0.2 update: syrup expansion!

this is just a quick little note of things that have changed since v0.1, though the game page has been updated with most of this information as well. (aaand i meant to publish this alongside launch but i don't do devlogs that often so i only just now realized i'd only saved this as a draft lol)


  • added 28 new cards
  • introduced story mode and quickplay
  • added sound effects and music (the game was silent previously)
  • UI updates (probably not final)
  • added different opponents to face - play against treat and syrup in story mode!
  • customizable deck - swap out whatever cards you like! (or choose prebuilt decks in quickplay mode)
  • collection feature added - now tracks whether or not you’ve fused each card before. viewable in the collection menu.

thanks for reading! hope you check it out/enjoy~


sweetfusions-0.2-pc.zip 38 MB
Aug 27, 2019
sweetfusions-0.2-mac.zip 21 MB
Aug 27, 2019

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It's really cute! I absolutely love it (again). 

Very cute! I like where you're going and I have 2 notes :D! You should make it so the user can go back to the main menu once they've selected quick play (if there is one, I couldn't find it) + for the tutorial/instructions you should have little illustrations! P.S.: I'll donate to you one day I promise


oh this is really helpful feedback, thank you! while i was testing i actually ran into the main menu problem too (you have to right click to get to the button to take you out) so i should've taken it as a sign it needed to be built into the quick play menu like you said XD

i will definitely add illustrations to the tutorial as well! i'd like it to be as easy to understand as possible so players can relax without thinking too hard (it's not meant to be a difficult game haha) so i'll definitely revisit that in the next update.

thanks again!