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My Syrup's deck has no uncute cards! But it does contain... The Adorable Warm Butterscotch!

love it!!! if you work on it it could be a really great game :) witch pastille is a little hard to figure out but i guess that's the same as in the game, haha
i think you should add frosting, and the characters in their summer outfits!


thank you! i'll write those down~


Amazing game idea I had a lot of fun going though this! The only issue with the game is deck building the interface is super clunky. I believe dragging and dropping cards would make the game more smooth or if you would like to keep the game using the text base format at least having the slider stay in place without the page jumping to the top. But this is a 0.2 version I am a big fan of your games and can't wait to see everyone be added in!

thank you so much for your feedback! i agree that drag and drop would be better, so i'll look into reworking the code next time (i've never done drag and drop stuff in ren'py but i'm sure it's possible!)

This is so adorable! Can I add this idea for my school project?


This isn't exactly a game suggestion, but a comic panel of your characters playing the Another Piece of Candy TCG in the web comic would be really sweet.


*translate this*

sigue con la saga de lonely wolf treat >:c

cashate emfermo

A soy sho 

Not a game but a useable idea.

Make the page easier to read. (maybe it's just my eye but it's hard to read :( )


my deck has no weak card kaiba , but it has THE CUTE MOCHI IN A SUMMER DRESS


Being a Nami game, I'm sure it will be great


That's so adorable! I'm so glad that you made this game :)

I'll wait for the expansion!


Omg!This is so cute!I am going to play it right now.

This is so adorable!! I love it! Am trying to figure out how to get the meal where they're all together.

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From memory, you need to combine Treat with Moxie, then combine the result with Mochi, then add Trick.
EDIT: Yup that's right.