original language English at least on the first playthrough even though I am french and french translation is available

give me a link to this plugin please

Just take anyone that have ren'py in it's tag i am giving you a list rather than one specific plugin because some may not work or require you to have non compressed files or the opposite require you to have a specific type of compression just download some and test them until you find one that work


Not me doing the Treat normal route thrice before understanding that me being aromantic doesn't mean I can have different endings with the same answers


how do i get the good mochi ending?


Whoa! I did not expect this to be updated with my favorite bun! I have all the excite now.

The art is so good.

this is nice


super secret sexy ending


I need some hints

ok, so play mochi's date once, then play it again. things will be diferrent a bit the second time

I looked at the script and found out why. It needs me to have beaten date moxie before but I am playing on another computer since I first played

Não é compatível a  Android :(

(1 edit)

JoiPlay. It works (sometimes (and by sometimes I mean almost never (and by almost never I mean you need to pray to God thrice a day for a week to make it work (not really, but still, you need to be lucky as hell to make it work, also it wouldn't work on heavier games for some reason))))

Nomnomnami games aren't heavy are well made are short and most of his game uses the game making app that joiplay support so it always works for his game also I am pretty sure you tried to play games that have nothing to do with joiplay intended use to get an experience this bad just look at joiplay list of supported games it works way more than you say (except if you installed the plugins for joiplay in this case I agree because for some reason it work less with them)





why has this been unlisted from the main page?


it's back :)

Surprise Toffee apparition? Heck yeah.




QwQ,Looks like I want to play your game in time I should study English harder

This was an amazing game

the true ending for trick made me wanna cry- tricks my comfort character tbh

você pode botar tradução portugues OwO

hey, i don't know how the spanish translation link works, can you put a more direct one? please?

i still can't figure out how to get the moxie ending for date treat

its in moxies


(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Toffee end isn't working, and yes I've made the ultimate sweet


yes, it's currently broken... i plan on updating this game at some point to make it accessible again. sorry about that!

No prob, just tell me when it's done.


syrup has been updated, so if you clear on of the good endings it should give you what you need to unlock the toffee end for this game!

The true ending for Trick made me chuckle, good game!

nvm, i fix it

i can't download the file, it says "failure - forbidden" idk what to do x.x


it's sad that i cant give treat a big ol' hug..

(3 edits) (+2)

"Syrup and the ultimate sweet" ending is unobtainable.
because in Syrup's game script  "\syrup-2.2.0-pc\game\script.rpy" there is a missing code piece that allows to save and transfer data between games. that code piece is :

init python:
    mp = MultiPersistent("nomnomnami")


oh wow i forgot that had to be taken out recently... i will try to update this game when i can. thank you for bringing this up!


Where the 2019 one O^Q?


Date mochi



*golf clap*

*character development cries in the corner*

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