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ASTRA'S GARDEN is an idle game where you grow plants to make medicine for your customers. it takes under an hour to reach the ending, but you can keep growing plants forever if you like :)

content advisory: this story contains heavy topics such as chronic illness and death. please take care!

this game is a prequel to Starry Flowers and features 2 characters from First Kiss at a Spooky Soiree, but you can play these games in any order and still be able to understand the story. enjoy! <3


story + art + music - NomnomNami


  • Español  - José Jil Tudela
  • Français - Yuri Akuto
  • Deutsch - Toni Nerdson
  • Italiano - Rypher
  • Polski - Nika Klag
  • Português - Fah Braccini
  • Русский - Zweelee
  • Türkçe - Ebru Nilay Vural
  • Українська - storyteller613
  • ภาษาไทย - Whateverzone
  • 简体中文 - Gu Lyencha
  • Magyar - Diemond

soundtrack available on bandcamp

warning: the comments section may contain spoilers!


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Aww this was adorable and sooo heartwarming!! It also teaches you a lesson about the thin difference between helping people and stressing them out. The characters, the art and the music are simply amazing- I especially love the color palettes used. I'm trying to grow enough plants to reach the epilogue and I may give Starry Flowers a go!! Thank you for this game <3

I think your game is good and can enjoyable. It also has a lot of points to catch user's attention like to help non native English speakers with text, since it is translated into several languages. Visually okay, very good content and story.

I've played nearly all of your games and can say that you have such a gift for storytelling!!

OH MY GOSHHHSHBSDIFUE This was beautiful!!! I loved the animations for all the characters, and the character design is just *chef's kiss* I also loved the soundtrack my favorite song was probably "Sprouting Odor" also the storyline was really cool too! I liked how based on how many flowers you grow that's when you can unlock more of the stories, and it's like each flower represents a different character or their dilemma. (At least I think that's how it was meant to go lol) Oh, another thing, the colors used are so nice together as well! Awesome color palette, awesome music, awesome storyline, awesome character design, awesome EVERYTHING! 

You have made a very good game with a deeper story that expected for this genre.


playing an idle game is its own kind of ritual isn't it? repeat a prescribed series of instructions until you unlock the results you're looking for. magic appears in the world in many forms.

I hope all these witches have a good life.

OMG okay first off this is the first game to ever make me cry omg i love this game so much. the music, art style, gameplay, story, literally everything about this game is amazing i love it so much. dncbbdc hbce knswndd cjejc jedndjnjdjdjned ahhhhhhhhhh such a great game i cannot stress that enough 

I had that vibe to it and AWWWWWW

<3 Thank you for melting my heart in the best way

Finished the game on call! Absolutely adorable,,, Cried!

Just finished it, and wow, I was not expecting that twist reveal.  

10/10 this game made me cry on the inside but overall its a great game

Been replaying this game (almost nearing a third full epilogue completion) and god it's truly a very wonderful experience. Very pleasant to open up on mobile and just spend time with plant-growing therapy, alongside super pleasant art, a very soothing soundtrack, and extremely strong dialogue/characterization...

Top-tier experience....!!! All around!!!

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It very good. I enjoy it very much.  But it hasn't Chinese translation.  I can speak Chinese very well. And I want to translation it to Chinese. What can I do for it?




Thanks for the information.


yes, we are in the proofreading stage now! it has been a few weeks, so i imagine it will be finished soon.

i will update the game as soon as it's ready :) i hope you will enjoy it!



Customers appear much faster when you're not growing plants. Why?

I believe it's the property of osmosis at work


hi! Why won't the novel open on windows?

(sorry for the mistakes in the text, I don't know English very well)

This game looks very cool! However when I tried downloading the windows version, it wouldn't open at all. I wanted to do the windows version because the mobile version kept crashing every 30 seconds, but whenever I click the application it just loads and does nothing.

Can be ran on windows if extracted and clicking the first application

got the mobile version. very cool

This game is just as lovely as every game of yours that I've played :)

The only thing I've found a bit strange (not bad necessarily, just unexpected) is how much of the story is an "epilogue": why not just the last phone call with Ma? I feel like the rest could fit in the main story...

Vinegar is one of my favorite characters from the Spooky Soiree, it was nice seeing her again.


Thank you for making this!!!

As far as gameplay goes, it was really... just quite nice to take care of plants, even in the stretch to the epilogues. Maybe I'm just a sucker for stuff like this, but it was really relaxing, and ruminating about each story event in the periods of waiting was, wonderful? I mean, it certainly was a nice thing overall. Simple, pleasant, and relaxing. And cute.

As far as story goes, your writing is always really endearing and exceptional to me, so. Of course it's excellent. The heavy topics at play here made it even more enrapturing, though. They're sad topics, but. There's a lot of joy to be had in a portrayal of them like this, along with the pain. Everybody is just so sweet and believable and wonderful, it's... a really nice refuge from certain things in the real world. So.

I guess I'm all caught up on your games now, which is a bit of a sad thing, I guess, but. Treat 7 on the horizon!!! And other games too!!! And the experiences I've had aren't going away anytime soon. So... Thank you for making this game, and I hope to keep experiencing your stories in the future! 


I am so excited to play your games, they inspire me so much and I love your style!


ahh, that definitely made me cry,,, i love all of your stories , they're each little remedies for the soul :)

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Periwinkle: Origins.

Seeing Vinegar again was really nice too since she was one of my favorites in Spooky Soiree.

I gotta say though, the gameplay here could be better. It might be just me but I constantly found myself running low on money and having to wait for customers to show up. Also the way customers vanish if you open a menu is kinda annoying, but I understand.

I loved the story and it's progression, though! Can't wait for your next game!!

Just like all of your other games this one was really great! It was sweet and heartfelt.

way better than a 30 dough game. It's cute with heavy topic. Makes me feel soft inside


(puts on sun glasses) .....what took you so long?


Thank you to the sugar daddy costumer who gave me 18 dollars <3 (or whatever currency they have lol)


'Dough'! You know, dough! The universal currency! XD


I really liked this story, i'm a fan of your stories

i'm not used into these types of games where you just sit in there and just click every 20-seconds or even more, but overall, lovely story, and very peaceful


holy shit im gonna cry the brothers fucking dead, Vinegar is dying and oh my fucking god holyshit the story was so good 


Then i suggest you to play First kiss at spooky soire, Vinegar appears in there

PS: I played that game first before this, and i didn't recognized Vinegar


After playing this game and getting 50 flowers I would say that this lot of this game aspect is great as the others have said in the comments. The feeling in the game Ost and Story. I've been a fan of the series Lonely wolf treat.

Though the gameplay isn't quite good. The money in this game is more dried up than water in the desert and if not for the money system this would be a counting game with a story from nomnomnami. I'm not saying that you should stick to a visual novel. I'm saying that a lot of this can be improve.

I know that the gameplay isn't a big part of your focus but it's nice to see a game that isn't just a visual novel. Like most of your games besides kaima.


The story and atmosphere are lovely! I'm surprised by how much the game itself is stressing me out - there's never enough money to keep all three pots occupied, and the customers are always gone in a flash... and because there's always empty pots, they're always flashing and giving me the "Tap on customers to get more cash!" warning message, and ugh..

(1 edit)

Oops, planting stuff makes all the present customers disappear? I can't tell if that one's intentional or not...

Ah, enough of my fussing, though! It's lovely to see all these new and old faces ;^; Thank you very much!

P.S: ahw, that book vinegar is reading in the credits......

it is intended because there was a bug where we could click the customers from under the planting menu so nami had to find a way around it

i finally fixed this... it turned out i could've made it that way all along, but i put a line of code in the wrong place when i was first trying it. sorry it took me so long to figure that out!

i shall replay the game for the experience good job for fixing the codes and good luck on your future games!


Such a charming game! I enjoyed it so much, the art style is just adorable and the story is wonderful. I really adore your games! Thank you so much for this lovely experience! <3


I adore your games so much! They always seem to contain that perfect mixture of humor, heartbreak, and warm, comfy fuzzies. This one is no exception. <3 Your games all knit together into a beautiful tapestry that I enjoy immersing myself in, especially in dark times.


an addon i forgot to mention to the last comment

i'd love to see more chronically ill characters in future nomnomnami games. not a criticism, just a hope! i love this game and i wish i could recommend it to my chronically ill friend but i fear it is too triggering. it'd be cool to have a game where a character is chronically ill and the subject of death does not come up, so i can share it and say "look this character is just like you"... something to consider, or not consider, obviously it's your games and i'm just a rando, i don't wanna infringe on nobody's creativity lmao. i love your games either way! thank you so much for making them.


made me cry

as someone who has a chronically ill loved one this hit me really hard. the most compassionate handling of the subject i've seen in any media.

great art, sound, gameplay. my ONLY criticism is the flashing "click customers to get more money!" thing when you get too low to plant anything. it felt a little redundant after the first few times, like yes game i know i'm just bad at finance lmao

i also feel like there could be a challenge mode where you have to keep planting to reach certain numbers because the plants are gradually bought by customers?? just an idea! loved this.


thank you so much! yeah i can definitely turn off that little tutorial tip after a while haha. a challenge mode sounds interesting too...! i'll see if i can do something like that for a future update.

in response to your second comment as well, i can absolutely do that! i agree this one is pretty heavy, so it'd be nice to have a much lighter story with chronically ill characters next time. this is really great feedback, thank you again!!


thank you so much 🥺 you're one of the best devs ever. i was trying to think of like a good word to describe the atmosphere of this game and i want to say like... "tranquil"? like the sort of calm when you stand in a cemetery in daylight and it's comfortably warm and a little breezy. it's peaceful but solemn. just honestly a really therapeutic experience with a really compassionate handling of grief. i can't wait for your next title!



- "Sonic movie 2" eggman's minion i forgot he's name


glad to see a new game from you


Holy Shit New Game!!!



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————————⚠️major spoilers warning⚠️————————

Uuuuuuuu this game is so touching I was LITERALLY bawling my eyes out when I realized that Cas actually passed away😢and the artwork is superb as always😭djhvbfjwifhsklajcvhijk

Like I actually still have tears left on my face when making this comment (once again THIS GAME IS SO GOOD

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