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Hi,Nami.Will you release the game on Steam in the future?


yes! my plan is to finish the rest of the series first, and then release the paid version on steam.

part 8 will be released sometime in 2023. the epilogue will come after that, so my current estimate for the steam release is 2024.

thanks for playing treat!


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Hey, does anyone know if there's a subreddit or a discord for Lonely Wolf Treat?


There’s a nomnomnami subreddit, but it’s kind of a dumpster fire, and I avoid it. There needs to be a Discord…



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Its truly amazing to see this story playing out so well over all these years

It really is lovely coming back to something so cute and nostalgic to find out that it is still in development, I wish I had known sooner.

Thank you so much for this lovely and adorable series.


i love this story 10/10

Hey, I remember asking for this like 2 years ago. Nice to see it happen after all this time.


just found your comics, i absolutely love them

i'd give my life savings for more but haha god knows how i'll do without money

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hmm, chapter 8 in 2023, and translations are also obtained... for a long time


Expect to wait for an update(Why not put it on the steam)


Any progress updates? :eyes:


What about the russian translation? The original version has one.

dude, she also wrote that the translations will be after the end of the development of all chapters.

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I almost thought chapter 7 was about to be a horror game, when moxie saw the first y'know, I got the worst chills of my life and I was so scared of leaving Mochi behind


amazing game!

So i saved the file and left for a break, but the next time i came back my safe file was gone, ive had the same thing with Omori. can someone help please






I think I've been playing these games since 2018 and now knowing that the game series is about to end it makes me feel happy and sad at the same time :') Thank you Nami. Thank you so much for creating all these amazing games


same but not the 2018 part,these games sure are cool 

*Sad linux sounds*


It works in wine

Necesito una versión en español. :c

will there ever be a mac verison avaliable?

likely not unless nami remakes it in a dif version of RPG maker afaik this is in VX Ace Which has no MacOS support someone may have made a MacOS RTP which would let Mac Players play it

if you have a newer mac you could try using wine (compatibility layer to run windows stuff on Linux and unix OSes like MacOS or BSD) it should work decently well since MacOS is in the BSD family and I played it on another BSD family OS using wine

oh my  god !its very good  


Omg!! How can I start? I love every NomNomNami work since I've played Syrup in 2020 (or it was 2019??).

My favorites are Starry Flowers and Bad End Theater, even so, I love this game so much and it's so cute, and actually melts my heart <3

Even so I'm not english, I can't wait for the next chapter to release so I can see what happens to this cute trio's adventures ^^

(and I want Juju to change so badly ugh, even so I understand her pain)

Everytime I play Nami's games is so cute that I wish it never ends XD

Keep up with the good job! I'm looking foward for the next chapter to release!!

Also, do you plan on translate the game once is finished? .w.




I've played through all 7 currently available chapters 5 times in 2 days. Very eager for chapter 8.

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i played the lonely wolf treat series first in 2021 and i was so happy to see this! i absolutely love these series!


Recently created my account just to comment here!! I'm glad to see nami is going to start charging for the games. Playing them for free felt like a scam!! I hope the full series LWT version comes to steam when it's done!! I'll buy it for sure!!


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! makes me sad it's near the end after how many years of emotions and anticipation.


May just wait for the paid version. I'm sure it will be worth it. I've only finished two or three of the first chapters. I was just kinda wondering about how much the paid version of this collection will me


this series is so fun and sweet! the characters, of course, are unbelievably endearing, and i really dig the mini-rpg format you have going on here.

 i think the most surprising thing about the story to me was the decision treat and mochi make during chapter six, to leave town and go search for treat's pack. i was totally expecting there to be some sort of heart to heart with the town of frosting, which would lead to them completely tossing aside their restrictions on carnivores within town, so seeing the two of them take a completely different approach instead was honestly a bit of a plot-twist for me!

 i think i really like that creative choice, frankly. my main issue with the earlier chapters was how the discrimination seemed a little bit elementary, you know, like not how anything would play out in real life. those early moments are what led to me to believe that it really would take just one scene to resolve the whole damn conflict. i think chapter six goes a long way to creating a more mature world for the story to take place in. no, people aren't gonna set aside their prejudices just because someone they care about monologued to them otherwise. it's ingrained! deeply! the fact that there's a toxic community that the characters are trapped in, and instead of fixing it their only option is to escape is really interesting, especially for a world populated by cute animal girls and lesbian witches. it's nice to see a story like this, especially an escapist one, come to terms with the everyday realities of discrimination and decide to incorporate it as part of the plot, rather than sidelining or ignoring it!

i also super appreciate how the wolves are portrayed. they're an indigenous, nomadic group who are leagues more accepting and accommodating than the "modern" rabbits in frosting. it's a nice change of pace to have a polyamorous lesbian be accepted by her traditional family, who welcome her in when she's being torn apart by the supposedly "progressive" suburban town she relied on. i'm super excited to see how this series concludes!

(PS, the storybook that can be found in that fatcat bunny's house makes me wonder if other animalpeople have "beast forms" too, not just the wolves? i guess i'll see once the story wraps up!)

Weve already seen a beast form rabbit in the brick wizards house.

oh, you're right! i totally forgot about that! i was assuming that the rabbits' beast form would be more werewolf-y like mango described the wolves' being. i really like the idea that they turn into just, regular, non-threatening bunnies. i actually went and replayed that sequence to remember what you meant, since i originally assumed that that was just a normal pet rabbit who mochi was anthropomorphizing. on closer inspection, it does seem like that might actually be A Guy! kind of interesting that senbei just has a sentient rabbit, who can turn humanoid at any moment, living in his house as a pet? but i suppose familiars are pretty common in this world, and trick talked about living as a pet before, too!

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Yo Nami; really digging this adorable yet tense story you got here! Someone may have already told you about this, but in Chapter 2 there's some kind of glitch that keeps me from turning in the Magic Bulbs for the side quest. I can turn in the other two items just fine, but not those, and resetting the chapter doesn't fix it. Which is a bummer, because it means missing out on extra content. Guess I'll just have to wait when the final version comes out and I get to replay the whole thing all over. Looking forward to that ending! ^w^


you actually have to use the magic bulbs to fix the street lights on the way to the hot springs with moxie. you'll get 2 dead bulbs which you can give to the side quest

Is that right? Guess that means I'm just an idiot then, rofl XD

i made that same mistake at first lol, found it out by accident

just to clarify on this, you fix the bulbs on the way back from the hot springs :)


Hi Nami! Im Ukrainian lesbian and I really like your games since few years ago (when i found it). I've played them all many times. Its really quite and sweet. Wolf Treat Series was my favourite when i play it first time. But when I replay it few days ago, I found something annoying that I didn't notice when playing before. You probably make wolves based on  Russian (not really, but you definitely took some stereotypes about Russians. In the four chapter, when Treat talks about wolf culture, she says Russian words). And literally everything in game be like "Wolfs isn't so bad. You just need to know them better".  It reminds me when people say that Ukrainians should forget that Russia attacked our country and many kill our citizens, and just "make peace" with Russians.  It gives really uncomfortable feeling and prevents me from enjoying game. Even if I know that you dont mean nothing like this. Im really sorry...


it breaks my heart to read this, but i understand completely. i will try to be more careful when including specific cultural references in my future works (i usually avoid them in general since i write fantasy...) i'm sorry that this ruined the game for you. the intended message of the story is that who or what you are doesn't determine whether you're good or bad, it's how you treat other people. there's still one more chapter left, so i hope i can make it as clear as possible for the ending. thank you for your comment.


Im sorry for make you feel bad with this comment. Your games are really good. 


well this was few years ago so it's likely unintentional. I think it all fits great and it's charming. real world events are just coincidence.


Hi Nami! Just wanted to ask a really important question..are the dialogues and scenes in part 7 different if I play from the start instead of replaying everything? Because I played until 6 and had to sleep but my save wasn't there anymore (probably because I didn't extracted the game) and wanted to know this. Thanks


there are a few parts with unique dialogue, but most of it is exactly the same! i recommend just playing from chapter select in your case.

Thank you very much! That helped a lot :D

do you consider any turkish translations in the game? please lmk if you do, i'd love to do it!!

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This my first time learning about episodes 7&8!

Edit: spelling mistaksess



Is there any chance you could add a way to skip through text boxes without having to repeatedly mash the [z] key?


i've been looking for cutscene skip scripts, but the only good one i've found so far needs special permission for commercial works... the others all seem to require a ton of extra work to implement ;_; i would love to add a better skip function though if i can. i'll keep looking into it.


Also, I think I spotted an inconsistency in chapter 7 that you might want to correct. Moxie says "A two day trip... Moxie's gonna be camping out again...." before Treat tells her how long the journey is going to take.

Medieval Cop, another RPGMaker series, has always had a plugin that lets you hold the Page Down key to skip dialogue. Considering he literally asked people for free music when he started making the game, I imagine it's free/not very expensive and easy to implement. Maybe you could try looking into that?

hmm it looks like those games are made with MV and not VX Ace. the plugins are different :( so i can't use it.

I'll point out a glitch here since other people did that too. In Chapter 2, if you don't get everything you can for the side mission in the first half that you can. You can never turn them in after turning in the light bulbs again. I don't think this was a thing in the original. =3

Now that is out of the way I just want to say this series is so damn cute. I've always loved RPG maker and renpy games since I first played The Gray Garden back decades ago. I generally like all of nomnomnami's games that she makes herself. =3

Though I'm weak to that diabetes level sugary cuteness. =3 Also even though the story was about being gay I think it was versatile enough to be relatable to other issues too. When I first played chapter 1 I thought it was about racism for instance lol. Favorites are definitely Moxie and Periwinkle. I just love them.

Not a complete fan of the character rename and designs for those extra characters in chapter 2, so I kept a copy of the old version so I could see those again. xD I don't really like yellow, but lilac is my favorite color. =3


started playing back when one of the first few parts came out and I've loved the series ever since!! It's very nice and fun and has a great story! love the artstyle too


Loved it, i started to play this since Mochi in the frosting, and i have waited like a year or 2 to play this

Also, hope the translations are ready soon

10/10 im in love with the artwork and the story i cant wait to see how it ends

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