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    > content warning: blood/gore/violence, strong language

welcome to BAD END THEATER!

select your protagonist and explore a variety of terrible fates!

the decisions you make in one story will affect the others. you can toggle these behaviors to open up new paths! unfortunately, every path leads to a bad ending...

can you find a way to save this unlucky cast?

playtime: 1-3 hours to see all endings (it's a puzzle game, so this varies widely)

features: 16k words, 600 illustrations, 40+ endings

soundtrack is HERE!


  • story + art + music - NomnomNami
  • animation - chunderfins


Español (LATAM) - José Jil Tudela
Español (ES), Euskara - Gabriel Fiallegas Medina (Basajaun Games)
Français - Yuri Akuto
Deutsch - Marshmelie
Italiano - Rypher
Nederlands - Demi
Português (BR) - Fah Braccini
Polski - Nika Klag
Čeština - David "Dejw136" Benáček
Magyar - Diemond
Svenska - Felix Hindemo
Русский - Zweelee
한국어 - KyleHeren
简体中文 - Yuriatelier
日本語 - Lin YuFan, Katsuhide, Sota
Tiếng Việt - Bánh
Türkçe - Ebru Nilay Vural
العربية - Montassar Ghanmi
עברית - swagster2000
ภาษาไทย - Whateverzone
Українська - storyteller613


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

BAD END THEATER art collection.pdf 38 MB
badendtheater-1.6.5-pc.zip 78 MB
badendtheater-1.6.5-mac.zip 64 MB
com.nomnomnami.badendtheater-release.apk 85 MB

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安卓版要怎么下载啊?我在steam买的不是 itch.io 能在安卓上装吗?


A touching game with a touching ending.

I wish you happiness.


very good game! didn't got it from itch.io though, bought it on the playstore. but i figured the review may get to you better through here! 

i have to say i haven't completed it 100%, but i got to see the "ending" ( got to 36 endings ! i'd say that's a lot )  though i know i can continue playing n there's probably some surprises awaiting when i decide to pick it up again! loved every little aspect of the game personally, from the characters designs to the overall premise of the game and playability, i'm not much into puzzle games but this game is particularly addicting and without getting into too much spoilery stuff, i loved the little rpg kinda battle u added. i strive to be as succesful as you some day.. keep it up! one of the many indie game creators that doesn't fail to amaze me everytime :D


update: I 100% THE GAME OMG... WON'T SPOIL THE ENDING BUT.. REALLY GOOD <3 my final review is, this was a project with surely a lot of passion put into it!! one of your best games this far, so glad i decided to buy it :3 


this game was INSANELY fun!!!!! i beat it in one sitting and 100%’d it!!!!!! i really hope you (or someone else!) make more puzzle games like this in the future, ive been waiting for these mechanics my whole life!

-Made a Video.

"It's a great game, you should try it yourself."
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good game


maybe this comment has SPOILERS, so leave if you haven't played the game or beware.

(translation done by Google translator, forgive me even if it was bad, I don't know how to speak your language.)

look... what can i tell you? the songs are amazing and very nice to listen to, the game itself too, is very good, along with the story too, and how much it makes you like the characters in the theater so that there isn't even a happy ending for them, and you get sad for if identify maybe or because you liked the characters themselves, so there really isn't a happy ending for them, but a beautiful story at the end and... ah, it was one of my best experiences.

and then you ask me: 

"ah, but is this game worth it?"

and I answer you highlighted, that:


how much the price cost, and how much for the game itself, are they worth it.

Well, I don't think I'm forgetting to say anything else, right? so I close here.


I love this. 


You're literally a master at punching me in the heart until I cry. It's...... thank you. 

AMAZING game !!! Rly recommend


I am so thankful to this for introducing me to your other games. The behaviour mechanic is so well done!

wow, finally got around to completing this game. really really truly enjoyable! also lovely art style and music, and the credits music was a real treat!! got all the achievements except 2.... very worth playing!

топ im rus


I must say that was brilliant . A example of the illusion of choices this world gives us yet trapping us in a never ending loop of suffering and the only way to break that loop is to create our own choices instead of accepting the ones we are just offered . Everything from the story , animations to music deserve all the praise it gets . Looking forward to playing your other games.


Oooh I love your game!!! My wife and I just got done watching Markiplier's play-through of it and it was so sweet :) It's so wonderful to discover a game with such a great story, so much wholesomeness, unique game-play mechanics and LGBT positivity <3


I saw Fauna playing this and just and to come and support. Amazing game!!


I got into your stuff recently when I was going through my Racial Equality bundle and stumbled onto Lonely Wolf Trick. I proceeded to play through every one of that series, cried like a baby at the excellent positive polyamorous representation, then played Bad End Theater today and cried at the end of that too. Thank you so much for all of your work, it's all beautiful and relatable and you have my whole heart for it.

That was an amazing game, and I'm glad I got to play it :)
I wish the best to you in face of the odds! (a good end maybe?)

I wonder what game engine is used to build this, or what kind of framework.

It's in the credits. It's ren'py. But definitely not stock ren'py.

SO I BOUGHT THE GAME THROUGH STEAM BECAUSE I ONLY BUY STUFF THERE, BUT OMG I JUST REALIZED THAT YOU HAD IT THERE AND LIKE I LOVE THIS GAME!! her tears were my light just got mcfuckin replaced as my fav nomnomnami game (itll forever have a spot in my heart tho). BUT ILY AND I LOVE THIS GAME AND I CANT WAIT TO SEE MORE!!


I created this account just to write you this message.
I, like many others, watched Markiplier's video of your, let's be honest, masterpiece of a story game.

It doesn't take much to get me to cry, so it's not a surprise that I was almost bawling by the end. Tears streaming down my neck.
I'm not going to ask if the story is true, but I like to think it is. And I hope you and your love are together and happy, because you both deserve that happiness. 
Your families and various origin societies may not accept your love, but we very much do.
Thank you for the beautifully crafted experience. Really beat my heart up with that true ending. 

With love, 
A fellow queer, shedding many a tear.


I also watched Markiplier’s video, and started crying at the very end when I realized what had made me so interested in the stories presented before. Then I was relieved to see that the game was made by NomNomNami.

Give Lonely Wolf Trick a run if you haven’t already, you can’t shed one too many tear of joy.


I love this game, watching the first 3 minutes of Markipliers video and I knew I had to play this for myself. I didn't want to go through Undertale again where I had spoilt everything ;/ Thanks for this 1 hour Theater show! You've interested me in what else you make, even if the follow up might lead me to your first days *wink* of RPG making(Implying that they may or may not be as good as this) Thanks!


Love the art, really cute :)

Really good game thank you for making this one I really appreciated this one ^^


Hey there! I just saw Markiplier's video on the game, and I wished I couldve played it myself but I couldnt afford it.
I am,however, making a school project where I have to make a game, and i chose Ren'py. I am truly fascinated by your work!
I wanted to ask if you could explain how you did the main menu? the GUI? if it makes it easier for you my discord is FEA#9138
If not I still wanted to thank you for reading this! This game was a masterpiece. Amazing!


I found your game through Markiplier and when the video started i pause it, downloaded it and play it... i think this is the best thing i've do because this game is not just a game... its an Art... this is the best game of 2022 for me.

Way to start the year ;P

yeah ^^ but with all the other bad things :/ yeah, still a really good game ^^


Found this game through Markiplier, but decided that I needed to play the ending for myself rather than watching it. And in a word, I was spellbound. I couldn't stop thinking about this game all day while I was at work. I can definitely say this was the best $10 I ever spent, and I need to go back and play this game again. I loved this game, and can't wait to explore the rest of your work in the future.


OMG! I've been playing your games for a couple of years now and I must say congrats to getting your game noticed by Markiplier! I hope with this more people will be able to enjoy such an awesome story^^


Yooooo! Nami, Markiplier just played your game! Congrats!


Say, what IS OUR name? The "YOU" character? I think it might be COMEDY, personally.

Great game, I hope that you follow up on future works.

this game is amazing! I love the soundtrack so much, and I wanted to ask if you'll ever upload the tracks to spotify?


thank you, i'm currently working on it! :)

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Thank you so much for this strong narrative experience! I'm shocked I've never heard of this story driven game before. I'm a sucker for strong stories. Anyway, here's my experience so far with the game. Part 2 will be released tomorrow. Once again, thank you and keep up the good work!

Here's part 2 


tysm for doing this!! me n my bf played it together and we loved it!!! please never stop :3!!!

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ola tkm me ases felis c:

ily <333


i loved this game, ty for making such a beautiful experience :3

SPOILERS!!!! I literally cried at the end. I watched someone else play it but oh my god it was such a beautiful story. Seriously this deserves... like... I don't know, this deserves to be as popular as all those other really good indie games. Actually, it deserves to be MORE popular or something. The relationship with the Maiden and the Overlord and how that was like a whole metaphor for the relationship with Comedy and Tragedy? And the song? AND the way you made the characters so realistic? It's just so perfect. The reveal of Comedy and Tragedy and that whole scene is truly what made me cry. A good sapphic love story always gets to me and always will. Thank you. I can't help but feel so happy and cry tears of joy. One day I will be able to buy games online and the first one I buy will be yours. 


I'm no one to you, but it pains me that you carry guilt from your past. Some things may have been avoided, but hindsight is always 20/20. My thoughts are that you're an amazing creator, victim of circumstances, and the all too common mob effect.

You inspire me to make more meaningful games, pursue my art and make me confident in my choice. Seeing your game was a touching experience that continued to confirm my love for the medium.

You remind me of a friend who's often too harsh on themself, believing they deserve the bad events that seem to be crumbling on them. But if anything, if you can't get rid of the guilt, you could try consoling yourself in being a person you're proud of today. And, seeing your work, I'm very glad for you.

Please, I can't wish for better than for you to move forward and recover from the event. It may seem dire sometimes but I'm sure the love you got from that video says a lot. You're worth supporting, I hope you can agree with that as well someday. You, your work, your efforts and your passion, they had such a positive impact on me.

Thank you for making my day better and inspiring me.
- Eve 


I, too, saw this game played by markiplier. and, honestly, what an amazing game and experience. one day i too shall play this game on my own and enjoy the many stories and relationships here.


its great to see your work getting more recognized

especially after markiplier made a playthrough of this

i hope your lonely wolf treat series also gets more attention :D


I watched Markiplier play this game and I loved it. This game is trully great!

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