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А будет вторая часть у успешной игры?!


i was mindblown  because of that true true ending, and it makes me sad thinking some people may have missed it by stopping at the first time you can battle Tragedy (i was gonna miss it but i needed to do the battle another time to take a screenshot of something after i did the last ending i didnt have, i was sooo confused when i saw the credits were different lol)

yo vi el juego gracias a Pepe el mago

I loved this! Thank you so much for sharing it.

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I love how each story of the characters coincide with the ending from other characters, basically, all of those happen in the same place. For example, when the Underling killed the Overlord on their ending, and Overlord dies in the same way on one of her endings, killed by the Underling.

等等,我才发现这款游戏居然和《STARRY  FLOWERS 》是同一名……天,才华横溢!

i love it

cried. 10/10

hi nomnomnami





Given the premise of the game (or what little is shown), it’s a little strange to not have a content warning. What kinds of ends are here?

I just wanna know if the hero has a confirmed sexuality

I love this game though I feel I never truly finished.


Why don't you make a DEMO of the game?

Was this game ever in a bundle before this one it's currently bundles in?


I understand that this probably won’t happen (for multiple reasons) but have you considered making a sequel? This type of gameplay is completely unique, the characters are very unique and you strive for their success.

Like seeing more of the characters together interacting in a new/different story. I know this defeats the meaning of the ending and I know it probably won’t happen as it would require a lot of time and energy, but I would definitely enjoy a sequel with the same characters.

dont feel obligated to answer. I always want to take the time and thank you NomNomNami for your creativity. Your work really paid off and made it possible to enjoy such a wonderful story. Great work NomNomNami. 


hi, uh I really wanna play this but uhh I don’t have a computer or android and stuff so… do u think one day maybe you could port it to the switch like syrup and the ultimate sweet? I really enjoyed that game too!


This game is very unique and amazing. I love the personality choice mechanic it was so fun to mess around with. The story within in my heart actually. 100% recommend forever. Please treat the babies well.

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does this game come with the steam key with purchase on here?


yes it does! sometimes the keys run out, so i refill them periodically. it looks like there are a few left right now, so you should be safe to nab one ^^

how do I nab a steam key at this point ? 

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played it on steam and loved it!


i want to marry this game and have children with it

this game was so cool and fun! loved it

weird fantasy ma dude


I'M GENUINELY IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME. The style, the theme, the characters, the story, IT IS JUST SO INTERESTING.



Bad End Theatre

安卓版要怎么下载啊?我在steam买的不是 能在安卓上装吗?




A touching game with a touching ending.

I wish you happiness.


very good game! didn't got it from though, bought it on the playstore. but i figured the review may get to you better through here! 

i have to say i haven't completed it 100%, but i got to see the "ending" ( got to 36 endings ! i'd say that's a lot )  though i know i can continue playing n there's probably some surprises awaiting when i decide to pick it up again! loved every little aspect of the game personally, from the characters designs to the overall premise of the game and playability, i'm not much into puzzle games but this game is particularly addicting and without getting into too much spoilery stuff, i loved the little rpg kinda battle u added. i strive to be as succesful as you some day.. keep it up! one of the many indie game creators that doesn't fail to amaze me everytime :D


update: I 100% THE GAME OMG... WON'T SPOIL THE ENDING BUT.. REALLY GOOD <3 my final review is, this was a project with surely a lot of passion put into it!! one of your best games this far, so glad i decided to buy it :3 


this game was INSANELY fun!!!!! i beat it in one sitting and 100%’d it!!!!!! i really hope you (or someone else!) make more puzzle games like this in the future, ive been waiting for these mechanics my whole life!

-Made a Video.

"It's a great game, you should try it yourself."
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good game


maybe this comment has SPOILERS, so leave if you haven't played the game or beware.

(translation done by Google translator, forgive me even if it was bad, I don't know how to speak your language.)

look... what can i tell you? the songs are amazing and very nice to listen to, the game itself too, is very good, along with the story too, and how much it makes you like the characters in the theater so that there isn't even a happy ending for them, and you get sad for if identify maybe or because you liked the characters themselves, so there really isn't a happy ending for them, but a beautiful story at the end and... ah, it was one of my best experiences.

and then you ask me: 

"ah, but is this game worth it?"

and I answer you highlighted, that:


how much the price cost, and how much for the game itself, are they worth it.

Well, I don't think I'm forgetting to say anything else, right? so I close here.


I love this. 


You're literally a master at punching me in the heart until I cry. It's...... thank you. 

AMAZING game !!! Rly recommend


I am so thankful to this for introducing me to your other games. The behaviour mechanic is so well done!

wow, finally got around to completing this game. really really truly enjoyable! also lovely art style and music, and the credits music was a real treat!! got all the achievements except 2.... very worth playing!

топ im rus


I must say that was brilliant . A example of the illusion of choices this world gives us yet trapping us in a never ending loop of suffering and the only way to break that loop is to create our own choices instead of accepting the ones we are just offered . Everything from the story , animations to music deserve all the praise it gets . Looking forward to playing your other games.


Oooh I love your game!!! My wife and I just got done watching Markiplier's play-through of it and it was so sweet :) It's so wonderful to discover a game with such a great story, so much wholesomeness, unique game-play mechanics and LGBT positivity <3

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