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Th art is phenomenal, i knew i'd love this as when i saw the art. The story telling is amazing and i like how real all the characters felt (:
I liked the ending a lot and the music at the credit-scene really tied it all together. This is seriously a fwaking masterpiece. I really need an artbook of all the GORGEOUS art m8!


I was so gooped to see this game being played by Markiplier. It's so amazing to see amazing creators get boosted <333

Ooookay I NEEEED an epilogue story with the Maiden and her Overlord GF, and their supportive friends the Hero and Underling (who still kinda side-eye each other every now and then but who've mostly made up with each other.)

Honestly, this series would you really fun and interesting to see animated or turned into a show wouldn't you say?

Like an slice of life for the Maiden and Overlord would be amazing if done right and it could tie into the heroes and underlings story as well


i just watched markiplier play through this game and i LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! i connected with the characters very quickly, and i loved how beautifully crafted this game is🤍🤍 it gave me undertale vibes, yet it still manages to be unique and it’s very own story, which i very much enjoyed. thank u for this game!!!


Markiplier just did a video playthrough of Bad End Theater!!! I watched the whole thing and realized how much I’d missed in my own playthrough. >_<

Anyway, hoping that directs a lot of people to this game and your other work! I made sure to mention that you had lots of other awesome games in the comments of that video.

i made an account just to review this and it's such an amazing game. as a wlw i related a lot to the storyteller, but the ending made me hopeful AND made me cry,  thank you so much for this story. 

Wow, amazing game, also please put the soundtrack on Spotify, please! It's amazing!


Holy Markiplier played this game!

He sure did!
This game is a treat.


Wow, this was a fantastic experience. Thank you for making this.

Hello! Steam keys appear to be out.

hi, sorry for the late response, steam keys have been refilled!

would you consider releasing this for the analogue pocket?

unlikely unless i had some help with it... i'll look into it though!

ah okay! I don't know if theirs any ports you could get, but it has a pretty simple and easy to use editor. Good job on the game it looks fantastic!

hi, not sure where to report bugs for the steam version, so i guess i'll put it here... is there a way i can force get an achievement? i got all the letters but it didn't trigger the unlock.

the game checks all your achievements when you start it up, so just opening it should be enough... i'll look into this the next time i update just in case there was something odd with it! sorry about that D:

i don't have money to buy double game

i buy this game on steam,but the steam version can't get mobile version.

how can i get the mobile version?

you buy it here?

i buy this game on steam

Yes, you did, however, you cannot gain access to the apk on steam because it's a pc-only platform. There is no way to transfer purchases from steam to here, so even though you own the game, you can't get an apk from there. This is the only place you can as far as I know

really good! fun to play through, lovely art, and the credit song was a nice surprise!


this was super awesome!!!

it was incredibly cool seeing all the ways you played with ren'py's systems with the branching paths and flags and endings! the last time i went "oh my gosh this is such a cool use of ren'py!" while playing a visual novel was when i was playing her tears were my light funnily enough

the art was incredible! i love the use of distinctive colours for each character! i actually gasped during the first true ending i got because of the colours being mixed together. the pixel artstyle is super good and your art's as cute and wonderful as always!

the story was super good too! i was super intrigued as i played through the game! i felt like i was investigating a murder mystery while i was trying to figure out what was causing different events to happen. i got every ending and the end result made me start crying! 

i also loved the music a lot! i went through the underling violence song on loop while i was studying and it really helped. 

thank you for an amazing experience! this game has made me want to go back and replay every single one of your games when i have the time!

This was awesome and so worth the money 

You never disappoint :)

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Lmao, I wish I had the money to buy this, it looks amazing. Keep up the good work, Nami! I can't wait for the next in line for the lonely wolf treat series!

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I would like to help with Japanese and Traditional Chinese translation If you need one.

Your most impressive (and horrifying) work yet. Well done! Now, excuse me while I do some nitpicking...

I'd like to see unique endings where the hero kills the overlord but spares all the other demons. Currently, the outcome is exactly the same regardless of whether the hero kills or spares the other demons, resulting in a possible inconsistency in the "complacent maiden" ending. I'm also interested in seeing what happens when the underling finds out someone else already killed the overlord before they could.


i'm gonna cry. that was so good ;_______;


I wish I had the money your games are absolutely spectacular

Will you upload android version on Google Play Store?

i'm planning to in the future! i've had problems with my google play developer account, which is why i'm unable to at the moment... once i get it figured out, i will upload the game and have a link here :)

I can't wait to buy this <3 So excited

I can't currently afford to buy it but I'm sure it's fantastic :0 I love the vibe and the art style !! So happy you made another game

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This is incredible, I love it. I've been a fan since the Lonely Wolf Treat days and I can't wait to see what you do next. Keep up the good work!

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I'm so in love with your drawings and the vibe. I feel like nothing is as good, and am so distressed ending your games. Your games  feels unparalelled everytime, there is so much darkness after that kind of light X_X

I'm especially a fan of the drawings of the overlord. I love how she switch from cute to nightmarish. Also the ending song... *shivers*


I've already brought this game on Steam, played it, and written a review for it there.
Congratulations on getting a game onto Steam for the first time!

And the game itself was fun and charming. It was fun to play through the story again and again to find the different storylines and different endings, and the final part was very satisfying - made me feel like the work I'd put in to get there had been all worth it.

So thanks! Hopefully all those years of work put into making this game paid off!

(My English is very poor, please forgive me)

Words cannot describe how much I love this game.

When I first started playing, both the characters and the game's gameplay of changing the plot through options hit me precisely.

At the end of the game, when I saw Tragedy embracing with her lover, I just cannot hold my tears.

There are too many desperate bad endings in life, but there is always hope existing, just like Tragedy said "Happy endings shouldn't always come easily, reality is not so kind".

We will suffer all kinds of hardships in life, but I believe we will all eventually get our own Good Ending!

With "THEIR song", I write this comment from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, NomnomNami!

Very much appreciate it that you let us experience such a touching story.

I hope NomnomNami and everyone in this world will have their own Good ending!

I will forever believe that the love can overcome everything!


laughs in debt*

Show post...

I though the thumbnail was the TVOkids K, I, D and S colors :D

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Here's my review of this game; I have some great feedback so you can have some ideas on how to make improvements for any future visual novels you intend to make. This VN was pretty ambitious, it would be great if you could try something like this again someday.

I hope you can unlock your full potential! :)


i absolutely love this game!

only thing i'd ask for is an easier way to do a full reset, in case i want to start the game fresh to play with some friends. i'm showing it to everyone i know! :>


ooh you're right, i should add it to the menu once you've cleared the game before. thanks, i'll put that in next time i update the game!!

Hey, I did a partial reset, and then used the full reset shortcut in the menu, and... I don't think I got the achievement?

oh shoot that's a bug, i'll fix it in a future update!

Thank you for this wonderful game!!! Me and my partner played it together, and we enjoyed it a whole bunch. 😊

i love this game. thanks.

Can you please post a walkthrough how to get all the endings?  I am missing 4 of them...


there is an ingame flowchart if you click the bad end button on the character select screen. i hope that helps!

Never mind. Youtube helped. Missing only one achievement. Love the ending. Keep writhing happy endings. <3


time to save money  i really want to play this


This game was amazing! Definitely recommend playing it :)

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I loved this game so much!!! It was super cute and I had a lot of fun trying to get all the bad endings! But there was one bad ending I had difficulty getting! (spoiler ahead) it was the ending I think where you get the second letter where the maiden goes back to the castle alone, I’ve tried to get the ending for that but I keep getting killed by the underling…

edit: I got all the bad endings and fully beat the game and i'm not okay, it was so beautiful tho


This game is so clever and adorable!

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