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So ughhh macOS compatible when? ;(    (Please I've been a fan since the first game came out!!!!)  Love ya Nami <3

Not macOS but I managed to run it under wine on linux. Maybe you might be able to do the same thing.

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this series got me through alot of trauma as a kid/teen, thank you nami <3

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In part 5 in the ceremony-dream scene, there are two snow roof tiles at the top of the screen that's visible during the start of the cut scene (release and alpha version)

omg how did that happen... thanks for reporting, i will fix it next update

Holy crap, this game is the best game I've ever played, like unironically, the plot is so good, the start got me into it too, I love how it's divided in chapters and I love how it has ACTUAL gameplay, the fight scene with the wolves was funny too, I love this game so much please keep it up, it's so amazing.


Is there an ETA? Please answer me I CANT WAIT


Patience, my friend, as all art needs time...

also, the Official Website has ETA of year 2025 :P




will there be a web version of this aswell? 

the other game told me to go here first and that had a web version.

(can’t download it because i’m on the school ipad)


This is no way to end such a good plot, therefore... I encourage y'all to keep working on this amazing story game, please... i really hate cliff-hangers

BTW, i thought treat was a dude

i thought treat was a dude too bro.. i was at frggn chapter 6 when i found out-


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first for update i absolutely love this game alr gtg gonna check out 0.8.6


slmm, ceviriler oyunun ancak tümü tamamlanınca eklenecekmis, yani ingilizcen iyi degilse 2025(?)e kadar falan beklemen gerek😭

oyun cikinca ölmüş olurum buyuk ihtimal



This was an amazing game. I loved all the sprite art and story, I just hope I can remember to come back when it is fully completed. Anywho, I'm not here here to write a full review but I hope when I come back it will be just as amazing as when I left

tienes planeado colocarlo en android? 

it was beautiful. thank you for this game <3

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When the game is finished, will it be released on Steam or just on Itch?

i am planning a steam release :)


Please do >:3

I love this story and i am extremely hyped about the possible epilogue in development

  • The characters are just relatable as heck, even the cheery bunny isnt all cute and cuddly near the end of the story, and every other character has their own problems, growth, and development, which makes them more human than anything
  • The lore of the world is a little difficult to pinpoint, but it's still interesting enough for me to have downloaded all the other freebie games! 
  • Still alot of loose ends so far, but i am expecting a gosh-darn happy ending dang it
  • Cute chick
  • Also i dont need to mention but the art style is WAY TOO ADORABLE <3 
  • Alot of fun "side quests" to do, and i did them all, which is rare, considering that "side quests" are supposed to be boring chores, but i had fun doing the ones across the episodes of the game, i love that they arent exactly essential to the plot, but there are alot of cute (and grim) scenes you get on the way

I will be waiting forever if i have to, a masterpiece like this needs it's time to grow and develop, thank you Nami~ 

PLEASE. do Russian translate!!!

when the game will be complete there will be translations :>

hey, did the mango sidequest in wandering wolf trick get removed? i can't seem to trigger his dialogue where he tells you his backstory.


it's still in! i'll double check in case i messed up the flags for it... but you should be able to trigger it by getting the lantern oil for him before seeing the avalanche, then coming back to hear his story before you pack to leave.


Furry racism, nice

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I can't, I will cry again. My little lonely heart  couldn't handle it.

I think I'll wait until the chapter 8 finished. Idk


when will you finish chapter 8 part 2? its practically been 100 days now..


great art requires time, deal with it


Very cute game with a deeply interesting world and a wholesome cast of characters.

its got a very fun art style that is very easy on the eyes, a loveable cast of characters (some of whom i ended up relating to deeply which i find rare in stories) and an interesting lore of a world that i am very curious to learn more about!

Definitely worth your time to experience, as this game firmly sits in my top 15 list of games despite it not fully being finished at this point of time.

I eagerly will await future updates on the series and will support where i can (^:]>

A amazing mix of wholesome and serious, really good, one of the best games i have seen on here.

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the wolf makes me the happy :)

Hi Nami, I'm here to tell you I love your games a lot, you inspire me to start creating my own games and stories, I still replay some of your games because of how good they're, so have a good day tomorrow.

I have a good day every day, so you don't need to worry.


The game is gonna cost some money right how much is gonna be?

an amazing amazing game!!! made me tear up at a lot of parts lol.

i think after playing this it has become one of my new favorite games

the characters just seem so genuine and heartfelt and real

not to mention the artwork was stunning

after playing this game it was on my mind a lot lol

thank you so so much for making this game!! I love your works!!

I first discovered this series waaay back in 2020, before the complete experience was released. I put off playing it for so long, telling myself I would try it eventually, I just wasn't feeling it quite yet. I love visual novels, but have always felt daunted when deciding on what ones to read through or even when to start. Maybe it's my indecisiveness. But holy shit, I sincerely wish I would have started reading this sooner.

But on the other hand, I'm so grateful I didn't start until last month! See, this series was recommended to my by my little sister about a year ago, and when I mentioned I'd had my eyes on it for a while now, she would remind me often to play it as some point. I'd tell her I would, and meant it, but I always felt like the time wasn't right.

That was, until, sometime last month. I couldn't tell you how the conversation got there. Maybe it's because my sister and I are both artists, and she's looked up to NomnomNami's art work for a long time, and she was mentioning this game and how much she loved it. But I got me thinking. She couldn't play it herself since she didn't have a computer, she could only watch other's on youtube. I asked her how she would feel about me playing this game over voice call and streaming it to her (we live very far apart)! 

Thus, started our weekly scheduled voice calls every Sunday evening to play this game together. It's been 3 weeks now since we started this routine, and I don't think we've ever been closer. It's given us something to look forward to doing together every week, and we have matching profile pictures on discord of some of the characters currently! I'm considering making some fan art of Salt and Pepper so we'll really match! <3 
(Which, btw, is there a place we can send you fanart ???)

Thank you so much for sharing your world and beloved characters with us. And thank you for giving me another opportunity to bond with my sister. That alone has made the experience absolutely priceless. Can't wait to purchase a copy of the full game once it's been released. <3


ohhh what a sweet comment, i'm so glad you could enjoy the game together ;_; this warms my heart.

to answer your question, please feel free to email me fan art! i don't check social media, so email is usually the only way i would see it haha.


It doesn't work on my pc. its an Linux! I need an sh-File! Please make it available for Linux to, nami!


With friendly regards,

Jan Löwen


it's made with VX Ace, so you need a windows emulator...

You can run it with WINE! Works for me at least.

And how?

On most distros installing should be enough. Then you can simply run it. If you use wayland, you might have issues with getting to fullscreen it properly. Don't worry though, If you don't know what wayland is then you almost definitely do not have it.

If you don't know how to install it for your distro, just look it up.


are the text box images (like the images of the character who is talking) supposed to look pixelated/lower quality or is there something i need to do to fix that? bc the images in the game page, the lines look sharpe

if you are in fullscreen it's supposed to look that way. but if not....idk

would be so much better to save that data(about Anywhere pass and dialog with Lilium) in a global save file... That way a player could skip 5,6 and 7 chapter and just download a save file from chapter 8 and still have the Pass. It can be done with a simple script:))


there's a script like that?! i have to look into this...

I used this one^
tho i'm not sure how it'd work with chapter system...


thank you so much for linking this, i put it in and it works great! the secret stuff will be so much easier to reach now...! i'll try to get an update out in the next few months (once i get to a stopping point with the new content haha)

glad to help:D
despite of how much i love this game, replaying it all can be tedious, after i just finished replaying all the chapters:)

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is there a full walkthrough for this game?.. Just finished replaying all chapters, but it seems I missed all the secrets again...

people disquss bad ending, but somehow I didnt get any ending...🥺
though I saw the credits... i'm confused...

you can find how to do the bad endings by going to the Bad End Theater in chapter 8, but to get there you have to get the anywhere pass from chapter 3.

im sure theres a guide somewhere on how to get it and how to keep it until chapter 8, but if theres none i guess i can spend some of my time to explain it.

so i need to replay everything from chapter 3?.. Thank you, i guess i just need to find some letsplay and watch someone achieving those endings:))

There's instructions here on how to get to the Bad End Theater:

thank you❤

I rushed here as soon as I remembered Trick's last e-mail update! Things just keep getting better!!!! >w<

Hi Nami, been enjoying the series so far and just recently found out about alternate endings

May i ask how to get the 2nd bad end?

I tried following the steps best i could but i couldnt spell B A D in the safe, am i missing something?

Anyways i love the first bad end, im guessing we'll see them again in the last half of chapter 8

Can't wait for the finished game, keep up the good work!

what i did was make a save while in the inste-rail 

then quit and loaded the save, after that go back and grab the emergency funds , proggress the story and when you get behind the fireplace dont turn the light on, instead go interact with the safe till it lets you attempt a code, dont mess up or accidentally give up

you only have one chance if you mess up you'll have to redo it all again

i tried it and it worked, thank you so much!

Hello Nami! I am excited to and elated to hear from you that Lonely Wolf Treat will soon be.. well.. finished. You are perhaps one of my earlier beloved creators, and I am happy to see this saga to the end. Thank you for this series, and I will likely thank you again when the credits roll and the ending sits with the idea that this is all over now.. again, thank you for this series. See you soon!


Hi, Nami! I've been a huge fan of this series for a few years now. ( Moxie beloved <3 )

Just wanted to ask, what chapter will this series end off on? Is 8 the last one, or are there chapters after this one planned?


chapter 8 is the last one! i'm working on the second half of it now. after that, there will be an epilogue, and then the game will be totally complete. so just two more public updates are planned at the moment :) thanks for playing my game!



так и есть, хаха

may i ask, why do moxie's hair and tail changes throughout the season? when her friends were at the beach (also when trick found them) it stayed white

also, how much do you plan on charging for the game?

her friends moved back to Ginseng, while she camped out in the forest near the instarail station to mount sorbet


my heart hurts so bad for moxie  silly fooxx 😭😭


I absolutely adore this series with all my heart! I've been a fan ever since the second game came out for this series. I remember waiting for the new stories to come out, and being so excited when I saw another game of yours! I can't express enough how much I love this series!! You did an amazing job on this game series! One of my favorite games and my favorite game dev!! (◕♡◕)

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