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This isn't exactly a game suggestion, but a comic panel of your characters playing the Another Piece of Candy TCG in the web comic would be really sweet.


*translate this*

sigue con la saga de lonely wolf treat >:c

cashate emfermo

A soy sho 

Not a game but a useable idea.

Make the page easier to read. (maybe it's just my eye but it's hard to read :( )

my deck has no weak card kaiba , but it has THE CUTE MOCHI IN A SUMMER DRESS

Being a Nami game, I'm sure it will be great

That's so adorable! I'm so glad that you made this game :)

I'll wait for the expansion!

Omg!This is so cute!I am going to play it right now.

This is so adorable!! I love it! Am trying to figure out how to get the meal where they're all together.

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From memory, you need to combine Treat with Moxie, then combine the result with Mochi, then add Trick.
EDIT: Yup that's right.