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I get really nervous at the idea of playing RPGs for some reason, but so far, I have loved all of yours! I played about half of the Wolf Treat series and all your RPGs are short and sweet, not overwhelming but still has a great story line and of course, your character design is impeccable! Love every game I have played so far, going to play bad end theatre soon :D

can i speed run this?

yeah go right ahead!

This game gave me The Gray Garden vibes and Mogeko Castle vibes ngl

Every single game of yours is lovely and cute. Short and sweet. It made me feel something... Really looking forward to new Lonely Wolf :3


It took me about half an hour to get 3 endings. I really enjoyed this short RPG. Can't get much better than lesbian demons and automatic crits.


I really enjoyed this game! It left a good impression on me for such a small little journey. :) I only got 3 endings (true, indifferent, and bad end) but I had a fun time and really liked all of the character designs. <3

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I love the idea of little micro-RPGs like this, but I like how you manage to squeeze the most out of a small amount of materials, so to speak. Very cool, cute, and fun. :)


This was a fun li' jaunt - the art is the strongest point, Searina is a really great character design and I wish she would be in a lot of stuff! I like her attitude, even in her predicament.

I got the bad, indifferent, and true ends. Anybody got any tips for the other two?

you can get the "normal end" by going straight to Vido and killing him

not sure about how to get the other one though


Please Mae More Games Like These!



This Game Was Amazing!

However, I Discovered Something And Wanted To Let You Know That If You Go To The Graphics And Audio Folders,

There Are Images And Audio That Are For The RPG Maker,

If You Delete Them, The Game Isn't Effected, And The Folder Size Gets Smaller By 100+MB.

However, Deleting In-Game Graphics Cause An Error.

This is my favourite game of yours. I played it when it first came out, and recently, I gave it another whirl. Made a couple videos, too :)


I played all your games and this is the most favorite one! And to be fair, it's also one of the most atypical of your games. Please, consider making more games like this one!


thank you so much!! this game is really underappreciated so i'm really happy to hear this...! i started making a sequel a long time ago but i haven't figured out the ending yet. i'd like to finish it one day :)

Very cool game! Amazing pixel art and soundtrack. Very lovable characters.


The secret ending was unexpected... XD

This game is amazing. The graphics, the soundtrack, the characters and even the color palette! When I first started, I though it was too short, but starting over and finding the other endings was such fun! I truly fell in love with this game, even if it's a simple story, I love it! the way you interpreted it is what made it so unique and special. Keep up the good work, this game will stay in my heart for years surely.

oof im trying hard to get the true end but im confused as to how lol. Do i not kill anyone?


this is so cute! my only problem is that at the end there is a glitch where i can't reclaim my soul :(((( so i can't see the true ending! 

I cant save my game whyyyyy

its so cute and wholesome! i got the true ending and im thinking about trying the other endings too. thank you for this! hope to see more from ya.

i absolutely love it. ive fallen in love with the soundtrack and the characters are the type that i keep replaying the game to meet again and again. wish i could play it again for the first time. (do you think there'd ever be a sequel?)


i honestly started making a sequel but i couldn't figure out the ending so i haven't been able to finish it. thank you for playing my game :)

oh yay! I'll be here to play it, even if you finish it years from now. thanks for making a cute game <3


this game is perfect for a sequel

very cute game!

Hi! I would like to ask permission to translate your game into portuguese. Would you authorize me? 



sure! my email is listed on my itchio profile, if you message me i can send the files along. thanks!

Hi! Of course, I will send the email. Thank you!




I was drawn by the philosophical tone of this game, and I enjoyed the short and sweet story. The gameplay was simple, and, the different endings each gave a powerful tone shift to the story. A simple game, but very memorable!

So Cute!!!

I love this I got all the endings and just keep up the good work im obsessed with your games now! :)

Any chance of this lovely game being ported to Android? :D

i'm not able to port rpg maker games at the moment unfortunately, so there are no plans right now.

Aww. Thanks anyway! :D

make it on mac plez

good game.
but I don't really get how to get the good ending.
got the indifferent ending, the bad ending.

dragging fights out longer didnt seem to provide any new options either

nevermind. not attacking does make a difference.

Wish i coulda found this game sooner so i could have helped you

I had alot of fun playing this and finally got all of the endings. It took so long to find it but I did it after messing around a bit. You're very sneaky( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). but it was really fun and enjoyable.

Why does this game have LGBT tag? I don't remember this game to have any LGBT elements. Is this subtle way to imply that there will be romance between Searina and Illi?


illi was in love with ezel and wanted to be with her. but yeah it's also left open for illi and searina to develop into something after the true ending.

Wow, really? I thought that Ezel was a dear and very close friend for Illi, but not a love interest.

i guess when a girl says "i love her" everyone assumes it's friendship. sorry that it wasn't more clear, ezel devoured a bunch of demons who were in love with her so really illi was just next in line, though she thought ezel's affection was real, that's why she struggles with it so much in the true end path.

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"i guess when a girl says "i love her" everyone assumes it's friendship." (FACEPALM) Oh, stupid me. It was long time ago when I played KAIMA, so probably I missed this part. =)

"ezel devoured a bunch of demons who were in love" Wait, I thought she ate her loyal followers, basically cultists (I mean there was personality cult of her. Although you could argue that they loved her, although it would be non-romantic love).

the followers thing is pretty vague yeah but it can be all kinds of love. maybe ezel had a sex cult lol

i think a lot of things in this game in particular were left a little abstract--if i rewrote it nowadays i'd probably be more explicit/add more detail to flesh things out and give a clearer picture of what was in my head haha


what name is app to make this game ?


this game was made in rpg maker vx ace



So first I got True End, where SEARINA reunites with her soul.  Basically a happy end? Just don't kill VIDO and ILLI then you get it.

Then I got GAME OVER,  by when I started,  I ran straight into the black thing-a-ma-bob and died.  It's kinda cool that I'm the only one that can save KAIMA.  Oh and I experimented, and if you go ANYWHERE WITHOUT ILLI,  you get that ending.

Next I got Normal End, I ran straight through the path WITH ILLI, we killed VIDO, EZEL was freed, (it might be wrong bad memories :b) and yeah ILLI went with her...

Then I got Indifferent End, by listening to VIDO'S story then killing him. SEARINA said she had a bad feeling, but it ended the same like Normal End. However, it said, "Are you really going to accept this ending?" If you say Hella No, then it takes you  back where you get to choose to stop ILLI from killing VIDO or not.  IIf you say Yeah, it says "Suit yourself." 

Last, I got Bad End. When you fight ILLI, if you kill her, you become partners with EZEL.

This is quite short, but has a deep setting into it. 

I love it.

Thanks for making all these games, Nami <3


how did you not kill him?
i mean, you can make him free her, but then he will get killed by the other girl anyways.
and you'll be forced into a fight with your frined anyways.

did I miss a step?

Or should I have not side tracked and instead went straight for the boss when coming to the intersection for the first time?


super late, but if you just dont help anyone and get all the chests then go fight him then Illi kills him


Nami I luv your games <3

thank you :D

Really cool game, got the secret ending as my second ending ;)

Would it be possible to get a Mac version~?

rpg maker is pc only, sorry :( but if you use a program called wine,  you can run the game just fine through that!

русский языкбудет ?

Переведи - будет) Не автор делает переводы.

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